Johnson’s Jews

trust_me_you_stupid_entryist_hatersDov Bechhofer Did Nothing Wrong is less about what Bechhofer did and more about what Greg Johnson is doing. Bechhofer has already disavowed the dissembling and dissimulation Johnson senselessly praises him for. Johnson is writing instead to argue that he, Greg Johnson, has done nothing wrong.

To make his case Johnson quotes one of the last (and most telling) of the rabbi’s son’s most based comments at Counter-Currents:

I’ve had it in my head to write a little something called “A Jewish Defense of Anti-Semitism,” but it’s been slipping my mind. In short, the vocal majority of Jews act so irritatingly and display such reprehensible attitudes – publicly and privately – that I’d rather see a “tempered” anti-Semitism now than see Jewish perfidy continue without consequence until, as Johnny Cash might say, the man comes around. Because he will. As I frequently tell Jewish acquaintances, if there is another Holocaust, it will be entirely of their doing

The way I read that, Bechhofer was concerned about jewing becoming too obviously anti-White, worried that the White reaction might be bad for jews, and decided to help his tribe by trying to moderate the White reaction. Such entryism is hardly new or even rare. Rather than seeing it as bad for Whites, Johnson sees it as a perfect opportunity to explain his vision of uniting Whites and jews against the people he perceives as the real problem.

The name Dov also made it highly likely he was Orthodox, which was interesting to me, because since 2016, I have been seeing signs that significant numbers of Orthodox Jewish men in their 20s are plugging into the Alt Right and White Nationalism. This phenomenon bears watching, since it may herald a split in the Jewish community, which is the major impediment to white identity politics.

The “split” Johnson sees among jews is non-White/anti-White identity politics, jews arguing with jews about what’s best for jews. It’s an argument that actually highlights the fact that jews see themselves as racially distinct from and at odds with Whites, and that they see it as good for jews that Whites remain confused on this point.

There is a world of difference between Jews like Michael Hart and Laurence Auster, who claim that Jews are white and seek to police anti-Semitism in the White Nationalist movement — and Jews like Dov or Gilad Atzmon, who do not try to alter our movement but instead seek to change Jewish attitudes toward white identity politics. None of them are “us.” But the former are subversives. The latter are allies.

It is more reasonable to assume different jews are subversive in different ways. Bechhofer was trying to change White attitudes. When he was called out, likely by a tribemate, he responded by immediately apologizing to his tribemates.

The organized Jewish community has played a disproportionate role in creating this crisis and preventing racially-conscious whites from dealing with it. A terrible reaction is brewing. White ethnostates are the only solution.

Moreover, Bechhofer did not fall in with the juvenile buffoons, LARPing Nazis, and violent thugs who have hijacked the most important cause on the planet and driven it off a cliff. He gravitated to the best of the movement — Counter-Currents, VDare, American Renaissance — and tried to imagine humane solutions to this mess. He doesn’t need “professional help” to deal with “issues.” He’s one of the sane ones. It is the rest of society that has gone mad.

Who is Johnson praising? A subversive jew. Who is Johnson accusing of wrong-doing, specifically “hijacking”? That would be his bugbear, “LARPing Nazis”.

Johnson’s greatest ally wasn’t even pretending to be for Whites against jews. He was merely in favor of jews continuing to feed on Whites rather than offing us. That’s what Johnson is swooning over. Johnson isn’t an idiot who can’t understand this. He doesn’t want to understand. He’s posturing as a racially conscious leader while advising Whites to welcome subversive jewing. Why? Because that is easier than admitting he is wrong.

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  1. I read one of Greg Johnson’s longer (book-length) works, Waking Up from the American Dream, and it’s essentially the Jewish nu-nationalist argument: Whites were so idealistic that, completely on their own and without any pressure from Jews whatsoever, they came up with the income tax and war in Europe and making it illegal for Whites to organize Congo-free spaces et cetera. It was like so much Jewish work on the subject is, in that it was the truth and nothing but the truth, but not the whole truth, and therefore thoroughly misleading.

    Something about this technique really seems to work on Whites. When they hear something true, they are naturally drawn to it, and they can so easily miss the forest for the trees, if some rabbi just shows them a few trees that are actually trees. The Jews are immune to that, because it’s hammered into them to always be ethnically selfish, but Whites are really vulnerable to it, since they have this objective interest in truth and self-examination, so when people say things that are partially true, they really respond. That’s part of why Jews hate Whites having any formal group interests–because any kind of White mental fallback could help even White dullards see the larger picture, and then it would be game over parasite.

    It will be hard for some of the Jews to make the argument, “We need to keep this most productive host alive or its successors will fail us and we’ll die.” Sadly for the Jews who want to survive, you can’t, as they say, have your cake and eat it too. This road only leads in two directions, and the Jews have to keep bleeding Whites more and more, since reversing the course means a healthy sense of group genetic awareness for other groups, and thereby ending parasitism. The implicit understanding among intelligent Jews is that there is no sustainable way to farm Whites forever, and it’s either replace them with Afromestizos who’ll not be able to feed the Jews, or let them stand on their own, in which case their revenge will be terrible and scientific. So the intelligent Jews have chosen “at least we’ll grind them under before we die; that’s a victory.” It’s sort of sad, kind of cute, that some of them think sustainable extraction can last, since any hope of their Golden Goose surviving the Afromestizo wave means a kind of genetic consciousness that would result in the Jews’ own end. Some rabbi needs to sit them down and say, “Look, this was our destiny from the beginning, now get out in the host and work them bleed them dammit.”

  2. The jewsmedia also wants their audience to imagine “LARPing Nazis” are the real problem.

    The Alt-Right is Taking Over Renaissance Fairs, The Daily Beast:

    White supremacists and Neo-Nazis are infiltrating the LARPing community and the professional sword-fighting realm to push an imagined narrative of an all-white Middle Ages utopia.

  3. If pro-White leaders, or “leading pro-White opinon-sharers” like classy Greg, fall so easily into error, then Whites are never going to be able to “outjew the Jews”.

    Outjewing the jews was a strategy Commander Rockwell, James Mason & surely many others rejected as untenable: it flies in the face of the White racial character & the nature of this asymmetrical group conflict. It will never work.

    And yet it is often advocated, perhaps most recently by leading internet opinion-sharing based Jew “Frame Games Radio” in multiple streams on the YouTube channel of J-F Gariépy, under the watchful eye & consistent Superchat patronage of leading internet opinion-sharing based Jew “Halsey” of “Halsey News Network”.

