Discussing DNA and White Origins with Norvin Hobbs

Live stream tonight at 10PM ET/7PM PT. We’ll talk about human origins, reviewing the ongoing conflict between the anti-White jew narrative and race science reality. Attached are a few images capturing the spirit of the topics we’ll cover. [UPDATE 6 June 2019: YouTube banned Norvin, the original livestream is available on BitChute, another copy is here.]

This first image depicts the hominin branch Whites are part of (represented by the khoisan bowman, AKA kang) in relation to the broader hominid tree. This image illustrates the relationship between species and race, and the important point that speciation is the rule. Source: Understanding Evolution – How Humans and Apes Fit Into the Tree of Life.

This image zooms in on the components of the extant hominin branch, minus the more ancient branches, notably homo erectus, from which DNA has not yet been recovered. Source: Tracing the peopling of the world through genomics, 2017.

These are slides 18 and 26 from R1b and the People of Europe: An Ancient DNA Update, based on data from Massive migration from the steppe is a source for Indo-European languages in Europe, 2015. The latter illustrates the genetic admixture within the previous image’s “Ancestral European” branch – AKA White people.

The source for this image contains much more information concerning Aryans/Yamnaya and their Ancient Northern European (ANE) component.

This is a recent depiction the Out of Africa narrative. Source: Climate and the peopling of the world, 2016.

The speciation of various African branches from each other and non-African hominins is far more ancient than previously admitted. Source: Human Species May Be Much Older Than Previously Thought.

The result of a century of jewing on anthropology. Source: Anthropologists in their native habitat: on Facebook, holding signs, 2015.

This image comes via Razib Khan, who in 2012 coyly asked, Are Jews white? The answer is no. Beyond the genetic differences, which explain why, the fact is that jews see themselves as distinct from and at odds with Whites.

Some other older posts/podcasts which are relevant: Who’s White? – Part 1 …, The Racial Roots of Europeans – Part 1 …, Understanding Kostenki 14 (Markina Gora), The White Race and its Discontents, Cochran on White Racial Pre-History and the Aryans. Our previous conversation: Live Stream with Norvin Hobbs.

UPDATE: Audio-only mp3 attached. Bonus topic: CRISPR.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing this one in due course, not least because serendipitously I’d been planning to upload the following link and had been curious to know whether Norvin Hobbs was regarded as a plausible source:



    Sonny Thomas Show (host Shelly) – January 18, 2019 – Shelly & Norvin Hobbs get religious! Odinism, Proto-Indo-European mythology, current events, etc.

    I fast forwarded past the introductory noise-music and worked hard to ignore the wheel mouse clicking distraction that audibly played for the first 2/3 or so. The effort was worthwhile, even though I was personally unfamiliar with NH (so guardedly had made a mental note to mark him down for sceptical inquiry because of a wavering tonality reminiscent of Eric Hufschmid or maybe Swordbrethren / Bryan Reo). In fact by the end the only thing I can remember faulting him on was his assertion that Odinism and Asatru are pretty much the same whereas I had gathered from a talk I heard with Odinia/Seana Fenner that Odinism is a racial non-universalist religion and (modern – debased?) Asatru had no such pretension to exclusivity (which went some way to explaining why her account was probably plausible that Odinist activity is suppressed in social media and Asatru is not).

    Discussion ranged quite widely and embraced e.g.
    as well as the to-be-expected Christianity -vs- the rest type material.

  2. I always wondered about this Blonde/Blue eye stuff. Damn near every White child is born Blonde, some stay blonde others go brunette. Why?

    Also if you look closely at most brunettes especially in the sun, the hair appears a dark reddish to varying degress of course and not really brown at all. Not even close to say, Asian black hair.

    Sometimes I see that the more blonde baby will become brunette as the more dirty blonde or not as golden hair stays blonde. Not always but in what Ive seen in real life.


    Also why are dot- Indians so dark, sometimes darker than africans?

    Good show, too bad Hobbs has such horrible audio.

  3. 2:19:05 Colonel Qaddafi TANSTAAFL said once that Slavs (or some Slavic sub-grouping) are more distant to Aryan Germans than the Bavarian/Ashkenazi Jews, this is interesting.

    “Colonel Qaddafi” is either honestly mistaken or a troll.

  4. Last week the jew paper of record published a critique of Reich’s revelations – Is Ancient DNA Research Revealing New Truths — or Falling Into Old Traps? The crux of it is, as I mentioned last night, the entirely jewy concern that the recent DNA evidence contradicts their anti-“racist”/anti-“nazi” narrative and vindicates the racialist understanding of the Aryans:

    In the 1910s, a German named Gustaf Kossinna turned his personal fixation on heightened Proto-Germanic Barbarian activity after the fall of Rome into a theory, “settlement archaeology,” that emphasized the glory of the German nation. For Kossinna, a given material culture — a uniformity in pottery style, say — was the index of a coherent people, and it was the destiny of the Germans, greater than even that of the Romans, to extend their superior Aryan culture from their homeland to the ends of the earth. The Nazis were more than happy to put these claims into service, and even academics with better politics became convinced that the driver of human progress was the roving exogenous shock of migratory adventures.

