Jews and “New Jews”, The Poisonous Victim Narrative

Jewish and Muslim leaders link arms in silent march to honour victims of shooting at Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse

James Kirchick explains Why ‘Islamophobia’ in Europe Cannot Be Equated With Anti-Semitism, Either in Nature or Degree, at Tablet Magazine:

Much of what passes these days for “Islamophobia”—a conversation-stopping word meant to render any and all criticism of Islam as “racist”—simply cannot be equated with anti-Semitism, either in nature or degree. To express qualms about the reactionary attitudes prevalent in many Muslim communities about women, as did the late Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn (who was murdered for his heresy), is not racist, nor is it in any way comparable to the bigotry directed at Jews, historically or today. In the United States, FBI statistics show that, since Sept. 11, anti-Semitic attacks have far outnumbered anti-Muslim ones. In Europe, mobs do not rampage and attack Muslims or mosques following Islamic-inspired terrorist attacks, as Jews are regularly assaulted whenever tension flares in the Middle East.

None of this should obscure the fact that there are important similarities between the Muslim and Jewish experience, of both today and yesteryear. Muslims, Reed College Anthropology Professor Paul Silverstein told the San Francisco Chronicle in 2006, are “the object of a series of stereotypes, caricatures and fears which are not based in a reality and are independent of a person’s experience with Muslims.” Replace “Muslims” with “Jews” and you get a serviceable definition of anti-Semitism. In Europe today, both Muslims and Jews have been the targets of campaigns aimed at outlawing their traditional religious practices, namely, circumcision and the provision of kosher or halal food. Claiming their real motive to be concern for the “bodily integrity” of children or “animal welfare,” militant European secularists portray Muslims and Jews as barbaric peoples stuck in the past. Living in Germany two years ago at the height of the country’s anti-circumcision hysteria, I was confronted with provocative advertising campaigns that effectively likened Jews and Muslims to child molesters. French far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who likes to fashion herself a friend of the Jews, has called for banning not only the headscarf but also the kippah in public.

Nothing new here – just your typical jewish double-talk and hypocritical in-your-face moralizing. Muslims are innocent victims, just like jews, only less so. Whites are the Other, the common enemy, their mutual victimizers, stereotyped as “hysterical” “militant” “provokers” whose “stereotypes, caricatures and fears are not based in a reality”.

Kirchick illustrates how the jewish narrative is extended into a more generalized victim narrative, a narrative in which “racism” and “islamophobia” are both similar and yet incomparable to “anti-semitism”. This reflects the archetypical role of the jews as the first and foremost victim-narrators. The term “new jews” makes this role explicit, designating some group as junior victim-narrators, like the jews, and implying a special status, like the jews. Thus “new jews” are righteous, but not as righteous as the real jews, who otherwise wouldn’t need to be invoked, much less get to have a say in it.

The fact is that the jewish narrative and its terms are used proactively and aggressively, not defensively. The target of their aggression, their characteristic psychopathologization and demonization, is Whites. Their anti-White narrative has been institutionalized and is now a commonplace in the judaized corporate media.

This long-term jew-led assault has put Whites collectively on the defensive, leaving us disoriented and demoralized. In reality Whites, who according to the jewish narrative control everything, have no political representation as such. Leaders who openly and unapologetically identify with and advocate White interests have been excluded or hounded out of power as “racists”. The consequences of this have been disastrous for Whites.

Just one tip of one bloody iceberg has come to light in Rotherham. Unsurprisingly, there have been efforts to mischaracterize the harm as self-inflicted or as a consequence of partisanship. It is neither. What is evident in the revelation of this long-term and wide-spread predation is not only the humiliation of being colonized and despoiled by hostile aliens, but the enervating way in which it has been directly facilitated by the jews and their poisonous narrative.

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  1. the entire European situation is win/win/win for Zion. Jewish-globalist billionaires and banksters pump Muslim cheap labor into Europe, sweat same, and get even richer. Meanwhile, the ragheads attack Whites and Jews; the Whites, with no place to run to, are destroyed, while the “victimized” diaspora Jews scamper off to Zion-in-Palestine. Same scenario in America, except that here the Jews and their stooge politicians use predominantly brown/black insourcing for the same ends. Our only hope is that the nested set of Ponzis the Jews are running – moral, political; and economic – collapse before White demography has been reduced to a point where resistance is impossible.

  2. “Whites…have no political representation

    Amen. What irks the most is how they never use what they have. Ever.

    Hitler was the last white politician to seize the class issue and it worked, however briefly. The area I live in and commute to is full of downsized industrial workers, mainly white, some as far back as Vietnam, and they have zero voice. Zero. White Americans are so whipped and scared of being seen as commies or moochers they can’t imagine how to assert their own vital interests.

