Talking with Luke Ford

luke_ford_hello_fellow_jewsArchive of the live stream: JQ Debate With Age Of Treason – good comments.

JQ Debate With Age Of Treason by Luke Ford on SoundCloud.

Is Luke Ford good for the Jews?

Our main topic was Cofnas’ attack on MacDonald.

My series of podcasts on crypsis starts here: Jewish Crypsis – An Introduction.

Here I discuss jew screeching about intermarriage: Jewish Crypsis – Half-Jews – Part 3.

Stephen Steinlight on Jewish Power and Interests.

The Secret Jewish History Of Peeps.

Assessing Auster (with Kevin MacDonald and Carolyn Yeager).

(((Luke Ford))) (@lukeford) on Twitter.

UPDATE 19 April 2018: JewTube circumcised the video. Ford has preserved some comments and linked a few related videos here: Debating The JQ With Age Of Treason Blogger.

117 thoughts on “Talking with Luke Ford”

  1. I’ve never made a comment on any political website before. I’ve never even had a social media account. You come across as an exceedingly virtuous and honest man. You weren’t disarmed at all with attempts to soften your position. You were honest, stated your belief, and I believe backed it up. Never let anyone call TANSTAAFL disingenuous. For that I had to give you this compliment.

  2. Fantastic discussion. I enjoyed it a lot. My curiosity of who you are brought me to your site. You were well spoken, level headed, and no nonsense. I would love to hear you on a RedIce discussion or one of your own. Thank you for your voice in support of whites and having the courage to name the Jew. God bless.

  3. He asked you about the Jews that accuse the Israeli government of behaving like nazi’s. It’s actually a clever deflection. It diverts attention from the Jews back to whites because the nazi meme is overpowers the Israel image in the minds of people.

  4. Best interview you’ve done Tan, so congratulations! That Ford was somewhat antagonistic towards you, really brought out a sharpness in you that added impact to your no-nonsense style.

    BTW, I’ve started on a transcript.

  5. It’s interesting that even though Luke clearly knows that he is not a jew he still keeps pretending to be one after all these years. Guess it’s some sort of spiritual rent-seeking in Weimerica… Or maybe he is just trolling them, who knows lol?.

    Nice hearing you on a podcast again!

  6. In an age of mostly disappointing White speakers, you certainly are not one. Now, if we had a “face” that could articulate and understand the jewish problem like you, we’d be in far better shape. Good job.

  7. Excellent handling of this character and the issue. I like Atzmon’s characterization of Jewish power as the power to prevent discussion of Jewish power.

  8. Chris Taylor, Alex Linder is a willing public-face who fires straight down the line Tan-style. The ‘movement’ inevitably excludes him, and the movement/mainstream media alliance frames as leaders for us only those who equivocate and shift the focus from race to culture, and the blame from Jews to liberals or suicidal Whites.

    There may be a non-violent and lawful way to neutralize the Judas Goats like Brimelow, Taylor and Spencer, and the people who would follow in their stead, but I suspect there isn’t.

  9. @Nick
    While I more or less agree about Linder. Tan has, for my money a smoother approach while being just as extreme, correct and unrelenting on jews. I do appreciate and enjoy Linder’s more bombastic mocking/insulting approach however. His style Id wager isn’t for everyone or most. Though Im speculating. Linder and Tan should do a show, but if Im not mistaken Linder wont talk to anons.

    Also the possible drawback Linder has, though it isnt for me, is his unrelenting approach in calling out christ-cuckers. I agree with him on this, but you know…

    There is another part to his approach that I don’t know the proper way to comment on so I wont.

  10. @Nick
    I forgot to add Scott Roberts to the mix. He is very good and its a shame he and Tan havent done any shows over the years. Sure, Scott does some of the conspiracy stuff some mock, such as chemtrails and flouride or his position on kosher food. But, Scott has been more right for years on a lot of topics. Not that he is wrong or right on the above mentioned topics or that I agree or disagree on them, though some might scoff at them.

    These three guys Linder, Roberts and Mr. Tan for my money, get right to the point cutting all the kosher crap off.

    Anyway, Im not even sure if I addressed your comment properly. :)

  11. Hmm, I get a visceral feeling that, Linder, is a Jew. In your talk you left me with a good point about two Jews arguing, their argument centers on, “is this good for the Jews?” I believe this overt attack on minorities by Linder, is in fact, good for the Jews.

  12. You did a wonderful job Tanstaafl. Thank you for your hard work. You are an asset to us, the White race. As far as your advice to young men, you were honest and adults being honest with them is as rare as hen’s teeth. I consider you a thought leader. Again thank you for your work, it’s appreciated and effective.

    Ford was visibly shaken.

  13. Great guest appearance in enemy territory. Thank you.

    Some Jews define Judaism as a religion – it is not, e.g. Jew atheists. Others promote themselves as a race – this is wrong. Many see it as a culture, but do not admit openly (or understand) that it is really a crime syndicate cult.

    For most there is no escape, but this is not an impossibility. Former Jew Eduard Hodos made the break and fights on to free others.

    Though few can completely erase the Jewthink virus (and some of us are obviously also infected), when acknowledged this is usually not a problem for either us or for those former cult members who honestly leave their evil heritage behind.