    . . .

    Some archaeologists who had collaborated on the 2015 paper about Indo-European invasions withdrew their names to protest conclusions they saw as echoes of Kossinna — the mass migrations of advanced Indo-Europeans into Central Europe. (Reich got the critics back on board by adding a note, on Page 138 of their paper’s 141-page supplementary materials, that said their work in fact contradicted Kossinna, not because he was wrong about mass migration but on a technicality: The European ancestral homeland had, in fact, been far to the east, near the Caucasus and nowhere near present-day Germany.)

    Reich responded today with Five Corrections to The New York Times. More technicalities, dancing around the jewy crux. Correction 4 is key. In it Reich objects to this bit from the Times critique:

    Earlier paleogenomic results established thousands of years of heady mixture among long-forgotten ancient populations. With the relatively recent rise of everything we associate with “culture” — technologies like agriculture, metallurgy and eventually writing — much of this continuous “admixture” began to give way, it seemed, to discontinuous episodes better characterized as “replacement” or “turnover.” That is, about 5,000 to 9,000 years ago, human history was, at least in a few crucial places, less about various groups coming together and more about some groups blotting out their neighbors.

    Reich defends himself by claiming, in essence, that he has only ever sought to advance anti-“racist” narrative 2.0, the migrating-mixing-nigger-race narrative.

    The trap here has nothing to do with how much mixing or replacement happened. It’s clear there was some of both. The problem for the jews is that the DNA evidence exposes the big fat post-war lies about the Aryans and race as big fat JEW lies. Thus the lame attempt to discredit Reich, to discourage him and others from revealing such evidence. And Reich’s lame response, to defend his credibility without acknowledging the true nature of the Jew York Times beef against him.

    Unfortunately for the jews, Reich let the cat out of the bag in his Jew York Times op-ed last year – How Genetics Is Changing Our Understanding of ‘Race’:

    The orthodoxy goes further, holding that we should be anxious about any research into genetic differences among populations. The concern is that such research, no matter how well-intentioned, is located on a slippery slope that leads to the kinds of pseudoscientific arguments about biological difference that were used in the past to try to justify the slave trade, the eugenics movement and the Nazis’ murder of SIX MILLION JEWS.

    I have deep sympathy for the concern that genetic discoveries could be misused to justify racism. But as a geneticist I also know that it is simply no longer possible to ignore average genetic differences among “races.”

  5. A few days before detailing his “Five Corrections” Reich put them in prose form. Letter in response to Jan. 17 article in The New York Times. Here’s the nub of it:

    Lewis-Kraus’s critiques are based on incomplete facts and largely anonymous sources whose motivations are impossible to assess. Curiously, he did not ask me about the great majority of his concerns. Had he done so, the evidence underlying his thesis that my work is “indistinguishable from the racialized notions of the swashbuckling imperial era” would have fallen apart. The truth, and the main theme of my 2018 book Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past, is exactly the opposite – namely, that ancient DNA findings have rendered racist and colonialist narratives untenable by showing that no human population is “pure” or unmixed.

    “I’m kosher! I’m promoting the migrating-mixing-nigger-race narrative!”

  6. In response to your show, I made this following comment and two others at PA’s blog.


    Tanstaafl does good job summing up where we are at in understanding human origins, and the intertwined point thingy of how that understanding is obscured by (((certain semitic parties called jews))). At his blog under the heading,

    Discussing DNA and White Origins with Norvin Hobbs

    The larger context of the paleo-archeology is so-called Out of Africa and how that’s not the case anymore except it still is (the case) actually.

    That’s one point that I would argue w/ Tan about. The Out of Africa model is what the jews have used to beat the drum that we’re all the same, and that we left Africa 40 to 50 thousand years ago. It’s more complicated than that but here’s the thing: the new findings w/ genetics are that we still left Africa but it was 3 or 4 times that long ago. So iow we’re still related to those nigger apes on a level that’s not far enough back for us to put them in zoos.

    The other twist in the story is that Africa has the most actual diversity and races, and some of them are really primitive, almost on the level of monkeys BUT those super primitive ones are NOT the ones we have to deal with mostly, for example in America as slave descendants or in Europe as invaders; these ones are from the branch of Africans who are more closely related. So that’s ironic.

    One issue that isn’t covered in that summary and I don’t hear much about, is the Erectus Walks Among Us angle. There is a book with that title that says that people came back to Africa to fuck the monkeys there and thus Michelle ‘orangutan’ Robinson and Patrick ‘he doesn’t even have a forehead’ Ewing.