    Whites, the poor ones, have no voice and no narrative because the rightwing loudmouths took it from them. Watching Rush and Sean and Glen play at “pupulism” has blinded us from what the real thing might look like.

    Aggressive use of our own legitimate gripes might change the situation. There is enough anger out there, I can attest to that. The final step is making it political. Tricky, that. But not impossible.

  3. Parasite-apologist Chechar has appeared in the comments of KMac’s article on Rotherham, which I linked above. It’s no coincidence that Chechar chimes in on one of the few articles that discusses the jewish connection only to argue that the real problem is Whites discussing the jewish connection.

    My comment is “awaiting moderation”. At any rate, I’ll post it here too, because it fleshes out the thoughts I laid out above.

    Behind every pathology is a pathogen. Who created “racism”, “anti-semitism”, “sexism”, “homophobism”, “xenophobism” – all aimed at psychopathologizing perfectly healthy instincts, necessary for survival? Cui bono? The jews created these poisonous memes, for their own benefit. Why is the elite hostile toward Whites? Because jews. In everything I have read about Rotherham this is the only article that makes this connection.

    The jewish guilt trip mechanism is simple. Blame Whites for everything. Mostly it is about blaming Whites for some action or another. In Rotherham it is about blaming Whites for inaction. But note that no matter what, Whites collectively are held responsible. This poison has been propagandized for so long that many Whites have internalized it and regurgitate it reflexively. It appears even in racialist forums, like this one, where Whites freely discuss our problems and their causes.

    “Monocausalism” is the problem? Nonsense. Ironically, Chechar promotes his sick “monocausalism” suicide meme with single-minded fervor. The point is the same as all the other poisonous memes jews promote, the same old psychopathologizing guilt trip. He argues a single problem with a single cause: White people.

    Denying the significance, the agency of the Other has a seductive, solipsistic appeal. It feeds on whatever instinct Whites have to take responsibility, to act altruisticly. The increasingly obvious reality however is that Whites don’t exist in a White-only bubble where everything is under White control. Though few Whites are aware of it, much less willing to accept it, the jewish problem long preceded the Paki problem. Never mind a few thousand girls. The jews have groomed the White race as a whole. The long relationship between Whites and jews is best understood as the relationship between host and parasite. Who is to blame for the parasite’s virulence? It’s moot as long as the host remains unaware of the parasite as such. This, I think, is the nature of the pathology.

  4. So this is what mindless Jew-hatred looks like. Lots of very general insults and accusations against Jews without any specifics or facts to back it up. This site is the very definition of bigotry.

  5. “Whites (…) have no political representation as such”

    That is the kind of truth that is obvious but needs to be said out loud before we realize it. And the demonstration is irrefutable: explicit defenders of White people are excluded or hounded out of power as “racists”.

    “the jewish narrative and its terms are used proactively and aggressively, not defensively. The target of their aggression, their characteristic psychopathologization and demonization, is Whites.”

    In other words, anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white. More precisely: the phony anti-racism of the Jews is a trick to attack the White race. By falsely accusing us of committing racial persecution, they try to soften us up, and to prevent resistance to our genocide by race replacement.

    “Nothing new here – just your typical jewish double-talk and hypocritical in-your-face moralizing.”

    Our natural tendency as White people is to try to define exactly what accusations are made against us by the Jews, before we refute them by logic, arguments and common sense. That is my usual instinctive reaction, but it is probably misguided. The Jews deliberately avoid any coherent discourse and any precise accusations. Their discourse is mostly nonsense, rubbish and mush. They like to say everything and its contrary in the same rant. The only constant element with them is the anti-White accusation. So, instead of attempting any close analysis of their nonsensical mush, we should step back and point out that their phony anti-racism is before anything else an attack against the White race.

    If the newspapers are filled with Jewish mush, that is not because it has any value. It’s just that the Jews own the newspapers. The Jews don’t care about logic and truth. They don’t debate through arguments. Instead, they buy the newspapers, the TV stations, the politicians, the judges, the antifas. And then, they try to harry and intimidate anyone who resists them.

    “hypocritical in-your-face moralizing”

    I have a problem with the word hypocrite. White people who pose as “anti-racist” while trying to live away from non-whites can be called hypocrites. But at least, they don’t want to destroy us. I think the anti-white Jews are much worse than “hypocrites”.

  6. Stogie illustrates what denial and projection look like. Freud was a fraud, but he did have some insight into the jew mind.

  7. The Jews deliberately avoid any coherent discourse and any precise accusations. Their discourse is mostly nonsense, rubbish and mush. They like to say everything and its contrary in the same rant. The only constant element with them is the anti-White accusation.

