The Jew Normal, Screeching about Whites being White


What a difference a current year makes. The jews are genetically and psychologically alien to and alienated by Whites. Naturally the jews blame Whites for this. Unnaturally, so do many Whites. The objective truth is that what the tribe of Seinfeld and Weinstein regard as normal is seen as abnormal by Whites. And when the jews screech about Whites being normal, ooooy veeeeeeyyyy, that’s just the jew normal.

Outrage Over NY Times Story That Tries to Normalize Neo Nazi Who Likes “Seinfeld,” Eats at Panera, Shops at Target | Showbiz411:

In fact, it’s really stupid of the New York Times to have published an article that comes off with no irony. It’s lots of fun for Twitter-ers, and the Atlantic has already run a parody, but to a huge number of people this piece normalizes anti-Semitism, racism, and white supremacy.

. . .

Things are so bad now at the Times that they had to reference “the widely accepted estimate” of the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust with a link. Just in cause you don’t believe them.(The link is to Haaretz, which I’m sure every white supremacist believes.)

You know, the Holocaust, what Mel Gibson called “a numbers game.”

Dean Baquet, editor of the New York Times, this didn’t work. It’s disgusting. Talk about alienating your base.

NY Times article shows how not to write about neo-Nazis | Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

Too often he relays one of Hovator’s “uglier” ideas without explaining why they are vile, as when Hovator is shown “defending his assertion that Jews run the worlds of finance and the media, and ‘appear to be working more in line with their own interests than everybody else’s.’”

Fausset doesn’t comment on these assertions — presumably because the reporter feels that readers will need no reminder how awful they are. But maybe that presumption no longer holds. Maybe we need a sentence or outside source saying something like this: “Those kinds of conspiracy theories are at the heart of Western anti-Semitism, and formed the basis for the ideology, revered by Hovater, that justified the systematic slaughter of 6 million people.”

I’ve often argued that the strength and weakness of The Times is that it often acts as if it is having an “insider” conversation with the kinds of readers who form its core, or idealized, audience: liberals, the affluent, the highly educated and, yes, Jews. That assumption leads to highly critical Israel coverage, for example, because this is the way “family” talks with one another.

In this case, it led editors to assume that readers would read a portrait of a neo-Nazi “normie” as a cautionary tale about the mainstreaming of hate. But it forgot about a wider audience that still needs a reminder that some ideas are not merely “ugly” but vile, abhorrent and fundamentally un-American.

How dare these uppity goyim who don’t even read the Jew York Times doubt the six gorillion?

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  1. Asking People If This New York Times Headline Is Racist

    The old AmRen minstrel shtick. Go ahead and “reverse the roles”. Niggers dgaf.

    The more apt, more telling reversal is to replace White with jew, catch out some Jew York Times readers screeching about how “anti-semitic” and “White supremacist” they imagine the jew paper of record is.

    In fact, the jewsmedia and jog apparatchiks have been doing exactly that, out loud, just about every day since Charlottesville. Not only does this undermine the “we’re doing this to ourselves” charlatans, and the “let’s you and the kneegrows and the mooselimbs fight” crypto-jewhadis, but to be honest it takes the wind out of my sail too. I’ve spent the past 10 years of my life trying to expose the anti-White/pro-jew regime for what it is, and now they’re announcing it themselves.

    When the regime was merely “combating racism” it was easy to be deluded about its true nature. Now that the regime is more forthrightly proclaiming its credo is “combating White supremacy and anti-semitism”, its much more difficult to pretend their jewhad against Whites is something else.

  2. You’re correct–whatever my own negative sensations as to my lifetime, history over the past couple thousand years shows that there should be some kind of reaction, eventually. Whether in my lifetime or not is unclear, but there should be something, and today’s science could well make it curative. Of course, two thousand years is not a very long time, planetarily speaking. It’s a bit selfish of us to conclude that, because two thousand years is a long time to us, this is the time we’ll win. This might well not be our story.

