Intersectional Jewing


Concerning the jew victim narrative, AKA the jew version of history, which provides the much longer-term foundation for the past century’s jew-defined/jew-driven anti-White “anti-racism” and post-WWII identity politics. The latest twist in the jew narrative concerns intersectionality, which encompasses all the bitter squabbling over rank in the anti-White victim hierarchy. The Occupy Wall Street movement called this hierarchy the progressive stack.

Broadly put, intersectional jewing is what happens when one form of jewing comes into conflict with another. The conflict I focus on here arises mainly out of the clash between two jew narratives: the lie that jews are “white”, and the lie that Whites are evil. There is also a clash between the jew “anti-racism” fraud and the ongoing developments coming out of White science, mostly having to do with genetics and race.

In this podcast I reexamine a number of older topics and connect them with more recent examples.

The intersectional jewing connection first clicked for me while writing about Bret Weinstein at Evergreen. The Tuvel Affair and Trans-Reality are all about the jewing and alt-jewing around sexual degeneracy and transracialism/crypsis.

An early example was discussed in Liberalism as a Suicide Pact, which has to do with the common kikeservative assertion that “muh liberalism/constitution is not a suicide pact” (for the jews) originating from Jackson’s dissent in Terminiello.

The jewsmedia white-washing of the kikeservative Trump administration is discussed in A Tale of Two Steves: Decoding the Ongoing Bannonocaust and Intrigue in Trump’s Palace.

Non-White/anti-White jew double-talk is covered in Jews Debate Whiteness and Jew Identity: Non-White, Anti-White.

Ezra Levant jewsplains the jewing of “hate speech” jewing in Canada.

Lawrence Auster’s The First Law of Jewish Influence.

Alt-jew/JRx: On the Significance of the Neo in Neo-Reaction.

Jonathan Haidt at Duke: Two incompatible sacred values in American universities. A description of Haidt’s this-jewing-has-nothing-to-do-with-the-jews shtick:

“When I went to Yale, in 1981, it said above the main gate ‘Lux et Veritas’: Light and Truth. We are here to find truth,” Haidt says as he paces the stage at the Students for Liberty conference in Washington. “This is our heritage all the way back to Aristotle, Plato, Socrates.” But the pursuit of truth is being supplanted by a new mission, he warns, the pursuit of social justice. He paraphrases Marx: “The point is not to understand the world; the point is to change it.”

It’s human nature to make things sacred — people, places, books, ideas, Haidt says. “So what’s sacred at a university?” he asks. “Victims are sacred,” he answers. And a victimhood culture offers only two ways to get prestige: Be a victim, or, if you can’t manage that, stand up for victims. How? “By punishing the hell out of anyone who in any way, shape, or form, even inadvertently, marginalizes a member of a victim class.”

He clicks to reveal a slide titled “The Six Sacred Groups.” “The Big 3” are Blacks, Women, LGBT. “The Other 3” are Latinos, Native Americans, Disability. The list of sacred victims, he says, is growing. Among the newly sacrosanct are Muslims, transgender, and Black Lives Matter. “I’m in no way saying these are not victims,” Haidt says. “I’m not dismissing claims of systemic racism. I’m just pointing out that the quasi-religious conflicts we have on campus nowadays tend to revolve around these groups.”

Hysterical Jamie Kirchick’s Dykes vs. Kikes. The official response from the dykes:

Zionism is an inherently white-supremacist ideology. It is based on the premise that Jewish people have a God-given entitlement to the lands of historic Palestine and the surrounding areas. This ideology has been used to justify dozens of laws that discriminate against Palestinian citizens of Israel, segregated road systems in the West Bank, and forced removal of Palestinian families from their homes in order to make way for Jewish-only housing, among other violent and discriminatory practices. We recognize that Zionism is not synonymous with Judaism, but instead represents an ideology that uses legacies of Jewish struggle to justify violence.

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  1. Nice to see a new podcast episode come up, looking forward to it. One thing we know about these Jews is that they never stop doing what they do, so there’s never a shortage of things to discuss in the latest Jewing. Just watching a few commercials on tv, though unbearable, is interesting from a sort of sociological or even biological perspective to see the latest evolution of how the parasite is maintaining itself.

  2. The Jew Peter Novick’s book That Noble Dream: The “Objectivity” Question and the American Historical Profession is a lengthy treatment of the downfall of academic standards (i.e. destroying the myth of “objectivity” that late 19th century historians began the profession with, with their goyische kopf misreading of Leopold von Ranke’s works, according to Novick) and descent into Afrocentrism, “Women’s studies,” and other disgraces from the once lofty standards of Ivy League Anglo-Saxons from the early 20th century. Because he is a Jew, Novick is allowed to talk explicitly about things like Jews conspiring with blacks against the once-dominant Anglo-Saxon establishment.

    He does play games by kvetching about “anti-semitism” in the early 20th century keeping Jews out of the profession, even though he later admits they pretty much completely took over and all the madness of the 60’s followed, but he blames it on blacks and women because they explicitly black and women rather than “assimilating,” which of course really means that women and blacks don’t have the Jew’s craftiness in subverting societies.

    “Selig Perlman, a professor of economics at Wisconsin, is said to have regularly summoned Jewish graduate students in history to his office and warned them, in a deep Yiddish accent, that “History belongs to the Anglo-Saxons. You belong in economics or sociology.”

    “Concern with lowering the status of the profession merged into concern with who should be entrusted with the guardianship of the Geist, and with reservations about the allegedly aggressive intellectual and personal style of Jews, a concern that discourse and social life within the profession would become less genteel if it became less gentile.”

    Naturally, during the interwar years, Novick keeps making references to the “allegedly” offensive and alien nature of Jews, which is apparently a crazy/stupid/evil fabrication in the minds of gentiles, even though Novick later documents in full exactly how offensive and alien Jews acted when they did enter the profession.

    Some interesting passages on William Jennings Bryan and the Populists/Silverites from the 1890’s. Normally Jews are all about social revolutions, but this particular one was rather agrarian and contained quite a few remarks from various farmers and miners of the South and Midwest that the Panic of 1893 was brought on by Jews attempting to manipulate the economy, subsequently crashing it (which is exactly what happened). The money supply was largely controlled by the fall harvest at the time, and going to silver would have increased the power of the Populist types even more, so naturally the Jews jumped on JP Morgan’s back during the Panic of 1907 to eventually get the Federal Reserve Act passed in 1913 and do away with that pesky problem (subsequently financializing the entire economy with war bonds and after the war, after Chaim Weizmann and Nahum Sokolow manipulated America into WWI).

    “With minor exceptions, those critical of the Populists were Jews and from the Northeast; those defending them were gentiles and from the South or Midwest. This feature of the controversy was well known to the participants and many contemporary observers, but was usually mentioned only obliquely, if at all.”

    “In the early 1960s Carl Bridenbaugh outraged a good many historians with his AHA presidential address. In what was universally taken to be a reference to Jews, who were for the first time becoming a significant presence in the profession, Bridenbaugh deplored the fact that whereas once American historians had shared a common culture, and rural upbringing, the background of the present generation would “make it impossible for them to communicate to and reconstruct the past for future generations.” They suffered from an ‘environmental deficiency’: being ‘urban-bred’ they lacked the ‘understanding . . . vouchsafed to historians who were raised in the countryside or in the small town.’ They were ‘producers of lower middle-class or foreign origins, and their emotions not infrequently get in the way of historical reconstructions. They find themselves in a very real sense outsiders on our past and feel themselves shut out.'”

