The Jew Normal, Screeching and Warmongering


Report: Anti-Semitism mainstreamed and normalized:

“If in previous years we saw different types of anti-Semitism – anti-Semitism of the far-Right, anti-Semitism of the far-Left, and an anti-Semitism masked as anti-Israel – now it has transformed more openly into classic anti-Semitism. There has been an increase in open, unashamed and explicit hatred directed against Jews. The Jew as exploiter, the Jew as killer, the Jew as banker. It is like we have regressed 100 years.”

The jew as chutzpathic Chicken Little, turning everyone else’s world upside down while crying that the sky is falling on the jews.

Over the past century jewing has gone largely unopposed. In the aftermath of the short-lived slave rebellion in Germany jews shamelessly stood up a racial state for themselves. Meanwhile they also infamously marched through what remained of White institutions, shamelessly fomenting decades of destructive racial and sexual revolution in dar al goyim, redefining social norms from the top down.

Today jew screeching is so frequent and shrill it has conjured up a bizarre new abnormal of its own – a totally jewed reality in which everything jews hate is described as either “White supremacism” or “anti-semitism”, increasingly revealing the screechy warmongering anti-White/pro-jew agenda as two sides of the same shekel.

57 thoughts on “The Jew Normal, Screeching and Warmongering”

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog posts and videos you have done. I hope you continue doing this!

  2. The Jews read us well, they know we’re a nation of sappy schmucks. Babies tossed from Incubators, dead kid on a beach, gassed babies etc., que the violins.

    ” Hey mister, my mom’s down this alley can you come help her.”

  3. Donald J. Trump: “Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and “smart!” You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!”

    The kick/lick dynamic. All the jews have to do is screech gas and this kikeservative-in-chief they’ve been painting as a “White supremacist”/”anti-semite” for the past three years leaps, foaming at the mouth, eager to order the killing of whomever the jews want killed.

  4. Who used internationally forbidden gas to kill innocent women and children
    ……. Waco TX.

  5. Ivanka Trump: “Tonight, on the eve of Yom Hashoah, #HolocaustMemorialDay, we remember the lives of over six million Jews, who were so brutally murdered by the horrendous Nazi regime, and we pledge #NeverAgain.”

    Every day is muh six gorillion day.

  6. As with every other happening, I consider arguments about whether it was staged, who staged it, or other aspects outside observers can’t know a distraction from the more blatant GOY CONTROL everyone can see but few dare question – jews openly screeching for what they want, with all the supposedly powerful non-jew leaders dancing to their tune.

    War, migrants, gun control – one continuous collective screech. And through it all runs the ridiculous jew GASSING narrative, which is, as Ursula Haverbeck noticed, the very basis for the current jewed regime.

  7. Former ADL director: Trump has opened the ‘sewers’ of antisemitism:

    Asked why he thinks antisemitism is more permissible today, Foxman said that “In the last two years all taboos have been cut down – what some people call political correctness.

    “Political correctness is not an answer to all issues but it is a security blanket – it did protect minorities. When you remove political correctness, when it’s OK to say Mexicans are rapists and Muslims are murderers – of course that means it’s OK to be more antisemitic or more antisemitic in public.”

    Indeed, semitical correctness privileges and protects “minorities”, non-White/anti-White jews first and foremost. Foxman has been screeching this fact out loud for two years.

    This kike is openly claiming responsibility for his tribe’s war on Whites, while at the same time the jewsmedia is chock full of jews and alt-jews debating “political correctness” as if they don’t know who it comes from, who it targets, who enforces it, or who it benefits.

  8. Assad has overwhelming support from the Syrian people, so the only way the country will collapse is from outside forces. Manufacturing staged chemical attacks is the obvious way of achieving that, as we’ve seen since 2013. There is no evidence of Assad gassing his own people in all previous major attacks, in Khan al-Assal 2013, Ghouta 2013, Khan Shaykhun 2017.

    If the US/UN ends up in Syria, it can only serve Israel’s plan to further the creation of Greater Israel (1982 “Oded Yinon Plan”).

    Genesis 15:18-21
    On that day the Lord made a covenant with Abram and said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the Wadi [Wadi el-Arish (?), Sinai Peninsular] of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates— the land of the Kenites, Kenizzites, Kadmonites, Hittites, Perizzites, Rephaites, Amorites, Canaanites, Girgashites and Jebusites.”

