DNA Reveals The Legacy of Jewing


New article in The Jewlantic: DNA Reveals the Hidden Jewish Ancestry of Latin Americans. That was the original title. Revealing indeed. Now it reads: “The Genetic Legacy of the Spanish Inquisition”. It wraps the latest revelations with the usual cover story, mischaracterizing an invasive species as passive victim:

As Spain simultaneously persecuted its Jews and expanded its colonies in the Americas, conversos secretly came over to the New World. Their legacy lives on in DNA.

. . .

In 1492, best known as the year Columbus sailed the ocean blue, Spain also decided to expel all practicing Jews from its kingdom. Jews who did not leave—and were not murdered—were forced to become Catholics. Along with those who converted during earlier pogroms, they became known as conversos. As Spain expanded its empire in the Americas, conversos made their way to the colonies too.

This is the usual jew-excusing narrative, intended to distract from the fact that the jews had colonized Spain, forcing themselves upon the Iberians in much the same way they have forced themselves upon Europeans in other times and places. This particular persecution narrative is dishonest not only because it paints the jews as powerless, but because it also falsely implies they were ultimately destroyed. The DNA tells another story, the legacy of jewing:

A new study examining the DNA of thousands of Latin Americans reveals the extent of their likely Sephardic Jewish ancestry, more widespread than previously thought and more pronounced than in people in Spain and Portugal today. “We were very surprised to find it was the case,” says Juan-Camilo Chacón-Duque, a geneticist at the Natural History Museum in London who co-authored the paper.

This study is one of the most comprehensive genetic surveys of Latin Americans yet. The team also found a mix of indigenous American, European, sub-Saharan African, and East Asian ancestry in many people they sampled—a legacy of colonialism, the transatlantic slave trade, and more recent pulses of immigration from Asia. This is the history of Latin America, written in DNA.

. . .

Spain did not allow converts or their recent descendants to go to its colonies, so they traveled secretly under falsified documents.

. . .

Conversos who aspired to high offices in the Church or military often tried to fake their ancestry.

The genetic record now suggests that conversos—or people who shared ancestry with them—came to the Americas in disproportionate numbers.

. . .

Nearly a quarter of the Latin Americans shared 5 percent or more of their ancestry with people living in North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean, including self-identified Sephardic Jews. DNA alone cannot prove that conversos were the source of this ancestry, but it fits with the historical record. This pattern of widespread but low North African and eastern Mediterranean ancestry in the population suggests that its source is centuries old, putting the date around the early days of New Spain.

. . .

Geneticists have also noticed rare genetic diseases prevalent in Jews popping up in Latin America. “It’s not just one disease. It’s like, wow, this isn’t a coincidence,” says Harry Ostrer, a geneticist at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In 2011, Ostrer and his colleagues decided to study two populations—in Ecuador and Colorado—with unusually high prevalence of two mutations often found in Jews. (One mutation was in the breast-cancer gene BRCA1, and the other caused a form of dwarfism called Laron syndrome.) And indeed, they found enriched Sephardic Jewish ancestry in the 53 people they tested.

Chechar BTFO. The jews themselves never forgot this legacy, they’ve always simply directed all the blame for it at Europeans.

Lying about race and genetic traits is a jew trait. This study is in effect another substantiation of race science, confirming that jew is a genetic trait. It also helps explain why the revelations of crypto-jews in high office is a recurring theme in American politics. The Spanish Inquisition may have been in part a healthy reaction to jewing, but in the end it entrenched the disease rather than curing it.

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  1. From the paper, Latin Americans show wide-spread Converso ancestry and imprint of local Native ancestry on physical appearance | Nature Communications:

    Jewish communities existed in Iberia (Sepharad) since roman times and much of the peninsula was ruled by Arabs and Berbers for most of the Middle Ages, by the end of which large Sephardic communities had developed 33.

    The jews and their cousins against the strangers, the Iberians they had invaded and colonized and thrived at the expense of. The jews call it a golden age.

    Although Christian converts were legally forbidden from migrating to the colonies, historical records (often from the Inquisition) document that some individuals made the journey 33. Since this migration was mostly a clandestine process, its magnitude has been difficult to assess. Genetic studies have occasionally provided evidence that certain Latin American populations could have some Converso ancestry and this is at times supported by some historical evidence 3,37,38. Our findings indicate that the signature of a colonial migration to Latin America of people with relatively high South/East Mediterranean ancestry is much more prevalent than suggested by these special cases, or by historical records.

    Any given aspect of the jew problem is usually worse than anyone imagines because jews disguise themselves. They do this not because laws require it, but in spite of laws against it, because jewing requires it. As with jew slaving amongst the Ottomans, these restrictions on jewing were totally ineffective. Seeing how jews bypass rules aimed directly at them, it is reasonable to conclude there are many more serious crimes their hidden tribemates and other co-conspirators in high places help them bypass.

  2. This Iberian jewstory was the lynch-pin to Chechar’s “whites did this to themselves” bs.
    Whenver jewing was/is brought up to him, he screams from the mestizo mountain tops, that Spaniards/Iberians did it to themselves, killing their generic legacy, leaving jews off the hook for their time tested bagel recipe of destroying Whites.