    “Woodward, in an article critical of the ‘Hofstadter school,’ listed the viewpoints found among the anti-Populists. They included, he said, ‘the New Conservative, the New Liberal, the liberal-progressive, the Jewish, the Anglophile, and the urban, with some overlapping,’ and he noted the northeastern origin of the assault…Beale wrote a colleague that Hofstadter had ‘a sophisticated New Yorker’s lack of understanding of the rest of the country.’ Hesseltine pronounced The Age of Reform ‘not, technically speaking, a work of history . . . but an asphalt-oriented piece of professorial punditry.'”

    It’s curious to even consider the possibility of rural-oriented, explicitly Anglo-Saxon historians and academics who were not actually attempting to destroy a society, so far have we strayed since then. In any case, Bridenbaugh and Woodward knew the score, but it was far worse than they realized: the Jew is not merely an outsider, but an extremely hostile, crafty, clannish, and sneaky one, hence all that unfolded thereafter.

    “None, so far as I can tell, ever advanced what seems to me the most compelling reason why a group of the background of Hofstadter, Bell, Lipset, and their friends should have taken such a uniformly and exaggeratedly bleak view of the Populists; they were all one generation removed from the Eastern European shtetl, where insurgent gentile peasants spelled pogrom.”

    In reality, these weren’t merely frightened paranoiacs having nightmares about neo-Cossacks come to pogrom them (like the putz Jew Mark Rothko), they knew that suppressing White uprisings against concentrated Jew York financial power would be bad for their plans, but Novick certainly goes further than any gentile historian could in discussing the motives of these people.

    “After World War II anti-Semitism in the historical profession, as in society at large, was an embarrassing legacy to be exorcised…Anti-semitism by no means completely disappeared…J. Rippy of the University of Chicago History Department complained in the early 1950s that

    ‘Alfred Knopf does all he can to promote the Jews…The Harris Foundation is now largely Hebrew controlled. The Guggenheim Foundation favors the Jews in its awards. Saturday Review of Literature is now in the hands of the Jews. Jewish influence has been responsible for the choice of Louis Gottschalk as a member of UNESCO’s committee to write a world history…Enrollments have declined…the main cause…probably is the distaste for such an overwhelming number of Jewish refugees in the faculties.'”

    It must have been frustrating to be one of the few people awake enough to realize what was going on after World War II, but being unable to arrest the momentum of the Jewing which was just setting up all that unfolded in the 60’s at this point.

    “Most members of the generation of young white historians who wrote the history of blacks in the seventies had left-wing backgrounds or involvement in the civil rights movement. Insofar as they were disproportionately Jews, they were products of the years when Jews were, in O’Brien’s terms, brooders rather than gloaters.”

    “those who wrote of blacks as subjects, were overwhelmingly Jewish – Ira Berlin, Herbert Gutman, Lawrence Levine, Leon Litwack, George Rawrick…what is important for our purposes is the profound identification of all members of this latter group of historians, Jewish and gentile, with blacks.’ Though white, they prided themselves on ‘thinking black,’ of being the reverse of ‘oreos,’ — vanilla wafers with chocolate filling.”

    “The black historian Nell Painter, arguing that black and white historians had quite different sensibilities, acknowledged that ‘not all whites hold what I’m calling ‘white’ views; Lawrence Levine and Herbert Gutman, for instance, are able to think about history in what I’d call ‘black’ ways.'”

    It goes on to talk about Lucy Davidowicz and other Jews creating the “magic negro” history of slavery because the Jew Stanley Elkins’s “Sambo theory” about blacks being beat and oppressed into their current stupidity, which was itself a pro-black explanation intended to excuse contemporary black behavior, was not as subversive as likening sneaky and ingenious slaves to courageous Jews surviving the Holocaust. The dumb oppressor Whites and the saintly geniuses of Jews and Blacks, we see much of this narrative still today.

    “Kenneth Stamp was told that militants that, as a white man, he had no right to write “The Peculiar Institution.” Herbert Gutman, presenting a paper to the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, was shouted down. A white colleague who was present reported that Gutman was ‘shattered.’ Gutman pleaded to no avail that he was ‘extremely supportive of the black liberation movement–if people would just forget that I am white and hear what I am saying…it would lend support to the movement.'”

    Just one look at Herbert Gutman’s disgusting face, in a way, almost tells the story of all Jewry from a single image.

    “Among the most dramatic incidents of this sort was the treatment accorded Robert Starobin, a young leftist supporter of the Black Panthers, who delivered a paper on slavery at a Wayne State University conference in 1969, an incident which devastated Starobin at the time, and was rendered the more poignant by his suicide the following year.”

    Starobin was, of course, a Jew, and I find it pretty hilarious that blacks bix nooding at him and shouting him off stage led the nervous fruit to off himself. Jews have been playing with fire in terms of negroidal incitement for a long time, it’s a shame that they haven’t been burned like that more often.

    Anyway, just wanted to transcribe some of those passages in relation to the whole Jews in History theme, I thought the book had some interesting info about the Jewish invasion of academia. David Brooks’s “The Chosen: Getting In” is another good read on the subject.

  3. Really good comments, LvT.

    It can be quite sensibly assumed that Morgan was a front man for Jews, ultimately the Rothschilds. His father is known to have served as one of their ‘goy’ frontmen as he began his career, and built up the Peabody company that would become JPM. Following his death, the division of his empire revealed that this great titan of banking actually owned little of his own ’empire’. Three (IIRC) other ‘gentile’ names inherited the greatest portion of his estate, and yet even within their lifetimes became nobodies, despite allegedly owning wealth that could change the world. We must assume there were even second-level ‘goy’ frontmen.

    The absurd boosting of people like Elon Musk and Richard Branson today has a similar smell. Musk and Branson both had one early fluke that made them reasonably wealthy and sort of put them in the frame. But the entirety of their subsequent careers is built on massive government subsidy and weird media worship. Their enterprises are financial and actual failures, yet they themselves continue to make alleged fortunes and are lauded as models for young entrepreneurs. Some huge manipulation is going on here.

    Quite the likeliest — “See these guys, they’re the biggest business successes in the universe, and yet they’re not Jewish. Those antisemites must be lying when they say Jews have rigged the money system and the markets!”

    I do think this a real thing.

  4. Though I’m only 20 mins in this podcast I must say it’s shaping up to be another fine and informative podcast. Welcome back Tanstaafl!

  5. Finally… laziest podcaster around.
    Kidding of course, great show. Hopefully more to come.
    In regards to the tfeed the radio aryans merchants of sin, is the text Garland wrote anywhere? I couldnt find anything orther than the podcasts.

  6. Quite right on JP Morgan. During the Alex Jones vs. David Duke debate, Jones’s Jew producer came out to rattle off the names of the attendees of the Jekyll Island summit, and something like 5 or 6 of them were gentiles. Naturally, he didn’t note the influence of Max Warburg, Paul Warburg, Jacob Schiff, Louis Brandeis, or other Jews who had a hand. It’s true that Carnegie, Morgan, Westinghouse, Edison, and other businessmen of the day were gentiles, but it’s also true that Jews were banding together and rising up in this new world, and the goyish roster of early Fed chairman names would eventually give way to Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen, etc., with the likes of Summers, Rubin, Reich etc. working in tandem. The goy frontman or collaborator is no more evidence that Jews are not overwhelmingly involved in the destruction of White societies than janissaries were evidence that the Ottoman Turks were secretly a Christian empire or something.

