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  1. For people on mobile that want to listen live…get the “tune-in” radio app and search “inside the eye live”.

  2. Tan,

    Have you seen Carolyn Yeager’s comments over at the occidental observer blaming Whites for nonwhite immigration and defending the Jews?

  3. Gordo, I had not, but I presume you mean these comments:


    So don’t try to blame your troubles on Barbara Roche; she is not responsible but only a beneficiary of what has happened to England. The English are responsible.


    What principles were the White Englishmen addicted to when they instigated both World Wars? It seems to me their question was the same as the Jews’: What’s good for Britain?

    Furthermore, Whites are not a group.


    I have extensive archives; everything is available. You’re right that I don’t easily go along with the male-dominated WN demand for consensus that is ahistorical, supportive of the Anglo-American contrived narrative of the World Wars, and therefore anti-German and pro-Jewish. Why do you?


    Thank you for your reply; I appreciate your intention. But honesty compels me to say that what we have from you is “Whites have no agency – therefore no responsibility – all that Whites have to say to get off the hook is ‘The Jews made me do it.’”
    Similarly, “Whites who collaborate with Jews to advance Jewish goals are not White – therefore don’t count.” Is it any wonder we’ve lost the game? Does it pay to continue to make the same excuses no matter how well it’s laid out by writers Andrew Joyce and Tobias Langdon?

    . . .

    Why not admit the English arrogance and desire to dominate the world (and particularly Europe and other Whites), and not the Jews, is the reason for its downfall. In fact, that is why/how the Jews got so powerful in England!

    I partnered with Carolyn in 2012 because I liked her work on revisionism and wanted to help her. I disassociated from her in 2014, when the toxic attitude she is expressing above became clear to me. Details here.

  4. Yes, Trump is nothing short of a groveling slave to the jews. I was delighted to see Clinton defeated, but I could never have brought myself to vote for Trump, (which I would have had to register to do), to help defeat psycho Hilary. I firmly believed Trump was (and is) marinated in jew keeping me from ever voting for him.

    Dr. David Duke is a hero of mine. I am though, disappointed at how he (Duke) defends Trump endlessly. Duke either is a hopeless incurable optimist, or doesn’t want to admit he made a mistake in supporting Trump. Duke apologized for Trump’s actions on a regular basis.

    Trump is no damn good!

  5. I don’t think Carolyn Yeager is fundamentally mistaken about the English. If the English weren’t Nordic I’d be in favor of tossing them under the bus.

  6. Thank you Captainchaos. It’s nice to get a fair comment on this site. I actually think the quotes T. copied here are quite good – yet he calls them ‘toxic.’ Strange. Guess he can’t put anything into historical perspective. He’s become totally kike-kike-kike-minded, has nothing else to say. My four latest posts are on this subject of the English vs Germans in WWI. I discovered a new resource that is really illuminating.

    I noticed you indicated recently at Majority Rights that you were German (a Kraut), and I was pleased to see that since I often agree with what you write. We should get to know each other a little, although you might not then be welcome at places like here and MR. Some Whites are fraught with prejudices.

  7. He’s become totally kike-kike-kike-minded

    Lol, for the last 10 years one dipshit after another has said this.

  8. I can’t think of a single major online WN personality who isn’t at least mildly eccentric, egotistical and thin-skinned. Of course this is largely what enables them to reject social condition; seeking out the truth as they see it. They are off the beaten path and proud of it. But once you get on their bad side – and this isn’t hard to do – then hell’s fury pales in comparison.

    Yet for my money, most people are insufferably boring and interacting with these wonderfully eccentric characters, in the service of life’s greatest interest, is quite entertaining.

  9. ‘and thin-skinned’

    ‘Of course this is largely what enables them to reject social condition[ing]’

    eh ok…

    ‘Yet for my money, most people are insufferably boring and interacting with these wonderfully eccentric characters, in the service of life’s greatest interest, is quite entertaining.’

    You have your priorities straight I see

  10. The rallying cry of Whites as we die
    “At least…fill in the blank.”

    After all these years how you and Scott Roberts havent done one show is perplexing.

    2014 ( I’ve been reading here longer than I thought.) fall-out from that feminist White hating witch, good riddance, she only posted on Brads site to generate clicks on her cobweb infested white-hate site.

    Jew-blame whites
    Carolyn- whites did this
    Dont see much difference do we?

    Anyway, good show with Fetch.

  11. Lead article on Stormer talks about (((who))) is a leader in ANTIFA. Combine that with the SPLC war chest over 350 million financing ANTIFA and we get a glimpse behind the curtain. It’s a highly organized network and tightly interwoven.