    Two things to consider if it is: first, they have the highest paid Aryan scientists in the world working tirelessly on ways to anticipate and counter potential reactions. Even if they are driven to always push for more and always agitate further, someone somewhere has a billion dollars and is paying White people to creatively de-think or de-life other White people. Tough conflict.

    Second thing to consider is, if the goyim of the Aryan variety do put a (temporary? but I could be self-focused on the time scale) stop to being killed and depopulated, it would be quite easy to engineer a conflict between their remaining countries and Russia or China etc. I’m not of the pay grade to know for sure, but I think there’s no way that Israel hasn’t made sure that the last half century of Aryan tech is in Russian and Chinese hands also. Like the last time, I’m not sure we could win such a war, and I think that except as sex-slaves, there’s no real genetic survival there. 1940s Germany had the top scientists, and even if they hadn’t achieved technological superiority already (as some here have suggested) they would have achieved massive, unbeatable superiority in less than one generation. But the combination of about the rest of the globe as soon as signs of vitality began to be shown was enough, and it would probably be enough again. Even if all the “leftists” here instantly converted, I’m not sure we can hold off some kind of Russia/China alliance without around a generation to develop tech they can’t imagine. And I’m not sure we’ll be given even half a generation, if we even obtain the beginning, which is itself quite unlikely).

    (Nor do I think they’re smart enough to realize we’d trade them the stuff, own a few planets, and leave them in relative abounding luxury in Terran Asia, rather than whatever future war propaganda would otherwise claim about us taking over Asia.)

  3. “The effectiveness of jewing has historically hinged on not being seen.”

    The last direct action they took was in 115 AD and generals Turbo and Quietus exterminated the majority of jews.
    They’ve learned from that lesson and now operate covertly.

  4. Daily Stormer asks to dismiss trolling lawsuit, says neo-Nazi memes posed ‘no true threat’ to Jewish woman – LA Times

    Decades ago, the law center launched its earliest efforts to use civil litigation to dismantle far-right groups, such as the Aryan Nations and various Ku Klux Klan chapters, by winning large damages against the groups in court, forcing them to turn over their assets and declare bankruptcy.

    The group is reviving that strategy for the 21st century.

    Its lawsuit against Anglin is part of a larger, “multifaceted, multi-pronged effort to undermine the strength of those people and those organizations that spew hate and keep them from entering and taking over the mainstream,” David Dinielli, one of the group’s primary attorneys on the case, said in an August interview at the group’s headquarters in Montgomery, Ala.

    “We would love it if we obtained a judgment that is sufficient to hound Andrew Anglin the rest of his life and hobble his ability to engage in his online hate ever again,” Dinielli said.

    Bagel republic.

    1) Organized jewry operates more (SPLC) or less (ADL) cryptically like a supra-government, not only unconstrained by the “liberal” legal system, but using it as a tool to constrain and ultimately dismantle any opposition to jewing.

    2) “It’s just a joke” is only regarded as a valid pretext for jews, or for other non-Whites to the extent they mock Whites. Likewise the “celebrate your demise” approach, but that’s another lawsuit.

  5. With quite a bit of relevance to the Daily Stormer case, two cheers for Justice Brandeis:

    After Near’s appeals in the Minnesota courts failed, the action moved to the U.S. Supreme Court. At oral argument Associate Justice Louis D. Brandeis lectured the attorney for the state of Minnesota about the meaning of the First Amendment. “Of course, there was defamation,” Brandeis conceded. “You cannot disclose evil without naming the doers of evil. It is difficult to see how one can have a free press and the protection it affords in the democratic community without the privilege this act seems to limit. You are dealing here not with a sort of a scandal too often appearing in the press, and which ought not to appear to the interest of anyone, but with a matter of prime interest to every American citizen. What sort of matter could be more privileged?” No more impressive lesson on civil liberties could have been delivered; Justice Brandeis, a Jew, was defending an anti-Semite’s right to publish stories of official corruption, slurs and all.