  7. Yeah!!! Tan speaks after almost 2 years wandering the desert! Like manna from heaven! Öy… can’t… stop… mosaïcisin’… ;)

  8. CC, you mean that comment about Novello? I assumed that was a joke. Or something else?

  9. I listened to a six month old podcast about Ivor Novello yesterday, where I first hear that Churchill once said/joked he had slept with Novello – and then today I get asked about it! Even if it’s mere coincidence, I’m smiling and thinking I’m on track!

  10. Great podcast Tan, as always. Hope to hear many more.

    @Chris Taylor

    The series was originally published on Daily Stormer here:

    I’m going to put it out as a book called Merchants of Sin, and told Sven he could use that title because saying the original title out loud sounds kind of awkward.

    I don’t know why he didn’t at least link to the website I made for it though. You would think linking to source material would be a given. Hopefully there aren’t many others who want to find the text but can’t.

  11. Time provides ADL/Greenblatt a platform for intersectional jewing: Anti-Semitism Is Creeping Into Progressivism.

    Greenblatt 1) interprets the accusation of “White supremacism” as an attack, 2) sees no equivalence between jew and White, feels no sympathy for Whites, expresses no defense of Whites, and finally 3) sees jews on top of the victim hierarchy, free to accept or reject demands made by lesser victim groups as best suits the interests of jews.

    Greenblatt’s missive does not in any way challenge or reject the victim hierarchy. He is simply responding to the coy conflation of jews with Whites and the challenge to jew prime-victim status by jewing harder, by spelling out in the most explicit and still weasely way that JEWS reign supreme.

  12. The jewsmedia gives a soapbox to one of their can’t-we-all-just-get-along house niggers to perform a bit of down-low intersectional jewing. Columbia Professor John McWhorter On White Privilege, Safe Spaces, and Campus Politics – The Atlantic:

    The idea is you are to learn that you’re a privileged white person; you are to learn it over and over; really what you’re supposed to learn is to feel guilty about it; and to express that on a regular basis, understanding that at no point in your lifetime will you ever be a morally legitimate person, because you have this privilege. It becomes a kind of Christian teaching, and it seems to serve a certain purpose––I have to say this, I hope it doesn’t hurt anybody’s feelings. For white people, it is a great way to show that you understand racism is real. For black people and Latino people, it is a great way to assuage how bad a self-image a race can have after hundreds of years of torture. I can’t speak for Latinos there, but certainly for black Americans. It ends up being a kind of a security blanket.

    Yes, the nub of the “White privilege” idea is about moral legitimacy – not just that Whites don’t have it, but that only non-Whites do. The idea is a jew construct, a variant on millennia of toxic lecturing and moralizing jews have aimed at the goyim. It is relentlessly promoted in the jewed academy and jewsmedia. The idea places jews and their non-White/anti-White moral legitimacy above all others.

    The jewiest form of intersectional jewing is to put forth non-jews to discuss and critique the prevailing structure of jewy taboos without even mentioning the group from which it all springs and around whom it all revolves.

    The idea that I disagree with you and that makes you a bad person, that might not be new. Because people were having that on the Upper West Side during Nixon, for example. It wasn’t just, I disagree with you about Nixon. It was, you’re a bad person. I think that now, more specifically, the problem is, “you’re a bad person and you should not speak,” that’s what is new.

    Of course it’s actually an old jew idea. Calling someone a “nazi”/”racist”/”fascist”, and even “Trump supporter”, is the more generalized form of calling them an “anti-semite”. The even older jew term is “amalek”. It designates the person as an unperson, someone it is morally legitimate not only to silence but to kill.

  13. Another in the unending list of suicidal behavior by Swedes, this one by Cecilia Wilkström, a Member of the European Parliament for the center-right (!) Liberal Party, who is concerned about the recent drownings in the Mediterranean of Africans attempting to invade Europe. Note that, once again, the Holocaust is front and center stage as a paradigm requiring Westerners to engage in pathological altruism and embrace diversity and their own dispossession.

    Wilkström is a traitor who explicitly cites the alien jew source of what she clearly sees as her political and moral legitimacy. Swedes didn’t create the jew-first “muh holocaust” narrative, much less is it burned into their DNA. The jews envy and despise the most Aryan least jew-like goyim most of all. The idea that Whites have a natural born death-wish flies in the face of everything we know about biology – it is a toxic lie astro-turfed primarily by jewhadists and neocons and alt-jewsmedia organs like

    MacDonald’s use of terms like “suicidal behavior” and “pathological altruism” is an attempt to signal his open mindedness, his moderation, his willingness to not blame everything on the jews. Thus he instead slurs his own kind with quack ideas he got from Jared Taylor, who goes to even greater lengths in defense of the jews. It’s a demoralizing, disqualifying mindset for would-be leaders to espouse, but perfectly typical of intellectuals/academics.

  14. Over the years Sunic has had MacDonald’s ear at least as much as Taylor and has also insisted we need to talk about what’s wrong with Whites, even as he works with Jews to do his White Nationalism.

    The flaws of the intellectual/academic, and I would add ideological personality, when brought to a blood and mud political fight are a real issue here. Those types are not leaders, by definition. They are read and repeaters, who have adopted wholesale other people’s ideas and way of seeing and analyzing. Outside of a given framework, they do not think for themselves. And I think it can be shown that most of the idea-tracks laid down for WN intellectual leaders are enemy-authored.

    The personality type that tends to adopt identities and philosophies created by other men naturally tend not to be as self-confident and able to inspire others, also. There is a lack of manliness inherent in the process of constantly saying, or more often lisping, out loud, “well, Spengler would say,” or, “Heidegger thought …”

    Thaler and Sunstein, Ariely: nudge nudge, wink wink: Behavioural insights team.
    Further to TFeed, Douglas Murray again, demonstrating he is cuck (he’s got a book to sell).
    Overlong intro and outro, rest I’m told is maybe worth hearing if you’re in UK and want occasional lowbrow relief…

  16. @24’30 onwards of

    “…and Tim Black on the end of ISIS.”

    A good example imo of responsibility displacement here by Mr Schwartz…. those wayward Western Leaders really *will* just *keep on doing* all manner of things on a caprice, that have no ostensible benefit for those whom they purportedly represent… no?

    What do you think? Or is my diagnosis too… conspiratorial?

    The London Grenfell Tower fire theories – now extending to obfuscation?

    Their ‘judge’ is the seemingly ‘shelled’ Shrimpy

    (He’s also written for one of UKIP’s online tard corrals).

    GSeagel Jun 29, 2017 9:04pm
    Hard truths, Blackbird9. I hope folks have begun to ask enough questions to follow up and research some of the items you mention.

    The Kalergi Plan is genuine and the evidence is available despite the best efforts of the “responsible” media to cover up and gloss over the ugly truth. London is no longer an English city – it turns out the “racists” of the 1950s and 60s were right.

    Thanks for your valuable information. I hope folks are paying attention.”

    But as YOU have pointed out, the “Left” in fact ARE The Racists – their preferment of certain ethnic groups i.e. the POCs -vs- the Whites, for one. But in UK this has now blossomed beyond the “Loony Left” and is being absorbed into the (((mainstream narrative))), threatening the Establishment – *vide* the attacks being made against retired Court of Appeal judge Moore-Bick* by duh communittee and at least one of the legal beagles circling the smouldering ruin who has demanded a (South) Asian judge to be head of the inquiry as an Indian or Sikh in her (also South Asian ethnic) opinion is necessary to represent properly the interest of those ‘impacted’ by the disaster.
    Claiming to need someone of the same race/ethnicity as the majority affected in some cause in order best to represent them of course cuts both ways (in the objective unbiased Western mindset anyways) – give ’em enough rope and they’ll hang themselves?