    THat book itself used graphs and stuff, but the idea itself is not being treated by the serious scientists and laypeople who are on our side.

  7. I wanted to thank you for being one of the main influences in accelerating my “awakening” from the Jewtrix. I am now at the point where I perceive the search for “the good jew” and the fool hardy goy’s need to have an intellectual basis behind “countersemitism” i.e. the struggle against the enemy to be masturbatory cowardice and can finally move on to practical matters. This comment is solely to express my gratitude for doing all the groundwork and for the fascinating show with Norvin. I really do appreciate it.

  8. Rolf Degen: “Jews owe their above average intelligence at least partly to the same multiple genetic variants that are associated with superior cognitive abilities in the general population.”

    Interesting spin. What the study actually says is that jews are genetically different.

    Polygenic scores mediate the Jewish phenotypic advantage in educational attainment and cognitive ability compared with Catholics and Lutherans:

    It was found that the Jewish performance advantage over both Catholics and Lutherans with respect to all 3 measures was partially and significantly mediated by group differences in the polygenic score. This result is consistent with the prediction that the high average cognitive ability of Jews may have been shaped, in part, by polygenic selection acting on this population over the course of several millennia.

    Gould and Turkheimer BTFO. The DNA specific to congenital liars and fraudsters will also eventually be identified and cohencidentally found to be well above average in jews.

  9. An example, via the BBC, of how the migrating-mixing-nigger-race narrative distorts the ongoing revelations of science. Viewpoint: Why we still underestimate the Neanderthals:

    The evidence of replacement anywhere is, being generous, slim.

    But of course. You can’t call replacement replacement if everybody is us.

    The same underlying research paper, An early Aurignacian arrival in southwestern Europe, has been summarized elsewhere with no spin. A surprisingly early replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans in southern Spain:

    A new study of Bajondillo Cave (Málaga) by a team of researchers based in Spain, Japan and the U.K., coordinated from the Universidad de Sevilla, reveals that modern humans replaced Neanderthals at this site approximately 44,000 years ago.

  10. “Israel need not apologize for the assassination (of JFK) or destruction of those who seek to destroy it. The first order of business for any country is the protection of its people.” Washington Jewish Week, October 9, 1997. (That statement was made after Michael Collins Piper’s book: “Final Judgment” proved beyond all doubt, that “the Jews” (Edomite Canaanites from Idumea, and NOT of Israel or of Judah, but Canaanites, murdered JFK in 1963). “Jews are the devil Collectively.” (and his DNA children of Genesis 3:15).

    “Esau-Edom is modern Jewry.” 1925 Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. 5 page 41. Edomites (Jews) are the Canaanites that King David spent six months: “KILLING JEWS FOR GOD” in First Kings 11:14-17 in Edom, 3,000 years ago, but Hadad, Prince of Edom (Jewry) escaped to Egypt. Saxon ”Jesus” was not an Edomite, Canaanite, Demon Seed Devil Jew from Idumea, like Judas, the ONLY “Jew” on Saxon Christ’s staff. (John 6:70).

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    All that happened 40 YEARS AFTER the first Hanukkah of 165 B.C. (Fulfilling Daniel 8:14) which the Jews “missed” the first Hanukkah or “Cleansing of The Sanctuary” of 165 B.C. “Jews” (Edomites in Idumea) also MISSED “Passover” in Egypt, (Jews were “never slaves” in Egypt with Saxon Moses, John 8:33), Jews “missed” the “Crossing of the Red Sea with Saxon Moses,” and the “Ten Commandments with Saxon Moses,” and “Jews” are NOT the “Hebrew Israelites” of the Saxon Hebrew Bible, of the White European Hebrews, by their own admission, in their own Jew publications:

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    “Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatic (Khazars – GOG & MaGOG of Russia), let them be born where they will nor how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American’s, and will not even thou they live among us ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots. Jews are Asiatics, (Khazars) are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention.” Ben Franklin, 1789


  11. Interesting discussion but I agree NH’s audio requires much improvement (I had difficulty understanding him in parts); has anyone *told him*? (hint) ;)

    As for the Khazars, my favourite quote:

    MOURANT: “The Genetics of the Jews” (1978), Chapter 10:

    “The general conclusion to be drawn from the blood-group data is that the Ashkenazim are essentially a single population, largely, if not mainly, of Palestinian Jewish descent. The strongest evidence is their systematic resemblance to the Sephardim, whose Palestinian ancestry is more firmly established by historical records. As already stated, these two major groups of Jews differ distinctly with respect to each main blood-group system, but the difference for any one system is never very great. This is what one would expect for two populations of common origin but separated for not much more than a thousand years. The incorporation of a Khazar component in the Ashkenazim cannot, however, be ruled out completely.”