    Proponents of outjewing the jews generally seem to want to mimic the actions & strategies of power-seeking Jewish networks, & other Jewish rackets, which can often be recognised by their recurrent leitmotif: the acquisition & maintenance of a monopoly (in one form or another) as a key goal.

    But these counter-Semites often err in incorporating the current crop of “good Jews” into their organisations & plans. This is not a symmetrical response, & is not a faithful replication of hyperethnic Jewish networking, but rather, an invitation to subversion.

    Good goys seem to be emotionally relieved to accept “good Jews” into their fold, & are very glad to be able to count themselves as reasonable men for so doing. Let the analysts decide whether symmetrical response strategies have been sufficiently successful in the past, or are likely enough to be so in the future to warrant further investment.

    In my own historical analysis, when that Great Pendulum swings back against the force of so much Jewish trickery, cabalism & parasitism of the Gentile host, its avatars are not mirrors of the Nibelungs who got us to Peak Jewing, but rather uncompromising leaders at the head of a procession of fed-up peasants bearing pitchforks & (Tiki?) torches.

    And yet there are laws in place to prevent us from discussing what seems to me to be the obviously historically recurrent & thus most likely future means of delivering ourselves from the Weltfeind’s deathgrip. That is discouraging, & the meme that those who speak of or advocate for violence are federal agents is well-propagated.

    But still some, for example leading based Jew & opinion-sharer Martin van Creveld, are able to discuss the nature of such possible or likely future conflicts in rather sanguine terms. Such analysis is no doubt intended for the benefit of his tribe & therefore he is shielded from their reprisals. Could we ever avail ourselves of the protections of academe, freedom of speech & sober intellectual investigation to further such a useful discourse?

    It seems there are always two standards: one for them, another for us.

  4. Think about trying to form some resistance, and either paying for it or simply communicating within it. Their IRS and state agencies controls records of anything financial over $2K in cash that happens in the U.S., which they publicly admit to, and at a higher level, through taxation treaties, they get that same level of access from almost all other governments in the world. At an even higher level, they have Jews in other countries who can less formally pass this information on so that it really is every inch of the world. Every single country or government or banking industry.

    If you do even something a little bit weird, they can order some chickenshit local authority to investigate it and to kill you if they don’t like it. It’s often just a mundane financial attack that no one notices as related to the JP, even its victims, since it can be made to appear a neutral tax issue that costs someone a few dozen grand, it can shut down one life or a hundred lives without people realizing what’s going on. They even have people in, say, Thailand who can make a phone call and have a bank lock an account, and if you try to fight back, it’d only be against a bunch of actual, innocent Thai who were just trying to earn a wage by doing what their supervisor’s supervisor’s supervisor said.

    Communication, too, of course, because if you start organizing something even remotely effective, your ISP can make sure it innocuously finds its way to someone who can react. In their news, we tend to see either nothing, some false-flagged yahoos or maybe some sadly failed genuine attemptors who thought any of the doors were still open, or just them changing the story to some nut who tried not to pay his property taxes for simple greed. With the infrastructure they have in place, we’d have to build a completely mental network to do anything, and they’ve always had that. Their genes keep them, not just so ugly, but constantly focused on sucking blood and favoring the ethny. Education is important, for them, but in a way they don’t really need it. They all got the message long before birth, and they do have secret meetings but they aren’t needed, anymore than a bunch of mosquitoes need to get together and have a meeting about how they really should try to suck more blood from other organisms.

    White people once tried to use one of the Jews’ tools, Christianity, to accomplish this kind of understood planning, but as we all know, that only ended up in Pope Francis washing refugees feet. It also required a lengthy indoctrination of the young and repression of the intellect. I don’t think it’s possible to immediately develop the kind of violently supportive, hypervigilant kinship that they have–nor do I think we’d want to. And yet, it seems they can’t be beaten without it. As ever, they have cryptos leading “White Nationalist” organizations in some form or other. Their utter lack of principle will always beat our sense that principle is important.

  5. “classy Greg”

    Greg Johnson is a filthy sexual degenerate. There is nothing “classy” about performing a rim job on another dude’s asshole.

  6. In your world view, is there any place at all for those of us who have Jewish ancestry but wish to relinquish Jewish tribal affiliation and enter the fold of our white host nations? What about those who intermarry and truly don’t identify with Jewish group loyalties? You know there are so many such people. Is there any chance for us to be accepted by you? As someone who is obviously biased in my own favor, I think your view is a bit too absolute. But then again, this isn’t my thing, it’s your thing. I’m just hoping to be accepted into your thing, not because it’s good for me as a Jew, but because my allegiance is to my white host nation. Would you be willing to accept that?

  7. A month or two ago, I got into it with Dov Bechhofer in the comments at Counter Currents. He was doing the typical “ally-jew” routine which comes across as a lizard flicking it’s tongue out to meter the environment for exploitation, while never acknowledging jewish loxist behavior unless absolutely necessary – much less offering up new information of jewish misdeeds, or areas in which jews need to change.

    My goal was to make it clear to him that the sum total of jewish behavior made them incapable of being trusted, and that he was wasting his time. To his credit, he was courteous , but this could merely be a tactical choice given the website audience – going berzerker jew would merely confirm everything I was saying.

    “Jewish allies” never seem interested in getting their tribe to change. Why would they expect to not be viewed as subversive tribal actors?

  8. To Sleepless Midwest.
    For me, No jews, ever. Anyway you slice your seemingly well intentioned “contribution” to the White cause, it will never be for the benefit of us and only for the benefit of your tribe.

    The internet has allowed us to finally see you just as you’ve seen us for thousands of years. We are playing catch-up, sadly. Us knowing is WHY you must control the media and the dissent. Any jew wanting help Whites instinctively does so to help jews, not us. So, sorry not sorry, no Juden Raus!

  9. ” There is nothing “classy” about performing a rim job on another dude’s asshole.”

    What’s wrong with you, don’t you appreciate a diverse society of multiculturalism?
    Besides, a case of Amoebic dysentery can make you regular, like every 5 minutes.
    Great way to make new friends in the nearest bathhouse.

  10. Jews getting involved in white nationalism is even more creepy than white men getting involved with Israel.

  11. I wager when we get a guy who can move Whites like a Bob Mathews or a George Lincoln Rockwell, things will actually start to becomes White-pills for us. Until then, frustrating doltish “leaders” will make a mockery of the work these men did. The White “leaders” are egomaniacs and nothing else. They dont care about Whites, they care about their name being in the enemy press.