  12. Oliver right, Johnson wrong.

    A Little About Me – Joshua Bates:

    The reason that I have provided the [DNA] information above is because it was one of the many reasons that led to me questioning my White Nationalist beliefs. I was a raging anti-Semite for years. When I found out that I and my wife both have Jewish ancestry, I didn’t know what to think or do about it, so I just suppressed it. But one thing I kept asking myself is, “What would I say to my Jewish ancestors if I could travel back in time and meet them? Would I express disgust in them because they were Jewish? Or would I embrace them as a relative? What would I say to my wife’s Jewish relatives?” After all, were it not for those Jewish ancestors on both our sides, we wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t be who were are today, I wouldn’t be married to the same kind, loving, and supportive person I am today, and we wouldn’t have the same wonderful and amazing four children we do. So, I am ever grateful for those Jewish ancestors on both my and my wife’s side.

    These questions had been at the forefront of my mind for quite some time. But because of the Alt-Right’s stance against “Purity Spiraling”, I thought that maybe I could get a pass with them if it ever did somehow become public knowledge. I’m glad to say that I don’t care about that anymore. I don’t care about my or my wife’s “genetic purity.” I don’t want to be accepted by the Alt-Right, the fascists, the Nazis or anyone else in the far-right. I want to put nothing but ever-growing distance between myself and them and just live my life while at the same time working toward a more peaceful and loving world that everyone of all races, ethnicities, creeds, and religions can be proud of and enjoy.

    Bates confirms Nossig’s claim, as related by Oliver:

    that the “drop” of Jewish heredity, once implanted in an ancestor, will affect the brain cells (Gehirnganglien) of his descendants through many subsequent generations and thus make them susceptible to Jewish ideas of internationalism and One World. Persons of that infected heredity, therefore, are goyim who can readily be mobilized as auxiliaries and used to subjugate their own race and the entire globe to its destined Masters. Horresco referens.

    Bates views his 2-4% jew DNA as if it’s all-important. The other 96-98% doesn’t even matter. Very much like how judeo-liberal democracy works.

  13. EU nations commit to fighting anti-Semitism:

    European Union nations have agreed to step up the fight against anti-Semitism and boost security to better protect Jewish communities and institutions across the continent.

    The 28-nation EU’s interior ministers unanimously approved an 11-page declaration Thursday recognizing a common definition of anti-Semitism and acknowledging Jewish concerns given the prevalence of attacks in recent years.

    . . .

    A senior Israeli official noted that in light of the dramatic rise in anti-Semitism in Europe and CNN’s anti-Semitism survey, there is no more opportune time for such a declaration. “Anti-Semitism is not a Jewish problem, it is a European problem. Something is screwed up in European DNA that after 70 years anti-Semitism is rising without any connection to Israel. We don’t need Israel for anti-Semitism; this continent has a malignant disease. Using Israel as an excuse for anti-Semitism must end. Europe must not be freed from responsibility.”

    A comprehensive survey of anti-Semitism across the continent conducted by the European Union and will be published in the coming days found that 85 percent of European Jews say that anti-Semitism and racism are the most difficult problems they face.

    As I’ve pointed out many times before – jews don’t balk at blaming Whites 100%, and some even acknowledge the biological nature of the jew problem.

  14. Have you seen the new impeach Trump commercials ?

    It begins,
    ” Join the 6 million who have already signed…”

  15. jews don’t balk at blaming Whites 100%,

    What do you mean ‘balk’ ?

    They are taught emphatically ‘never stop blaming the idolator ‘.
    ( you get one guess who the ‘Idolator’ is)

  16. Hate crime reports illustrate disturbing trend, civil rights group says – CNN:

    “Rising hate crimes continue to be a reality in America,” said Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League. “The rash of incidents we’ve seen recently are a reminder that we need to be vigilant against hate and anti-Semitism in all forms.”

    While hate is not new to America, experts say the divisive political climate and the rise of hate speech, among other factors, are emboldening people to act on hateful impulses.

    The Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017 was a byproduct of that emboldened hate, said Nadia Aziz of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.

    Mainstream America was seemingly caught off guard by scenes of torch-wielding white nationalists chanting racist and anti-Semitic slurs. Tensions boiled over as counterprotesters clashed with rally participants, and a Nazi sympathizer killed one person and injured dozens more with his car. But anti-hate groups say white supremacists and far-right extremist groups have been gathering momentum online and in underground movements for years.

    This is an example of the trend I mentioned during our discussion. Triggered by the Charlottesville march, the jewsmedia and organized jewry are making the anti-White/pro-jew regime ever more plain. The demonization and criminalization of Whites for being White is a deliberate result of jews jewing.

  17. Top-tier rationality on this site.

    Lucky to have stumbled across it…

    The overall tone of “jew fatigue” resonates…sharply

    These people make my skin crawl. And have since i was ten years old and realized what they had just recently did to my anscestors in Germany…(born 1963).

    Even on a street level…they are repugnant.

    Keep at it.

    Is there anything more noble, on this planetary sponge-ball dipped in shit, than speaking Truth to entrenched Rat-Power?

    I doubt it.

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