  9. The most important part everyone of these “its a staged false flag” dolts forget to mention(including renegade who think everything is fake) or look at, and all that matters in any “event”. Is the antiWhite narrative. Real or fake that is the angle nobody mentions.

    Also the other part not mentioned is the “how jews benefit” from these events that are not mentioned.

    -say event X takes place the coverage should be how is this an attack on Whites and how do jews benefit—.
    With control of the media a real event or staged can be spun or memory holed very esasily by them.

    Cruz (jew reported as white)with a gun 24/7 antiWhite
    Persian “tranny?” With a gun memory holed.
    Just two examples.

    Everything is antiWhite and unless any event is being covered that way, jews win.

    I never go grindrgregs site but someone linked this on Gab any thoughts on this, Tan?

  10. @Tan
    Lol… my bate failed. I didnt read it myself. Figured a little joke would be ok as everything else is so serious…

  11. @Chris Taylor, it’s quite hard to follow your post tbh. Had to read it a few times.

    What’s good for jews/Israel, by hook or by crook, is bad for the goyim, therefore anti-White.
    You’ve obviously been paying attention, unlike the “false-flag” dolts.

  12. I have hard time getting my thoughts to words, plus 99% of the time Im typing on the damn little iphones. Hopefully I can clarify.

    My point with nick Cruz and the Persian girl Nasim.Jews screech about guns but only when a person they can pass as a White male is the perp. Check George Zimmerman. If guns were the issue and NOT just taking them away from Whites. Every single gun “tragedy” should or one would assume should get the same antiGun screech. But it never happens that way. A tired but true example is nog gun crime.

    The other point I was trying to make. is whether you think an event was a false flag, hoax or real. The jew media will always, blame Whites, some how. But guys on the proWhite side never seem to cover said events listed above that way. They get hung up proving it was fake (shadows are out of place) or how voting to change things will fix it etc.

    Some do it now more than in years past but you get my point I hope?

    Every event is spun by jews intentionally, to have them and their agenda be the focus and goal for positive change and the reason these events take place is always one way or another our (read Whites) fault.

    So if you want to cover and event say the Nick Cruz shooting, c-ville or whatever, focus on how the event is blaming Whites and creating sympathy for jews and their pets.

    Everything in jew-media is antiWhite and proJew/jew-pets.

    This is why I dont blog or podcast i suck at it, I only comment here these days. So Tan gets to deal with why shit comments full of typos… youre welcome.

  13. I would say to Andy that it is certainly important to address and expose evidence that Jews and their stooges are lying us into these wars not just pushing us into wars. Spread it far and wide I say. It also provides a corrective to the lie that Whites have a peculiar and unique weakness for self-destructive Jewish authored schemes. Plenty of Arab governments and even ISIS and Al-Qaeda (shock, horror) defend Israel against the interests and wishes of their own people.

    If Tan doesn’t focus on that material on his blog that’s his choice, but it’s valuable information nevertheless, and much more so when the Jewish role in creating, disseminating and manufacturing wars based on these lies is included in our message elsewhere.

  14. I know the antiwar left is going to absolutely bend over and grab their ankles on this one, and keep living in the fairytale-land where Israel is not this incredible murder demon. Even when it involves killing the global minorities that they affectionately and arrogantly call “minorities,” if the Jews want those minorities dead, the antiwar left is more than happy to make more dead bodies pile up running cover for Israel.

    The American “right” has done plenty of amazingly stupid things to make wars happen for Israel, but considering that they’re often proud of their stupidity and publicly state the necessity of murdering those non-whites, while the American “left” is supposed to be protecting those non-whites, the “antiwar left” looks far more stupid every time they suck Israel off to another war-movie. Much of the American “right” has publicly avowed stupidity as their policy, so they don’t embarrass themselves quite as much when they support some dumbass war in the Middle East, since you know they’re not very bright. But the left pretends to be otherwise.

    It’s a shame the antiwar left doesn’t have any principles. If they actually were pacifists, opposed to exploitative global banking and warfare, they’d be committed anti-Semites, just because it would be mathematically impossible not to be so. All humans anywhere should be embarrassed by the people who consider themselves any kind of “antiwar” but pretend there’s no connection to the people who cause almost all* the wars.

