Discussing Jewing and Alt-Jewing with John Friend


John and I spoke earlier this evening, mainly about the TRS debacle and the issues specifically around jew-mixing. In the course of the discussion we touched on LARPing vs fraud, poz/degeneracy reflecting the jew agenda, gaslighting as a metaphor for the relationship between Whites and jews, the insanity of the “good jew” argument, NRx, “left” vs “right” political theatre, and Trump.

More context:

Jews Denounce Trump’s ‘Dangerous Lie’ About Immigrant Voter Fraud, Forward.com.

Greg Johnson, “Why I Support Mike Enoch”.

Doxing Only Works Once, Greg Johnson speaking with Henrik Palmgren.

This is How We Jew It (webm), TixGirl = Peinovich’s turbokike wife.

Undeniable evidence that Michael Enoch is Jewish – “amongst other jews” – not sure what TDS episode this was, but it was some time prior to March 2016.

The following three snippets were taken from Rebel Shoah: Fashy Struggle Session, which has since been memory-holed.

Enoch admits he’s a jew part 1 by Cora 1488.

Enoch admits he’s a jew part2 by Cora 1488.

Enoch – “AltRight is not WN” by Cora 1488.

The Brown v. Board of Education Scam, by Paul Craig Roberts.

The Grave Dangers and Deep Sadness of ‘America First’, by Max Boot.

Full Event: President Donald Trump Full Speech at Department of Homeland Security (1/25/2017).

23 thoughts on “Discussing Jewing and Alt-Jewing with John Friend”

  1. Enoch had a redline on the issue of media fakery. Government media dailyshooter stories about Muslims were accepted as Gospel. Whenever his panelists queried the latest outrage he slapped them down with “tinfoil”. Sympathy for the Palestinians was also infra dig.
    Plenty of clues: which I raised on TRS comments last year.

  2. John’s reaction to the dox is troubling. He’s seems more worried about what he calls and seemingly to diminish their impact to being merely “podcasters”. That their continued existence in this explicit pro-White movement outweighs the negatives attached to them from here on out. This position makes him no better than the ones whom withheld this information. It seems as though had he known, he would have done the same and kept this information close to his chest.

    It is also troubling and probably because he has a mix-raced kid that he too seeks exceptions because of the work he has done. I say nein!! Juden Raus? Race mixers out.

    Now with that said, you, Tan have been honest since I first came across your blog, what seem like and probably is many years ago. That is respectable and the Aryan way. You chose racial loyalty and honesty even if that meant, if and when we win, you may be outside the wall. Scott Roberts, has done the same.

    These podcasters/ unelected leaders who have shown themselves to be less than pro-White seek exceptions. And have shown less racially loyalty than what would we may call a patriotard or something to that effect. They chose friendship over race. Which is dishonorable and any work they have done or may continue to do, will have this jewish stain on it. The stain of picking friendship over race. How loyal and proWhite can you be if this is your position?

    What if Peinovich had a negro wife?
    Further: a comment I came across which I like.
    “What would Mike Enoch think of Mike Peinovich?”

    Johns seems more interested in making exceptions for this motley crue of faggots, mischlings and liars. Instead of shunning them for not being pro-White enough. Probably again, because of a compromised status. I don’t know if that is on purpose or a sub-conscience motivation to lay the ground work for inclusive pro-White society. Or to put a negative light on an exclusive ProWhite society.

    It seems by the likes of Greggy and the entire inner circle at TRS, Spencer and many others, I assume. That their actions before during and after this dox, were motivated by skeletons they have. That if their skeletons are shown, they will hopefully be granted the exceptions they are attempting to grant for MischlingMike.

    No jews FFS! What is so god damned hard to understand about that? Why is it so hard to get a proWhite voice that is either firstly White (crazy right?) or not have a racial misstep in their past or present?

    Maybe John changes his tune further into this podcast? I have not finished this just yet. But that time from around 16:00 or so compelled me to comment on it.

    No jews No mischlings No mixed-race No faggots. Seems pretty simple for a White movement, seeking to secure an existence for our people and a future for White children.

  3. On the cycle of jewish destruction of White civilizations: it seems to me that this is largely due to Christianity. As a product of judaism, Christianity creates a schizophrenic attitude in Whites, at once disliking jews but always ending up serving them. It’s almost a masochistic tendency.

    What blows my mind is that for 2,000 years, European Christians slaughtered each other over mundane disagreements over scripture while at the same time allowing jews, who teach their kids that Jesus is boiling in excrement in hell, to roam free and even get wealthy.

    I can’t help but think that what’s happening now is the logical result of 2,000 years of Christian lunacy. There’s a reason why the most articulate counter-semites like Revilo Oliver, Wagner (in his younger years), Ludwig Klages, and Hitler disdained the religion. Weak counter-semites will take a Christian attitude towards the jews (as being apostates or “misguided”) while tough counter-semites will see jews as parasites or a virus that needs to be eradicated.

