Weinstein Syndrome


Weinstein’s Complicity Machine:

‘One phone call and you’re done.’ ‘I’m Harvey Weinstein — you know what I can do.’ ‘I am a man who has great resources.’ ‘I have ears and eyes everywhere!’

The producer Harvey Weinstein relied on powerful relationships across industries to provide him with cover as accusations of sexual misconduct piled up for decades.

Harvey Weinstein built his complicity machine out of the witting, the unwitting and those in between. He commanded enablers, silencers and spies, warning others who discovered his secrets to say nothing. He courted those who could provide the money or prestige to enhance his reputation as well as his power to intimidate.

Mr. Weinstein’s final, failed round of manipulations shows how he operated for more than three decades: by trying to turn others into instruments or shields for his behavior

Many knew something or detected hints, though few understood the scale of his sexual misconduct. Almost everyone had incentives to look the other way or reasons to stay silent. Now, even as the tally of Mr. Weinstein’s alleged misdeeds is still emerging, so is a debate about collective failure and the apportioning of blame.

The studio chief once paid a gossip writer to collect juicy celebrity tidbits that Mr. Weinstein could use to barter if other reporters stumbled onto an affair he was trying to keep quiet. He was so close to David J. Pecker, the chief executive of American Media Inc., which owns The Enquirer, that he was known in the tabloid industry as an untouchable “F.O.P.,” or “friend of Pecker.” That status was shared by a chosen few, including President Trump.

Mr. Benza and Mr. Weinstein were exploiting a longstanding system of favor-trading between the press and the movie business. Gossip writers need a stream of insider scoops, industry beat reporters need exclusives on the next big deal and glossy magazines need celebrities who can drive newsstand sales. Mr. Weinstein, who wanted glowing coverage, could provide that and more.

The Weinstein brothers used “fear, intimidation, psychological and emotional abuse” on their executives, male and female, said Amy Israel, Miramax’s former co-head of acquisitions. “As a spectator to the abuse you were silenced by the fear that you would become the next target,” she said. “The only alternative seemingly was to quit — to throw away everything you had worked so hard for and walk out the door.”

Weinstein is a microcosm of Hollywood, and Hollywood a microcosm of jewing. Weinstein’s behavior is perfectly typical of jew moguls, just as the basic mechanics of Weinstein’s power and corruption, the networking, the alternation of reward and punishment, is used by jews as a group to co-opt and/or destroy anyone who might thwart them.

Weinstein was able to carry on for as long as he did exactly because he is a member of a larger criminal tribe, whose methods he shared, and whose mutual protection he still enjoys. Indeed, across time and space Weinstein’s tribe has operated Weinstein-wise, as an ethnic gang – a widely-dispersed, obsessively-organized, now skulking, now screeching, genetically-related mafia. But in comparison to any other form of ethnic gangsterism jewing is far more insidious, more virulent, more chronic. Unlike others, the jews have repeatedly infiltrated and manipulated hosts so completely that they’ve repeatedly managed to privilege themselves and legalize their gangsterism.

Controlling the narrative, the perceptions, the thinking, the morality of their host has been integral to jewing. Properly understood, jewing is part pretense, part practice; part denial, part celebration; part carrot, part stick; part hidden, part in-your-fucking-face-and-whattaya-gonna-do-about-it-goyim. Jewing is parasitism so “successful” that none dare call it parasitism.

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  1. Harvey just didn’t have enough hits in the last few years to keep all the plates spinning. It is also possible that the story was released to distract from a narrative collapse in the Vegas shooter story.

  2. a larger criminal tribe

    So very true.

    Three paragraphs of distilled truth.

    Controlling the narrative

    Called “hasbara”, in hebrew.

  3. (Leo, where’s a good Vegas link? It was fun for a while watching their “lone white shooter” repeats prove empty, but no one cared or was shocked at such obvious cons, so I rather gave up. It was like a movie plot no one could figure out, and they used their subsidiaries to produce so much internet lizard/illuminati/etc. crap for the target audience “knows something is wrong but not exactly what” that I stopped monitoring that very much. Still, interesting to see if there’re a few lone voices somewhere that explain what they did in Vegas.)