    First Thing First : Eliminate Jew Influence

  14. I am tired of being a Jewish man’s rebellion

    On more than one occasion in conversation, we laughed about the fact that I knew more about the Jewish faith than they did.

    Joke’s on you, goy.

    These issues weren’t there at first, but they started to appear after some time had passed and we were already in love. After years of dating, religion was suddenly a problem when it never had been before. I didn’t understand where it was coming from, and they weren’t able to explain it.

    Not being Jewish was not the official reason either of these relationships ended. There were other problems — money, careers and plans for the future — problems I wanted to at least try to work through. But when I tried to talk about them, somehow the fact that I wasn’t Jewish came up — even in conversations that had nothing to do with family or children. When I asked, “What does that have to do with this?” they didn’t — or couldn’t — answer and kept talking about Judaism.

    Like any interracial relationship, but with extra confusion caused by the pretense otherwise.

  15. George Galloway: “Anybody who calls the Holocaust a “hoax” has no place in the labour movement. Nor anybody who thinks “the Jews” control the world, the financial system or the media. The settler state of Israel is an Aparheid colonial state and should be opposed on that basis only. #Corbyn”

    Thou shalt not think about the jews trying to control what you think. #jewing101

  16. You’re great Tanstaafl. I don’t throw around compliments easily, but you are really excellent, you have a fine mind, and listening to the ford interview I am reminded now how much of an influence your work has had on me.

  17. Howdy Tan,

    In his Radio Wehrwolf show yesterday, John Beattie had
    a great boisterous rant about RT’s smear documentary of England’s National Front which features race mixing scumbag George Galloway. It begins at about 21 minutes. Don’t miss the closing NSDAP swing music.

    RT has a DC radio station that really sucks – totally libtard. The question about Putin’s Russia is whether it is actually just party to an internecine kikejew squabble, or really is something special that struggles against evil.


  18. TANS would be a great guest on BREXIT PARTY YouTube channel, with jim rizoli, alfred schaefer, paul fromm et al. It would be a good combination of like minded folks. If any of the channels remain :(

  19. My Jewish family barely escaped the Nazis, which explains why Donald Trump revolts me

    Perhaps the revulsion I feel toward our country’s president has something to do with his embrace of the slogan America First, the name of the movement, rife with anti-Semites in its ranks, that in the 1930s sought to leave the Jews of Europe to their fate, that fought to keep America’s borders closed to those fleeing for their lives. Or with his undisguised personal bigotry, directed not at Jews but at Muslims, Hispanics and blacks.

    A jew jewsplains their toxic jewing. See the jewish template and the minority narrative.

  20. Sent around:

    Although beyond unlikely, the Jew has one last chance to avoid oblivion.

    The internet has allowed we previously information starved goy to view its true intention.

    What can it do to atone?


  21. What a great surprise to find this latest interview Tan. I hope you will start a podcast again. Your host Luke, was boorishly antagonistic. He also seems unstable which could be related to his conversion…yuck a pornographer too, how totally predictable and cringe worthy.

  22. Jewsweek headline: Jesus Was Not White. Here Is Why Recognizing That Matters

    I would even go so far as to say it creates a cognitive disconnect, where one can feel deep affection for Jesus but little empathy for a Middle Eastern person. It likewise has implications for the theological claim that humans are made in God’s image. If God is always imaged as white, then the default human becomes white and such thinking undergirds racism.

    Historically, the whitewashing of Jesus contributed to Christians being some of the worst perpetrators of anti-Semitism and it continues to manifest in the “othering” of non-Anglo Saxon Australians.

    Perhaps most radical of all, I can’t help but wonder what might change if we were more mindful that the person Christians celebrate as God in the flesh and saviour of the entire world was not a white man, but a Middle Eastern Jew.

    Indeed, there is a cognitive disconnect. I wonder what might change if Whites were more mindful that jews aren’t White, feel no empathy for Whites, and in fact regard Whites as their enemy.

  23. When you were trying to make your point that whites aren’t the primary cause of the situation we’ve found ourselves in it made me think of this, The Corrupters.
    Bobby Fischer would have been a much better outlier for Cofnas to highlight. Even Gilad Atzmon and Norman Finklestein admit they don’t think the Jews are acting in a way that serves Jewish interest.

  24. @chris,
    Yes those three are examples of jews disagreeing whats best for jews. These jews arent acting in the way the 3 jew examples you gave think they should be acting.
    Fischer is an odd jew, I havent looked but is he 100% hebrew? Even with all he says of jews, you can still make the argument he disagrees with what jews are doing as its not good for jews.

    Honestly over the last two years or so, I am on the same page as Tan is, I dont care what a jew says about anything. Same goes for any nonWhite. I just couldn’t care less what they think, feel or whatever. They all are under the impression that their birthright is access to Whites…

  25. Agree 100% with your conclusion, regardless of Fischer. AOG set the new standard for the pro white position and I agree with you both. I wish the best of luck for non whites, but only if their fortunes don’t in any way diminish ours.

  26. I’ve also been identifying more with South African farmers and the Polish people lately. Much more than any Mexican in California who wants to vote for open borders and away with the bill of rights. Like the Dems are the real racist meme, I think whites should become the real globalists.