    Seems the jews themselves know otherwise.

  3. This study is in effect another substantiation of race science …

    Race Science, being the greatest of all the sciences, because all great discoveries come from one race.

    ( also, the most suppressed of all science, yet it continues bubble out from under the tight lid held over it.)

  4. ‘Seeing how jews bypass rules aimed directly at them, it is reasonable to conclude there are many more serious crimes their hidden tribemates and other co-conspirators in high places help them bypass.’

    Is this the same thing as saying that we cannot determine correctly how to apportion blame to Whites or Jews because Jews use crypsis?

  5. Gordo, the responsibility for the state of the world is unassailably laid at jewish feet by their world banking system.

    This jewish Rothschild dynasty directly controls the central banks of nearly every country in the world. They have engineered the debts to themselves of nearly every country.

    Could not they then orchestrate everything from standards of living and war to us and our daily lives.

  6. “pogroms…those who were not murdered…”

    it is to laugh:

    according to (((Henry Kamen)))’s definitive study, during the entire 300 year history of the Spanish Inquisition, no more than 500 Jews were executed. That’s

    1.67 Jews per year. A Jew in liberated Spain was more likely to be run over by a horse-and-carriage crossing the street than killed by the Inquisition. In fact the Jews – overt and covert – wandered over to the New World because of the vast looting (and slaving) opportunities. Of course, now that it’s completely safe and indeed, entitling to do so, all sorts of Latino crypto-Jews are indeed crawling out of the woodwork. Cf.



  7. TAN,
    have you seen this vid on ‘Zombie parasites’?
    @ 13:00 a parasite that feminises the host so it will brood care the parasites eggs.
    An analog to our current cultural upheaval.
    Seems that these patterns in nature are very strong and manifold in their expressions.

    You are so right in your analogies to parasitism.

  8. Thanks for the link Fred, very good.

    By chance I also recently came across this relevant example concerning the parasitic tribe’s mind control technique justifying the mutilation of their host’s male sex organs.

    Brian D. Earp: “People seem interested in how a small group of researchers with an agenda can ‘rig’ a “systematic review” in medicine to make it say whatever they want, albeit dressed up in objective-sounding rhetoric. Here is a follow-up for those who want to see the details of how it is done.…”

  9. Thanks Tan, Happy New Year! Age of Treason is appreciated more than you know. 2019 will be a good year.

  10. LA times headline;

    2019 Rose Parade has 40 floats, 21 marching bands and a proud Jewish, LGBTQ queen

    Happy New Year !

  11. “Shake a Spanish family tree and a Jew falls out”.

    Jared Howe – January 1st, 2019 – S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 116 | New Year, New MainEr

    Lot of good content. He’d reach many more if he reined in the effing and blinding. Plus it doesn’t advance credibility.

    Know More News with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice.
    Adam Green – December 31st, 2018 – guest Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice.
    e.g. around 50m fore and aft, clips played of various Jews admitting their “Tikkun Olam” designs, how Whitey doesn’t fit in with those and how Moslems are confederates in their (suicidal?) struggle to destroy Western Civilization.
    Palmgren & Co. are still viewed askance widely but he’s come along since the days of interviewing the “Collins Brothers”.
    Adam Green or (((Green)))? He’s denied it but if he’s on the interwebz full time how is he supporting that habit?

  12. “He’d reach many more if he reined in the effing and blinding. Plus it doesn’t advance credibility.”

    Absolutely right !

  13. Celebs You Thought Were Jewish — But Aren’t – The Forward

    The idea that some people “look Jewish” is automatically exclusionary and arguably offensive. But — forgive us — SNL-alum and late night host Seth Meyers looks so Jewish! His name is Jewish! His comedy is Jewish! His wife is Jewish! He named his child after a Holocaust survivor. Seth Meyers, however, is not Jewish. He has a single Jewish grandparent, but has never practiced Judaism or identified as a Jew.

    “Every single Jewish person thinks that I’m Jewish,” Meyers has said. “And they come to that conclusion because of my face, and my name and everything about me. You can’t blame them for that.”

    This is just a small sample of jewsmedia role models who are wannabes, mischlings, and cryptos.

    The jewsmedia is so thoroughly jewed that even the jewy-looking jewy-sounding non-jews whom jews themselves select to play jews sometimes get mistaken as real jews by other jews whom the jews who wrote this article aim at setting straight.

  14. ” Dat’s vright goy, Seth Meyers ist nicht yid, anf now avout dat bridge yuf vant to buyin’k.”

  15. It would be INTERESTING to get some additional Knowledge : Genetic Traits have a MALE side .. the Y chormosomes — and the FEMALE LINE : the X Chromosomes … It would be highly interesting as well as INFORMATIVE about what really went on .. to have these “JEWISH GENES ” descibed in Male Y chromosome , as well as Female X Chromosome affiliation.. I would not be surprised .. there will be a BIG preponderance of Jewish Y Chromosome Male affiliated Traits .. in fact Not entitling any of these Latino and Spanish “descendants ” to Jewish Status … according to NOAHIDE Laws … I suspect such a study would show that the JEWISH MALES FUCKED the enslaved and exploited indigenous FEMALES …. and not much else … a History we are well informed about !

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