  4. High Arka; Kurt Richard Haskell (facebook) a disgusted US ex-pat in Honduras has kept a lawyers eye on Vegas. He’s seen the landscape of lies from 30,000 feet up, and has learned a lot about who is forming it.

  5. “It is also possible that the story was released to distract from a narrative collapse in the Vegas shooter story.”

    Yes. But it’s almost impossible.

  6. Rev. Leo – I remember Haskell well. He was the sharp eyed passenger on the “Underwear Bomber’s” 2009 Christmas Day flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. He noted the “sharp dressed man” at Schipol who in perfect unaccented American English convinced the gate agents into allowing Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to board without a passport “We do this all the time.”. Kurt and his wife provided the only credible accounts of what happened before, during, and after the flight. ZOG attempted to discredit and intimidate the Haskells for exposing their “the system worked” narrative as self-serving fantasy.

  7. Nick you pay close attention to this site yet seem to believe in the impossibility of media narrative management. Don’t tell me that there would have to be too many people involved, or that someone would squeal. Two per cent is plenty to run the machinery.

  8. Rev. Leo, in the first place it could be that no hidden motive exists for the unfolding of the #metoo story. That is one possibility.

    In the second place, many possible ulterior motives other than distraction exist: this could be Trump and his allies’ revenge on the hypocritical media establishment for portraying him as a sex pest (which makes most sense as first hypothesis for investigation); or this could be a limited hang-out operation where less powerful figures are sacrificed, or lesser crimes are punished, for example. Many hundreds of alternative reasons than simply to distract attraction are possible explanations for #metoo.

    Finally, even if distraction is the goal, an almost infinite number of possible alternative stories could be occluded by this focus – maybe the march to war; maybe DNC corruption; maybe the foundering of Russiagate; maybe the rise of cryptocurrencies; insert a hundred possibles here.

    Where an almost infinite number of possible explanations exist, it is almost impossible to simply guess which is true.

  9. Nick, you’re implying that Trump has the power to attack the Jews as Jews–does that apply to the border wall issue and others like it? The idea that he has an independent power base, and might ever someday use it for even our tangential benefit, seems more far-fetched than any other non-alien theories this site could offer.

  10. HA, explain the basis for your questions and go into your thinking.

    Thing is, I don’t think I ever gave grounds for your thinking I said he might be attacking Jews as Jews, which he obviously has the power to do, as do we all. Nor do I see how anything I said could be construed as assuming Trump acts in our White interests.

  11. Nick you seem to have described the objective of disinformation, where everything is possible and nothing is knowable.
    If you seriously think Trump (and his allies?) has the power to order a media hit on a jewish powerbroker I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  12. When you said “[T]his could be Trump and his allies’ revenge on the hypocritical media establishment for portraying him as a sex pest,” I took it as you saying it was possible for him to get such revenge. Since they’ll cover and commercialize anything he does, and people will imbibe commercials in order to imbibe said coverage, I don’t think that’s a possible “revenge.” It’s an attempt at one, if he’s actually a misguided goy, but not a real one.

    A real “revenge” would be, of course, to name them, lay the battle lines, and hope there’s enough truth lingering in what might still be our military command to arrest and deport them (at the least). Even a stupid goy might eventually figure that out. But as I feel Trump is one of them in disguise, he’s about as likely to do that as he is to eliminate the Fed or end border-crossing.

  13. Rev. Leo, your hypothesis and my list of no less plausible alternatives all have the property of being essentially knowable thruths once we have enough facts. None are immediately invalid. But ruling-out of hand any possibility on predictable grounds would lead oneself to manipulation and obviously exhibits lack of personal rigor.

    We work thru these controversies over time as evidence surfaces.

    The scientific process is not disinfo. The opposite.