  27. The shame of antisemitism on the left has a long, malign history:

    There has always been, though, another tradition on the left, which has never accepted the very idea of a “Jewish Question”. What it understands is that there is a question of antisemitism; that Jews are not responsible for antisemitism but antisemites are; that Jews are not a problem but antisemites are. Antisemitism is not something that should be excused or condoned. It has to be fought wherever it shows its face, even – and sadly now more than ever – when that face is on the left.

    According to this shameless jew, history is just one long jewy screech – “ooooyyyyy veeeeyyyyy”, “anti-semitism”, “muh holocaust”.

  28. Much more than any Mexican in California who wants to vote for open borders and away with the bill of rights.

    Why, don’t you want to live in another Venezuela, or worse? Isn’t mass suffering the goal for goyish society? Someone has it in their plans.

  29. “a question of antisemitism;”

    I am so sick of that misleading misnomer.
    Most jews aren’t Semites, most semites aren’t jews.

    How about jew aware or jewise or jewary.

    jews use “antisemite” with more avidity than they do holocaust.

  30. The myth of jewish intellectual superiority is the Biggest Lie of All. Necessary to maintain the illusion they somehow got what they have through ANYTHING BUT THEFT. The constant whine of Anti-Semitism is drawing a big Star of Satan on them. Its actually BIZARRE the way they constantly ADMIT its them by saying this. Its a habitual response similar to Pavlov’s dogs. They try to get you trained to submit when they say it, but its the most condemning thing they do whenever you criticize the System. They plant the Star of Satan THEMSELVES!

  31. The myth of jewish intellectual superiority is the Biggest Lie…

    AMEN to that.
    They spend 40k+ a year to send their brats to yeshiva, for 12 yrs. 20k for preschool. They should be a race of polymaths.

    Just imagine if White folks spent resources like that, we’d have thousands of Edisons and Teslas. This is where Whites should emulate and then exceed the jews. Whites are criminally neglectful of their own ppl.

    Having gone to school with jews, they aren’t that bright, some geniuses and many retards (too much close breeding). I have heard there are many chateauxs in France with Rothschild imbeciles as inmates. The result of cousin intermarriage over generations.

  32. Do you know “Polish-Jewish Relations 1939-1945: Beyond the Limits of Solidarity” by Ewa Kurek? You will find there (chapter 7) a lot weak points in jew communities

  33. ADL: “A Target customer found a card in a box of diapers that read “It’s Okay to be White,” and on the reverse side promoted numerous white supremacist groups & sites. We have reached out to local and federal law enforcement about this incident. Learn more: [adl link]”

  34. Hi Tan, I liked the podcast. I have some questions I have been meaning to ask you (and any of your readers who would like to answer), and this thread seems as good a place as any. I have been following your blog and similar sites for over ten years, so perhaps I should have worked these out by now. And as you describe in the podcast, the jews have done more than enough to demonstrate to us they are our enemies, so perhaps puzzling over why jews do this or that is rather academic, but here goes:

    1. So I think we all agree that the jewish problem is a biological problem, and that the jews are a predatory, parasitic tribe masquerading as a religion. But do you have a view on why Judaism the religion defines jewishness matrilineally? Is this just meant to confuse? Is there a strategic reason behind it or none at all?
    2. I am in the UK, and I was surprised to learn (I think firstly via Chad Powers’ book When Victims Rule) how widespread circumcision is in the US. Do you have a view on why and how this came about? Is it just a logical consequence of jews explaining away their bizarre ritual by propagandizing to everyone else about its supposed health benefits? Or is there something deeper going on?
    3. What do you understand by the chosen people concept in Judaism, apart from it being an expression of jewish racial supremacism? And do you have any sources to recommend on this? I once saw a jew trying to jewsplain it away by saying it simply meant jews were required to obey 613 commandments whereas non-jews were only required to obey seven (for the benefit of the jews presumably, though he didn’t say that).
    4. Do you have a view on why AIPAC worked for so long to move the US embassy to Jerusalem since it has surely only drawn attention to their power? Perhaps that’s similar to asking why the Zionists chose Palestine in the first place and not Uganda. I suppose the religious narrative binds them together whether they believe in it or not? And I suppose they knew they could rely on their fellow jews in the media to blame it on Christian Evangelicals.
    5. Do you have a view on why jews want to foist things like hannukah on us, as well as erecting menorahs in our cities and even sticking menorahs in their shitty TV shows where they don’t belong, since this also surely draws attention to their influence? Is it to get us to admire them as a “great religion”. Are they conflicted between wanting to disguise themselves and wanting to lord it over us? Are they conditioning us for the day they openly reveal themselves as our masters?

  35. jews have been expelled from over 400 jurisdictions, when have the Amish, Quakers or Mennonites been expelled?

  36. 3. What do you understand by the chosen people concept in Judaism,

    jews are chosen to rule the world, all nations (read peoples) are to bow down and obey them. Jerusalem is to be the world capitol. Moshiach is to rule the world with a rod of iron.