    * More likely “all,” but “almost all” is a lot easier of a pill to swallow

    There’s a fundamental desire in almost all Europeoids to not have war–to not permit a bunch of idiots to kill each other, because that’s dangerous for women, and children, and families, and societies, et cetera. But they’re so stupid that if a Jew does it, they no longer mind. I’d make some demonstrative point about how they’d let Jews run child rape camps in public, but that’s not exaggeration, it’s truth being “stranger” than fiction. It seems like most of the Europeoids left on this planet have been bred specifically to serve Jews, and no longer possess the cognitive ability to hold them responsible for any wrong, no matter how reprehensible.

    Separate subject: are the Jews really are planning to wipe out the last shred of Aryan breeding stock using the Slavs? Or are they planning on Russia to lose this one? I’ve assumed for several years now that they would have America lose the next formal war, but America is arguably a mestizo republic in stable control already, and Russians really still have some nationalism, so maybe they see more to be gained having the mestizo republic destroy one of the last few white countries remaining. Maybe mestizo America and the European caliphate will heroically defeat Russian tyranny, and a mixed race “Reconstruction” force will eliminate the potential of any kind of non-mud survival.

    There’s a lot of elite Jewish power in Russia, but the average Russian still likes being Russian in a genetic sense, whereas there’s a lot of elite Jewish power in America too, and the average American has been trained to not even believe there’s a difference. Europe, and America, are already largely controlled, whereas they may still have work to do in Russia.

  15. re Johnson see: On Counter-Currents.

    The argument about “pathological altruism” is relevant too, especially since it is the main context for what I had to say to Ford about KMac, Joyce, and acadamic types more generally (eg Johnson):

    Things have changed since then. The jewing is more overt. White awareness and opposition is broader than the intellectuals ever imagined possible. Any form of suicide meme is less likely to fly now. Anyone blubbering about “monomania”/”monocausalism” just sounds like a (((psychoanalyst))), discrediting themselves.

  16. LA Times moves from j to chin ownership, as is much of socal real estate.
    Along with the Times go several socal regionals.
    You can watch, before your eyes, one of the best White locations on Earth turn into a Chinese/Arab colony with a Hispanic serf class as Whites try to escape.
    ( Must be really bad in the paper biz, when j relinquish ownership of a major media asset. )

    Is this the plight for the entire nation, all White nation’s ?

    That 20 trillion in treasury debt is going to be redeemed, in our blood !

  17. Every event is spun by jews intentionally, to have them and their agenda be the focus and goal

    Yeah, there’s a single Hebrew word for that, “hasbara”. It means to control understanding (control the narrative).

  18. Are those full Chinese, or “part” Jewish Chinese? With how powerful China is becoming, and with how that ascent has been predictable for decades, it seems impossible that the Jews have not inserted some of their genes into powerful lines. All it takes is inserting a few women as docile, obedient wives, then using cash to bring the offspring to prominence. Suddenly, twenty years later, all the major industrial and governmental scions of China are actually Jewish, and it takes a long time for the actual Chinese to figure out what happened.

    Acquiring major assets from their (((friends))) overseas is a good way to make them prominent, particularly if any actual Chinese still don’t want to do business that way. It works particularly well in breaking up social ties, and has since the beginning of infection; ability to “facilitate exchange” with foreign groups has always made the Jews able to be influential with genetically based polities. If someone wants to do well in business, and a Jew can easily talk to a Jew in a faraway land about effecting some trade deal, it’s completely understandable why the optimistic local would suddenly have a trusted Jewish adviser and appear to know how to get things done that others can’t, ergo completely understandable how the nature of genetic Judaism is to not have a character but to be able to adopt any useful character.

  19. at least if we make it through this and take power at some point, we’ll finally be willing to do to these jew bastards what needs to be done.

  20. @High Arka
    Possible, but unlikely. The js in China are a drop in an ocean. There are always the Kaifeng Jews though.
    Get this, the chi buying the Times was raised in evil aparthied s Africa, like to see him grow up there under ANC liberty.
    Always seems that these alien races suddenly become prosperous when they come in contact with Whites. I wonder why?

  21. Donald J. Trump: “A perfectly executed strike last night. Thank you to France and the United Kingdom for their wisdom and the power of their fine Military. Could not have had a better result. Mission Accomplished!”

    The mission: Keep the world safe for jewing.

  22. The mission: Keep the world safe for jewing.

    Add to that: vengeance

    Judaism is about vengeance. They are commanded to take revenge, just as Christians are commanded to forgive. This is revenge for the war and Syria’s near invasion of Israel. They have sat long and waited and planned for this.