    -and to add from my iteration of 29/7/17:

    The Israeli eugenic “Aryan-emulation” genetic drive is mentioned in R.H. Williams: “The Ultimate World Order” (1957).

    Another ‘handle’ to add to the growing list (previous last: ‘cupboard people’?) –
    “tertius gaudens” – p.13, ‘From Admiral to Cabin Boy’ (1947) by Barry Domvile.

    If a member of the Tribe should insist that it is “racist” to resist mass Negroid immigration to White countries, what possible objection is there to citing Israel’s racial purity policy and deportation (to the West) of heavily pigmented “infiltrators”?

  12. O/T:

    1) an upcoming event in NYC 29 January on free speech / hate speech [that’s right, adopt the opposition’s language, adopt their argument]:

    “Paul Coleman explores the grim rise of European hate-speech laws, ahead of Spiked US’s next event in NYC on 29 January. Get tickets” [allegedly free]:


    They should discuss:

    2) a minor oddball:

    Shortwave Report 2019-01-18 @1m2s Radio Deutsche-Welle/Conflict Zone Tim Sebastian interviews Mischaël Modrikamen executive director of The Movement, Steve Bannon’s foundation for populist political parties worldwide.
    Saturday afternoon “wrestling”, anyone?
    Compiler “Deputy Dawg” Dan Roberts reminds me of Edward G, Robinson, if in name only.
    “White Supremacists”? Kike Supremacists!

  13. Norvin asked via email what I thought about the Quora link about jew DNA he mentioned during our discussion – What results do Ashkenazi Jews receive on DNA tests? Are there any Ashkenazi Jews willing to share their results? So here are my thoughts.

    What is interesting about that Quora link is that it covers every major point concerning jew DNA. That jew is a genetic trait. That jews are genetically distinct from Europeans. That jew DNA is most similar to the DNA of Middle Easterners (as the DNA Tribes reports indicate) and that this contradicts the Khazar theory.

    It was also funny to see the jew supplying his results emphasize this:

    Thankfully, Living DNA, a British company that uses advanced technologies, doesn’t include a Jewish category and so breaks us down geographically.

    Near as I can tell this “feature” of not distinguishing jew DNA means instead they report the nearest DNA match to various European regions. This regional identification is more valid for Euros than for jews, because jews have historically been more endogamous and mobile. IOW this “feature” is basically the age-old mask (German jew, Russian jew, Spanish jew, Italian jew, …) they wore for centuries before DNA testing was available.

  14. Chimpanzee genomic diversity reveals ancient admixture with bonobos

    The same analysis used on hominin DNA when applied to chimp/bonobo DNA reveals a similar history of speciation (and limited hybridization) over roughly the same time period, and it all happened within Africa.

    There is a clear analogy between the subspecies of chimp and continental races of hominin – thus this paper detailing the speciation rule must likewise over-emphasize the MIXING!MIXING!MIXING! exception.

  15. Caucasian vs Caucasoid

    While “White” is a popular informal term for racial classification it is extremely vulnerable to attack as a social construct/skin colour trivialisation/”they look Hwhite to me” as Jared Taylor once put it.

    I think “Caucasian” fits best and when people try to undermine it by saying “Well, some East Africans have a Caucasian skull shape” I would say, “no, they are Caucasoids”. Apparently, as well as outflow from Africa there were also times of backflow. ie. people re-mixing with earlier homonids back in Africa which could explain this earlier Caucasoidal spread.

    So, perhaps we should claim Caucasian as a scientific term and equal to White and dismiss anything else as Caucasoid? In respect of Ashkenazis I believe they carry a lot of European DNA and generally appear “white” to most people, but again I would classify them as Caucasoids since they are mixed and their non-White genes often seem to be dominant.

    Indeed it’s curious to me that White genetics seem to be universally regressive in the face of non-White genes whenever mixing occurs unless the percentage White input is overwhelming. Are we the youngest race? Were we created by Enki and his pals? Either way, Caucasian vs Caucasoid might be helpful as a differentiation don’t you think?

  16. I think you can pick whatever name you will, and the jews will attack and trivialize it because that’s what they do.

  17. Are we the youngest race?

    We’re the most advanced race ( newest ).
    We are in the process of speciation.
    A change in skin color is a typical sign of speciation, although most biologists will only mumble this in isolated corners.
    It makes imminent sense , from an evolutionary standpoint, that a new species would have the most prominent markings ( skin color ) for mate selection.

  18. We shouldn’t hesitate to call ourselves Aryans. We need to start doing everything kikes don’t want us to do.

  19. I think you can pick whatever name you will, and the jews will attack and trivialize it because that’s what they do.

    Yes, but I’m not trying to persuade red sea pedestrians. I’m interested in a retort to their jewing against White people not having a racial origin. The audience of interest being the Goyim in general and Whitey in particular.