  37. Tan, I know this isn’t what you do, but if you have time it would be interesting to hear your ideas about morality. I started looking at these things from a universal morality. I felt like whites were being abused and didnt like seeing anyone being abused.

  38. I summarized my view on morality somewhere in the second half of this discussion with Ford.

  39. Talk about the youtube shooter. Do you think she is a trap? The boobs seem to be plastic and hips and legs are like young boys. There was also info that she is jewish, but also Bahai. One of the videos background was full of stars of david.

  40. Typical jewsmedia behavior, the current happening:

    > white male wearing body armour
    > white female
    > white male
    > white female wearing a headscarf
    > maybe still white male
    > female wearing headscarf shoots bf
    > Iranian woman
    > Jewish Iranian woman
    > Jewish Iranian Tranny


  41. “The shame of antisemitism on the left has a long, malign history:”

    What’s “shameful” about it? Ninety-nine percent of what Jews claim to be “anti-Semitism” is pure b.s. Jews do not like to be opposed, critiqued, exposed nor resisted–all forms of “anti-Semitism” in their Jewish supremacist minds.

    Bottom line: So-called anti-Semitism is natural, normal, healthy and good.

    No Jews. No “anti-Semitism.” It’s that simple.

  42. Katana
    Thanks, I listened to that again. I had to think hard about this for a couple of days. I had to really examine how other groups behave, friends I’ve had that were Indian or Korean. I can now see that Tan is right. That type of thinking doesn’t come naturally to any of me or any of my white friends. We are either individualist or universalist but after really thinking about it I agree with Tan. I always gave my Indian or Korean friends a pass because they were small in numbers but I guess we are now to.

  43. Russians Now Big Players in American Jewish Philanthropy

    Rich Russian Jews, bursting with ideas for how they can have an impact on the Jewish world and informed by their unique histories of growing up in the Soviet Union, are making their presence felt in unprecedented ways on the unexpected turf of the United States. They are interested in promoting a type of Jewish identity — which some call peoplehood — that could be seen as a kind of Jewish common denominator, the very basic connection to a global Jewish community that sustained Soviet Jews behind the Iron Curtain for decades, even as religion fell away.

    Two philanthropic foundations in particular are infusing millions of dollars into the cash-hungry world of American Jewish organizations in the hopes of promoting their ideas: The NADAV Fund, started by former Russian oil executive Leonid Nevzlin and run by his daughter, Irina, and Genesis Philanthropy Group, a consortium of five Jewish businessmen based in Russia who have combined their funds to support projects that help young Russian Jews regain a sense of Jewish identity. Between these two foundations — each with its own funding priorities — money has poured into starting university Jewish studies departments, organizing summer camps and trips to Israel, and sponsoring large gatherings like the recent General Assembly of the Jewish Federations of North America.

    Russian Jews were never disengaged from Jewish philanthropy. Throughout the 1990s, the oligarchs who made money quickly and in great quantities invested in resuscitating Jewish communal life, from establishing the Russian Jewish Congress, to building synagogue and community centers, to sponsoring Chabad-Lubavitch’s missions throughout the former Soviet Union.

    Open borders, multicult, and “combating racism and anti-semitism” for Whites, community and peoplehood for jews. Open, organized parasitism, with tribal divvying of the spoils misrepresented as philanthropy.

  44. This is Zionism as racism. This is Israel at 70:

    This is a country where, immediately after the prime minister’s surprise announcement of a landmark humanitarian deal to resolve an impasse over 37,000 African asylum seekers, Netanyahu’s own right wing rose up in mutiny.

    “This is walking, breathing anti-Zionism,” cried journalist Caroline Glick, the Laura Ingraham of Israel. Or, perhaps more precisely in this case, Israel’s version of Ann Coulter.

    “This is terrible,” she tweeted her followers. “U.S. Jewry joined radical Israeli left financed by US Jewry to force govt to ignore it’s laws and desire of citizens to allow 18,000 illegal aliens to receive citizenship.”

    Jew politics, like jew history, is pure OYYYY VEEEEYYYYY! Behind this particular sky-is-falling screech what’s actually happening is that the jews screeching for ZERO TOLERANCE FOR ALIENS are prevailing.

    Netanyahu nixes asylum seeker deal after right-wing pushback; ‘we will remove the infiltrators’:

    Under breakthrough deal, 16,000 migrants were to be resettled in Western countries, and the same number in Israel. Less than 24 hours after announced, Netanyahu caved in to pressure

    The jew screeching in favor of infiltrators (like themselves) only prevails in dar al goyim.

  45. Money is power.

    They work collectively for the collective good, which benefits the individual and the collective. Then the cycle repeats.

    Ultimately, the parasite consumes the host.
    This is by design, not happenstance.

  46. All these rich Russian j-mobsters should be stripped of everything and the money spent on russian orphanages and family support.

  47. Tan, what part of the North American continent do you think would be the best location for a White ethnostate?

  48. In regards to your Tfeed, Guilaini is good but his whole “muh injuns” “everything is a hoax” is rather tiresome. Ive listenened to him on and off for years now, someone who wants the truth how he looks over the truth about Indians is weird.

    I take it he just turns a blind eye to what injuns did to Whites? Injuns sparsely populated this land, the vast majortiy of their death was disease not genocide.

