Lord Screech

lord_screechLord Sacks renews attack on Jeremy Corbyn:

He told BBC1’s The Andrew Marr Show: “Jews have been in Britain since 1656, I know of no other occasion in these 362 years when Jews – the majority of our community – are asking ‘is this country safe to bring up our children’.

Arnold Leese was right. “Lord” Sacks, there’s your problem Britons. He is no more than a professional screecher for his toxic tribe, against yours.

The parasite is known to have infiltrated Britain in force 600 years earlier than Screechy McScreechface claims here, carried in by their Norman hosts. Longshanks formally evicted them, with good cause, in 1290. As usual, many jews just burrowed deeper. The entire history of jews in Britain, as everywhere else they’ve gone, can be summed up as imposing themselves and feeding upon the natives. The jews themselves sum it up as one long continuous screech about jew safety.

“There is danger that Jeremy Corbyn may one day be prime minister, he is the leader of Her Majesty’s opposition, and I’m afraid that until he expresses clear remorse for what he has said and what his party has done to its Jewish sympathisers as well as its Jewish MPs, then he is as great a danger as Enoch Powell was.”

Lord Sacks said Jewish people were thinking about leaving the UK because of the current atmosphere.

He said: “When people hear the kind of language that has been coming out of Labour, that’s been brought to the surface among Jeremy Corbyn’s earlier speeches, they cannot but feel an existential threat.”


Sacks’ comparison to Powell and use of the term existential threat is telling. Powell opposed the existential threat immigration posed to Britons. Sacks characterizes this as an existential threat to jews. Sacks is drawing a clear distinction between jews and Britons while joining the swarming screech against Corbyn for doing the same.

Sacks’ argument, translated into plain English, is: With jews, you lose.

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  1. “Toxic tribe”, I like that one.
    “ewws”, is another good one.

    We need to make a collection of jewphemisms.

  2. TRS/The Daily Shoah #333 – August 20, 2018 – McNabbistan.

    Goto ~@1h 29m “The second half of the show is a book report Mike did with Borzoi on “Semitism” by Jonathan Weisman of the New York Times.
    [An inauspicious start with 90% preceding content of the episode being fluff as per usual, but the wait is worth it – or skip ahead].




  3. “is this country safe to bring up our children”

    tr. to normal human discourse:

    “can we keep fleecing these stupid goy sheep,

    or is it time to make aliyah?”

  4. Jeremy Corbyn condemned  after claiming it is not anti-Semitic to describe the creation of Israel as ‘racist’

    “You must combat ANTI-SEMITISM and RACISM, in that order, you filthy goyimses.”

    The terms “anti-semitism” and “racism” are both defined by jews, intended for use as weapons against their enemies. Thus their double-apoplectic reaction when any aspect of jewing is equated to “racism”. They know it’s a weapon, and regard it as proprietary. What’s more, they see the older and more jew-specific weapon trumping the newer and less jew-specific weapon. “Racism” is a crime, you see, but accusing jews of “racism” is a FAR FAR more serious crime.

    This Corbynocaust is yet another very loud reminder that jews and Whites are political opposites. Enemies. This mind boggling display of jewing isn’t happening inside the jew state – it’s happening in dar-al-goyim. If jews were White they’d be “racists” by definition, simply for having a state, never mind if they were colonizing and lording over others. But jews see themselves as the opposite of White, and thus see jewing as the opposite of “racism”, no matter where they are or what they do.

  5. Labour adopts full anti-Semitism definition:

    But for those campaigning against anti-Semitism, it still sends a message that Labour might want to make exceptions, that the party is saying “yes, but”, rather than “yes, of course”, to loud demands from the Jewish community that they take the strongest action possible against those who would foment tension.

    . . .

    The Jewish Leadership Council criticised Mr Corbyn’s actions and said the free speech caveats would “drive a coach and horses” through the anti-Semitism definition.

    “It is clearly more important to the Labour leader to protect the free speech of those who hate Israel than it is to protect the Jewish community from the real threats that it faces,” its chief executive Simon Johnson said.

    It demonstrates that jews have tremendous political power, the power to compel institutions which ostensibly aren’t run by or for jews to put jew demands above all other considerations. As usual, the loud screeching aimed at demonizing Corbyn serves to blot out the fact that he gave the jews most of what they demanded to begin with, and now they’ve got it all. Political opposition to jewing inside Britain was already proscribed. Now opposition to jewing outside Britain is proscribed. The screeching has already shifted to whether or not keeping Jeremy Corbyn around is good for the jews.

  6. Jeremy Corbyn: “Ten years ago today the financial crash began. The people who caused it now call me a threat. They’re right. Labour is a threat to a damaging and failed system rigged for the few.… ”

    Forward jewess: “Just say Jews, man.”

    It’s real in their minds.

  7. Jeremy Corbyn: “Today marks 82 years since the Battle of Cable Street, when socialists stood with the Jewish community against fascists. I was proud to speak at the 80th anniversary 2 years ago. We will always stand with Jewish people against hatred and division, and resist the far right today.…”

    “No, we’re the real kikeservatives!!1!”

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