  14. HA, I carry no card for Trump, but obviously he has power and powerful backers. He has waged feuds with powerful Jews in the past, but I did not even postulate he is doing so today with the added leverage of the presidency (where recognition of Jerusalem for one thing might be his tat for tit). I proposed that one possible explanation for #metoo could be Trump and his allies striking back at the dandy media generally.

    It is rather silly to look at any one thing a pro-Jewish, anti-White person does and be concerned about an evident lack of antisemitism and pro-Whiteness in this one thing. That is the one factor that needs no explanation and speculation is rightly reserved for actual anomalies.

  15. Biologically speaking, we’re breathing hard, aging childless, grasping for bloody rocks, and one of us will be gone soon. Meanwhile, you’re talking about what is possible, and why we shouldn’t simply swing our hardest.

    This has been the White death knell for millennia: speaking about rules for reaching people realistically that no longer apply, that never applied, as though anyone else cares or will pay attention. Maybe we’re simply acceding to destiny, or maybe we’re too weak to do what is required. In either case, they don’t play by those rules, and they seem to be changing “pragmatism” every so often so that it is never pragmatic to take effective action. Even merely naming, let alone deporting, let alone defeating, enemy nationalists is now not pragmatic. It’s illegal to know history in most parts of Europe, and all-but-illegal in America. Doesn’t seem like a game we can win.

    There’s possibly some kind of “more likely to win allies” path for identifying them, and if time were on our side, maybe that would be the optimal path to choose. Presuming, though, that I’m a cynical ignoramus, and that Trump really is simply a stupid goy, and that some artifacts of presidential authority do remain which he could use to harm them, wouldn’t they be watching him, and have plans in place to stop him, in case he did wake up? His powerful backers could immediately lose their fangs, be arrested, vanish, or merely withdraw support. With all western currencies and militaries out of our control, it doesn’t seem like the power base exists for even imaginary levels of resistance to be turned on.

    Consider #metoo: since they own and control television and internet, “resistance” that used to mean something now just improves their traffic over the holidays. They’re making money off that resistance right now. It’s not going to happen, but letting, say, 25 post-childbearing perverts be executed by a raging mob actually helps them.

  16. No doubt interesting but a non-response to a post you troubled me to make. Bad form, HA. We are not here as foils for each other’s egos, but for conversation.

  17. I’m so sorry for missing your point–I’m probably operating on a different intellectual level than you. What I could understand from your post is that Trump, assuming he’s not the enemy, has an independent power base which he could use to attack our enemies, which I don’t feel he has even if he is merely a lifelong confused ally. I’m sorry for having missed the rest.

  18. T-Feed related

    In regards to the T-Feed of American Dissident Voices.
    Driving earlier today I was thinking that all republicans do is signal who loves niggers or jews more. Dems real rayciss n sheeeeeit type of idiocy.

    Then doing yard work later and listening to that show. I must have looked foolish lol-ing to myself in the yard. Hearing Kevin say basically the same thing.
    Linder also has great write up on attacking conservatives. ( https://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?t=98966 ) All the greats from GLR to Pierce (yes the list is small) have said the same.

    Anyway it was a great show. Same goes for the Pierce one as well you just linked in the feed.
    Ive read GLR’s White Power listened Pierce they we’re saying what todays “leaders” haven’t got to yet or refuse to acknowledge.

    Jews are killing us as a group, doesn’t matter if German, American or Italian. Nord or Med they want us all gone. While we bicker over who is us or White. They destroy us all.

    Whites better get it together or its over.

  19. institute 4 research: “AIPAC worked for 22 years thru a coercive law forcing US to move embassy to Jerusalem, at great moral cost to America:


    But the Jewish Daily Forward wants you to believe it was the Christian Evangelicals who really made it happen:


    The effectiveness of jewing has historically hinged on not being seen. And still is.

  20. /
    Jews are killing us as a group

    Whites better get it together or its over.