    If jews were in control of America from the beginning, why even draft the 1790 immigrantion act? Either way its done and most of the “real” history is lost or in the synagogu. its no wonder he is on renegade. If jews have the control he says they do, why even try to expose anything? Nothing will change ever, he isnt a racialist anyway.

  49. 1) That film doesn’t show any killing. 2) The jews are a tribe of outrageous liars. They screech GAS CHAMBERS LAMPSHADES MUH SIX GORILLION, then present films like this as “proof”. 3) Atrocities against Whites resulting from the jew agenda are captured on film and shared on the internet every day. The jews are working feverishly to spin or suppress this information, especially if it in any way exposes their jewing.

  50. The film was made by a German. The very issue is that very few Germans were able to induce Jews to create conditions in which hundreds of thousand Jews died of hunger. At the same time and in the same place rich Jews did not care about other Jews.

    The main contention of the book: Germans were not able to kill more than 10-20% (than they killed) of Jews without Jews’ support in ghettos in Poland during 2nd WW. In the ghettos Jews had very wide autonomy.

  51. Critics of Evolutionary Psychology Say It’s All Just Storytelling. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

    Since Gould’s attacks on sociobiology and evolutionary psychology, many others have raised the just-so story accusation. Some who forward the argument are clearly perturbed by what they see as the politically unpalatable consequences of evolutionary psychology.

    To prevent six gorillion jews from being gassed and lampshaded, again, anti-“racist” psychologists and sociologists accuse geneticists and biologists of storytelling.

    The article’s conclusion is relevant to the Cofnas attack on MacDonald:

    I have argued that the just-so story criticism of adaptive hypotheses is based on a flawed understanding of science. At the most extreme, this view of science supposes that theories are only legitimate if they are directly falsifiable (naive falsifiability). And that science progresses by proposing and falsifying theories in succession. But science is actually richer and more complicated. I maintain that inference to the best explanation most accurately describes how science is (and ought to be) practiced. According to this description, scientists forward theories and hypotheses that are coherent, parsimonious, and fruitful. Theories that fit these criteria earn confidence; theories that don’t, don’t.

    Jewing is the most coherent, parsimonious, and fruitful explanation for everything more commonly attributed to “liberalism”, including the shifting of blame to “liberalism”.

  52. The very issue is that very few Germans were able to induce Jews to create conditions in which hundreds of thousand Jews died of hunger.

    No, the issue is jewing. Millions of Whites have been robbed, raped, or killed as a result of jewing. It was jewing that created the genocidal anti-White conditions in Germany before, during, and after the war.

  53. Re circumcision of infants. There are a good many of us who also didn’t know anything about the jewish connection, or only in a superficial way – but who just knew in our bones what a nasty thing it is – taking a knife to a newborn’s genitals. Think about it. I know what a just-cut penis looks like on a baby (from photos). It is like a piece of raw liver, as I heard an anti-cutting jew say in an interview. Yet you lot who sign the paper to have your boys tortured don’t think about those drops of blood on the diaper – like it’s normal for a newborn to bleed from the penis.

    I wonder why that shitty interviewer whoever he is laughed at you when you said you were resentful about being cut. Christ. What a jerk. This is what our race has come to. Why didn’t you ask him what he found so funny?

  54. How does the ADL remain tax exempt.

    jewish privilege.

    Anymore easy to answer rhetorical questions ? :)

  55. I wonder why that shitty interviewer whoever he is laughed at you when you said you were resentful about being cut. Christ. What a jerk. This is what our race has come to. Why didn’t you ask him what he found so funny?

    Certainly Ford’s personality was there revealed.

    What’s funny about someone being tied down as a baby no less, and mutilated in their genitals?

    It’s not funny, it’s tragic.

    Being born in the Midwest in America in the 70s (ahem), a White baby boy didn’t stand a chance. Or more accurately, he might have stood a one in 20 chance.

    If Ford was born in the 70s in Australia, he probably suffered the same fate, and it might would partially explain his weird stance on Judaism and the infliction of their rituals.

    Tanstaafl answering that question honestly, is helpful for White people to heal themselves of jewish ritual abuse.

    However. On the person-to-person level, the exchange was one-sided.

    It would have been appropriate to ask of Luke Ford, whether or not his genitals were left alone. And further, how being subjected to and made a part of that extended phenotype might influence one’s views perspective and very Lifestory.

  56. That was a great interview with ‘converso’ Ford.
    Tan, have you ever read John ‘the birdman’ Bryant’s book on Jews?

  57. @Suburban elk. Thanks for your comments on infant cutting. If a gentile is absolutely determined to formally convert, but is intact, he will have to undergo a circumcision. However, if he already is cut, like I’m sure that asshole Luke Ford was, I have heard that they do a small ritual cut down there. I don’t know the details.

    Does anyone ever think about this: that of all the ethnic groups in Europe – and they were all rife with jooish doctors going back a very long time – only the English adopted the practice? WTF is wrong with the English? And of course it got carried over to Australia, USA and Canada. Some say that Queen Victoria got talked into accepting the mutilation & torture and so the hoi polloi, wanting to be like their “betters”, therefore started doing it to their kids, too. But who exactly talked her into it, I wonder. Could be juze; but I’ve heard the theory that military people who’d been posted to India during the Raj had been talked into it by Muslims and brought the stupid practice to England that way.