  4. Ok, I finished this show. This was a good show by the way.
    John does state no jews towards the end but is still soft on Trans Racial Semites (trs)… The entire inner circle knew of MischlingMikes “situation” for a long time. What exactly they define as a long time, I dont know.
    They produced good content the echoes meme was solid but for me it’s all tainted now. When I tweet and think of using the brackets, I don’t. No more color pills..

    I hate, I mean hate this term “jq” it’s juvenile. There is no question jews are the problem. It’s inside baseball talk and not very good at that. People seem to think they can speak in code and the jews wont sniff it out. They can and do, before you even realize youre speaking about them. They know very well who they are. In mention, whether on purpose or mistake or not even realizing it, they know when anything can be about or expose them and they silence it.

  5. John exudes an almost “boy scout” level of trust and optimism about Trump that’s both endearing yet frustrating! Trump is a complete jew-tool and as his true colors are revealed there’s going to be a lot of disappointment on our side.

    That same level of trust and sunny optimism of John also extends to the TRS revelations. He really wants to put a positive spin on things about “Mike Enoch”. Right from their first beginnings I always felt there was something odd about Enoch and some of his crew. The day I heard Enoch state that Arabs did 911 was the day I decided he was a shill, someone pushing a jew agenda. That’s because at this level it should be obvious that jews did 911.

    So, whether Enoch is a jew himself or not, he’s demonstrated that he should not be considered trustworthy, at all.

    Organized jewry Did 9/11

  6. On the subject of Christianity: eradicating it is impossible, and it does tend to strongly reinforce adaptive behavior in Whites that take it seriously. To turn away White Christians from membership in a North American ethnostate would be to gut as much as two thirds of its potential population; and moreover, very potentially drive them into the arms of the Jews. Therefore, a fanatical, unbending opposition to Christianity on the part of WN is simply self-injurious stupidity.

  7. John is full out Drumpfter, isn’t he?

    He continues his dichotomy of his Emperor Trump being GREAT and his suggestions that jews cannot be trusted.

    Yet, Trump is totally surrounded and controlled by jews.

    Why can’t he wrap his head around this?

    He brushes it off by saying it is “concerning” that there are jews around Trump (they totally surround him in family, in work, in his shady mafia ties, in his administration, etc.).

    Well, no shit, John.

    But we should not be concerned with those jews, now, should we? Because Trump is real and telling John the truth, blah, blah, blah.

    Trump is the hammer that will come down on us soon. And the jews will be controlling him all through his hammering.

    But, but, but… “Make America Great Again” (by doing Israel’s bidding).

    Absolutely no discernment of this character when it is blatantly obvious.

    Tan, you are doing fantastic work. I wish I’d heard of you before recently.

  8. In Trump’s defense he has actually enacted a Muslim ban which shitlibs are going nuts over. I am extremely wary of Trump but I don’t doubt for a moment that Hillary would have been apocalyptically bad. If she had won, the left would be in full bolshevik mode right now instead of wallowing in despair.

    I don’t sense a war coming like Tan and John do, but I won’t make predictions either way. I believe Trump will be (obviously) soft on Israeli aggression, but I don’t see him starting a major conflict.

  9. Katana: “Trump is a complete jew-tool and as his true colors are revealed there’s going to be a lot of disappointment on our side.”

    I hope he will have time to expel 30 million beaners before his true colors are revealed. I also appreciate the cancellation of the nuclear war with Russia, as well as a few other little things like this:

    Building the wall, war on sanctuary cities, withdrawal from TPP, rolling back the Obamacare abomination, cutting UN contributions, gutting the morass of regulations strangling industry, weekly publication of crimes committed by illegals in sanctuary cities, major restrictions on Muslim immigration, and Global Warning propaganda and the Spanish language interface removed from the WH web site… (list taken from the Irish Savant’s blog).

    I’m looking forward to next Monday for more good news.

  10. Preceding comments: +1.

    This TRS debacle is Frank Collin all over again.
    A great vehicle for time consuming distraction over an outfit that imo

    – did nothing of service to inform or advise (stark contrast with Pierce);
    – didn’t originate memes, they were from /pol/ (I pass on that one);
    – didn’t entertain;
    – didn’t promote strategy;
    – served to attract Lemmings and repeaters;
    – has subverted and marginalised any movement for White identity (for example by the Bellamy Salute at NPI and the Hollyweird-Nazeeisation of the hangouts);
    – should have been yet another object lesson in discernment yet so sadly wasn’t, for so many.

    Haphazarding an example of wasted time and space:



    (I don’t endorse, I cite – this DanielS line is a jaw dropper, you could spend all day analyzing THEM too:
    ““TRUTH”, don’t steer this into 9-11 conspiracy theory land.”)

    A glimmer of common sense:


    I’m with “David Yorkshire” on this one incidentally. Plain Yorkshire common sense that article. When is he going to do a piece on his fellow gruff the late J.B. Priestley’s short story “The Grey Ones”? (Known to the late Michael Collins Piper but not to be found in at least three J.B. Priestley biographies I’m told). I gather the story has some interesting signalling about lampshades – or careful cover. Incidentally, you can hear “Yorkshire’s” voice in the wilderness on the Enoch/Cohen theme here along with two other members of ‘truth and reconciliation’:

    – a small improvement but almost content-free in line with the TRS brand and the younger jokesmith’s Rules for Radicals (TM) breeziness is a bit like writing fuck off and putting a smiley after it.


