A haunting ballad lamenting the parasite/host relationship.

Crestfallen – Smashing Pumpkins

Who am I?
To need you when I’m down
And where are you
When I need you around
Your life is not your own
And all I ask you
Is for another chance
Another way around you
To live by circumstance,once again
Who am I?
To need you now
To ask you why, to tell you no
To deserve your love and sympathy
You were never meant to belong to me
And you may go
But I know you won’t leave
Too many years built into memories
Your life is not your own
Who am I?
To need you now
To ask you why, to tell you no
To deserve your love and sympathy
You were never meant to belong to me
Who am I to you?
Along the way, I lost my faith
And as you were, you’ll be again
To mold like clay, to break like dirt
To tear me up in your sympathy
You were never meant to belong to me
You were never meant to belong to me
You were never meant to belong to me
Who am I?

28 thoughts on “Crestfallen”

  1. sounds ambiguous to me.

    nothing ambiguous, not for 3,000 years, about the relationship between

    Jew parasite and productive Host.


    either the Jew parasite kills the Host,

    or the Host gets rid of the Jew parasite.

  2. Facebook hired GOP consultancy that used anti-Semitic dogwhistles to smear protesters: report |

    Most damningly, Facebook is alleged to have hired a Republican opposition-research firm to smear protestors as anti-Semitic, while simultaneously scapegoating anti-Facebook groups as under the control of liberal, Jewish billionaire George Soros, a common right-wing refrain that reeks of anti-Semitism.

    The New York Times claims to have interviewed more than 50 people, including current and former employees and lawmakers. Most spoke under the condition of anonymity due to signed confidentiality agreements or fear of retaliation. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg did not comment for the story, but Facebook provided The Times with a boilerplate statement.

    jews jewing jewily

  3. Drunk man shouts ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump,’ does Nazi salute during Baltimore performance of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ – Baltimore Sun

    The ‘Heil Trump’ guy actually hates Trump (that’s why he said ‘Heil Trump’)

    Some jew screeches Trump is Hitler, triggering a theater full of jews to screech as if they’ve been shot, triggering the jewsmedia, which has been screeching Trump is Hitler for three years, to swarm and amplify all the screeching.

    Just another day in jew world.

  4. A jew jewsplains how to make the world safe for jewing.

    Americans Need A Dose Of German Guilt – The Forward:

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel soberly noted in her remarks at the national commemoration held in Berlin’s beautiful Rykestrasse Synagogue this past Friday:

    “There are two urgent questions that we need to answer. First, what did we really learn from the Shoah, this rupture of civilization? And second to the first question: Are our democratic institutions sufficiently strong so that amid an increase of anti-Semitism, or even if a majority presents anti-Semitism, it can be prevented in the future?”

    The overriding purpose of the entire judeo liberal democractic system is TO SERVE JEWS.

    How might America meet its own moment of moral challenge today if our nation were to engage habitually and forthrightly in acts of collective responsibility for our past, as Germany does?

    How might our national soul be impacted if our country’s brutal dispossession of Native Americans was regularly owned and solemnly commemorated?

    How might our treatment of endangered immigrant populations be altered if we were consistently reminded of the moral degradation of the Japanese-American internment camps in World War II?

    How might the plight of African-Americans on our streets and in our courts be aided by a sincere acknowledgment of accountability for the slave ships that brought the ancestors of many millions of our modern-day citizens to the United States in chains?

    The still-piercing shame from the Holocaust felt by many in Germany today should be seen neither as heartbreaking nor puzzling.

    Rather, it is a badge of enduring conscience that just may save today’s German Jews from the same hatred that engulfed the Jews eighty years ago. Might we, as Americans, similarly learn from our shared history how to steer clear of repeating our collective past sins?

    The origin and primary beneficiary of this system’s toxic anti-White guilt-tripping oppression narrative is JEWS.

  5. @Captain Chaos: your query is premature.

    no one here is even thinking about “exterminating Jews”. Inasmuch as

    its the Jews – via the White birthrate-killing kosher Culture of Death and open borders orc insourcing – who are exterminating the world’s remnant White population.

    if, somehow, Whites manage to survive the current Judeo-globalist genocide…it’s possible there will be a counter-blast of some sort.

  6. Women’s March Founder Calls For Co-Chairs To Resign Over ‘Hateful, Racist Rhetoric’ | HuffPost:

    The original founder of the Women’s March, Teresa Shook, demanded that the organization’s four co-chairs ― Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, Tamika Mallory and Bob Bland ― step down for allowing “anti-Semitism, anti-LBGTQIA sentiment and hateful, racist rhetoric” to become part of the organization’s platform.