  58. @TANSTAAFL – item for TFeed:
    Cambridge Union – Ray Hill: BNP Mole (published 2009-11-10)
    The Cambridge Union Society – Speaker Meetings.
    Author of ‘The Other Face of Terror- Inside Europe’s Neo-Nazi Network’ (1988) and mole inside British Movement. [refers to the BNP for some reason]

    The bombastic delivery of Mr Hill once more suggests a biological explanation for why he became such an ardent “anti-Nazi” when initially as a young man he had felt unease at the growing level of alien immigration into UK. Perhaps unknown to him, but was an ancestor a Hillman or some such…?
    His reference to Johannesburg’s rich abundance of Jews is noteworthy and his Damascene conversion after associating with them. Long ago I knew an East African educated in UK who, conversely, hated “South African Jews” with an uncommon fervour. He was Black.

    Recording is spoilt by uneven volume levels which cannot hope to capture Hill’s full range from whisper to rant. Robot voice at end states confusingly that Hill was an undercover agent for “the Police in association with the Cambridge University Jewish Society”.

    Wikipedia entry for Arnold Leese cites “Peter Barberis, John McHugh, Mike Tyldesley, Encyclopedia of British and Irish Political Organizations: Parties, Groups and Movements of the 20th Century, Continuum, 2000, p. 183” in support of the assertion also made by Hill in the talk that Leese proposed “as early as 1935 the mass murder of Jews by use of gas chambers”. Hill also claims the BNP were planning bomb attacks on Notting Hill Carnival and elsewhere but no conviction was secured on account of the court excluding evidence wrongfully secured. Anyone with a passing knowledge of English law knows its historic propensity to admitting all manner of evidence however obtained. (The citation in Barberis et al. not checked).

  59. Every few years Hunter Wallace can’t resist starting a new feud with other WN internet stars. Harold Covington, Greg Johnson and now Andrew Anglin. Next it will be Richard Spencer.

    The substance of Hunter’s beef with Anglin, as far as I am able to ascertain, is that Anglin is a socially marginal, funny looking little man who has a bad habit of palling around with quasi-Jews. Hmm, noting Hunter’s long-standing friendship with the mischling Daryl Basarab as well as Hunter’s short-statured and dumpy appearance it would seem that Hunter is here hoist on his own petard.

  60. @captainchaos
    Pretty ridiculous statement.
    You should pay attention a bit more closely if thats what you think the issue is with Anglin and the rabbi.
    Ill leave it at that, I doubt Tan needs his comment section to be another battle field on this topic.

  61. The Sam Harris-Ezra Klein debate

    Harris’s view is that the criticism he and Murray have received is a moral panic driven by identity politics and political correctness. My view is that contemporary IQ results are inseparable from both the past and present of racism in America, and to conduct this conversation without voices who are expert on that subject, and who hail from the affected communities, is to miss the point from the outset.

    So that’s where we begin. Where we go, I think, is more important: These hypotheses about biological racial difference are now, and have always been, used to advance clear political agendas — in Murray’s case, an end to programs meant to redress racial inequality, and in Harris’s case, a counterstrike against identitarian concerns he sees as a threat to his own career. Yes, identity politics are at play in this conversation, but that includes, as it always has, white identity politics.

    To Harris, and you’ll hear this explicitly, identity politics is something others do. To me, it’s something we all do, and that he and many others refuse to admit they’re doing. This is one of the advantages of being the majority group: Your concerns get coded as concerns; it’s everyone else who is playing identity politics.

    Intersectional jewing. Two anti-White jews, dissimulating as “white guys”, debate what’s best for the jews. Harris plays the “race realist”, Klein the anti-“racist”. The critical fact that they’re both jews, and are in fact hyperconscious of that fact, doesn’t come out until near the end, and is otherwise buried in an elaborate dance around anybody and everybody else’s “identity politics” and “racism”. Harris says:

    We could’ve been talking about anti-Semitism, and we could have the same conversation. Some of the switches would be flipped because of the different histories of Jews and African Americans, but much of it would be the same. We’re both Jewish. We both have standing to talk about the history of the way Jews have been treated and the future of how they may be treated in coming years. Presumably, we both would acknowledge that anti-Semitism is a problem, but both, I think, would acknowledge that there are places where you could detect it where it in fact doesn’t exist.

    . . .

    It would be possible to be so paranoid about anti-Semitism and to want be so disinterested about a biological understanding of human difference, or to think that any biological understanding of human difference is so intrinsically toxic that it can’t be discussed, so that two Jews like us could be worried that anti-Semitism is the explanation for why Jews aren’t represented [among marathon winners].

    Indeed. The debate around race is so jewed they might as well be arguing in yiddish, but then that would give the whole game away.