    As you say, some truths are obvious but need to be said out loud before we realize it.

    There is a coherence to their mush, certain buttons they push. When I describe the mush as “typical jewish double-talk and hypocritical in-your-face moralizing” it’s to help the noobs recognize the most characteristic traits. Once we see the jews for what they are we no longer have to pick apart their manipulative moralizing for ourselves, but for others.

  8. T, I’m genuinely curious. Years ago I met several young Jewesses – one on campus, another in NYC – who were frankly anti-Jewish. Not down on themselves (the usual Zio-Freudian “self-hate” explanation), but simply race-realist. When I asked campus Jewess (in fact, a grad student in psych at Yale U.) what she thought the basis was for “anti-semitism”, she said: “Jewish phenomena”. So what’s your wife’s attitude to the subject of AOT?

  9. Race is real. There are distinctive, inborn jewish instincts and personality traits. Anyone who observes jews, even mischlings who don’t regard themselves as jews, like my wife, can see this. Among other things, jews have better jewdar and are far less apt to repress their opinions. My wife does not participate here, though we do discuss what’s going on. She sometimes comes to a clearer understanding faster.

    I’ve characterized jewish parasitism as infiltration, manipulation and exploitation. Race mixing plays a critical role in this, as does disguise. There are many more jews and part-jews than most Whites realize. Though some may sincerely wish to be White or at least help Whites, as a rule Whites cannot and should not trust any to actually do so. Race is rooted in biology, in your parents and their parents and so on, not wishful thinking.

  10. By the way Owl, I would guess you’re a jew, or part-jew, judging from your stated sympathies:

    This blog/essay documents the intimate relationship between German and Jewish racial nationalism during the 1920s-1940s. A relationship that culminated in the Second World War, the collaborative extermination of several million (primarily non-Zionist) European Jews, and the imposition of a Zionist political entity – “Israel” – in Palestine.

    You seem invested in creating and sharing an understanding of the White/jew relationship that pins the blame for conflict on “racists”. Though you may not wish to face it, the reason there is conflict between Whites and jews is because we are racially distinct. The “intimate relationship” is parasitic in nature. German national socialists realized this and tried to put an end to it. Unfortunately, the jewish problem ran far deeper than most suspected.

    The apparent parallels between zionism and national socialism are superficial. Zionism is the same old jewish parasitism, but now with the exploited resources directed to support of an open and fully sovereign nuclear-armed fruiting body. This makes many jews nervous, desperate to either excuse it or scale it back, because they sense that such blatant parasitism is not good for the jews.

  11. correct on part-Jew (mother’s father), but otherwise you missed the point. Unsurprising, since it’s a simple, operational “wedge” site which aims to intensify the already raging conflict between Universalist Tikkun Olams (Jewess Baltzer and Co.) and the Zionist racial nationalists who currently control America.and, via America, Palestine. Once “Israel” is off the map, most of the Palestine Jews will retreat to the ‘Kwa, intensifying the local JP. Then we’ll see what develops

  12. In regards to chechar the clever anti-White. I have to thank you Tan, for some of your posts exposing him. I liked his site at first but suspicion set in after a week or so reading his articles. But more importantly his comment section. I have found others referring to his site stating it’s not jew it’s Whites fault. Same thing is going on with these “bugs” people. Blaming Whites and excusing the jew, D$ is guilty of this as well. I must correct them and when they do not believe me I send them here, that is when my comments get approved and they never do. Thanks again.

  13. D$ is daily stormer. Another site by Andre ” the white race should be bred out” ” I only find black women attractive” anglin. He blames the jew slightly but he thinks and has said that even without the jew, Whites would be doing this anyway. The infowars of WN as he stated was it’s purpose from the get go.

  14. I like the Daily Stormer. The commenters, no so much, but then all of our forums are full of jews stirring shit. Whatever Anglin said or did before he became conscious of the jews, it seems he understands them now: On the Biological Jew.

  15. Chris Taylor: “I have to thank you Tan, for some of your posts exposing him”

    Chechar is pro-White, but I think he is a stubborn contrarian. There is also the problem of personal antipathies and intellectual competition between WN blogs. That’s how I would explain his crusade against “monocausalism”. But he is not the only one throwing accusations of monocausalism around.

    The short usual response to Chechar is that no one really says the Jews are the only problem. But it isn’t an adequate response. The Jews really are the major driving force behind the race-replacement program. It is true that their efforts would go nowhere if they could not rely on White inertia, on White traitors, and on White morons who looove the third-world: we don’t need Chechar to know that. But at the core, the problem is still Jewish.