    FFS, read GLR’s books. Back in 1965 he was already making the argument and backing it up with facts that what the present day White side is attempting is to do, and proved it futile. This America ho ho eagle shit, trying to out jew jews etc. He showed it was crap and that Whites biggest enemy other than the jew, was the CONSERVATIVES.

    Whites cannot out jew the jews for simple fact, WE ARE NOT JEWS.

    Would you stand behind a GLR and Bob Mathews or Anglin and Spencer/TRS?

  12. how do we know that you aren’t the lag of your prey. i.e. the leftist are no longer worried about race and have become bent on displaying a lack of place, you are behind the times. you can redeem yourself with a laugh at this diddy based on an old favorite, pedro lived in a shithole … a shithole … a shithole, and he tried to escape it; but everywhere that pedro went the shithole would go too; pedro mowed the lawn so well … … and he was paid for it; but when the shithole followed him … … , there was no one left to pay. posted this type on vdare received no reply? asked paul kersey how the people he said were impulsive and had no control organized riots in n.c., blocked?

  13. Little reminds me of one of the agents in the matrix. There is something inorganic about him.

  14. Hey SleeplessMidwest, regarding genetic predilection, it must be somewhat controllable, in the same sense that I don’t rape attractive women that I pass in the street. Even for Jews, they don’t rape every attractive child they see, and that is affected by both fear of punishment and something else–and that something else is what we’re concerned with, here.

    Even in the absence of actually committing the rape, though, that sense of desire will always be there, nonetheless. And if the humans around you don’t feel that sense, but you always adjust your behavior in recompense, there’s probably no reason why, over many generations, that couldn’t be bred out. We don’t know what kind of sellouts, creepy rapes, or threats to loved ones helped create all the Ashkenazi, so there’s not a firm individual moral component upon which we can rely in assessing any given offspring. Many Ashkenazi undoubtedly have in their distant pasts some raped daughter who had to be sold to a creditor, despite her worthy character, and it’s sad to think that her distant descendants couldn’t breed better and save the pure portions of the legacy. More importantly, it’s a material loss if we can’t preserve some of that good stuff. We certainly shouldn’t create more, and we should respond appropriately when a line is clearly lost, but the ability to quietly labor, and to support the healthy strain, could lead to a lot of recapturing later on. In America now, and certainly in Europe, any prospect of survival includes the need to breed out malignancies that can be preserved, as well as burning out those that can’t be salvaged.

    Also, everyone and you yourself, SleeplessMidwest, should remember that the Jewish genetic testing companies list “Jewish” as a component of European gene patterns that aren’t Jewish, just to try to make more goys sympathetic to Israel. The Sanhedrin, as it were, knows the difference, which is why that crap won’t buy you citizenship in Israel, but I know people who completely aren’t and never a drop were Jewish, who bought some online test and got told they were like 1.5% “Scandinavian Jewish” or some crap like that. The way the Jews work that is this: say that in 1400, a Jew moves to Scandinavia and takes someone’s daughter. The children are genetically Jewish. But, the wife passes on some 100% actual Scandinavian genes to the kids also.

    In 2000, the descendants of that line then have some 100% Jewish patterns and some 100% non-Jewish patterns. However, they “identify” as Jewish. As a result, the Jewish company uses those Euro patterns–which are shared by many other Europeoid lines which never mated with Jews–and calls them “Jewish.” As a result, suddenly a lot of fully Europeoid lines get called Jewish, just because some Jews there were using part of that cocktail in other Ashkenazi.

    So, if you think you’re Jewish because of a similar reason, don’t be fooled. There’s no way to tell, of course, and part of what genetic testing retailers are offering is those kinds of ridiculous “guesses.” They’re doing that to a lot of people now, and in a few years, they might use their control of universities to end racism forever by telling us science has proved that we’re all 13% Congoid or 8% Jewish or some crap like that.

    In fact, they did. Remember the “Out of Africa” hypothesis that so many Nu Euros today have grown up on? Complete lies, unsupported trash, but they can do that kind of stuff when they hold all our media. If you live in a world where people tell you there are no such thing as human groups with shared identities, be strong enough to make your own assessments based on observable evidence right now, rather than the historical lies they’ve so carefully arranged (on the subject, see my ).

    This will be a large component of the battle going forward, whether you’re an actual concerned person or just some thoughtcrime agent trying to find out what the last few actually-thinking goyim think on the internet: whether or not Europeoids can stop trusting institutional authority. I think not, since I think the Catholic Church and its battery of universities and teevees put such a strong dependency on Euros that they can’t really think independently anymore in quanta significant enough to slow down this crashing car. But I’d love to be assessing things wrongly.

  15. There is something highly hilarious about taking that sign to a holocaust museum. But If it were me (and I know its not) other signs would be or could possibly be far more effective. Thats my arm-chair critique.

    jews did 911 I think would hold more weight or run porn and the media. That sign, I guess is for shock to open up dialogue. But it borders on what they want or need us to be. But he’s is out there and Im not so….

  16. Top Swedish Politician Sparks Criticism With ‘Jews Are Not Swedes’ Comment:

    Columnist Willy Silberstein, who identifies himself as “Jewish and Swedish or Swedish and Jewish” argued in an opinion piece that Söder held an “old anti-Semitic view of Jews,” calling it a disgrace for Sweden to have a deputy speaker of parliament making such statements.

    Same old Country Club Thing. Exclusion for me but not for thee, cries the parasite, whose infiltration facilitates manipulation enabling exploitation of its host.

  17. some time ago, when Tan was still adhering to his position that “it’s all about Jews, not their White collaborators”. I disagreed, for reasons both tactical and strategic, and he eventually abandoned this absolutist position: without their collaborators, cucks, shabbatz goyim and their ilk, the Jews would be as nothing. I disagree again, and for the same reasons. If this or that Jew(ess) wants to climb the mountain of race realism vis a vis their ownTribe, they can be useful to us…just don’t let them lead or make policy. The problem with milksops like Greg Johnson is, despite all evidence to the contrary, they still think that Israhell can be the ultimate solution to the JP and are willing to cut deals with Zionists. Compare to Ron Unz who, despite being a Jew, has seen through both the particularist Zionist manuever and the bogus-universalistTikkun Olam. Personally, I’d like to see Israhell off the map – and all those ultra-Jewy Zionists reverse-aliyah’d to ‘Murka – before TSHTF here. That would concentrate about 90% of current world Jewry in one political sphere – North America – and make a genuine solution physically achievable. In the meantime, though, hardRights and WN’s might not want to play mice to (((Jason Kessler)))’s pied piper yet again.