    They have great advantages over us, a common religion, doctrine, social structure, battle plan for our defeat. A doctrine that encourages hate for their enemies while enforcing strong racial loyalty.
    A very effective system.

  21. The effectiveness of jewing has historically hinged on not being seen.

    Difficult to hit a target you can’t see. Even worse when you don’t know it exists.

  22. Whites better get it together or its over.

    Whites (99%) don’t have the wits or loyalty to resolve this rationally. It will slide to more and more misery, just as it did with Rhodesia, on a global scale, for whites. The Chinese are systematic and coherent exploiters, with a grand scheme.

  23. Israel is turning into a Mafia State | Eliad Shraga | The Blogs | The Times of Israel:

    My specialty is whistleblowers, and I’m sorry to say that Menny is not alone. Whistleblowers in the state of Israel don’t merit protection. Their reputations are destroyed, they are persecuted and cast out; fired from their jobs, subject to physical and verbal abuse at their workplaces. Some suffer adverse health effects, some get divorced, and there are those who even take their own lives.

    . . .

    If you listen carefully, you can hear the termites of corruption gnawing from the inside, weakening the beams upon which the foundations rest, threatening to bring down the whole house. These past few weeks have taught us that we are not speaking of a specific event, but about a foul tsunami rising up in an ocean of corruption that threatens to drown the state of Israel.

    This is no longer Crony Capitalism. This is no longer about a newspaper trying to take over. It is not even about tycoons and power pyramids trying to muscle in on public assets. This is organized crime; crime families and Israeli mafia who are gaining control of local government and from there gradually taking over the central government and the nerve centers of Israeli society.

    This time it’s about Mafia Capitalism.


  24. Trump’s Deadly Embrace Of Israel | HuffPost

    The other big victory Trump handed the Palestinians was destroying, hopefully once and for all, the idea that the United States can mediate between Israelis and Palestinians. As journalist and author Clayton Swisher wrote this month in The National Interest, American mediation efforts, both the mediation and the mediators themselves, have been dedicated not to achieving peace but to advancing Israel’s interests. The very idea that the United States whose Middle East policies are essentially written by Israel’s lobby (AIPAC) can even pretend to be neutral is absurd.


  25. The Alt-Right is objective enough to actually recognise how history works—the sacred laws of history—rather than indulge in cheap chronocentric emotionalism and trite moral signalling. This means that we can ascribe moral values to the operative principles that have underlain much of history, such as the “principle of conquest.” The Left, by contrast, with its shrill, “pacifist” Bonobo mentality, absurdly views all historical conquest as automatically “evil” and as a means to guilt trip any historically successful society that is going through a decadent phase. In its essence this is simply the weaponisation of cheap, post-Christian morality in order to enable Leftists to rent-seek and socially signal in various demonstrably pathological ways.

    Israel has had enormous “moral power”—i.e. the ability to distort moral arguments in its favour—but moral power, let us be clear, is not the same as morality. Moral power is the ability to twist morality, and is therefore in a sense its exact opposite. Without broad-based strength, this is a major problem and indeed ultimately a weakness. Israel can constantly propagandise, bribe, and trick others, but in so doing it ultimately ends up tricking itself. More importantly, its reliance on such perverse “moral power” means that it avoids grounding itself in a true, sustainable morality that is suitable for its situation.

    That situation, to be precise, is a situation of conquest, either in its own name or as part of a greater entity, namely the global West—or it is nothing. With that as the foundational premise, there are two possible true moralities for the state of Israel to adopt:

    “Let me tell you about history, pathological signaling, conquest, colonization, and true morality, goy. ONLY WE CAN SAVE THE JEWS!”

    Ordinary apologists misdirect attention away from the jews. Only a true charlatan can point directly at them and paint them as victims, even while purporting to explain their tricks.

  26. In regards to the T-feed of the Charles Guiliani “history of white zionists”. I do however strongly disagree with his position that everything is a false flag, nothing real every happens. note Charlie is not proWhite just antijew. Which in a sens make him projew.