    Beall… Gee…

    Just finished listening to your multipart on Yockey. Having read the work at a pace I was taken aback by what my simple intelligence interpreted as a whey-eyed, cosmic approach so redolent of you know who; and that was in addition to the other curiosities you enumerated: polarising etc etc.
    And then one day last year, I saw this, and assuming it correct, my Nossig-drop-of-blood-bias claimed confirmation
    Jim Harting: “Yes, and here again we see the great, tragic flaw in Yockey’s thought: he denies that race is a biological reality, and instead consigns the concept of race to some wispy, insubstantial “spiritual” realm.

    Yockey himself was one-quarter Jewish (paternal grandfather), so for him, any biological definition of race was psychologically unacceptable. Instead of the White race or the Aryan race, he speaks of a “European race,” which is an elective affinity: anyone can belong to it, regardless of ancestry, if they share its “rhythms,” as Yockey obviously thought that he did.”
    (Perhaps that’s why he fell out with Mosely).
    An irony is Imperium appeared only a few short years ahead of publication of Crick et al.’s model of DNA’s molecular structure and all that followed…

    Does your wget script at
    mean one may run it periodically and it will then download only newer materials rather than re-downloading the lot (and not expunge older differently-named files no longer on your server)? I downloaded the collecion some months back but if you envisage adding content I was thinking of re-running it, adding perhaps
    -A mp3,MP3
    if that will download only the audio and not the rest.
    Incidentally in case you didn’t know, if you make a torrent of the materials and upload the .torrent file to on a newly created subject page their mighty servers will leech your files and populate said new page, affording the usual alternatives for downloading including by torrent though the ‘derivative’ torrent’s hash won’t match yours used for upload. VNN’s narrations have been appearing there and torrent for multiple files is also a convenient means of downloading efficiently.

  17. Very informative as usual, & great voice and manner. I like audio mode of information and I think it would be a very good thing if Tanstaafl were inclined to do more podcasting. I periodically re- listen to the age of treason audio archive podcasts and marvel at what a valuable trove of information it is; a unique resource that could save many people a lot of time in the search to discernr the reality of America today. The clock is ticking in the contrived countdown to White transition to minority-hood and the probable progress to becoming a poorer and smaller minority under direction of a hostile hyper-ethnocentric-organized -jewry entity

  18. Tanstaafl: “The idea that Whites have a natural born death-wish flies in the face of everything we know about biology”

    Some leftists seem to have a death-wish. MacDonald talks a lot about the Jews, but that particular article is about his theory that people of Nordic ancestry are more likely to be crazy leftists (even though he doesn’t use the phrase ‘crazy leftists’). He thinks it’s in their genes. Ted Sallis disagrees. He says on his blogeginotes that there is the same problem in Italy. But I think it’s true that in the USA, for example, people of Swedish descent are less likely to vote for Trump. The blog Occidental Dissent seems to think that Southerners are more based because they do not have the same ancestry as in the North.

    Wilkström has two children. It could be argued that there is something suicidal in her decision of betraying them and her whole nation for money and a political career. She’s not the only one doing it. Fewer people would do it if they had a stronger tribal instinct.

    “MacDonald’s use of terms like “suicidal behavior” and “pathological altruism” is an attempt to signal his open mindedness, his moderation, his willingness to not blame everything on the jews.”

    MacDonald keeps documenting that the Jews have been the driving force behind the third-world invasion, behind the invasion of Iraq, and behind all kinds of attacks against White society. So, it doesn’t bother me that he keeps using the word “suicide”.

    Everyone loosely uses the word “suicidal” in contexts where there is no suicidal intent. For example: it’s suicidal to invest all your money in the same scheme. In the case of leftism, there is often a deliberate, fanatical, idealistic, collective effort to destroy society. You see something similar in the Islamic State. Without the Jews, I agree that leftist fanaticism could not have been hijacked/harnessed in support of things like communism or race replacement. Leftist tendencies would not be so destructive, but you would still notice them and you would still think there is something self-destructive about it.

    Of course, leftists come in all sorts. Virulent leftists are a small minority among White people. Jonathan Bowden said this in a speech :

    Marxists on the whole form two camps in my mind, politically and ideologically. In all Marxist groups you get the rather weak, pacifistic, loving, humanistic people. The vicar’s daughter who believes human nature isn’t right. If only we could be nicer to each other, if only we could spread more love. You get these people always in ultra left and communist groups, and next to them on the podium, next to them in the auditorium, are your utterly nihilistic, ruthless, virtually criminal types who want to use the structure of power when they get it to crush those underneath them, don’t give a damn about ideology, and are actually amongst the most misanthropic people you could ever meet. And you have these extremes of the innocent lovey and the sort of sadistic amoralist in the same group.

    I guess Wilkström is neither the vicar’s daughter type, nor the sadistic type. She’s probably the conformist traitor type.

    “MacDonald’s use of terms like “suicidal behavior” and “pathological altruism” is an attempt to signal his open mindedness, his moderation, his willingness to not blame everything on the jews.”

    Maybe it’s just an attempt to describe leftism. We know we have to get rid of Jewish power to save the White race. But it’s still interesting to talk about leftism, what part of Europe is most affected, whether it is in the genes, and so on. And maybe within the Swedish power structure, where there are fewer Jews than in the US, France and Britain, leftism plays a bigger role in the destruction of the country, even though most Swedes do not agree with the race replacement program.

    You have a right to be annoyed by phrases like “suicidal behavior”, but apart from that, the moderate style of MacDonald is useful to help build a network of pro-White intellectuals and activists. I think we can use a similar style in many contexts, when we try to defend White interests with normal people outside the internet.

  19. I’ve read the New Yorker’s article “The Alt-Right Branding War Has Torn the Movement in Two”. It’s about two competing political rallies that took place in Washington on June 25th.

    • The first rally was the Rally for Free Speech, with Chris Cantwell. Those people are generally supportive of Richard Spencer.

    • The other rally was by the “proud boys” (Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Laura Loomer, Gavin McInnes, Lucian Wintrich). A number of them are more or less Jewish, and they say they care about Western values, not about the White race. They dislike Richard Spencer and the racists at the Rally for Free Speech.

    One of the “proud boys” said this about Richard Spencer:
    “He wants to create a white ethno-state. O.K., how does he propose to make that happen, exactly? Forced expulsions? I wanted to make him admit either that he doesn’t have a plan or that his plan is too fucking unpalatable to even speak about in public.”

    The “proud boys” won’t spell out their own plan, because it is even more unpalatable. They think White people must accept their annihilation. Right now, as the USA and other countries are drowning under the third-world invasion, White people have to flee from their own cities. They have fewer children because their country is no longer a safe place and because their hard-earned money is used by the government to breed non-whites. It’s becoming dangerous to go out in the street. White people are being genocided.

    The obvious solution is racial separation. Either the Mexicans go back to Mexico, and the Blacks to Africa, or they are given a separate piece of territory. It won’t be a genocide. Mixed race people can be given a separate place too. Their claim is that race doesn’t matter, territory doesn’t matter, and every country should be open to everybody. We disagree, but if that’s really how they think, they shouldn’t complain about having to live separately from us : it makes no difference. They will be allowed to cultivate “Western values” in their own little non-White corner of the country.

    Right now, we are the ones being victimized. Putting a stop to the victimization of White people is not the same as victimizing non-Whites. Mexicans have their own country. Mass expulsions don’t amount to genocide. The third-worlders are only in White countries for the money. So, a simple way to make them leave is to stop giving them benefits in our countries. We can give them benefits in their own countries for a temporary period.