  62. Anglin is top notch, he’s using DS for political activism.

    ( Other sites should echo his actions, for combined force and distributed targets.
    NO WAR IN SYRIA ! CALL 202 456 1111)

  63. I recall the feud that Hunter started with Linder. Hunter ridiculed Linder for living in his grandmother’s basement in Missouri. But back then, and to this day, Hunter lives in his parents basement in Alabama. Perhaps people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  64. Hey TAN you did a great job on luke’s show, it’s funny a few days after I clicked on luke’s stream to hear what he was saying because I was gonna do a video about him and other “Alt-jews” and he was playing one of my other videos I did on the subject and I commented in the chat to my make myself known and he had me come on and we talked for awhile and the real jew he had on there afterwards followed me on to a live show I did with a friend to troll in the comments section me,I come in at about 28 minutes.

  65. The debate around race is so jewed they might as well be arguing in yiddish,

    So true. ‘Hasbara’, always control the narrative.

    We’re not allowed to hold an opinion unless it is kosher certified.

  66. Just FYI, Tan-Ford interview came up on the 4/4 edition of the Daily Shoah. Second hour roughly, I think. Sven mentioned listening to it, then they discussed Ford as a useful idiot somewhat briefly. . . A good reminder that I still need to listen it.

  67. Why today do [we] say

    meme (instead of slogan, as in chanting slogans);

    LARPing (instead of play-acting);

    sperging out (rather than acting bolshy)


    Why and by whom were they first coined? (Dawkins? Mike Enoch? Mr x, er, Mr o?) Like circumcision, is using these terms primarily a mark of being… owned?
    Elimination of bolshy is the easiest, since it threatened examination of who and what Bolshevists were, and what they did. It was still commonly heard at least in the 1970s.

  68. “Like circumcision, is using these terms primarily a mark of being…owned?”

    No, using slang is a mark of being a rebel; not beholden to the snooty rules of “proper” diction. Rather the opposite of being “owned,” really.

    Although obsessively analyzing such things, particularly in a wrongheaded, socially obtuse way, certainly is an example of “sperging out.”

  69. Btw, I think southern nationalism is retarded. Why, for fuck’s sake, would you establish a White ethnostate where tens of millions of niggers already live?!?! Perhaps fatboy “Hunter Wallace,” in all his infinite wisdom, can answer this most puzzling of questions for us. Lulz

  70. Why, would you establish a White ethnostate where tens of millions of niggers already live?!?!

    Ans: cargo plane

    500 per flight, 60000 flights.
    Presto, ethnostate!
    The welfare and prison savings would pay for a dozen such air fleets, IN THE FIRST YR.

  71. I enjoyed this interview thoroughly and you hold yourself well .
    Please tell me though , with children who would be considered “Jewish ” would it not be in your imperative to put their interests first ?
    Or are you raising them as European ?
    Would you consider them part of the Waffen division were such a thing to arise once more ?


  72. Tan,

    Luke asked you if the claim that jews were the enemy was falisifiable. I believe that it is. Jews right now have the opportunity to stop being our enemy. How? Simple: they must leave our societies, abandon meddling in our internal affairs, completely self-sterilize, and then depart our planet. Ideally, they would land on the Sun.

  73. Wyandotte, circumcision never became common in England. You’re misinformed and I’d like to know where you got all that nonsense?

  74. @Nick. Rickwood et al. report that the male circumcision rate was about 35 percent in the 1930s [in England].

    The rate was much higher in the aristocratic or at least higher class. So, my question as to WTF is wrong with the English still stands. One could just as soon wonder why the aristocrats of all the other European countries didn’t glom onto the practice.

  75. Wyandotte, that’s a statistic from a single and extraordinary moment of phimosis panic, perhaps induced by Jews but I don’t know. 10 years before or after and it was single digits again, heading toward the historic norm of roughly zero for the ethnic English today or in earlier centuries. Nothing to see here, except foreskins.

    South Korea is the only real anomaly and that seems to be a sequelae of the US’s prior Jewish corruption.

  76. lol, jewtube:

    In response to user reports, we have disabled some features, such as comments, sharing, and suggested videos, because this video contains content that may be inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.

    Last I saw, the comments and ratings were overwhelmingly positive.

  77. Chris Taylor, other public faces who don’t fumble the ball at the critical moment, nor hopelessly compromise us otherwise, are John Friend, James Bowery, Craig Cobb and Kyle Hunt. Naturally these also are kept at arms distance at best by the movement core of fumblers and compromisers.

  78. “Wyandotte, that’s a statistic from a single and extraordinary moment of phimosis panic, perhaps induced by Jews but I don’t know. 10 years before or after and it was single digits again, heading toward the historic norm of roughly zero for the ethnic English today or in earlier centuries. Nothing to see here, except foreskins.”

    So why weren’t the French, Germans, Scandinavians, Swiss, Russians, etc. overtaken by phimosis panic as well? There were just as many jewish doctors and sex-is-bad christardians/health freaks in those areas of Europe. I wish my ancestors, who are from another part of Europe, had just bloody stayed home.

    Almost a million boys cut every year – in the countries founded and originally settled by the English, or maybe I should say British. Yes, the British mostly quit the practice, but it does not stop them from welcoming Muslims in a big way, allowing them to take over; it is just a matter of time before circ. is mandatory for everyone. One way or another, English speakers will get the Cut.