  6. The Jew York Times and organized jewry versus Hovater is the racial role-reversal of Gersh and organized jewry versus the Daily Stormer.

    Nazi sympathizer profiled by the New York Times says he lost his job and — soon — his home – The Washington Post:

    The owners also said that they and their other employees have been bombarded with threatening and intimidating calls and social media messages since the article was published. That prompted Hovater to suggest to the owners to “release him from employment,” the statement said. They did so and also fired Hovater’s wife and brother-in-law shortly after.

    “We felt it necessary to fully sever the relationship with them in hopes to protect our 20 other employees from the verbal and social media threats being made from individuals all over the country, and as far as Australia. We neither encourage nor support any forms of hate within our establishment,” the owners said.

    The jewsmedia “profiles” Hovater, which inspires a kike lynchmob to screech and make threats, which inspires punitive action against Hovater and friends by their employer, who helpfully jewsplains the aim is to discourage “hate”, i.e. Whites being White. And it all happens against a backdrop of characteristically orwellian jewsmedia screeching that the Jew York Times is treating Whites like Hovater too sympathetically.

    The difference is that the harm caused Hovater is tangible, whereas the harm caused Gersh is only real in her mind.

    AFAIK Hovater hasn’t filed suit against the JYT or organized jewry. Even if he did the jews are a “protected class”, the political opposite of White, thus the jewdicial system cannot be used to oppose jewing, much less bankrupt their cabals, no matter the harm jewing causes.

  7. Gersh and her shysters may be defeated, but it won’t be through any argument or concession that Whites have the legal right to criticize jews, and regardless of Brandeis’ dissembling.

    Here are the more pertinent bits from curri’s link:

    Near was never satisfied to report links between mobsters and public officials. He wrote that “JEW GANGSTERS” ruled Minneapolis and that “practically every vendor of vile hooch, every owner of a moonshine still, every snakefaced gangster and embryonic yegg in the Twin Cities is a JEW.”

    The Saturday Press presented a perfect target for the state’s new law which provided that a newspaper could be shut down as a public nuisance if a judge declared it to be “malicious, scandalous or defamatory.”

    . . .

    As long as Near v. Minnesota has been studied, it has been common to assume that the charges leveled by Near in the Saturday Press were false. That assumption is effectively countered by Friendly whose research shows that most of Near’s charges of corruption in public office were true. It is this revelation that suggests the singular importance of Near v. Minnesota as a constitutional document. The decision stands for the proposition that, with rare exception, our press must be free from government censorship. And the freedom to publish even extends to unscrupulous bigots like Jay M. Near.

    In 2017, as in 1981 and 1927, the jewsmedia and organized jewry defame whomever they please, as viciously as they please, even if all their target has done is identify a jew as a jew. Near is a good example.

    In the bagel republic the jewdicial system regards the unmasking of jew criminals to be the real crime.

  8. “It is Jew, Jew, Jew, as long as one cares to comb over the records.”

    A golden quote from Near.
    ( I had no idea jew gangs were so strong in Minnesota)

  9. Simon Schama: “This is what Trump has done all his life: ruin places with debt and walk away chuckling. The place this time is America and the GOP are his partners in crime.”

    Professional jew (with an apt surname) criticizes Trump for behaving like a jew.

  10. The Daily Stormer’s Attorneys Fired The Legal Equivalent Of A Cruise Missile At SPLC. The motion quotes Spencer’s mother regarding the jewing that started it all:

    I had no intention of selling . . . until I started receiving terrible threats in the last couple of weeks.

    These threats came from Tanya Gersh, a local realtor with links to “human rights” organizations Love Lives Here and the Montana Human Rights Network.