  18. I was reading Amren the other day and one of the articles was about how there was no place for whites in the Democratic Party anymore. The example he used was the party endorsing some Latino guy over Diane Feinstein. It almost struck me as subversive. As if Diane Feinstein, in particular, has ever represented white interest. It wasn’t like he was giving an example of his perception of a good Jew. He singled out one of the most hostile Jews in our country and called her white. I guess she would be allowed in Taylor’s ethnostate.

  19. I would rather have Louis Farrakhan in my country than Feinstein. I can’t understand Taylor’s thinking. It’s doesn’t even have the logic of Kevin Macdonald being open to Stephen Miller. I have trouble believing he misunderstands the conflict to that degree as long as he been doing his thing.

  20. Nine times out of ten a self-described “race realist”, like Taylor, is someone who likes to pretend they can’t see any difference between Whites and jews, until you do, at which point they cry, “you’re just trying to blame all White problems on the poor jews, just like blacks blame all their problems on Whites!” They hang up the phone before you can point out that blacks (or mestizos, or muslims, or …) whining about Whites are just aping jews.

  21. The difference between Whites blaming jews and non whites blaming Whites, is jews rule not Whites. Ours complaints are directed at the actual target/cause, while theirs(non Whites) is directed at the ones jews blame when wearing their White mask and diverting blame. Jews can do this because they rule and thus ultimately responsible for the antiWhiteshit show we see daily. Another way, shit rolls down hill and its source is jews, not Whites. Whites are not innocent in what we see today, but I’d wager a staggering number are goy in name only, because of that mask.

  22. That’s why Trump could be so valuable; his family and kids are all openly Jewish, but he’s in crypsis, and if we could just get all that anti-racism energy focused on the head Jew billionaire, it would really be useful. Suddenly, 4 million Mexicans are in California, marching about Jewish privilege, contrasting his gifts to Israel with aid to poor Mexicans, and so forth. Combine all those angry Hispanics with all the indignant White people shocked that someone dares suggest biology affects human behavior, and they wouldn’t really get anywhere, but they’d at least make the issue something the average person can be aware of, which is a massive step in curing a group of Judaism.

    They’ve got Wall Street, and corporate America, and warmongering…there is no shortage of stuff it’s still okay to hate, and they own it all. But with their teevee, they set the movements people care about, and of course they’re not going to allow anything to become slightly realistic. Bummer.

    Look! Look! The Crips are raiding the liquor store!

  23. House Speaker Paul Ryan uncovers Jewish roots on PBS show:

    Gates said Tuesday at a TV critics meeting that he traced Ryan’s heritage back to his 10th great-grandfather born in 1531 in Germany. The research showed Ryan is 3 percent Ashkenazi Jewish.

    “You could have knocked him over with a feather and then he was very proud of it,” Gates said of Ryan’s reaction. “We don’t know who that Jewish person was, but we know it was on his mother’s German line, which makes sense. So somebody who was a Christian German slept with a Jewish German person and that’s where that came from.”

    . . .

    Gates said his purpose in doing the show is to deconstruct race and show how racism manifests itself in the current anti-immigrant feeling in the United States.

    “We’re all immigrants. We’re all mixed up,” he said. “When the lights came down, everybody was sleeping with everyone else.”

    “Makes sense” because Ryan already suspected?

    The deeper admission here is that jew is a genetic trait, so distinct from any other DNA that it can be detected down to a mere 3%.

    The purpose of jewing is to deconstruct everything but jewing.

  24. re: HL Gates and Ryan’s supposed jewish ancestry.

    I don’t buy that. jews aren’t above claiming someone has jewish ancestry to further subvert them. They do this with high-ranking National Socialists, even Hitler himself.

  25. The influence of jew DNA, real or imagined, is what’s on display: “You could have knocked him over with a feather and then he was very proud of it”.

  26. listened to an old podcast with quote that applies to dumbo ryan, I quote with an add on, “great, your part jew, now get out”.

  27. the reason for today’s posting; fats,neoconity and all the good goy gatekeepers were voicing a mono-opinion a week or two ago about what couldn’t be considered treason and why, I thought it was strange because it protected the r’s detractors and was open ended, easy to refute. the russia meddling hoax conspirators aren’t traitors because there isn’t a war and they are not helping the enemy. refutation; what is the definition of war and who is waging it against whom? then the answer to why was revealed, Michael Scheurer, wrote an article describing the war and who is attacking whom and how.

  28. and how is fats guilt tripping whites today, the standard variation on the greatness of the proposition nation and how a self respecting man would be ashamed of earning the paltry sum of 18,000 when that sum was greater than the average take home pay. whites are lazy and stupid, every person in the world could build high rises like Trump because the resources are unlimited. we’ll go the opposite and cue the lead-out music rather than the lead-in music like fats does. this is based on a 60’s diddy – you can all sing along if you want – “wouldn’t it be nice without the niggers throwing boulders from the overpass … grandma sleeps safely in her bed … walking the streets at night is safe bah bah bah bump de da ta … it would be magic .. oh wouldn’t it be nice without niggers

  29. Duke, MacDonald, Johnson, Taylor et al appear to have dealt with Jews voluntarily. This must rarely, if ever, be accepted by our folk.

    There are no ‘good jews’, and their ‘kol nidre’ insures that none can be trusted. Ever.

    First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

  30. Their method of neutralizing people who seem otherwise to be against them is really quite skilled. Depending on the target’s intelligence level and penumbra of social protection, they can just have the local cops bring them up for drugs or kiddie porn, or if that is adjudged sub-optimal, bribe someone, or use whores or other presents.

    Regarding the levying of ridiculous criminal charges, it’s easy for them to put kiddie porn or illegal guns or some other crud in their possession, leaving the local cops impressed that they were chosen to help out an important special agency by dealing with this dangerous criminal at which they were pointed. It’s a sad matter of dumb goys respecting authority; the cops themselves are not actually evil, but they’re not intelligent enough to comprehend for what they’re being used.