    In a Facebook post published Monday afternoon, Shook wrote that the four public faces of the Women’s March should resign because they have strayed from the group’s goals.

    “I have waited, hoping they would right the ship. But they have not,” Shook wrote. “In opposition to our Unity Principles, they have allowed anti-Semitism, anti-LBGTQIA sentiment and hateful, racist rhetoric to become a part of the platform by their refusal to separate themselves from groups that espouse these racist, hateful beliefs.”


  7. Linda Sarsour apologizes to Jewish members of the Women’s March | The Times of Israel:

    “Trying to dismantle oppression, while working within systems of oppression, is hard,” Sarsour wrote. “We are deeply invested in building better and deeper relationships with the Jewish community. And we’re committed to deepening relationships with any community who has felt left out of this movement. We want to create space where all are welcome.”

    Leftist kick/lick. The harder jews kick, the harder anti-“racists” denounce oppression while professing their love for The Tribe.

  8. Khashoggi scandal completes Trump-Netanyahu symbiosis – U.S. News –

    U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that American relations with Saudi Arabia will not be harmed by the murder of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi. That, he said, was “to ensure the interests of our country, Israel and all other partners in the region.”

    . . .

    The symbiosis between Netanyahu and Trump doesn’t require proof. When it comes to the Middle East, particularly with respect to Iran and the Palestinian issue, Trump’s and Netanyahu’s positions have become indistinguishable. These twin towers are singing from the same song sheet.

    . . .

    Trump’s donning of an Israeli flak jacket to deflect international criticism and coming to the defense of a key client of the American arms industry completes the definition of Israel’s role as the don’s consiglieri. Trump’s exit from the nuclear agreement, which rocked the world, was based on “the Israeli interest.” Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving the U.S. Embassy there were also were based on the Israeli interest. Now the acquittal of the Saudi crown prince is owed to the Israeli interest. As usual, famiglia comes first.

    The clearer Trump makes his kikeservativism, the louder the jewsmedia aimed at goyim screeches as if he’s a White nationalist/supremacist, and vice versa.

  9. Women’s March is the wrong target in the fight against anti-Semitism | Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

    In light of this and the administration’s attacks on the rights of transgender men and women, women’s right to choose, the rights of workers to organize in their workplaces and the right of black people to vote, it becomes clear that everything this administration stands for will result in the destruction of all that we as Jewish people of conscience purport to care about.

    So when, inspired by a president who openly blames prominent liberal Jews for that which white nationalists refer to as “white genocide,” a neo-Nazi walks into a shul and kills a bunch of liberal Jews, you’d think that our energy would stay focused on the existential threat in the White House — something actually leading to Jews being killed.

    . . .

    The day my mom’s birthright citizenship is called into doubt, I know that Linda Sarsour will be there to have my back and to stand with me and my family against the full power of the state, because Linda Sarsour is my ally and committed to all minorities coming together as one united front against white supremacy, no matter what intemperate thing she has to say about Israel nor how receptive she is to the Nation of Islam.

    Sadly, I have zero confidence that liberal Jews will be there alongside us.

    This Fictitious Conflict – some jews disagree with other jews about what’s best for the jews. They all constantly screech as if the sky is falling on them. The shtick of this particularly common type of hysterical kike is to pretend the kikeservative-in-chief is instead the kikeslayer-in-chief.

    Anyone in the jewsmedia could confront this supposed kikeslayer and compel him to take an explicit public stand on White genocide. They don’t because they don’t believe their own narrative. Such spectacles, when they do occur, only highlight the kikeservative reality, making the anti-White/pro-jew regime ever plainer. As happened when Tapper confronted Trump regarding David Duke. As happened recently with Steve King. As happened after Charlottesville. The best the jewsmedia can do in such cases is screech that the WHITE supremacist isn’t jumping high or fast enough to please JEWS.

    The more blatant this charade, the more jewing is exposed as jewing, and vice versa.

  10. That’s from a (((religion))) that teaches male mansturbation is such an evil, sinister activity, but rabbis banging 7 year old boys, “hey that’s O.K.”.

  11. “Leftist kick/lick.”

    Yup. When at all crucial points left and right ‘politics’ automatically dissolves into Jew first decisions please let’s just ignore left vs right. Please … let’s get over left vs right. Just us, having our own countries is all we need to promote.

  12. Have you by any chance been to Hipster Racist and his “alt left”-style blog? If so, do you have an opinion on him?

  13. I come across his him occasionally. Like, Holocausting the Holocaust the Andrew Joyce Way | Aryan Skynet:

    There was an actual American pro-German/pro-NSDAP movement in America, it was destroyed by the time WWII was on.