  23. Trump on Holocaust day: Americans have ‘moral obligation’ to fight anti-Semitism:

    Trump stirred controversy shortly after his inauguration by releasing a statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day that did not mention Jews. Administration officials said the statement’s aim was to honor all victims of the Holocaust, not just the Jews. An array of Jewish groups, including several that supported Trump, voiced outrage. A statement issued for International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2018 called the Holocaust the “systematic persecution and brutal murder of six million Jewish people.”

  24. Trump’s Jews Are A Shonda For Di Goyim:

    To an extent, we have always sought to hush and hide our transgressors. Before the phrase “bad for the Jews” came into currency, the Yiddish phrase a shanda fur di goyim –- a scandal in the eyes of Gentiles -– illustrated the plight of a minority community working to show itself in the best light before punitive external scrutiny.

    It’s awful — but it’s also scary. As my father used to tell me, “Remember –- you’re just a guest in America.” The stories of my grandmother’s neighbors in prewar Poland, who happily studied with her in her Polish school and then spat on her when the anti-Jewish laws arrived, were a vivid part of my heritage.

    Ron Kampeas, a former colleague of mine at JTA and a veteran Jewish-affairs reporter from Washington, explained to me recently that he feels a certain “queasiness” about covering Jews who make public scandals who aren’t obviously Jewish: the Scooter Libbys (yes, he’s Jewish too, a gantze shanda) and Harvey Weinsteins of the world. “You don’t know when, if you cover them, if you’re giving anti-Semites fodder,” he told me.

    But I think it plays into a sense of being here in America on sufferance, and a concomitant sense that one must monitor one’s behavior, lest the collective of Jewry be blamed for the actions of the guilty few. After all, it’s only been a few decades that we’ve enjoyed such success. And wasn’t there a Golden Age for Jews in medieval Spain -– just before the expulsion?

    Inside the parasite mind – now skulking, now screeching, always and only obsessed with its own interests.

  25. Like every other president since the Israel Foundation War killed tens of millions of our people, it’s an interesting time to live in. We’re ruled by this military dictatorship that prioritizes an enemy species over our own people, and even though there are regular mocking proofs of this, all we can do is complain about it on the internet, like if enough people “wake up” then we’ll eventually save our species from extinction or perpetual slavery.

    I think this helps explain so much of why, in a thousand years, it will be (even more than already) a Jewish planet cleansed of Aryans. If blacks were globally trapped like this, at least they’d withdraw, or commit more random attacks on state agents, or something. But Europeoids can be trapped like this and still attempt to lead normal lives–even normal lives that, in their every detail, produce excess raw material that can be used by their overlords. I do it, too–I’m a good citizen as they’d define it, and I pay my taxes, even though I know that my entire life we’ve been occupied by a Jewish government that is exploiting us. Why do I fail to resist? Is it some sense that not enough Europeoids see the prison camp of the world, and would despise my media-presented memory if I acted otherwise? Is it just a desire for popularity, or at least indifference, after death?

    At least I’m still embarrassed at having this Ashkenazi president rubbing our faces in it regularly. A lot of us have lost the capacity for even being embarrassed that we’re exploited this way. Maybe that’s the next horrible step for us all: to not even try to dream of a better world.

  26. (KReiss, thanks for the great link. I hope that sometime a thousand years from now, there are at least a small percentage of pure Chinese remaining who can analyze and lament their own people’s losses. In these times, we can perhaps share those feelings, and in so sharing them, connect across space and time with tomorrow’s soon-to-be-lost souls.)

  27. Netanyahu: The West should treat Iran the same way it treated Syria:

    Netanyahu said he told May that “the important international message that was given with the attack was zero tolerance for the use of non-conventional weapons. I added that this policy also needs to be expressed in preventing terrorist states and organizations from obtaining nuclear capabilities.”

    The same tactics used in “left” domestic policy jewing are also used in “right” foreign policy jewing – unapologetically screechy jews define who is and isn’t righteous, dictate and manage the narrative, designate the targets, and thus very often decide where, when, and for whatever ostensible reasons non-jews fight and die.

    While they rarely agree how far or fast this or that aspect of jewing should go, they do agree nobody else is justified to so much as get in their way. Thus whenever some individual, group, or state does so “offend” they are quickly lit up by a gaggle of jews in powerful positions screeching “zero tolerance!” and “terrorist!”, openly calling for silencing, defunding, imprisonment, even extermination.