    At a higher level–the level we see with MacDonald–the process isn’t about whores and glittering prizes, but much more subtle things. It’s a pity that they’re not intelligent enough or possessed of sufficient character to resist. Little things, things that seem to advance their agenda and serve their people, are used: media access, professorships, consulting opportunities…like the sellout at a lower level, who can drive off in his new Cadillac with a new girl under his arm, and feel satisfied and accomplished, “Ha, you’re just jealous,” MacDonald can wile away a few decades enjoying media respect with Jews, thinking essentially, “I’m a heroic pragmatist who is doing the best I can for my people.” And William Luther Pierce is reviled, and goys keep paying and dying, and MacDonald is dumbly oblivious to how he himself became part of the crime machine against which he’d started writing.

    That’s something that Europeoid social elites will have to learn to master. Conceding to the Jews in order to earn your daily bread rather than starving is one thing, but being impressed that they let you misdirect on a podium is something that, at higher social levels, we’ve been immensely vulnerable to for two thousand years. White nobles, courtiers, advisers, and such have sold themselves for not just dirty whores or refined Jewish ones, but joint interests in investments that, like MacDonald’s web traffic, distract gentiles with incomplete truths, like “crime caused by other minorities” or “how to benefit your society by cooperating realistically with Israel.” Those little betrayals seem to be a benefit, to fools who don’t realize that those “little” betrayals–like an agreement with the burglar to leave the front door unlocked ONLY one night a month–have been how this all got accomplished, and continues being accomplished. Sadly for the fools, they are the biggest traitors of all.

  31. “Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence”

    OK, how? Anglin can’t get the funding he deserves. Others are blocked on multiple fronts. What’s the solution?

  32. F.W. — It’s a two step process, and we are now primarily in step one, “Expose The Jew”, where the key is to “keep on keepin’ on” relentlessly with our propaganda. Much of it is freely available, e.g. Frederick Blackburn’s excellent educationals:

    In this, as long as we are not physically restrained, our main focus is to draw true leaders out of a psychologically damaged crowd.

    It took generations — even centuries — for the kikejew to gain its current strength. Our own staying power must at least match that of Nature’s most persistent sentient parasite.

  33. ” is to draw true leaders out of a psychologically damaged crowd. ”

    Wow, heavy task. Like reshaping set concrete.
    I have found the majority of people to be fixed in parroting media slogans, ” diversity is our strenght”, ” we’re all immigrants”, “there’s good and bad in every race”. The brainwashing has been very effective.
    Tks for the link.

  34. Sometimes I think that the system has become so corrupt and dishonest that the politicians are reading the nazi and conspiracy websites. They are corrupt and treasonous but in a way are disgusted by the politically correct platitudes. They read those and they read the New York Times so they know the party line. I’ve seen yair Rosenberg and other Jews post shit from this site on Twitter to show how unhinged the antisemites are. That would be a perfect example of the state of the government. Denouncing the nazis and conspiracy theorists while reading their news.

  35. Maybe on a certain level everyone is desperate for somebody to point out that the emperor has no clothes. Of course they would ruin that persons life if someone of any stature ever did. What a perverse system.

  36. Over the many, many centuries they’ve been feeding on us, one of their most complicated techniques is the betrayal of their own kind in the face of actual resistance. Those Jews around today are mostly (all?) the descendants of Jews who survived some of the initial response to their behavior by being an enthusiastic part of the resistance to Jews–thereby surviving and reproducing Jews of even higher quality, who would be willing to betray other Jews rather than die.

    It works, quite well, and goys keep falling for it, getting flattered by the Jew who admits Jews are a problem and will be on your side while you pogromize. And it’s quite likely that many of those Jews actually believe what they say and are being 100% honest about it. The flaw is, this is a genetic contest, so leaving even a tiny bit means you’ll repeat the same illness as before. We see traces of this kind of behavior often, as when a Jew–say, Unz–criticizes Jewish influence, and almost seems to be an ally. Those are the kinds of Jews who lent support to the anti-banker mob with torches in medieval Europe, thus the progenitors of the Jews who remained until today. Assuming Europeoids have some kind of effective resistance ever again after the most recent invasion of Germany–doubtful, but maybe I’m a completely wrongheaded cynic; just supposing–we’d see a lot more of this in the world, with Jews like Taylor or the Trump grandchildren becoming really pro-White, and tricking a lot of dumb Europeoids into not doing the whole prescription worth of antibiotics, but just letting a few of the “good ones” slide into the future.

    This is part of the “mystery” of how they have managed to carry on this long. Anytime the host exhibits a defensive reaction, some small part of them is 100% on the host’s side, taking honest, vigorous steps to defend the gentiles from the Jews. And defensive reactions are really rare anyway, given how insipidly hopeful Europeoids keep proving themselves; not only does it take many years to get them to realize the teevee is not their friend, it takes many more for them to put a mandatory stop to it. In 2018, for example, whole generations of Europeoid young have grown up on Jewish pedagogy and Jewish entertainment, and there’s been a lot of grumbling from Europeoids, but no tangible, effective reactions.

    Perhaps, in that once-in-a-century reaction they’re lucky to get to, the Europeoids defend themselves by eliminating 99% of the parasitic population, comforting themselves that the good ones are on their side and explained in detail what was done and how wrong it was. But that 1% will, like a viral population, grow back, and suddenly Earth has Jews again. This can’t be an ideological battle; it has to be genetic, or else we do it all over. Again.

  37. “. Denouncing the nazis and conspiracy theorists while reading their news.
    Chris Hinds”

    Oh, he’ll yes. They examine all our material and put it under a microscope.
    It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that AOT has more jewish readers than gentiles.

  38. “thereby surviving and reproducing Jews of even higher quality, who would be willing to betray other Jews rather than die.” High Arka

    Yep, progressive adaptation, survival of the fitness, super strain.
    ( they also do this doctrinally. They tried direct confrontation with the Romans and nearly became extinct. So now, they have adapted their doctrine to covert methods).

  39. “I have found the majority of people to be fixed in parroting media slogans” … “diversity is our strength” etc.

    This is literally never ever true, and really quite obviously false.

    Alien elements with influence over WN introduce the idea that Whites are uniquely flawed and somehow complicit with the race-replacement agenda, and the idea is adopted by people who assume good faith.

    White people are generally sound on race and nation issues – we are and have always been opposed to immivasion; we are and have always been opposed to the advances of PC; we are and have always been in favour of protecting our own interests the way other groups do. White opinion is not a problem we have to deal with – it is a scripted distraction..

  40. In regards to my comment, seems this law or policy never came to pass in the land down under. Check the comment section. Anyway, the nerve trying to pass it, let alone drafting it. Oy vey, amirite?