  79. Steven Pinker: “And in this one I argue that the evolutionary model behind the Jewish conspiracy theory (and other Alt-Right/neo-fascist ideas) is incoherent. THE FALSE ALLURE OF GROUP SELECTION |

    Cofnas’ behind-the-scenes advisor/co-conspirator Pinker here reveals his tribal motive, admitting that he opposes a particular evolutionary theory specifically out of concern for his tribe. Note that in his past attack on group selection he made no mention of this tribal concern of his – dissimulating instead as he still usually does, as an objective scientist who favors enlightenment individualism.

  80. The prior twit – Steven Pinker: “In this old article, I explain the (still unproven) hypothesis that Jews have higher average intelligence (the non-conspiratorial alternative explanation of why Jews are so overrepresented in many professions).

    Pinker is here misrepresenting his own article, the main concern of which was in fact whether Cochran, Hardy, and Harpending’s theory (that the jew genetics behind IQ and diseases are linked) is literally “good for the jews”:

    But is it good for the Jews? More to the point, is it good for ideals of tolerance and ethnic amity? On one interpretation, perhaps it is. Jewish achievement is obvious; only the explanation is unclear. The idea of innate Jewish intelligence is certainly an improvement over the infamous alternative generalization, a worldwide Jewish conspiracy.

    . . .

    And yet the dangers are real. Like intelligence, personality traits are measurable, heritable within a group, and slightly different, on average, between groups. Someday someone could test whether there was selection for personality traits that are conducive to success in money-lending and mercantilism, traits that I will leave to the reader’s imagination.

    That was 2006. The same disingenuous dance around race and science and jewing is still going on, sometimes with the jew-first concerns spelled out, but more often not.

  81. In the twit preceding the two above, Pinker endorses Cofnas’ dishonest tribally-motivated attack on MacDonald.

    Steven Pinker: “The Alt-Right embraces the bizarre anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that Jewish intellectuals advance Jewish interests with theories that undermine Christian culture. Nathan Cofnas refuted the idea & now responds to a reply by its major proponent.

    It may seem bizarre that intelligent, fully cognizant jews argue like this – arguing jews do not think and behave as they do, even while they themselves demonstrate how it is done, fingering somebody else as the source of the problem, because it’s just crazy to criticize jewing – until you pay close attention, notice that jews have always thought and behaved like this, realize that they think and behave differently than Whites do, and see that this is an example of heritable (i.e. racial) traits and why they matter.

  82. So what were the statistics for those countries in the mid 1930s, Wyandotte? – if we’re assuming for whatever reason that social panics could not be localized?

    Brits are now and have always been solidly against ‘immigration’ of Muslims and others, just like other White nations – who also have it imposed on them regardless. There is nothing unique about Brits here, either.

    In giving consideration to the matter of our own responsibility for these events it would be critically important to have an accurate reading of our own sentiments and actions, and not to invent or misread them.

  83. @Nick. The circumcision rate in the non-British European. countries I listed was something in the order of 0%, from what I read. Except for the jews who lived in those countries who have been practicing this for 3,000 years, so you can’t expect them to quit anytime soon. It is too embedded in them.

    The rate in US, Australia & Canada was fairly low until late 1930s and then it began with a vengeance, especially in the cities and more middle and upper class types. I got this info from relatives of mine. And then it spread everybloodywhere, down to the smallest country towns and farms in Amerikwa.

    And here we are now.

  84. If circumcision started in the British upper crust it was probably a gay thing. The Brit posh set has always produced more than its fair share of faggots. Fairies like Oscar Wilde, Winston Churchill, messing around with Jewish homos…yuk, what is wrong with the British!

  85. @Captain Chaos. The gayness was probably largely a result of the boarding school system and its inherent anti-nature, cruel setup – separating young boys from their parents for years at a time! This would never be said nowadays, but even just 20 years ago in Kitty Kelley’s gossipy book The Royals the boarding school system was referred to, as I recall, “a breeding ground for homosexuality”. I mean, it’s obvious, but who’d ever expect such a thing to come out of a book by the liberal Kitty Kelley even if she herself is not the one who said this. Indeed, her book is strangely fixated on homosexuality in British/Germanic royalty.

  86. gayness was probably largely a result of the boarding school system and its inherent anti-nature, cruel setup – separating young boys from their parents

    Totally correct, pubescent boys and girls need to be around each other, otherwise is unnatural and unhealthy.

  87. @Fred W. Thanks, Fred; and it’s even more important for children of all ages to be around their parents or at least grandparents & other close relatives if the parents are not available. I read about Prince Charles’ experiences in some nasty boarding school in the book The Royals, and if it is true, I can see why he seems to be a heartless bastard at times. That, combined with his colder-than-ice parents and degenerate great uncle Louis Mountbatten, who had much influence over him.

  88. Yep, kids need their parents and an extended family nearby, in a White community. Who could be working for the destruction of both, from dozens of directions?

  89. Tanstaafl: ”Hitler did nothing wrong”

    Hitler didn’t kill 6 million jews, that was wrong!

  90. I enjoyed the way you dealt with this pathetic creature who feels guilty for abandoning his people for the enemy. Hopefully he’ll hang himself after realizing what he is.

  91. White traitors like Luke Ford should follow the example of Anthony Bourdain.

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