    I’m wondering your thoughts in reference to what Charlie is saying, that America was set up to be a Jew army/countr/base to obtain world domination (a notion I’ve wrestled with personally) as opposed to what Enoch and other proWhites say, that America was set up as a White nationalist country. In the sense that it was for Whites only.

  27. It was both. The US was founded by liberal racial nationalists who mistook the jews for morally superior “fellow white people”. They regarded the jews as equals more equal than themselves. It that a contradiction? Yes it is. But seeing how many Whites misunderstand and underestimate the jews even today, though their jewing is more blatant than ever, it’s not at all surprising that anyone in the past did the same.

    What I found interesting about the quotes Giuliani gathered is how little kikeservative rhetoric has changed over the centuries.

  28. I would agrees about the quotes, and many founders I don’t think we’re even Christian, so the Jew worship is odd but not shocking. The persecution narrative carries a lot of weight it seems.
    One could probably make the argument and the time line matches more or less. That once jews gained sufficient power by 1965 or so if not earlier, immigration was a harder sell it seemed, it was time to destroy America, Whites included. They got Israel and White military power, no need to keep us around.
    It seems many of the wars America fought ending with WWII were to create Israel. Then most after are to increase its land and power.
    Hitler, as great as he was still it seems underestimated jews.

    I also don’t really buy all of what Guiliani is saying that the founders were crypto types or something like that being a Mason doesn’t always mean you’re a Jew or in on it. Most of Masonry runs on a need to know basis. I think they as every White before and after them with power just don’t see the threat Jews pose or do and use it for personal gain.

  29. Note: it is interesting though not shocking, that this groveling to Jews by the founders of America. The founders were granting and instituting policy for Jews as thenternal victims, all took place 200 years before the HoloCo$t

    Which proves or helps solidify the argument that the Holocost is just the most recent in the collective Jewish “oy vey” as being the victim of needless and unfounded antismitism. A victim narrative that grants them special privileges (while claiming persecution) in White countries by White men, who after thousands of years still can’t see Jews for what they are. The other, feeding off us and slowly killing us off.
    The alright today are no different than the founders and thus are destined to lose.

    An aside: I am sick of this “j-left” term that is becoming popular. It gives Jews an out by saying it’s not all Jews only the leftist Jews. Typical conservative bs. This term is no better but maybe only slightly than saying “liberal media” as if the right Jews would be any different in their jewyness.

  30. Nehlen is transforming into the kind of mainstream pro-White/America-first shitlord Trump and Sessions and Bannon and Gorka never were and will never become. The jews are flipping out, calling for their gangster state thugs to assassinate him. It’s a positive development.

  31. David Duke: “When the blue checkmarks, neocons, the controlled media, Hillary Clinton, our hostage President and prominent Alt-Lite figures all agree on something, it should tell you something. #Iranianprotests #IsraelFirst”

    The kikeservative-in-chief isn’t a “hostage president”, and it’s bizarre that Duke continues to promote this retarded idea. It reinforces the White-washing delusion the jews actively promote that Trump is a White supremacist neo-nazi.

    The jews want war. Trump will give them what they want, and then get all the blame for it. That’s his job. Just like every other kikeservative-in-chief before him.

  32. Jewish groups’ discomfort at links with Presidents Club scandal

    A Financial Times exposé on Tuesday revealed that at the men-only event held last week at the Dorchester hotel, “many of the hostesses were subjected to groping, lewd comments and repeated requests to join diners in bedrooms elsewhere. Hostesses reported men repeatedly putting hands up their skirts; one said an attendee had exposed his penis to her during the evening.”

    Many of the guests at the dinner, at which “kosher style” food was served, were prominent members of the Jewish community.

    Jewing characteristically includes this oyyyy veeeeeeying when exposed, which only arises out of concern for the imagined harm to jews and serves to distract from the actual harm caused by jewing. The volume of jew screeching is the product of the harm caused by jewing and its exposure as jewing.

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