    But rather than a monocausalist, I’d rather be called a Jews-as-the-major-anti-white-driving-forcist.

  16. Tan, I would hope soon, you see the Daily $tormer for what it is. I am rather surprised that you like that site. What you shrug off as him not being jew aware when those comments were made, then trying to buy the rights to the audio and censoring all comments, pulling the vids down etc. To then becoming the guiding light and website for WN is very suspect. The link you provide and with all that you have discussed on the jew should, I would think, make you see the errors in anglins’ approach.

    Saint” Andrew (Anglin): Version 2012:

    In the Octagon: Scott Roberts vs. Andrew Anglin:


    China: The Next Jewish Superpower:

  17. to Armor:
    I appreciate what you say however, I disagree.
    Chechar is not pro-white. He is a clever anti-White. If he was pro-White he would not be promoting his insane theory, excuse the jew, blame Whites. I know he is not the only one pushing this. But his name comes up the most when his theory is talked about. Someone with Chechars smarts, should be aware of what Tan described above. Since he dismisses it and ridicules anyone not blaming Whites shows, at least to me, where his loyalty lies.

    I fell for his approach for a bit. Then questions started popping up in my head. So, I started to search to see if others felt that way. Chechars own site (comment section) and Tans came up, when I searched for answers to the questions I was beginning to have in regards to Chechars/ blame whites excuse the jew narrative. Tan is right. He exposed what I was more or less seeing in chechars approach. Which I hope Tan will see as time goes on about the D$. I know no WN site will be perfect. I have a blog and I try my best as well. A lot w/ the d$ doesn’t sit right with me. I’ve known about AA for years now, well before any of this WN stuff. Yes, nobody is really born JW anymore…still….

  18. Armor, the very small proportion of Whites who go along with the Jew-driven agendas, e.g. on ethnonationalism for them, antinationalism for us, are not a force. You might just as well call a homeless bum a force in the financial world. The Blairs and Bushes have no say, they sit where they sit because they accept that.

  19. Assuming genuine motives, Chechar is not a stubborn contrarian, he’s stubbornly conformist: cleaving to the available option for explaining the racial situation that least differs from the orthodoxy and least offends the powers that fucking obviously be. – edit that if you think best, Tan.

  20. Anglin’s piece, while interesting is a little of base, IMO. Parasitic yes. Extended phenotype most probably but more cultural than biological,more memetic than genetic. An ant ingests the liver fluke parasite which modifies the ant neurology to reject inherent behavioral traits and appear to commit suicide. Language is a parasitic meme that appears to alter neurological function through the use of words that form ideas.

    For instance, the British public had an opportunity to overthrow the tyranny that enslaves them by voting, anonymously, for the BNP. They chose not to. Like the ant it appears they had no option.

  21. Ive looked in on Chechar’s site from time to time. He seems to have flip-flopped a bit over time – I can’t keep up! I’m not sure if he’s genuinely a false pro-white or just leaping to different positions from time to time.

  22. A classic example of the “new jews” facet of the jewish narrative: The Way We Live Now – The New Pariahs? – The Rise of Anti-Islamic Bias in Western Europe, by Noah Feldman, published by the Jew York Times in June 2008. The conclusion:

    This leaves another, more controversial explanation for anti-Muslim attitudes in Europe: even after 60 years of introspection about the anti-Semitism that led to the Holocaust, Europeans are not convinced that culturally and religiously different immigrants should be treated as full members of their societies. European anti-Semitism between the world wars featured accusations of criminality, religious backwardness, genetic inferiority and, above all, the impossibility of assimilation. And it is no coincidence that significant numbers of the Jews in Western Europe were immigrants or children of immigrants from farther east.

    The U.S. had its own terrible legacy of legalized racism in the form of the Jim Crow laws, which Hitler imitated for his own purposes. In the aftermath of World War II, however, we began slowly and agonizingly to come to terms with this past. Racial bias is still with us, but so is self-consciousness about our problems and how they must be overcome.

    In Europe, by contrast, Hitler’s horrifying success at killing so many Jews meant that the burgeoning postwar societies of the continent never had to come to terms with difference, because it was to a great extent eradicated. Today, as the birthrate for European Muslims far outstrips that for their neighbors, it is as if Europe’s discomfort with difference is being encountered for the first time. In theory, Europe remembers the Holocaust. But the depth of that memory may be doubted when many Europeans seem to have forgotten that their continent was home to other outsiders well before the arrival of today’s Muslim minority.

    And of course Feldman delivers his poisonous sanctimonious lecture, pathologizing and demonizing Whites, from a secure perch at the tippity top of the anti-White/pro-jew regime:

    Noah Feldman, a contributing writer, teaches law at Harvard and is a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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