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You White People

White People: “Check Your Privilege”

This brief screech makes the anti-White drive behind anti-“racism” plain. It’s not about creating a fair or equal or post-racial society – it’s about guilt-tripping Whites into funding our attackers, funding our own genocide.

I’d like to know more about this speaker, her identity and other activism, but from her appearance, tone and message here I think it’s likely she’s a jew. It’s an interesting point, but the rest of what I’ll say here doesn’t hinge on it.

I found this video at Moonbattery, where Dave Blount notes:

It is beyond obvious that the government/media axis converted the Trayvon Martin shooting into a race issue and then hyped it through the ceiling in order to exacerbate racial tensions. The only question is: why would they do this, positioning themselves firmly on the side of blacks, when blacks make up only 12% of the population? This pro-Trayvon protester provides the answer

. . .

When it comes time to make Whitey into lampshades, there will be no shortage of white volunteers to man the guard towers at the concentration camps. It will be whites who oversee the whole operation. Liberalism works by manipulating the weak-minded through self-hatred.

I think Blount is right in spirit, in that he’s recognizing and expressing his opposition to something he sees as wrong, even if only in terms of the moral standards endorsed by “liberals”, i.e. according to the holocaust narrative.

“[W]hy would they [the government/media axis, the screecher] do this” is an excellent question. But the answer is lacking. This call for Whites to not only acquiesce but collaborate with our own destruction merely shines a light on the tactics, the mechanics, the HOW. It does not explain the reason, the motive, the WHY. Blount does not examine the WHO closely enough, either denying the reality and significance of race, or at least seeing it only in coarse black and white terms.

The more incisive question to consider is, WHO is doing what to WHOM and WHY?

Blaming “liberalism” is an evasion. Likewise for misidentifying the problem as “self-hate” rather than White-hate. The jewish-looking, jewish-sounding woman in the video doesn’t seem to hate herself. She’s lecturing “YOU White people”, whom she clearly doesn’t identify with in any positive sense. Even if you want to imagine she’s WhiteWhiteWhite, what she’s doing is encouraging Whites to hate Whiteness, to hate other Whites who don’t. In what sense is this “self-hate”? In what sense is this “liberalism”? And even if you define “liberalism” as such – WHO makes it so and WHY?

It turns out the who and why are right in the forefront of Blount’s mind, right there in his rhetoric about lampshades. Jews see themselves as distinct from Whites. They resent Whites. It is a racial disctinction. It is a racial animus. When jews blame Whites for this state of affairs and its consequences, entirely, they confirm both the distinction and their animus.

This is why jews, at least, side with blacks against Whites. Jews see it as righteous exactly because they see jews as disctinct from Whites, racially, and deem such actions as being good for the jews. This is in direct contrast to the Whites who side with blacks, who are moved to act against their own race and told to feel righteous about it exactly because it is good for everybody but Whites. The motives couldn’t be more different.

To put it bluntly, the driving force against Whites springs from jews. To the extent “liberalism” plays a part it is to encourage Whites to idealize equality and tolerance, to fantasize that race doesn’t or shouldn’t matter. Among other ill effects this blinds and desensensitizes Whites to the anti-White hostility of jews. Indeed, the idea that the problem is “liberalism” or “self-hate” is just more of the same poison. If you think White-hate is bad, and wish to oppose it, then you’re already a “racist”. You might as well open your eyes, set aside the excuses, and face the rest of the ugly reality.

Discussing Trayvon/Zimmerman with Carolyn Yeager

Prayer, Anger and Protests Greet Verdict in Florida Case, NYTimes.com:

Lawmakers, members of the clergy and demonstrators who assembled in parks and squares on a hot July day described the verdict by the six-person jury as evidence of a persistent racism that afflicts the nation five years after it elected its first African-American president.

“Trayvon Benjamin Martin is dead because he and other black boys and men like him are seen not as a person but a problem,” the Rev. Dr. Raphael G. Warnock, the senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, told a congregation once led by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Warnock noted that the verdict came less than a month after the Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 to void a provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. “The last few weeks have been pivotal to the consciousness of black America,” he said in an interview after services. “Black men have been stigmatized.”

To the extent blacks have been stigmatized it is due to their own misbehavior and despite the best efforts of the jewsmedia, which has excused and even glorified them for decades.

I’ll join Carolyn tonight to discuss this in the second hour of the Heretics Hour, which starts at 9PM ET at the White network.

UPDATE: Racial Politics in the Aftermath of the Zimmerman Verdict (mp3).

No Separation, No Peace

The whole purpose of throwing a self-righteous, self-conscious tantrum is to divert attention away from something even more disturbing than the tantrum.

In this case blacks are painfully aware they are their own worst enemy. They realize how violent and uncivilized they are. Most want to live in a nice, clean, peaceful White neighborhood. They want more welfare, not less. They want blonde, blue-eyed baby-mommas.

For this intolerable reality someone must pay, and it’s not themselves.

Blacks, as a group, say: No justice, no peace. What they’re implying is that if they don’t get what they want they will cause trouble for the rest of us.

Our notions of justice are so different that they cannot be reconciled.