    The “1488” movement started by FBI informant George Lincoln Rockwell and his Jewish right-hand-man is not, and has never been, a pro-White movement. It’s a movement led by Jews, their employees, and a few cranks. Even calling it a “movement” is stretching it, it’s more like a fan club. I’m virtually certain that the Juggalos – fans of the white rap group Insane Clown Posse – are far larger than the 1488 movement and far more effective and influential than the 1488 crowd.

    1488ers aren’t pro-White. They will never join the pro-White movement and become effective by using the tactics that Bob Whitaker explained. They aren’t interested because they aren’t pro-white. It’s casting pearls before swine.

    To grow a pro-White movement, first order of business is to not allow the 1488ers and their ADL/$PLC managers to co-opt it.

    Remember, famous 1488er Matt Parrott – the first thing he did when his partner Matt Heimbach was arrested was to call his managers at the $PLC and praise them. 1488 = ADL, 1488 = $PLC. 1488ers are anti-White.

    . . .

    Little is just another in a long line of cranks that aren’t interested in winning, merely displaying his crank obsession with Jews. He literally talked about the Lavon Affair – as if that is somehow relevant to voters in 2018 California. If he was a history profession – GREAT! But a politician? That just puts him in “crank” territory and does nothing but waste everyone’s time, even worse, it helps anti-white Jews with their narrative.

    The entire “1488” subculture is nothing but an arm of Jewish power, going back to FBI informant George Lincoln Rockwell and his Jewish right-hand-man. The only people who came out of the “1488 subculture” that had any clue were William Pierce and David Duke, and both were successful (in a VERY limited way) precisely BECAUSE they rejected the “1488” subculture.

    I’m White. I yawn everytime a Jew, or a 1488, brings up “Hitler” and the “Holocaust.” I don’t know much about it, I think I skipped history class that day. I really couldn’t care less. If you are blathering on about “Hitler” and the “Holocaust” it’s because you’re either a Jew, or working for Jews, intentionally or not.

    My recent article “Bullshit” about the Matt Heimbach 1488 club was in a similar vein. Just because you claim to be “pro-white” doesn’t mean you aren’t a moron, an idiot, and ineffective. It’s typically the people who claim to be “more hardcore than thou” that are the worst offenders. Yet Matt Heimbach – a fat, ugly, rather stupid loser – was praised to high heavens by the “1488” crowd because … well, I’m not sure why.

    “1488ers” are stupid, I really wish they would all shut the hell up and go home. If they are sincere, they are stupid, and many of them aren’t sincere.

    Hipster Racist has occasionally said things I find interesting. I disagree with him on 1488ers, GLR, Little, and probably alot of other things. Like Ramz Paul (and Greg Johnson) he sneers at 1488ers, sees them as worse than the jews, because they’re jews, or working for the jews, or are just too distasteful for his tastes, which amounts to being more critical of jews than he is. A few years ago I recall he seriously put forth comedian Paul as an ideal role model for a White leader.

  14. almost put @whiteman, wouldn’t that be nice. to state that Commander Rockwell was fbi confederate, one would need to expose the drop of poison that was a constant theme in his writings, speeches etc.. I have no recollection of a single drop let alone a constant stream. the constant stream is how the spell works; cloud the mark’s sensory perception with constant bombardment of stimuli, then create simple logic to follow, prevent higher logic from being expressed. andy j and his apologist both attest to how well the spell ,hollowhaux, is working ,magnificently, then state it should be ignored. the exodus stopped working invent the new hoax. seems to be a pattern, why not expose the pattern. poison and pedantic somniferousness are to be avoided. the holohaux exposed.

  15. K-Mac vindicated by GRinder:

    The London I grew up in is a divine gift of blended communities, so I have never felt that being Jewish might be something to hide. But this year, with anti-Semitism on the rise, it suddenly feels dangerous. There were 727 incidences of anti-Jewish hate crimes recorded in the first half of this year, one of the highest figures in decades. It is more likely now than it was when I was born 40 years ago that someone may wish to harm me over my seasonal symbol of Judaism.”

    Chanukah… yet another event in the Jewish calendar celebrating a (probably imaginary) victory over another part of humanity.

    The “727” [7+7+2=16, 1+6 =7) is noteworthy purely as an index of groundless hysteria.

  16. Hi Tan,
    On the TFeed podcast we get, the Davis Duke and Eric Striker podcast about hanukkah disappeared. I only listened to the first half. It has totally disappeared from the internet. I was going to listen to the second half starting with The Morning After.
    I like the stuff you add to the TFeed. Thanks.

  17. There were 727 incidences of anti-Jewish hate crimes recorded in the first half of this year.

    Let’s see, someone sneezed in the direction of a rabbi and several temples received ‘wrong number’ phone calls. They are so very delicate.

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