  20. Armor, my objection comes when “suicide” and “suicidal behavior” are not used to describe willful self-destruction, but instead as a form of evasion, playing down the group nature of the conflict. If those Whites whom MacDonald (and others to whom the “pathological altruism” meme appeals) misdescribes as suicidal were literally self-destructive there would be no cause for argument or concern. They would off themselves and the race as a whole would be better for it.

    Even the White deaths attributed to opioid abuse, which may more plausibly be described as a manifestation of self-destruction, isn’t literally suicide either – because it is a collective and racially distinctive phenomenon, and because it is in large part a consequence of collective hostile alien activity.

    It is exactly because the behavior of traitors, or “leftists” if you prefer, is often not at all self-destructive, and that they even make their hostility toward other Whites relatively plain, that misdescribing such behavior as suicidal is wrong. Whether they destroy themselves in the process or not, to emphasize this concern is to minimize concern for THE DESTRUCTION THEY CAUSE OTHER WHITES.

    To misdescribe traitors as suicidal is to give them (and yourself) a pass – it is to pretend that their treason is a personal problem which cannot be solved, or that they are in the process of resolving themselves. There is no excuse for intellectuals who are so acutely aware they are discussing group conflict to so studiously avoid the term treason and instead use suicide. I say it is not because they don’t recognize treason or know its historic cure, but because they do.

  21. Armor wrote:

    “MacDonald keeps documenting that the Jews have been the driving force behind the third-world invasion, behind the invasion of Iraq, and behind all kinds of attacks against White society. So, it doesn’t bother me that he keeps using the word “suicide”.”

    It’s because of his well-earned influence that his misuse of the term “suicide” is an issue that needs to be criticized, because it shifts the blame away from the murderers, “jews” and onto their victims, “Whites” to put it plainly.

    Now, why is MacDonald doing this?

    I suspect it’s because he wants to reduce his “target for abuse and worse” profile, by tempering his observations about the full role of jews in our on-going destruction. He also does this in other ways, for example, by avoiding discussion on the “Holocaust” and 9/11. These are “no-go” areas for him, when they should in fact be the “go-to” areas in terms of current day jewish influence and machinations. Both these areas are gold mines of material, there for the taking!

    This is not to diminish his contributions to our cause, but rather to try to make sense of his current views.

    Back to the suicide thing. I don’t know any White person that is either, indifferent, or even pro-third-world invasion that thinks they are committing suicide. They all think they are doing the “right thing”.

    So there should be far less talk about “suicide” and much more talk of subversion by jews and treason by shabbos goys.

  22. Katana: “avoiding discussion on the “Holocaust” and 9/11”

    I have the solution for you. When you go to the internet to get intellectual ammunition against the anti-Whites, you should read 3 articles from 3 different websites in rapid succession:

    Article 1 – Occidental Observer (about the Frankfurt School and the academic world)
    Article 2 – CODOH website (about the holohoax)
    Article 3 – Some other blog specializing in 9/11 stuff.

    But you don’t need to get all your stuff from the same site.

    About the holohoax, I agree that it is very useful to listen to the revisionists. It takes only a few simple texts to make you realize that the whole thing is a hoax.

    The 9/11 thing is more complicated. Personally, I don’t care about 9/11. Maybe the Arab terrorists were trained by the Mossad, but I don’t understand why you would need to blow up a building after it was hit by a plane. It’s easier to make people realize that the neocon Jews were the main culprits rooting for the invasion of Iraq.

    The important thing we need people to realize is that the Jews have hijacked the media and the governments of White countries. They are at the source of the anti-White propaganda, the anti-White policies, and the race replacement program.

  23. The important thing we need people to realize is that the Jews have hijacked the media and the governments of White countries. They are at the source of the anti-White propaganda, the anti-White policies, and the race replacement program.

    I agree. My point is that this “suicide”/”pathological altruism” meme, the idea that Whites have a preference for non-Whites baked into our very genes, is not merely a nonsensical inversion of biological reality, but serves as a substitute for the realization that Whites are preyed upon by a highly-conscious hyperactive ruthless hostile alien enemy who wages war by subversion and deceit. Consciously or not, promoting the false charge of racial suicide precludes a true charge of racial murder. It takes oneself off the hook personally, but also discourages attention/anger/hostility/opposition being directed anywhere outside our own kind, thus taking the jews off the hook.

    Indeed, when you pick apart any “suicide”/”pathological altruism” argument what you find is a deeper argument that Whites are to blame and the jews are not. The psychological lever is racial solipsism – “THEY don’t matter, WE make it all possible, never mind THEM, WE suck”. The very premise is that Whites are the source of the problem, rather than the jews, that the cause is inherent in us, rather than in the jews. Whatever follows is so much hand-wringing and hand-waving, all reacting to a distorted jewsmedia account of some happening that when scrutinized turns out to be more or less a direct consequence of subversive (((fellow white))) activity.

    I have never complained about a loose thoughtless use of the term “suicide”. What I’m calling out is a minimization of anti-White jewing, a failure to recognize the power and agency of jews. When promoted by a jew like Auster it is clearly intended to serve jew interests. When a White man like Taylor promotes it he is only exhibiting the very failure (weak or inverted racial sympathies) he purports to exist in other Whites. Likewise MacDonald. Though he has arguably done more than any living White man to spread awareness of jewing, in this case he behaves as if he does not recognize or will not accept the implications of his own work.

  24. Armor, thanks for your advice on how to use the internet. I just never realized that websites were allowed to specialize in certain topics and not be a one-stop shop for everything known to man! Isn’t it amazing that you just think otherwise?

    Anyway, … as you say the holohoax has been exposed by the Revisionists. They’ve done the hard work, prison time, etc., and it’s now there on a silver platter for the likes of MacDonald, Taylor, Johnson and other souls, timid, or otherwise.

    9/11 has likewise been exposed as a jew operation.

    Perhaps your lack of interest in 9/11 is because you’ve been made to think it’s a maze of rabbit holes. It’s not. It’s actually far simpler than the holohoax and it’s something I recommend as the entry point for the whole red-pill awakening of newbies.

    All you need to know about 9/11 is the expert opinion of 2,500 plus architects and engineers who state (the obvious) that the three building were obviously brought down by controlled demolition. From there you can join the logical dots together and then you arrive at organized jewry as the only, absolute, possible culprit. They control all the necessary parts, the government, the media, the military, etc., to carry it out and to cover it all up.

    You say, “but I don’t understand why you would need to blow up a building after it was hit by a plane.”

    It was an essential part of creating a “Shock and Awe” style “Pearl Harbor” event with a similar death toll, in order to then launch the jew instigated “War OF Terror” upon the world that has been going on ever since.

    This brings us back to MacDonald.

    Two central events of our time that the jews are using to lead us to hell, are the holohoax and 9/11.

    Every f**king day we are reminded of these two things by the jewmedia, yet MacDonald and company, choose to remain silent on exposing, or discussing, these two crucial events critically. WTF, why?

    Then as icing, or the cherry, on top of this uncritical humble pie, we have this talk of the “suicidal” nature of Whites!

    Eat at own risk.

  25. I don’t bother debating the details of 9/11 or the holocaust. The main take-away is that the current regime is anti-White and pro-jew. It crafts narratives around every event to fit its anti-White/pro-jew agenda.

    Anglin just cited some regime reactions to the G20 riots. He noted that a recurring theme was a bizarre indirect condemnation by comparison to “despicable, violent extremists just like neo-Nazis and Islamist terrorists”. The details are irrelevant. If you wish to know who rules over you, simply notice who it is semitically correct to blame.