    Anyway, it remains interesting indeed amusing to me that “Caucasoid” can exist as a word while “Caucasian” is touted out as including everything that “Caucasoid” does.

  20. We shouldn’t hesitate to call ourselves Aryans.

    The (((media))) has so demonized that word, that it totally negates any idea expressed with it, in the minds of the public.
    (((they)))) have so heavily corrupted our language, that it’s nearly impossible for the average person to express clear thinking. ‘ ya know, like , I mean’.

  21. We can’t yield an inch to them. If we don’t ‘t call ourselves Aryans, soon we won’t be able to call ourselves Europeans or White.

    Offense is the only defense.

  22. “Aryan” includes many ppl from SW Asia, like Iranians, that aren’t White, IMO.
    It you can get Aryan too work, more power to you.

  23. Ancient Girl’s Parents Were Two Different Human Species

    This image depicts hominin speciation. It is disfigured by the migrating-mixing-nigger-race text attached to it.

    Over millions of years, Africa incubated a dazzling array of ancient human relatives. Today, only one branch of the family tree remains: us.

    Yet the big “us” branch includes Neanderthal and Denisovan and Erectus, which developed and thrived outside Africa. It wrongly includes Naledi, which belongs in the big never-left-Africa branch.

    mixing between early hominin groups may have been common

    Yet there would be no mixing for the jewsmedia to promote and celebrate were it not for the fact that speciation is the rule and mixing the rare exception.

  24. Contrary to the OOA/MMNR narrative, Fonda’s explanation better fits the evidence. Ronald A. Fonda: African Eve, Eurasian Adam: Age and Origin of the Human Species:

    The speciation event that produced Homo sapiens sapiens could not have occurred contemporaneously in more than a very few individuals. It follows that those few s. sapiens would have possessed a very restricted sample of the progenitor species’ genetic diversity. However, the diversity observed in current populations implies that there were never less than several thousand breeding pairs in the human ancestry (Harpending et al., 1998). Accordingly, the founding s. sapiens and their descendants must have interbred with the progenitor species (and perhaps other pre-human populations) in order to preserve the diversity which exists today. While some changes in the genome must have occurred after the speciation event, the “lifetimes” of the genetic elements considered (in the works cited here) are far longer than new estimates of s. sapiens’ age (Mountain et al., 1994). As a consequence, most of the current diversity must be the result of interbreeding with pre-human populations.

    On this view we would expect to see the most hybridized elements of the modern indigenes in those areas where pre-human population density was highest, such as Africa and S. E. Asia. Also, we would expect those populations to have the greatest diversity today, because they would preserve more of the pre-human genome, which would have had much more genetic variety than was represented in the tiny, original population of s. sapiens.

    . . .

    The evidence indicates that humans came from a sparse population in Eurasia; that their diversity was further reduced by the speciation event; that they subsequently expanded in every habitable direction; and that they interbred with the populations they came in contact with, producing extant hybrid populations. Hence Mountain et al. (1994) reports that in the cladistic tree “the European branch is significantly short relative to all other branches,” that “the neighbor-joining tree… places the European sample close to the center of the tree with an extremely short branch,” and further that “Europeans and northeast Asians are closely related.” The first two of these statements are inconsistent with origin and radiation out of Africa while the third does not lend it any support. Evidence for radiation into Africa was found by Hammer et al. (1998) and Tischkoff et al. (1998) noted such evidence, but the latter went on to suggest that no attention should be paid to it.7

    The radiation of low-diversity s. sapiens from Eurasia is also the best explanation for the discoveries, dates, morphology and genetic data in S. E. Asia. There, s. sapiens and erectus lived in proximity for as long as 20,000 years (Swisher et al., 1996), evidently interbreeding to produce extant population types. Many students of fossil morphology have long contended that there is continuity between S. E. Asian Hominid fossils and extant indigenous peoples.8 Genetic data show these populations are distinct from northern Asian populations and of comparable diversity to Africans (Chang et al. 1996).9

    . . .

    Yet another challenge exists to the claim that our species radiated out of Africa. There is a consensus among anthropologists that s. sapiens’ cultural artifacts display a higher level of cognitive function than all previous species. The technical level and diversity of their tool industry alone would have set them apart. Add to that whole new categories of behavior: the creation of representative art, the domestication of the dog etc. Thence we would expect that the populations which were hybridized with predecessor species would be intellectually and cognitively disadvantaged in relation to low-diversity, Eurasian populations. In fact we do observe that Eurasians are cognitively advantaged in comparison to high-diversity populations (Herrnstein and Murray, 1994), which clearly reveals the direction of species radiation. Expressing this view however is likely to attract such vehement abuse that few dare speak it openly. Only those few whose livelihood is not subject to the fiats of “wimmin and minorities” can openly state the truth on this subject, and even then their views are ruthlessly censored.