  28. God, what a short attention span the “antiwar” left has. It was around 15 years ago that Dubya carried water for Israel’s “destroy Iraq” plan, and the left discussed how it would be Iran or Syria next, and they definitely weren’t going to let the country fall for that. And then there’s another teevee Republican attacking some of Israel’s future condo developments and the “antiwar left” is so distracted by transgender rights that they don’t give a fuck.

    When will 15 years be 1 year? 1 month?


    “Judges should refrain from referring to a person as “a Jew” and instead describe them in court as a “Jewish person”, according to new advice from the [UK] organisation responsible for training the judiciary. … the Equal Treatment Bench Book states: “It is better to say ‘Jewish person’ or ‘Jewish people’ than ‘Jews’ or, worse, ‘a Jew’.”

    Goebbels vindicated.

    Meantime, poysecution continues relentlessly.

  30. could you say that ”pathological altruism” is just a fake concept to defend the jews?..

    i would say that one example of ”pathological altruism” if it exists is that we haven’t exterminated the jews..

    if we were ”pathologically altruistic” wouldn’t we already be extinct?..

    is it ”pathological altruism” to talk about ”pathological altruism” instead of the jews or is it just cowardice?

    would you say that those who talk about ”pathological altruism” are anti-White because they are defending the jews.. jews always pathologize Whites.. so those who talk about ”pathological altruism” also pathologize white people just like the jews always do

  31. could you say that ”pathological altruism” is just a fake concept to defend the jews?..

    The (((media))) has hijacked our noble empathy .
    Instead of helping our cousins in South Africa , Appalachia and Eastern Europe our sympathies are detoured to orcs and muds.

  32. I agree with you about that.

    But I meant when people like kevin macdonald, greg johnson, andrew joyce jared taylor talk about ”pathological altruism” not the (((media))).. are they just trying to shift focus away from the jews and blaming Whites instead to protect (((them))) (I think it’s obvious in jared taylor’s case)

    so you think that pathological altruism exists?

    I think that White people that want to go and help niggers in south africa instead of helping Whites in south africa are doing it just because they want to be viewed as a good person and you won’t be viewed as a good person if you help Whites in south africa.. if you’re doing it because you want to be viewed as a good person you’re doing it out of self interest not because of ”pathological altruism” but i could be totally wrong on this.

    the White traitors are definitely not doing it because of ”pathological altruism” they are just serving the jews out of self interest

  33. Some form of “pathological altruism” definitely exists in Europeoids, and has clear evolutionary utility for a group of like organisms that shares genetic interests. In the case of Europeoids and other types of “humans” on this planet, though, this trait is often irrelevantly and deliberately confused with a tendency to commit such acts independently, without being misled into it. For example, Europeoids without a Judaic religion imposed by bribing a lot of cowards/traitors would not have wasted a century or more trying to civilize muds, yet introduce Christianity via enough warfare and bribery, and they will do so. Without that Jewish influence, they wouldn’t be so stupid or dying. Left on their own, they’ll sacrifice themselves to save their cousin’s infants–good trait. It should not, though, be conflated with the things Europeoids will do when Jews exploit them.

    This issue gets muddy (sic) when people who perceive the Ashkenazi manipulation of occurrences into false proof (e.g., Jared Taylor’s work) that Europeoids do these things naturally, and so claim there is pathological altruism. And there IS pathological altruism, but not in the way people claim it exists when they use that term. It’s not actually pathological, it’s perhaps better called something like “willingness to sacrifice for the group,” combined with “vulnerability to stupidity about who is in the group,” so just like they added “Acquired” to the beginning of AIDS, what we see over the past century shouldn’t be considered an inherent trait, but rather what you get when you mix Jews with Europeoids.

    I’ve seen it referred to that there must be a pathogen for pathological altruism, and it’s important that we don’t get misled into believing it’s an inherent trait. Lol, it’s like a Jewish bully who keeps making us punch ourselves in the face, and giggles, “Stop hitting yourself! …stop hitting yourself! …stop hitting yourself!”

    Sadly, Taylor is probably going to get away with this one. It’s unjust, but no more unjust than a lot of things here. He may have enough Europeoid DNA to justify calling it “treason,” at least.

  34. so you think that pathological altruism exists?

    I think that’s a pejorative. That makes it sound like it is our fault.
    We are vulnerable, empathy vulnerable.
    A malicious media has exploited this vulnerability.
    If we had our own media, without the poison of lies and misdirection, it would be a powerful virtue. The fault is in the misapplication.