  41. Bob
    Chomsky was still jewing throughout the interview. Saying how the disgusting laws have a precedent in modern America. How they were so harmful that by the time they were changed the window for blacks to catch up to whites had closed. How Israel gets its support from evangelical Christians who want God to come back and end the Jews and that’s why they get away with their jewing. And also how Israel is simply a parallel to trumps Nazi America.
    The Jewish system is so fucking boring. It is soul poison and there is nothing interesting about it. Democracy now should have Tan on to discuss jewing and Israel. That is what would happen in a truthful and just system.

  42. “White people are generally sound on race and nation issues ”

    Obviously, we have far different experiences.

  43. Nobody should give Chomsky a pass. He is to anti racist jewing what any of these alt right Jews are to racist jewing. He was one of the first political activists I ever read but I was instinctively turned off because he denied certain types of government corruption and treason. He probably set me back a few months in getting to someone like William Pierce. He is a level ten Talmudic wizard and he blames Israeli jewing on white supremacy. Macdonald has an article about him on his site called the most clever Zionist.

  44. (((Fellow white men)))
    I’ve been looking at some polling crosstabs and I’ve got to say to my fellow white men over 55: You’re a great disappointment to me. On the other hand it seems fitting and consistent with the American story that women, minorities and young people now step up to save the republic.

  45. Something always made me dislike Chomsky. Even when I was a naive young 18 year old he seemed dishonest. One of my first major aha! moments on the JQ was when Chomsky tried to refute Mearshiemer and Walt and wrote an article claiming it wasn’t the neoconservatives but the corporations that pushed us into the Iraq war. By that point it was well established the Iraq war had cost more than the oil was worth and of course the question still remains- who owns the corporations (Jews). Added to the fact that I already knew about the project for the new american century (PNAC- literally wrote the paper on staging a ‘new pearl harbour’ to facilitate invading Iraq) though at the time I had not connected it to the JQ so I knew Chonsky was lying. He would have owned up about PNAC and the Jewish lobby if he could but there was no way to spin it so he out right lied and denied. Everyone here really should read his response to that paper about the Israel lobby. For somone who is usually so self assured in his smug *I wish it weren’t so but it is children* style it is reamarkably like the defence of Jews you get with Judeophiles at the edge of the alt right- filled with strawmen,logical fallacies and half truths.

    Of course when I read Macdonald I realised Chomsky was just another Jewish guru figure (the most heavily quoted academic alive- yeah by other Jews) and when I looked into history I saw that there were many other trendy Jewish intellectuals posing as telling the truth to power (as Jews are so often wont to do-another part of their bullshit self image) but that have completely faded from history without their Jewish mutual appreciation society to make their academic reputations for them. Chomsly had a choice when his coethnic neoconservative cousins chose to promote invading Iraq; tell the truth and inform on Jewish influence or choose ethnic partiality and dissemble. Chomsky chose the latter. As a result when he dies and no longer has his chorus of admirers in the media and his other sycophants his reputation will be worthless.

    Added to his standard issue leftist hypocrisy (Chomsky is worth 2 million dollars most of which is invested in arms companies-which he is on record as defending doing- and lives in one of the whitest towns in the United States) he has had a chilling effect on academia in the United States and the western world. Someone once described Chomsky as an intellectual bully, I think that description fits but also could be expanded to include the term talmudic scholar. They are essentially the same thing-twisting the meaning of words and perverting the letter of the law so that it subverts the spirit of the law.

    He is an evil pied piper.

  46. Without j- privilege, Chomsky would have the same audience as an old crank in a bar, no one.

  47. @Tanstaafl I became a fan instantly after your overwhelming victory over Luke ‘Don’t throw snakes in my backyard’ Ford. I have a question I have been brooding over the past couple of months that I hope to get an answer for.

    That is the Catholic Question.

    I will preface this in a defense of Catholics, I came to be J-woke thanks to E. Michael Jones’s book ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’, he is a catholic himself who denounces judaizing in Roman Catholicism but denies race realism. His historical knowledge on the West’s struggle against Jewry is second to none. I will begin by expressing my own definition of the CQ. Self-professed catholic commentators on the Alt-Right such as Nic Fuentes and Lauren Rose seem to be uncomfortable discussing the JQ publicly. It was on the show hosted by the IronyBros that Fuentes denounced Patrick Little, and the Lollipop man (Shaun) said “Fuck the troops”. Shaun and Beardson, the unsightly duo that combine to make the IronyBros, are both catholic. They have stated on previous podcasts that they believe sodomy and feminism to be greater threats than the JQ, and reason that the US military is to be condemned for protecting globohomogayplex. I’m sympathetic to this argument myself, but it was their sheer disdain towards Pat Little that irked me. Overall, from listening to subsequent appearances by Fuentes on TheRalphRetort, I got the impression that he thinks Pat Little’s ‘sperging’ will jeopardize the chances of optically well-adjusted ‘alt-right’ candidates such as himself in conventional politics. Interestingly, he then went on to state ‘I am not part of your movement, Pat’. By which he means to sever his crypto-conservative movement away from the ‘toxic’ faction of the alt-right who are J-woke. This seemed bizarre at first given Nic’s claim to fame is pointing a knife at the lizardman and altright /lol/cow Halsey Yiddish. I was under the impression that the ‘optics debate’ as it has come to be known on the message-boards was a debate over strategy or a leadership struggle or perhaps both. Now, it seems to be something far more profound. Against that background I would like to delve further into its relation with Catholicism.

    Among Christians there is a tacit recognition of a Jew-Christian cycle where Christians rein in the Jews after an extensive period of Jewing culminating in a pogrom and then rewelcoming them back into the fold once the memories of merciless taxation have long gone. Perhaps this is my fundamental misunderstanding of Catholicism which I would like to have explained to me. But it would seem that Christian identity requires Jews, because Jews are the primogeniture to Nicaean Christianity. It was foretold in the Hebrew peoples’ prophesies that the messiah would arrive to save them from Roman tyranny, and instead Jesus came to overcome this multicultural Pagan empire with a universal religion to convert it to their side, a few centuries later. Accordingly, it was the real racists who hung on to their ethnic identity and once Emperor Titus burned their temple down they started pathological, ‘rabbinical Judaism’. Therefore, Christians particularly Catholics view the world purely on a metaphysical level and many subscribe to the tabula rasa whereby we all are born Jewish and must fight our inner Jew in order to be reborn under Christ. E Michael Jones refers to this as logos repeatedly and he repeatedly fails to define this word to us agnostics. But, from my simple mind logos means objective morality / the natural law, Jews do not recognize this and rebel against it. However, he foolhardily believes that after a millennia of the contrary Jews can still change their ways. They fall for the NAXALT (conversos) and seem to hold on to the belief that with enough proselytism a Jew can be reborn in Christ’s image.