    My attitude about jew narratives and “pathological altruism” are connected:

    It was a fundamental mistake to discuss the question of who was responsible for the outbreak of the war and declare that the sole responsibility could not be attributed to Germany. The sole responsibility should have been laid on the shoulders of the enemy, without any discussion whatsoever.

    Hitler was talking about propaganda and the big lie, but the attitude he describes had much broader value. It serves as a guide through the confusion created by jew deception.

    Research and argument are the means to an end. The end is to identify the enemy.

  26. “If you wish to know who rules over you, simply notice who it is semitically correct to blame.”

    And if you wish to know who is really downtrodden, simply notice what people are not allowed to defend their own identity and their own interests. Today in the West, it is specifically White people.

  27. EGO HIPPO: the subject as metaphor: Angelaki: Vol 22, No 2

    This article explores the formation of a tranimal, hippopotamus alter-ego. Confronting transgender with transpecies, the author claims that his hippopotamus “identity” allowed him to (verbally) escape, all at once, several sets of categorization that govern human bodies (“gender,” “sexuality,” age). He starts with an account of how his metaphorical hippo-self is collectively produced and performed, distinguishing the subjective, the intersubjective and the social. The article then investigates the politics of equating transgender and transpecies, critically examining the question of the inclusion of “xenogenders” in the trans political movement.

    . . .

    Keywords: tranimality, transpecies, transgender, passing, identity, metaphor


    I can’t be bothered dissecting this, first because I’m tired, second because I think the halacha mother-determines-status rule is highly suspect – (fwiw) the OT in the Bible is patriarchal and recites paternal lineages and I thought most of the mtDNA of Jews (well, Ashkenazis) was basically Western European(?) And what about the Cohenim gene? Do the aliyah DNA testers ignore that, or does it trump wonky mtDNA?

    Looks all in all simply like another plank in their “Jews are a race” agenda, lately resuscitated.
    The pea has been shifted to under the other shell.

    @TANSTAAFL – “…a White man like Taylor…”

    Are you SURE about that?

    Born in Japan of “Christian missionary parents” (missionaries = often reputed spies, like some – or all – of the (((Portuguese))) Jesuits in Japan in c16 perhaps – recall that Samuel Pepys referred in his Diary to the London Synagogue as ‘Portugal’).

    “From the start, he has been trying to de-Nazify the movement and draw the white nationalist circle wider to include Jews of European descent. But to many on the far right, taking the Jew-hatred out of white nationalism is like taking the Christ out of Christmas — a sacrilege. Actually inviting Jews into the movement is an act of lunacy, or betrayal, to them.”

    If the Jews’ views on race (first, above) are to be credited then Samuel Jared Taylor-Schneider’s position seems perversely wrong – how can Jews (a race in their own right) be lumped in with Whites, except for purposes of infiltration and diversion?
    I’d like to know from which White source “by their fruits ye shall know them” (Matt. 7:20) was stolen, because it’s one of the better passages in the Bible and might be usefully applied here.

    Presumably the longtime partner looks White to him too. Check her mugshot (I did a while ago) if you find it.

    As for MacDonald – maybe he’s just senile. Not to decry his earlier work, but he is getting on.

  29. Tan wrote:

    “I don’t bother debating the details of 9/11 or the holocaust. The main take-away is that the current regime is anti-White and pro-jew. It crafts narratives around every event to fit its anti-White/pro-jew agenda.”

    True enough. You focus on the regime being anti-White and pro-jew as a given, and go from there into the details of how we are being jewed. Educating the choir, which I learn from and quite appreciate.

    Parrallel to that, I see the need to concretely point out factual examples of organized jewish scheming, in the detail necessary, like the “Holocaust” and 9/11.

    Being able to factually prove that the “Holocaust” is bullshit, through and through, in exacting detail, and that 9/11 was most definitely carried out by organized jewry, are just two examples of jewish monumental evil, is essential in convincing ordinary people that there is something extremely wrong.

    So again, bringing it back to MacDonald, who talks about things in a comprehensive way, his avoidance of talking about these two taboo topics reveals a timidity, a reluctance that needs explaining. Any thoughts, anyone?

  30. Are you SURE about that?

    Good point. I should have written ‘”white”/huwite man like Taylor’. There is likely a biological connection of some sort that explains his “pathological altruism” toward jews, because his rationalizations for it don’t make sense.

  31. I don’t find a lack of understanding of a topic or an unwillingness to discuss it (maybe because of that lack) as troublesome as when someone postures as an authority on a topic but upon scrutiny it is evident they are lying, distorting, shifting blame, or otherwise obscuring the truth.

  32. the only players in this whole sordid affair that are suffering from Pathological Altruism are the White Nationalists who can think no bad thought about their own. Let’s not be naive here. Let’s not fall for our own propaganda

    Let’s call regular old normal ethnocentrism pathological and naive? Thanks for the advice dipshit.

  33. Great podcast Tan. You really should write a book.

    The books we have now about jews don’t address White reaction to being jewed. Who the jews are, their history and characteristics, isn’t nearly as important as how Whites respond to jew parasitism. Tan explains this better than anyone. We have good reason to be hopeful about Gen Z and a book explaining why their ancestors reacted the way we did would help Gen Z understand they lost their inheritance because of jew parasitism not White suicide.

  34. I second Coras’ post. You really do cover this aspect of jewing better than anyone. A book or even ebook would be very beneficial.

  35. I’d like to see Tan do a podcast or write a post just on Pathological Altruism, bringing all his previous writings and talks on the subject into an up-to-date comprehensive whole. It could form a chapter in his up-coming book, … :)


    I bet she “passes” over this incident without difficulty.

    Been listening to your podcasts. Unless I’ve not got to them yet if existing, you haven’t done a series on DNA which you contemplated perhaps doing. Would be a worthy addition. Are Jews a race? An ethnicity? Not a race if classified by Caucasoid / Mongoloid / Negroid. A sub-race? Like Alpines -vs- Mediterranean types? Clustering of genes e.g. for disease susceptibility etc etc. Misleading to say they are NOT a race, as ‘Bob in DC / Wolf Wall Street’ does? And, not least:

    “No man will treat with indifference the principle of race. It is the key of history, and why history is often so confused is that it has been written by men who were ignorant of
    this principle and all the knowledge it involves.”

    c.f. your 5 November, 2013 @12.20 appx suggesting Jews DON’T want Whites thinking of race.

    Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club – 19 July 2017 – #081 ‘Doctor Zaius I Presume’. Hour 2: The Planet Of The Apes multimedia franchise. Based on the 1963 novel “La Planete des Singes” by French writer Pierre Boulle; as predictive programming of the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan currently being realised through mass invasion of Europe, USA, Canada, Australasia by the Third World.

    Slightly offbeat, he has his moments. May be commenced without loss at ~10 minutes.

  37. The Israel Anti-Boycott Act (S.720) appears to be another example of intersectional jewing, with AIPAC crafting it and the SPLC against it. Apparently it is finally kosher to criticize it publicly now that the SPLC has come out against it, though we never heard of it before now. Perhaps a subject for a future article?

  38. Psychoanalytic jewess Diana Fleischman jewsplains jew social psychology in the usual psychoanalytic jew style – diagnosing jew-specific tribal mentality as if it is some abstract universal general law of human nature.

  39. Donald J. Trump: “After consultation with my Generals and military experts, please be advised that the United States Government will not accept or allow……”

    Jonathan Chait: “[crosses fingers] please don’t be Jews, please don’t be Jews”

    Donald J. Trump: “….Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming…..”