  35. It’s not actually pathological, it’s perhaps better called something like “willingness to sacrifice for the group,” combined with “vulnerability to stupidity about who is in the group,”

    I would refine that latter half to “stupidity about jews/crypto-jews being in the group” and “stupidity in listening to jews/crypto-jews tell you who isn’t in the group”.

    It’s otherwise impossible to understand the relative animosity of the English and Irish, Germans and Slavs, or Nords and Meds, all who have more in common with each other than any have with jews.

  36. what we see over the past century shouldn’t be considered an inherent trait, but rather what you get when you mix Jews with Europeoids.

    I also thought that at first, but how come the Romans treated jews better before (((christianity)) than after (((christianity)))?

    we have been mixed with the jews for over 2000 years and they still exist so there is definitely something wrong.

    How come that the Romans didn’t eradicate the jews before (((christianity)))?
    How come that the Ancient White Egyptians didn’t eradicate the jews?
    How come that the ancient Greeks didn’t eradicate the jews?

    could it be that white people are more individualistic than other people.. and individualistic poeple are more selfish

    white people have a lot of traitors and traitors are selfish

    the more ethnocentric you are as a group the less selfish you are (this could be wrong).. could that be the reason why the jews have so few traitors in their history (people i would classify as jewish traitors bobby fischer josephus pfefferkorn)

    if you sacrifice yourself for something bigger = not selfish

    anders behring breivik= not selfish
    dylann roof = not selfish

    point out if im wrong if you want to

  37. Ha, well said, how true. I’m reading a bunch of older Russian fiction now and it’s sadly hilarious to see their characters concerned about Slavs vs. Europeans, but not so about banking houses vs. them all. The Jews’ technique in this case is actually a form of racism followed by another form of racism (“kill the Germans” followed by “Some animals are more equal than…”). Kinda funny how if we took them literally they would’ve been, and would now, be, destroyed by their own loathsome arguments.

  38. I think I understand it now..

    first the (((pathogen))) created (((christianity/sicut judaeis non))) to defend itself but at that time the (((pathogen))) couldn’t infect us

    then the french revolution enabled the (((pathogen))) to infect us

  39. The Clintons and ‘the Jews’

    But one particular email exchange in this latest round caught my attention because it illustrates what I believe is an anti-Semitic current running through the top echelon of the Clinton political machine, consistent with a growing global trend toward anti-Semitism that should alarm everyone in the West.

    On August 1, 2010, then-deputy assistant secretary of state for strategic communications and senior adviser to Hillary Clinton Philippe Reines sent an email to other Hillary confidantes, including Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills, Jake Sullivan, and Lona Valmoro, with a copy to “AJS” (probably Andrew J. Shapiro, then-assistant secretary of state for political-military affairs). In his email, which had the subject line “Jews,” Reines wrote: “We spend so much time talking about meetings with Jewish members, Andrew giving speeches, her [Hillary] at AIPAC [the American Israel Public Affairs Committee]. But nothing to date is better than the photo of Marc with the yalkmukah [sic] and talis.”

    “Marc” in that exchange may be a reference to Chelsea Clinton’s husband (Hillary’s son-in-law), Marc Mezvinsky. “Talis” is a reference to a Jewish prayer shawl, and a yarmulke (correct spelling) is a skullcap, both typically worn by Orthodox Jewish men during prayer.

    The flip comment seems to be expressing a sentiment by Reines that the State Department was spending an inordinate amount of attention catering to Jewish Americans. And he’s even mocking Chelsea’s husband (apparently) for wearing traditional Jewish garb. The subject line itself – “Jews” – should be disconcerting to all Americans, not least of all Jewish Americans, whom Reines is singling out here as a bloc. History is replete with examples of Jews being singled out as a bloc, often and obviously with horrendous consequences. Moreover, Reines apparently felt comfortable enough in relaying it to his colleagues that one assumes they shared his derogatory sentiment, evidence of which we have seen before among the Clinton coterie.

    Typical jew reality inversion. The intent of this screeching is to give the impression that what has been exposed is special NEGATIVE treatment of jews when it is in fact the opposite. The Clinton machine, like the Trump machine, is thoroughly jewed. The jews, as a monolithic collective, no matter their party, get special POSITIVE treatment from the kikeservatives in every party.

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