Weinstein Syndrome


Weinstein’s Complicity Machine:

‘One phone call and you’re done.’ ‘I’m Harvey Weinstein — you know what I can do.’ ‘I am a man who has great resources.’ ‘I have ears and eyes everywhere!’

The producer Harvey Weinstein relied on powerful relationships across industries to provide him with cover as accusations of sexual misconduct piled up for decades.

Harvey Weinstein built his complicity machine out of the witting, the unwitting and those in between. He commanded enablers, silencers and spies, warning others who discovered his secrets to say nothing. He courted those who could provide the money or prestige to enhance his reputation as well as his power to intimidate.

Mr. Weinstein’s final, failed round of manipulations shows how he operated for more than three decades: by trying to turn others into instruments or shields for his behavior

Many knew something or detected hints, though few understood the scale of his sexual misconduct. Almost everyone had incentives to look the other way or reasons to stay silent. Now, even as the tally of Mr. Weinstein’s alleged misdeeds is still emerging, so is a debate about collective failure and the apportioning of blame.

The studio chief once paid a gossip writer to collect juicy celebrity tidbits that Mr. Weinstein could use to barter if other reporters stumbled onto an affair he was trying to keep quiet. He was so close to David J. Pecker, the chief executive of American Media Inc., which owns The Enquirer, that he was known in the tabloid industry as an untouchable “F.O.P.,” or “friend of Pecker.” That status was shared by a chosen few, including President Trump.

Mr. Benza and Mr. Weinstein were exploiting a longstanding system of favor-trading between the press and the movie business. Gossip writers need a stream of insider scoops, industry beat reporters need exclusives on the next big deal and glossy magazines need celebrities who can drive newsstand sales. Mr. Weinstein, who wanted glowing coverage, could provide that and more.

The Weinstein brothers used “fear, intimidation, psychological and emotional abuse” on their executives, male and female, said Amy Israel, Miramax’s former co-head of acquisitions. “As a spectator to the abuse you were silenced by the fear that you would become the next target,” she said. “The only alternative seemingly was to quit — to throw away everything you had worked so hard for and walk out the door.”

Weinstein is a microcosm of Hollywood, and Hollywood a microcosm of jewing. Weinstein’s behavior is perfectly typical of jew moguls, just as the basic mechanics of Weinstein’s power and corruption, the networking, the alternation of reward and punishment, is used by jews as a group to co-opt and/or destroy anyone who might thwart them.

Weinstein was able to carry on for as long as he did exactly because he is a member of a larger criminal tribe, whose methods he shared, and whose mutual protection he still enjoys. Indeed, across time and space Weinstein’s tribe has operated Weinstein-wise, as an ethnic gang – a widely-dispersed, obsessively-organized, now skulking, now screeching, genetically-related mafia. But in comparison to any other form of ethnic gangsterism jewing is far more insidious, more virulent, more chronic. Unlike others, the jews have repeatedly infiltrated and manipulated hosts so completely that they’ve repeatedly managed to privilege themselves and legalize their gangsterism.

Controlling the narrative, the perceptions, the thinking, the morality of their host has been integral to jewing. Properly understood, jewing is part pretense, part practice; part denial, part celebration; part carrot, part stick; part hidden, part in-your-fucking-face-and-whattaya-gonna-do-about-it-goyim. Jewing is parasitism so “successful” that none dare call it parasitism.

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14 thoughts on “Weinstein Syndrome”

  1. Harvey just didn’t have enough hits in the last few years to keep all the plates spinning. It is also possible that the story was released to distract from a narrative collapse in the Vegas shooter story.

  2. a larger criminal tribe

    So very true.

    Three paragraphs of distilled truth.

    Controlling the narrative

    Called “hasbara”, in hebrew.

  3. (Leo, where’s a good Vegas link? It was fun for a while watching their “lone white shooter” repeats prove empty, but no one cared or was shocked at such obvious cons, so I rather gave up. It was like a movie plot no one could figure out, and they used their subsidiaries to produce so much internet lizard/illuminati/etc. crap for the target audience “knows something is wrong but not exactly what” that I stopped monitoring that very much. Still, interesting to see if there’re a few lone voices somewhere that explain what they did in Vegas.)

  4. High Arka; Kurt Richard Haskell (facebook) a disgusted US ex-pat in Honduras has kept a lawyers eye on Vegas. He’s seen the landscape of lies from 30,000 feet up, and has learned a lot about who is forming it.

  5. “It is also possible that the story was released to distract from a narrative collapse in the Vegas shooter story.”

    Yes. But it’s almost impossible.

  6. Rev. Leo – I remember Haskell well. He was the sharp eyed passenger on the “Underwear Bomber’s” 2009 Christmas Day flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. He noted the “sharp dressed man” at Schipol who in perfect unaccented American English convinced the gate agents into allowing Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to board without a passport “We do this all the time.”. Kurt and his wife provided the only credible accounts of what happened before, during, and after the flight. ZOG attempted to discredit and intimidate the Haskells for exposing their “the system worked” narrative as self-serving fantasy.

  7. Nick you pay close attention to this site yet seem to believe in the impossibility of media narrative management. Don’t tell me that there would have to be too many people involved, or that someone would squeal. Two per cent is plenty to run the machinery.

  8. Rev. Leo, in the first place it could be that no hidden motive exists for the unfolding of the #metoo story. That is one possibility.

    In the second place, many possible ulterior motives other than distraction exist: this could be Trump and his allies’ revenge on the hypocritical media establishment for portraying him as a sex pest (which makes most sense as first hypothesis for investigation); or this could be a limited hang-out operation where less powerful figures are sacrificed, or lesser crimes are punished, for example. Many hundreds of alternative reasons than simply to distract attraction are possible explanations for #metoo.

    Finally, even if distraction is the goal, an almost infinite number of possible alternative stories could be occluded by this focus – maybe the march to war; maybe DNC corruption; maybe the foundering of Russiagate; maybe the rise of cryptocurrencies; insert a hundred possibles here.

    Where an almost infinite number of possible explanations exist, it is almost impossible to simply guess which is true.

  9. Nick, you’re implying that Trump has the power to attack the Jews as Jews–does that apply to the border wall issue and others like it? The idea that he has an independent power base, and might ever someday use it for even our tangential benefit, seems more far-fetched than any other non-alien theories this site could offer.

  10. HA, explain the basis for your questions and go into your thinking.

    Thing is, I don’t think I ever gave grounds for your thinking I said he might be attacking Jews as Jews, which he obviously has the power to do, as do we all. Nor do I see how anything I said could be construed as assuming Trump acts in our White interests.

  11. Nick you seem to have described the objective of disinformation, where everything is possible and nothing is knowable.
    If you seriously think Trump (and his allies?) has the power to order a media hit on a jewish powerbroker I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  12. When you said “[T]his could be Trump and his allies’ revenge on the hypocritical media establishment for portraying him as a sex pest,” I took it as you saying it was possible for him to get such revenge. Since they’ll cover and commercialize anything he does, and people will imbibe commercials in order to imbibe said coverage, I don’t think that’s a possible “revenge.” It’s an attempt at one, if he’s actually a misguided goy, but not a real one.

    A real “revenge” would be, of course, to name them, lay the battle lines, and hope there’s enough truth lingering in what might still be our military command to arrest and deport them (at the least). Even a stupid goy might eventually figure that out. But as I feel Trump is one of them in disguise, he’s about as likely to do that as he is to eliminate the Fed or end border-crossing.

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