    On November 22, Gersh and I spoke on the phone. She relayed to me that if I did not sell my building, 200 protesters and national media would show up outside — which would drive down the property value — until I complied. Gersh’s other conditions included that I make a public denunciation of my son in a statement written by the Montana Human Rights Network and that I make a donation to this organization from the sale of the property. As Gersh announced on Facebook, she was “spear heading” the campaign.

    Gersh followed up on her conditions in a number of emails, which I’ve just made public. She even shamelessly suggested that she act as my realtor! In other words, she and the local “human rights” organizations appeared to seek financial benefit from threats of protests and reputation damage.

    The SPLC and jewsmedia paint this as a case of a meek jewess being threatened by a pro-White/anti-jew mob incited by Anglin for no good reason. In fact prior to any words from Anglin the very opposite was taking place, vile Gersh was jewing at 11, organizing and leading an anti-White mob against a White man and his family, harassing and threatening them for being White.

    Naturally, the jews doubled-down and brought suit. This is how jewing works. They jew and jew, and when it finally incites some reaction they OY VEY and jew harder. In every case they push a narrative portraying themselves as innocent oppressed victims and portraying the opposing goyim (who usually dare not even acknowledge that they’re defending themselves against jewing) as the aggressors and oppressors, as criminals, as monsters.

    Their “holocaust” narrative is just the most prominent, most recent example. They’ve been using this shtick for millennia.

  11. Their “holocaust” narrative is just the most prominent, most recent example.

    Along with Exodus and the other morbid myths of Torah.

  12. Interesting item,

    Both Howard Guilford and Walter W. Liggett, associates of Jay Near, were gunned down by jewish gangsters. It’s difficult to have ‘free press’ when editors and publishers are murdered.

  13. Cloudflare’s CEO has a plan to never censor hate speech again | Ars Technica:

    In his view, it’s not right for a largely invisible Web infrastructure company like Cloudflare to be deciding which websites people should be allowed to read.

    Prince says that when the Southern Poverty Law Center—one of the leading groups pushing to take down the Daily Stormer—says, “here’s the next site that you should take down, I will say, ‘dear SPLC, meet Cindy Cohn over at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, you guys should have a conversation, tell us what we should do.'”

    A cabal of NGO crypto-jews, arguing in code about what’s best for the jews. The thinking here is that nobody will dare complain about jews making the decisions. Or another way to put it, Prince is is saying that these decisions are so critical they should not be made by corporations or governments, but by the real rulers.

  14. Thanks Fred. Here’s Ben Garland on the jewing of Minnesota, Subversive Forces and the Triumph of Free Thought. His conclusion:

    Although Near died virtually penniless and Guilford and Liggett were brutally assassinated, and all of them are condemned by history, with many accounts even accusing them of being blackmailers–a ludicrous libel that doesn’t correspond with any of what is known of their lives–these brave men made a mark on America that reverberates to this very day, and for this we all owe them a debt of gratitude.

    “The precedent of Near v. Minnesota,” writes Fred Friendly, in his definitive book on the “Gag Law” case, Minnesota Rag, “has withstood onslaughts from Presidents, legislatures and even the judiciary itself in its attempts to enforce basic rights which seemed to clash with the First Amendment.”

    This fascinating story highlights just how fragile our freedoms really are and how quickly we can lose them unless we are willing to fight.

    Condemned by jews and their tools, then and now.

    In Merchants of Sin Garland documented the jew drive to promote pornography as “free speech” over the past century. The other half of the story, deserving of it’s own document, is how the jews simultaneously promoted the concept of “hate speech” to proscribe opposition to this and any other aspect of their jewing.

  15. If anyone wants a study in press control, research Moses Annenberg, the “genius of newspaper circulation”. His “genius” consisted of breaking newsboys arms, shooting delivery drivers, burning newsstands of the competition. He evaded taxes, died in prison and passed on the wealth to his son, Walter Annenberg. Walter formed a giant publishing empire, wormed deeply into politics and was a close friend to Ronald Reagan.

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