    Donald J. Trump: “….victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail. Thank you”

    The kikeservative-in-chief understands the purpose of “our” military is to keep the world safe for the jews, no matter the cost or disruption to anyone else. But this latest wrinkle in toxic jewing must not be permitted to interfere with toxic jewing more generally.

    The “liberal” jewsmedia jew’s reflexive illiberal concern is also for his parasitic tribe, which he sees as victims, real soon now, of the evil evil Haman/pharaoh/Hitler boogeyman who serves them.

  40. Guys am an Indian Hindu. I know it is not my place, it’s a white community website, but I want to ask one thing. For heaven’s sake, why are you guys spending so much energy opposing the jews instead of muslim? Your white civilization, culture and women faces threat from islam, not from judaism!!! Islam and muslims are the biggest evil world has ever seen, but why do white nationalists always tend to pick the wrong enemy and shoot your own cause in the foot?

    Being a pagan hindu, am not even fond of judaism. It is the original abrahamic monotheistic faith which gave birth to christianity and subsequently cancerous islam, which wrought absolute havoc on pagan faiths all over the world.

    We have tremendous respect for white civilization and culture. But why do go as far as making an alliance with muslims just to decimate jews? WTH is your problem? This is lunacy. If you start opposing muslims instead of jews, you will get allies all over the world instead of remaining pariah in your own countries.

    Please explain?

  41. There is no good alien interloper. Also, (((fellow Aryan))), you seem oddly unaware that judaization enables islamization. The jews’ gate-opening behavior traces back to the very jewy beginnings of islam. Investigate the history of India and you’ll find the same pattern there. The jew problem predates and supercedes the muslim problem. The jews don’t only enable and side with muslims against Whites, they favor any and all non-Whites against Whites. The jews form the vanguard of everything and anything toxic for Whites. The jews are the first and foremost anti-Whites.

  42. Hrodgæir Øystensson: “Richard Spencer thinks a “conspiracy theory” that Jews are scheming to destroy the world or the White race is ridiculous.

    Channeling Taylor, Spencer downplays the jew problem, the age-old implacably anti-White nature of the jews and their jewing. This is an example of a White nationalist misunderstanding “the impulse toward zionism”. Spencer takes at face value the original disingenuous “zionist” claim (to solve the jew problem, and save the poor poor jews from evil evil Whitey, the jews just need a sovereign jew state), conflating it with and substituting it for today’s “zionist” reality (whereby parasitic jew-first kike and kikeservative elites oversee governments which extract and transfer non-jew resources to feed the jews AND their jew-first state).

    As I’ve pointed out before, “conspiracy theory” is a weaponized term, defined and used primarily by jews and their defenders to psychopathologize anyone who calls attention to any harm caused by jews jewing.

  43. “conspiracy theory”

    The Jews are the craziest conspiracy theorists: they believe in a giant worldwide antisemitic conspiracy.

    And they are also cohencidence theorists. Whenever something looks suspiciously to us like a Jewish conspiracy, Jews will claim it is nothing more than a “cohencidence”, a random occurrence, a fortuitous happening.

    According to them, things just happen for no special reason. Studying stats is antisemitic. Facts and logic are antisemitic too. It’s better to rely on mind-reading, psychoanalysis, marxist theory, boasian anthropology, structuralist theories, deconstructivist theories, CNN punditology, NY Times fake news, and other examples of sound Jewish thinking.

  44. Problem #1 – the Jew – is Enemy #2
    Enemy #1 is the Race Traitor elite !!

    Taylor, MacDonald, Spencer et al are assets of WASP and fellow traveler white elites who nearly always sell out their own for power or a buck, and who have enlisted kikejew assistance many times in the past.

    They find themselves, through their own arrogance and stupidity, at the feet of their kikejew former tool – now their superior competition!

    These miscreants want their power back, and they deploy or assist such as those mentioned above for this. Once the kikejew problem is resolved this deeper issue must be addressed.

    Problem #1 – the Jew – is Enemy #2
    Enemy #1 is the Collaborator elite !!

  45. A conspiracy is just 2 or more people working in concert on nefarious (point of view) activities they desire to keep secret from certain other parties. They happen every day. We learn on our own how to conspire as kids. The higher up you go in any power structure the more conspiracies there are in play. There are many past conspiracies that have been exposed, and are accepted as real. The FBI charges people with conspiracy to commit this or that act on a regular basis.

    The Jews have trained people to “think” that the term “conspiracy” or “conspiracy theory” means CRAZY. All the easier to conspire against us that way since when they are exposed people consider the messenger exposing them to be crazy.

    Jews confuse our thinking with many terms or words by using them improperly in the jewstream media/academia or using them in a particular way only when the term or word has other meanings. Once the masses accept the Jew promoted Orwellian newspeak definitions then often the dictionary definitions are changed to conform to the false perceptions of the term/word the Jews have created in the mass mind. The old definitions then go down the memory hole.

    Jews understand that we mainly think in words so if they can confuse the meanings of words &/or change our perception of the meanings of words/terms then they can confuse &/or control our thinking in a certain area. Jews can make it difficult for most people to even sensibly think about certain concepts by altering, changing or even elimination certain definitions. Jews have corrupted many terms/words besides “conspiracy” such as the words “discriminate”, “racism” “generalize”, “stereotype” judge” etc.

  46. It’s good news week!

    A lawyer writes: … ‘we are LUCKY to live in a multi-racial society’!
    (((‘Far Right’))) Activists Defend Europe Send [Im](((Migrants))) Back To Africa

    — as for the video, nota bene the epic solipsistic harangue by one “R.Noach Dürrer” beginning:


    – perhaps worth adding as a banner here as confirmation of what you’ve been saying: breathtaking double standards and sheer hysterics, just for starters. Absolutely certifiable.

  47. “Taylor, MacDonald, Spencer et al are assets of WASP and fellow traveler white elites who nearly always sell out their own for power or a buck”

    I think it is important to be accurate about this matter, especially. Media (the people between our people and the facts) like to make every possible issue such as this a questionable one, where usually it’s quite clear. You reference two of those media people, who would blame Whites for policies that by biological necessity must originate elsewhere, and who excuse Jews for the role they clearly played.

    But factually:

    None of these altrighters are WASP assets. If only!

    WASPs and imaginary fellow-travelers of controlling WASPs do not betray Whites, no White ethnic group does.

    White pols or businessmen that harm White interests are not powerful or ‘elite’ or enriched – they’re scared and enslaved and indoctrinated and usually massively indebted under-achievers. They have to be.

    MacDonald is well-intentioned and has contributed hugely with new material. He is quite a different thing than those other two.

  48. Nick Dean: “WASPs and imaginary fellow-travelers of controlling WASPs [elites] do not betray Whites, no White ethnic group does.”

    WASP = White Anglo Saxon Protestant
    fellow travelers = whites of other persuasions (Catholic, atheist, etc.)
    elites = current and past leaders

    They nearly always sell out their own for power or to make a buck. Their ‘capitalism’ is based upon the dollar, not the Race.

    Nick Dean: “MacDonald is well-intentioned and has contributed hugely with new material.”

    MacDonald is published by kikejews because it suits their purpose. His “suicide” idea directs away from kikejew causality. His anti-Khazarian thesis directs away from the current dominant strain of Jew leadership.

    Whether he is conscious of it or not, MacDonald is an asset of the Jew.

    Problem #1 – the Jew – is Enemy #2
    Enemy #1 is the Collaborator elite !!!