    This view is expanded upon, in less technical terms, in Erectus Walks Amongst Us: The Evolution of Modern Humans.

  25. As Fonda points out, genetic diversity and adaptive radiation are characteristic of speciation. Who is working hard to obscure this reality, even to the point of promoting its inversion? The jews, of course.

    Human genetic diversity: Lewontin’s fallacy

    In popular articles that play down the genetical differences among human populations, it is often stated that about 85% of the total genetical variation is due to individual differences within populations and only 15% to differences between populations or ethnic groups. It has therefore been proposed that the division of Homo sapiens into these groups is not justified by the genetic data. This conclusion, due to R.C. Lewontin in 1972, is unwarranted because the argument ignores the fact that most of the information that distinguishes populations is hidden in the correlation structure of the data and not simply in the variation of the individual factors. The underlying logic, which was discussed in the early years of the last century, is here discussed using a simple genetical example.

    Like Freud’s Fraud, Lewontin’s Lie is infamous. And Lewontin’s lying is just one of the better known examples of jews jewing race science.

    Cohencidentally, all these jewy liars direct an equally jewy visceral hatred at Francis Galton, the genius who discovered correlation and regression, the statistical tools every scientist worthy of the name uses.

    To answer Mark’s question above:

    Indeed it’s curious to me that White genetics seem to be universally regressive in the face of non-White genes whenever mixing occurs unless the percentage White input is overwhelming. Are we the youngest race?

    What you’re noticing is called regression to the mean. Hybridization undoes the adaptive radiation which precedes it.

  26. they look Hwhite to me” as Jared Taylor once put it.

    Taylor does not have a discriminating eye , or he is feigning ignorance ( he’s alleged to have a Jewish wife, idk).

  27. )ews know that eugenics is the key to the future and they are doing everything to sabotage any movement in that direction.

  28. Israeli rabbinate accused of using DNA testing to prove Jewishness – Israel News – Haaretz.com:

    “It is really terrifying thinking where this could lead,” Elad Caplan, the director of the advocacy center at ITIM, told Haaretz. “Judaism is about belonging and community – it’s not about race and blood, as our worst enemies have claimed.”

    Their usual tactic of screeching and trying to shift blame to someone else is particularly lame in this situation. It is jew-first courts in the jew-first state using DNA to decide who is a jew. No enemy is forcing it upon them. They do it because they understand jew is a genetic trait.

  29. KSA, if you can get Aryan to work when it conventionally would mean mainly South Asians and Middle Easterners – LESS power to you. Normal White advocates just use the word ‘White’. Crankery get sidelined for a reason. That includes some of the Third Reich’s adopted crankery that sometimes is assumed to be holy writ among White Nationalists. “Even Hitler himself” is a bad argument I have too often had to answer. Just say White.

  30. “when it conventionally would mean mainly South Asians and Middle Easterners”

    What? The Aryans are from the Black Sea region in what is modern Ukraine.

    “Just say White.”

    I usually do, but the problem there is that too many Whites see kikes as White simply because they have light skin.

  31. If enough people say something, it gets normalized. Whites need to stop giving ground to jews in the realm of dialectics. We let them smear the word Aryan, and now they’re smearing White and European. One of the biggest/most damaging aspects of jewing is how they prevent the host people from defining themselves.

  32. Same same . Are male mitochondrial dna transfer to offspring is No go. Scientist persist, find children with fathers mtdna.

  33. KSA, there is no, ‘The Aryans.” As a catch-all and clearly self-promoting term adopted by several groups over time and space it may have had as much or little and as mutable meaning as the terms, ‘Western’ or ‘international community’ or ‘Asian’ do today. And it definitively is not known to attach to Whiteness, but rather to the peoples of the Middle East and South Asia who seem to kind of need to glory in whatever injection of White blood they ever got, and sometimes it called itself Aryan.


    ‘Non-Jewish Whites have different interests and definitely support different policies than Jewish Whites,’ is likely to be a more winning tack than bummering about ‘Aryans’. Proceed to show how Jews are not White. Is this not more truthful and effective and simple for everyone than introducing controversial anthropology and ancient history?

  34. … when the Third Reich comes up, you can easily throw a spanner in the works with questions like, ‘Do you know how many times Hitler tries to make peace with Britain’

  35. Nick Dean–

    “Non-Jewish Whites” is insulting to us because we’re defining ourselves from their perspective. It’s just as bad as “Non-Hispanic Whites.”

    We need to be in the center of our own existence as a race, frame-wise.

  36. If enough people say something, it gets normalized.

    If the media says something enough, it gets normalized.
    ( most ppl are parrots).