    In my view, it seems that Christians believe the institutions infected by Jewry can be salvaged and the Jewish tumor removed from the Church, however their principles make them incapable of using the means necessary to remove this parasite. In other words, they believe they can outjew the Jews. This is where I struggle. They do have historical precedent in their favor. There have been many times where Christianity has rallied to expel the Jews. However, in current year, there’s no sign that they can summon the inquisition. They are grossly underestimating just how Judaized the Church has become. The ones who do recognize this. They believe in saving their own and preparing for the reckoning.

    In short, my question is can Catholics be salvaged from Catholicism?

    Kind thanks

  48. FW: I have found the majority of people to be fixed in parroting media slogans, “diversity is our strength”, “we’re all immigrants”, “there’s good and bad in every race”…

    Our strongest are now surviving this bullshit. They are our future leaders. Though they must make it on their own, we owe it to them and to our posterity to do whatever we can to assist them.

    First Thing First : Expose The Jew : Eliminate Jew Influence

  49. Ken
    No, I listen to and respect a lot of Christians who oppose jewing but at the end of the day the dogma is too deep with them. They would say to put racial interests above religious interests is racial idolatry. To them I would say good luck practicing your religion when you’re a racial minority.

  50. ” we owe it to them and to our posterity to do whatever we can to assist them.”

    I absolutely agree.
    They are so underfunded and under supported that they are almost starved to extinction. Where are the bulk of White ppl? Watching NFL NBA, giving to some charlatan preacher. What a disgrace! The bulk of White folks aren’t much better than grazing cattle. Is there any way to motivate the average person and the super rich ?

  51. ” Little reminds me of one of the agents in the matrix. There is something inorganic about him.”

    He seems like one guy trying to do too much.
    His sudden appearance with such zeal and activity is startling. Is he driven by intense loyalty or some other motivation?
    This is where the (((other))) side has it all over us. A muti-generational infrastructure of known adherents with pedigrees going back centuries. That combined with institutional structure which has been brainstormed and refined over 2000 years.

  52. Jared Howe samples the nutrient-free word salad served up by Jordan Peterson at the Oxford Union.
    mp3 link:

    There’s definitely some quavering, even ululation, in that voice of JP’s.

    (May also be worth exploring the earlier episodes of this particular topic – tho’ not yet listened).

  53. “No, I listen to and respect a lot of Christians who oppose jewing but at the end of the day the dogma is too deep with them. They would say to put racial interests above religious interests is racial idolatry. To them I would say good luck practicing your religion when you’re a racial minority.”

    I can attest to this claim. I reconnected with a cousin this past year who I haven’t seen in something like 46 years – he is in Texas, and spent some of his time being a preacher at some po-dunk, rural country church. We were sending emails and text messages back and forth for several months, mostly talking about family news and whatnot – getting along just fine.

    But, when for the second time in less than 18 months, Trump let himself be suckered into bombing Syria based on what were clearly Israeli MOSSAD false flag and fake chemical attacks and both of these false flag attacks came within days after Trump had promised that he was pulling our troops OUT of Syria – I fired off a highly critical text message to this Bible thumping cousin who seems to be fatally infected with Christ-insanity of the John Hagee variety, wherein I fingered Israel as being behind the false flag fake chemical attack and I went on to say that I was sick and tired of Israel scheming the USA into fighting wars that she was too gutless and cowardly to fight themselves. Well, after that text message – I haven’t heard another peep out of the guy.

    The truly infuriating thing about these jew toe sucking ChristianZionist nutcases – and this applies to my cousin – is that most of them never enlist in the military and actually put their own lives at risk fighting all these jew wars. But, they sure as hell like to send our military men to fight and risk getting killed or maimed for life in ANY war that the jews demand we fight on their behalf.

    I was a vet. My cousin never served. I am anti-Wars for jews or for any other foreign nation’s sole benefit, but he is a gung-ho war mongerer – as long as the closest he gets to the war is by sitting on his sofa and watching it on TV.

  54. “fatally infected with Christ-insanity of the John Hagee variety”

    It is so strange, how some ppl become adddicted to an ephemeral concept without substance or confirmation.

    But race is real, with countless thousands of confirming examples, yet they doubt

  55. Further to my regarding Jared Howe and his critique of Jordan Peterson’s Oxford Union speech, there are some other recent worthy podcasts of JH on Peterson, in which JH also remarks on the dubious sources of the “Ashkenazi superior IQ” assertion; the promotion of individualism to Whites who are faced with solidarity/co-operation strategies of other ethnicities, &c.: or



    {@16’50 JH says he’s in the Alt-Right. Not a National Socialist or Fascist. Ideologically considers himself an Austro-Libertarian in the Hans-Hermann Hoppe sense but nowadays does podcast on pro-White Advocacy and the JQ (I’m still seeking a turd in the punchbowl)}.

    [not seeing it on so try]


    My interest is piqued by the fact Jared Howe used to feature regularly on the Daily Stormer but then didn’t. Or maybe my lack of diligence visiting the Schnorrer accounts for that misapprehension, if such it be.

  56. Fred W.

    “White people are generally sound on race and nation issues”


    “Obviously, we have far different experiences.”

    Not true. Almost certainly we have similar experiences. Whites by definition are similar. I am definitely correct about White opinion generally and you are definitely wrong.

    It definitely is not the case that Whites support our own genocide.

    You would point to clear and consistent polls not your own feelings otherwise.

  57. ” It definitely is not the case that Whites support our own genocide. ”

    They aren’t doing much to stop it, close to nothing.

  58. I’m gonna speak to you like a kid, Fred W. coz that’s how you come across to me.

    Whites in general are definitively not OK with the race and nation policies imposed by Jews, as I already said. Don’t continue to pretend to think we are – you’ll just look foolish or Jewish.

    Whites in general do not ‘parrot media slogans’ about racial dispossession. Rather, we express whenever given the chance our fears and concerns. That very evidence is what the other side calls ‘racism’ – and it’s overwhelming. We want to live!

    The truth is on our side. Avoid all schools of thought like the altright that pretend White Suicide is a thing. Just reason for yourself.

  59. “Whites in general are definitively not OK with the race and nation policies imposed by Jews”…Nick Dean

    I’d sure like to meet them. I’d believe you, if I saw some tangible proof of these sentiments. Something about, actions speak louder than words.