  49. MacDonald is published by kikejews because it suits their purpose. His “suicide” idea directs away from kikejew causality. His anti-Khazarian thesis directs away from the current dominant strain of Jew leadership.

    MacDonald has directed attention toward jew causality (and anti-White hostility), deliberately and for a long time. His “suicide” rhetoric is at odds with the bulk of his own work. AFAICT his cognitive dissonance arises out of an instinct toward fair-mindedness and fair play which is common among Whites, especially intellectuals. Ironically, this psychological/behavioral trait is a better example (more common, more impactful) of “pathological altruism” than any other I’ve seen presented as such.

    The origins of the ashkenazim, and the jews generally, are controversial mainly because the jews make it so. The crux of the matter for Whites is that the jews exhibit a particular set of psychological/behavioral traits, distinct from Whites and which both facilitate and explain their hostility toward Whites. The hypothesis that these traits come from Khazarians is contradicted not only by the DNA evidence, but also by older and farther-flung historic accounts:

    When the Babylonians dispersed the Jews throughout the Middle Eastern and the Mediterranean world in the middle of the sixth century BC, the Jews adapted amazingly well to being a minority everywhere and a majority nowhere. Five hundred years later, in the first century BC, the Greek writer Strabo commented: “The Jews have penetrated every country, so that it is difficult to find any place in the world where their tribe has not entered and become dominant.” Note those words: “There is no place where they have not become dominant.” The great geographer and historian Strabo was not the only scholar of the ancient world to make that observation about the Jews. The Jews became dominant by accumulating a substantial portion of the wealth of every country that they infiltrated. And they accumulated their wealth by collaborating with each other and preying on the host population. Their collaboration was based on their racial consciousness, on their conviction that they were a distinct and unique people, superior to the people among whom they lived and deserving of whatever they could take away from their hosts. The Jews in Rome did not think of themselves as Romans who happened to believe in Judaism, but as Jews who happened to live in Rome. And the same for every other country where they lived.

  50. Tanstaafl: “MacDonald has directed attention toward jew causality (and anti-White hostility), deliberately and for a long time. His “suicide” rhetoric is at odds with the bulk of his own work.”

    MacDonald’s previous work (published by Jews) is superseded by this suicide ‘rhetoric’ as long as he maintains it.

    Tanstaafl: “AFAICT his cognitive dissonance arises out of an instinct toward fair-mindedness and fair play which is common among Whites, especially intellectuals … a better example (more common, more impactful) of “pathological altruism” than any other I’ve seen presented as such.”

    Ultimately, “fair-mindedness and fair play” is the acceptance of their big brother – EQUALITY – as being natural. This is the deeper problem.

    On Jews being a ‘race’, I consider them a Crime Syndicate Cult which, through time, has used the tactic of infiltration through race mixing and ethnic profiling.

    Decades ago a Palestinian leader challenged Jerusalem mayor Teddy Kollek to a DNA contest. No reply from the kikejew! Even Adolf Hitler noted that Jews are really a “race of the mind”.

    Problem #1 – the Jew – is Enemy #2
    Enemy #1 is its Collaborator elite !!!

  51. My content here is largely just quotes and links rather than self-expressed insights so I do try to contain myself, but this Khazar (((schtick))) is way beyond self-control and prompts the question: WHY?

    So here we go again:


    B) Mourant: ‘The Genetics of the Jews’ (Oxford, 1978)

    Chapter 10:

    “The general conclusion to be drawn from the blood-group data is that the Ashkenazim are essentially a single population, largely, if not mainly, of Palestinian Jewish descent.
    The strongest evidence is their systematic resemblance to the Sephardim, whose Palestinian ancestry is more firmly established by historical records. As already stated, these
    two major groups of Jews differ distinctly with respect to each main blood-group system, but the difference for any one system is never very great. This is what one would expect
    for two populations of common origin but separated for not much more than a thousand years. The incorporation of a Khazar component in the Ashkenazim cannot, however, be
    ruled out completely.”

    Note the date – several years before Koestler’s book ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ saw the light of day. They knew all this Khazar stuff was BS way back. And it’s not just the micro-elite who are affected.

    C) Goldstein: ‘Jacob’s Legacy’ (2008) :

    “Koestler {in ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’} was no historian, and in a rare moment of humility he admitted the {Khazar} hypothesis was in part designed to undermine anti-Semitism by connecting the lineage of European Jews to that of Gentile Europe.”

  52. If you don’t rile up every time you hear a President or Prime Minister described as the most powerful man in the country, you should. Reflecting Bill Rhyes’s comment above – they are in fact the least powerful.

    Ephialtes of Traches; Bendict Arnold; Wang Jingwei; Hillary Clinton; Tony Blair; Winston in 1984, ‘do it to Julia’. Selling out your own makes you a powerless, self-hating pariah. A Clinton or a Blair must sell out Whites just to get the job of most grovelling servant to Jews. They get nothing but a job that most people associate with sleaze. They have armed guards for the rest of their life because it is known to all that they betrayed us and it would be just if they were executed.

    But none of this has anything to with Whiteness, ‘anglo-saxonism’, or Protestantism. Merkel, Prodi or Kenichi Ohmae are not WASPs. And neither are the English!

  53. Regarding “this Khazar (((schtick)))”…lol.

    Hand printed, apparently by Elizabeth Dilling, ca. 1956:

    “Italian Christians turn “Jewish” — as the Asiatc Khazars did — in 8th century.”

    From “The full text”:

    Opinions as to the date of the first permanent Jewish settlements in China differ. One belief is that Jewish settlers arrived from Persia during the reign 0f Emperor Ming-Ti 0f the Han Dynasty some time between 58 and 75 CE. N.M. Adler, in his Chinese Jews (Oxford 1900), adduced the existence of a Jewish colony in 34 CE.

    BENI ISRAEL (BENE ISRAEL), also called the “Brown Jews,” a group of Jews residing mainly in or near Bombay, but also at Rangoon, Calcutta and Malabar, India…

    “Racial characteristics are seconadry to moral and spiritual values which are acquired through education and religious heritage. The notion that all Jews are racially alike is contrary to accounts in the Bible which tell of intermingling of Jews with many other strains.” – Rabbi Samuel Silver

    “When the Jews come on the stage of history, that is to say when we have actual historical evidence about Jews, somewhere about 1500 B.C., they were already a mixed group of the same racial stock of the people who lived in the eastern Mediterranean world. We don’t know when if ever they were a so-called pure group. They were not a race but part of the racial group that lived in the eastern Mediterranean world far back in history.” – Dr. Jacob R. Marcus

    There is much more that predates the inconsequential Koestler, from even the 19th century and before.

    Problem #1 – the Jew – is Enemy #2
    Enemy #1 is our Race Traitor elite !!!

  54. Here’s an example of the most ancient form of intersectional jewing from their contemporary Jew York and Jersey colonies. New Jersey town’s reaction to ultra-Orthodox Jewish community stirs fears of anti-Semitism:

    Mahwah Council President Rob Hermansen said Mahwah residents began complaining this year about vehicles from New York occupying parking lots at Winters Pond, a recreational area across from the town’s train station. The ordinance, he said, was to curb the number of people from outside Mahwah using parks, not to target Jews.

    Even when you try to use lame race-blind tactics to address the harm caused by jews, the jews still screech that you’re supposedly harming jews.

    Judeo-liberalism = down-low jews screeching “THOU SHALT NOT DISCRIMINATE!” + in-your-face jews screeching “THOU SHALT DO WHATEVER IS BEST FOR THE JEWS!”

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