  37. when the Third Reich comes up, you can easily throw a spanner in the works with questions like, ‘Do you know how many times Hitler tries to make peace with Britain’.

    That would work wi a few ppl, wi open intelligence.
    Most ppl will fallback on media mantras, ” Hitler bad man, evil , always and forever”. ( Resorting to the safety and acceptance of ‘flock mentality’.)

  38. We need to be in the center of our own existence as a race, frame-wise.

    So true, but we don’t even have the vocabulary for that.
    Welcome to 1984, “the limits of my speech are the limits of my thinking”.

  39. To Fred W.

    So true, but we don’t even have the vocabulary for that

    Take a look at John Mark who discusses this problem from about 1:34:30 for the next few minutes: here.

    I don’t know who John Mark is and I think he should have given some/all credit to Bob Whitaker for what he’s advocating but that’s another matter I suppose. Good video I thought.

    To Tan:

    What you’re noticing is called regression to the mean. Hybridization undoes the adaptive radiation which precedes it.

    I think that suggests Whites are a newer race then and currently disadvantaged in that White genes regress in cases of race mixing. If so, the converse appears to be the case with jews who can race mix with a relatively high retention of jewishness and implicit solidarity. Makes me wonder if that makes them an older race than Whites? If so, could explain their drive to subordinate and ultimately eliminate Whites maybe?

  40. Apologies, for an error above. I mentioned John Mark. The link is actually to a Youtube channel by the name of “No White Guilt”.

  41. I wanna apologize to everyone for my poor audio quality, I hope in spite of that everyone found it to be informational.

  42. Who’s a Jew? Rabbinical courts demand DNA test to prove Judaism – report – Israel News – Jerusalem Post:

    Over the past year, almost 20 couples with at least one spouse from the former Soviet Union were asked to carry out a DNA test to prove that they were Jewish.

    Some 5,000 immigrants were asked to prove their Jewishness in recent years, Farner said.

    Rabbis Yitzhak Yosef and David Lau are promoting legislation that would allow the rabbinical courts to challenge the Jewishness of a person – even if he was not even registered for marriage, and did not apply for religious services, the report added.

    In 2017, there was a rabbinic ruling that permitted a specific genetic test to be used as proof of Jewish descent for certain Ashkenazi Jews, which was proposed by Rabbi Yosef Carmel, who is both co-head of the Eretz Hemdah Institute for Advanced Jewish Studies and a senior rabbinical judge on the private Eretz Hemdah rabbinical court in south Jerusalem.

    According to the rabbi, experts in Jewish genealogy and history have determined that 40% of all Ashkenazi Jews are descended from just four Jewish women who left the Middle East more than 1,000 years ago and settled in Europe.

    According to the scientific report commissioned by Eretz Hemdah for its ruling, there is a certainty of at least 90% and up to 99% that someone bearing specific genetic markers in their mitochondrial DNA is descended from one of these women.

  43. Fairy Tales Could Be Older Than You Ever Imagined | smithsonianmag.com | Smithsonian:

    Since the tales were passed down orally, they can be almost impossible to unwind using a historian or anthropologist’s traditional toolbox. So the team borrowed from biology, instead, using a technique called phylogenetic analysis.

    . . .

    The findings might confirm the long-disregarded theory of fairy tale writer Wilhelm Grimm, who thought that all Indo-European cultures shared common tales.

    Wilhelm Grimm and other “indo-european nazis” vindicated. Folk/fairy tales are not just an ancient White thing, but an Aryan legacy.

  44. A great discussion here Tan. Incidentally, I found Richard Fuerel’s book ‘Erectus Walks Amongst Us’ to be a great resource, which has been pretty much ignored by White advocates. However, I don’t believe that he actually pinned down the estimated evolutionary time difference in years between Negroes and Whites. From my reading of the extant literature on the racial subject, I would estimate an evolutionary difference of at least 100 to 150 thousand years.

  45. The most violent group of people who ever lived:

    A brutish tribe of people who lived in the Neolithic era more than 4,000 years ago is being touted as the most violent and aggressive society to ever live.

    A growing body of evidence is convincing archaeologists that the Yamnaya society ruthlessly massacred opposing societies.

    It is believed the primitive society capitalised on disease, warfare and famine and unceremoniously swept through Europe, destroying entire civilisations and leaving destruction in their wake.

    DNA evidence from several prehistoric burial sites has revealed hoards of these tall, muscular and violent warriors would overwhelm other societies on horseback.

    They would murder men and sire their own children so that within a few generations the presence of the previous societies is all but eradicated.

    . . .

    Ancient DNA reveals these migrants were well nourished, tall and muscular. Some archaeologists also argue that the warrior tribe consisted of skilled horsemen.

    ‘It looks like they lived mostly on meat and milk products,’ says Professor Kristiansen.