    Anyone, anywhere publicly discussing the issues should just make things simple for themselves and demand in advance of their guest/host a written confirmation of no ethnicity.

    PS: Paul Gottfried – The Influence of the Jewish Lobby

    The inventor of the term Alt-Right, right? And another Messenger From Mars.

  11. In reply to Armor.

    Starting from the viewpoint that Trump is a jew-Tool, then it naturally follows that all of Trump’s actions, however beneficial they appear for Whites, will somehow fit in with a Machiavellian jew agenda.

    As an aside, obviously there are limits to the jew-Tool viewpoint where you would have to throw it all out, for example, if Trump went “Daily Stormer” on us and advocated expelling all the jews. So, there’s a continuum of possibilities from jew-Tool to the ludicrous view that in fact Trump is using the jews.

    Now, I think we’ll be very lucky to see even 3 million beaners expelled, let alone 10 times that. As for the “cancellation of the nuclear war with Russia”, well, that’s falling for election time theatre BS, designed by the jew run media to steer votes to Trump on the one hand, while also having the other jew hand demonizing Trump. The very idea that some old hag like Clinton would have any decision making capability regarding war with Russia is complete nonsense. So voting for Trump had zero effect on any war that Ms Clinton had any power to start, which was zero.

    The list of other things are again policies that can fulfill some jew agenda or are of little significance in practice, like the political theatre about a “Wall”. The “Wall” will certainly bring lucrative contracts to special interests, but do very little that enforcement of existing laws could achieve easily.

    So Armor, Trump remains a jew-Tool and I will consider it so until there is good evidence to the contrary.

  12. I have yet to make my mind up about whether Steve Bannon is a plus or minus for the pro-White movement – but, Trump has just decided to add him to his NSC group of strategists and close advisers and the mainstream media jews are hysterically soiling their panties over it.

    And, so are the top level shabez goy cucks like McCain and Girly Man Lindsay Graham.

    My initial suspicions as to why the jews on the outside of the Trump Administration are bleating so loudly about Bannon’s inclusion is that they are now worried that he will be present at all of the National Security Council meetings and if any of the other blood thirsty, war mongering neo-con jews start trying to snooker Trump into starting more wars – with Iran, or Russia, or Syria – by feeding him the same kind of conniving hebrew manure that the earlier cabal of Bush Administration neocons (Wolfowitz, Wurmser, Perle, Feith, Libby, etc.) were able to feed to the idiot Jorge Wmd Bush – that Bannon will be there to nip it in the bud and serve as Trump’s Hebrew Bull Manure Debunker and Deflector.

    As I said, I do not yet if Bannon is a plus or a minus – but, I do get the distinct impression that the guy has the ability to read the laces on a jewish fastball. Skills that he has probably honed from his years in the media.

  13. @Tanstaafl – just another for your collection of liars

    The Metro UK Feb 2017
    Gena Turgel – Holohoax survivor who met Anne Frank, Dr Mengele, etc etc (something for everyone! yippee!). An outrageously brazen liar, or is it all true in her own mind?


  14. On the Daily Mail link provided by Beary1991,


    search for the word provider or scroll down about a third of the page.

    You will find two photos of the Zabinski family home, the first in black and white, the second in colour. The second is subtitled: ‘Pictured: The Zabinskis’ villa today, which remains a symbol for their heroism’. Attesting to its modernity is a satellite dish atop the roof.

    Now check out the previous B&W photo, clearly intended to represent the home as it was during the period of Jewish War on Whites 1939-1945. It was taken in a different season – but not – obviously – a different historical era. Same satellite dish!

  15. Dealing with that kind of news anomaly means multiplying rare events.

    Few domestic photos in the satellite TV era were taken in black and white. Very generous = 1 in 1000

    Few of those were ever juxtaposed with colour photos with the suggestion they represented the property in different eras. Very generous = 1 in 1000

    By now we’re at 1000 x 1000 = 1.000,000. That’s a very generous one in a million chance we’re not being conned right there.

    If the Daily Mail was confident about the story, why the fake images?

  16. Satellite dish, nice catch Nick.

    In the title: “Incredible true story behind new movie of the Jews who lived among lions and tigers”

    Buried in the text: “Vital: ‘It wasn’t much of a zoo by the time we arrived,’ said Jewish survivor Tirosh, adding that most of the animals were dead when he got there.”

    Incredible. As in unbelievable.

  17. In the Black and white photo of the alleged Zabinski house, even leaving aside the satellite dish, see also the shadows falling on the house’s roofline – presumably from the sun – but also from various trees across the face of the building.

    Nothing at all matches, and no part taken individually looks real. The thick band of ‘shadow’ falling on the left side of the entrance is the most obvious single case of manipulation. The tree to our right of the door would have provided no such shadow.

    So for me, the question of whether the first photo of the Zabinski house is phoney on multiple grounds is settled beyond any reasonable doubt.

    Who fakes ‘historical’ photos but liars about history?

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