    Billions go into pro-jive-sports. How much goes into WN causes?

  60. The jews are the real problem. Of course.

    But that doesn’t mean we should discourage a jew from opposing the genocide of Whites because he thinks it’s bad for the jews.

    This isn’t Stephen Steinlight taking a policy position that he believes is good for the jews while denouncing the “vile” motives of Whites who take the same position. Is it?

  61. I fired off a highly critical text message to this Bible thumping cousin who seems to be fatally infected with Christ-insanity . . . .
    After all these years, I have never seen that term. Unbelievable.

  62. To Nick Dean:

    Thank you for the kind words. Please be on the lookout for responses to your comments circa 2/13/18 in old threads, but I may respond to them here. Where should I be posting if not at Unz? Do you not think I’ve had any influence there?

  63. The truth is on our side. Avoid all schools of thought like the altright that pretend White Suicide is a thing.
    Pasteur, Koch were right.

    Germ theory of disease is true.

    Our tendency or inclination to seek to expand the size of the ingroup has various malefits and benefits. And it is not a disease. It is a characteristic.

    The problem is that our collective immune system has been inverted. AIDS is bad enough. That is a syndrome in which the victim cannot discriminate between self and non-self for purposes of fighting off non-self. What we have, however, is much worse.

    Our immune system does function, but having been programmed by non-self it functions to discriminate between self and non-self for purposes of killing the self.

    This is a disease, and it is caused by a pathogen.

    It is not suicide.

  64. Good to hear from you Ben.

    But that doesn’t mean we should discourage a jew from opposing the genocide of Whites because he thinks it’s bad for the jews.

    This isn’t Stephen Steinlight taking a policy position that he believes is good for the jews while denouncing the “vile” motives of Whites who take the same position. Is it?

    Steinlight is an open enemy who speaks as a jew to jews. Bechhofer is a subversive jew who spoke to Whites. When he identified himself as a jew it was mainly to garner credit as a supposed dissident. Which type of jew is worse? It’s hard to say. Because most don’t directly announce their true loyalties and motives, the number and effect of entryist crypto-jews goes largely unaccounted for.

    Bechhofer’s own words and actions indicate that he was not concerned about Whites, much less opposed to White genocide, so much as he was concerned that Whites might see jews as the enemy driving the anti-White agenda. Thus he went to White-centric forums where he spent the bulk of his effort arguing that “nazis” are the real problem. His aim was to moderate White opinion, to defuse a growing awareness he perceived as a threat to jews. This is precisely what Johnson praises Bechhofer for. Johnson sees jews like Bechhofer as allies specifically because they share his view that Whites who blame the jews too much are the real problem.

    Where should I be posting if not at Unz? Do you not think I’ve had any influence there?

    I gave up on trying to post comments at Sailer’s even before he decided to take Unz’s filthy lucre. My comments rarely made it past his (((race realist))) moderation. Svigor had a clever term for that jewy moderation, but I’ve forgotten it. The main point I repeatedly tried to make there was to call out Sailer’s consistent “jews are just another kind of white” lie, to note the clear distinction between Whites and jews that jews themselves see – a distinction which Sailer (and most of his HBD fans) consistently either ignore, laugh off, or otherwise minimize.

    I’m not a regular visitor, but the commentariat at Unz’s seems more jewy (and crypto-jewy and tragic mischlingy) than White. You always make good solid comments. More power to anyone who has the will to argue with and expose the Bechhofers, especially in a forum run by someone who imagines he’s part jew, on a site created and operated by an anti-White jew, where comments that get too close to the root of the conflict get shut down. I don’t.

  65. Unz recently denied the Holyhoax, citing many of the revisionists we all cut our teeth on. The only fig leaf yet to fall for him is to say, “I know we Jews are guilty as hell of trying to exterminate you White folks, but please don’t kill us all.”

    What else should Unz do, stick a pistol in his mouth? Something tells me that if he carries on in this vein he’s more useful alive than dead.

    “clever term for that jewy moderation”

    It was “Komment Kontrol” I think.

  66. ben tillman, I definitely would prefer to see you comment critically at sites like TOO moving Unz-ward than comment critically at sites like moving toward TOO.

    Unz or equivalent Jew could adopt our space ad infinitum because he’s just putting forward a friendly Jewish face to answer our complaints. He’s just running PR.

  67. CC, Unz has only ever republished well-known facts. I read IHR books in my local public library as a teengaer.

    Are you gona start talking about the “Good Jews” now? :)

  68. I had already intuited Paul Ryan’s jewish ancestry because he is pro-weaponized immigration. That is sooo unnatural for anyone in a position to know the dimensions and nature of the massive numbers of 80-90% specifically non White Third world peoples herded into this country annually under Congressional shepharding and enjoying remarkable Manhattan Project level of media silence for 4 decades; while concurrently in the same decades removing the manufacturing machinery/the manufacturing capacity of the USA to foreign locations principally to Communist China.
    I saw mention above about frame game radio you tube channel, and would add to that that my experience of the frame game material about the starbucks media event about the black men contrived drama; and with some aadditional videos he made which display a rich factual and experiential understannding of what he calls the diversity industry and how much money is tied into it. His info for me was new and impressive and likewise the recent info about facebook’s and presumably the other social media entities developing a capacity to use AI programs to determine and target users whose hsitory of use, comments, materials sought , identifies them as being Extreme right and then to eliminate their presence in facebook; as i understood it. I think this material is valuable of itself and worth accessing if it is of interest to oneself; and judgeing it on it’s apparent merits and interest to oneself is perfectly safe [I assume] and need not represent more. The Diversity Industry info was an eye opener for me.
    I had paid some attention to the Evergreen State College events [corrie [I forget her last name] who was murdered by the Israeli military by driving over her in a tractor as she protested the demolition of massive numbers of Palestinian homes attended Evergreen. I mention this as a not significant but interesting fact about evergreen. Also, last year when it was mentioend that the Congress refused to allow money for the WALL on the southern border I saw a link to what was said to be a large number of unnecessary items that the now current fiscal Federal budget included and one was a large sum for diversity training programs to be given to all 50 states for diversity [anti White] training for presumably state gov. employees but possible just for in-state deployment of diversity training. It is a whole system that has been created and deployed; and is heavily funded.

  69. A great article as well as some incisive comments. Der Rassenkrieg geht weiter als die juedische Gegenrasse klagt immer an.

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