    ‘They were healthier and probably physically quite strong.’

  46. I found this video by (((Professor David Reich))) interesting as it offers new evidence and appears to be a sort of managed retreat on race regarding the out of Africa theory, while being firmly barbed with “humility lessons” such that Whitey of course, still does not exist (about 32 mins in).

  47. Thanks for the link Mark.

    “We’re all mixed, there is no such thing as purity.” Reich bookends his talk with this bit of his invasive parasitic tribe’s toxic, self-serving, self-fulfilling advice. The body of Reich’s presentation concerns the myriad differences between “us”, differences so profound that there is no “us”.

  48. American Association of Physical Anthropologists Statement on Race & Racism:

    Race does not provide an accurate representation of human biological variation. It was never accurate in the past, and it remains inaccurate when referencing contemporary human populations. Humans are not divided biologically into distinct continental types or racial genetic clusters. Instead, the Western concept of race must be understood as a classification system that emerged from, and in support of, European colonialism, oppression, and discrimination. It thus does not have its roots in biological reality, but in policies of discrimination. Because of that, over the last five centuries, race has become a social reality that structures societies and how we experience the world. In this regard, race is real, as is racism, and both have real biological consequences.

    . . .

    While human racial groups are not biological categories, “race” as a social reality — as a way of structuring societies and experiencing the world — is very real. The racial groups we recognize in the West have been socially, politically, and legally constructed over the last five centuries. They developed in tandem with European colonial expansion and the emergence of American and European societies with well-documented histories of being shaped and structured by racial hierarchies, power inequities, economic exploitation, dispossession, displacement, genocide, and institutional racism. These practices are rooted in assumptions of innate, natural differences between Europeans and other peoples, and systems of racial classification are intimately tied to histories of European settler colonialism, empire, and slavery.

    This is the standard jew-constructed anti-“racist” narrative: Race isn’t real, no such thing as White, “racism” was invented by the White man to oppress non-Whites, especially jews.

  49. The genomic history of the Iberian Peninsula over the past 8000 years:

    We document high genetic substructure between northwestern and southeastern hunter-gatherers before the spread of farming. We reveal sporadic contacts between Iberia and North Africa by ~2500 BCE and, by ~2000 BCE, the replacement of 40% of Iberia’s ancestry and nearly 100% of its Y-chromosomes by people with Steppe ancestry. We show that, in the Iron Age, Steppe ancestry had spread not only into Indo-European–speaking regions but also into non-Indo-European–speaking ones, and we reveal that present-day Basques are best described as a typical Iron Age population without the admixture events that later affected the rest of Iberia. Additionally, we document how, beginning at least in the Roman period, the ancestry of the peninsula was transformed by gene flow from North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean.

    Iosif Lazaridis posted a nice image (from the paper I assume). The lower left summarizes Iberian genetic history, and the upper right illustrates the genetic relationships between various ancient European hunter-gatherers, ancient Aryans (“Steppe”), various modern European, and various modern MENA.

  50. Could we briefly fast-track to the present? Dr Edward Dutton (The Jolly Heretic on YouTube) has this to say Episode 40: Why’s it so Difficult for Liberals and Conservatives to be Friends?. After the jokey start, he gets into the meat of the disparity between small-c conservatives and liberals/leftists.

    I hope he’s on your radar Tan, if his output is of interests to you. He seems to me like an English version of Kevin MacDonald but, with his curiosity turned up to 11 (Spinal Tap joke).

    Rewinding to the subject at hand, I’ve read that the early Europeans, primarily haplogroup I, were focused on co-operation and reliability since their enemy was the Ice-age with no real racial issues encountered, whereas the new Europeans, primarily haplogroup R1B coming into Western Europe, had encountered interracial wars, making them hierarchical, mobile and war-like with in-group preference. The fusion of the two in Europe catapaulted the world into modernity, but at a cost of dilution of in-group preference. Then Jews got a foot in the door and by proxy, slaughtered our very best in war after war, then, if Dutton is right, our breeding was shifted from K strategy to R strategy compounded by removal of all pressures to protect against mutant genes.

    The result is White people don’t “wake up” not just for the fear of being unpersoned, threatened and impoverished but, also because too many of us are mutant Whites today (Dutton’s theory). Still White mind, but genetically screwed – genetically hyper-individualised. I think this probably needs recognising if deeper understanding to a solution is to be found.

  51. *yawn*

    Niggers were being segregated within living memory. Funny how those pesky race-consciousness denying, hyper-individualizing genes were so quiet back then. There is no mystery here, most people are retarded human sheep who do and think what those in charge (the Jews) tell them to.

    “an English version of Kevin MacDonald”

    Most of the English are hypocritical moralizers and money-grubbing cowards. Take what they say with a grain of salt.

  52. @Captainchaos To disagree substantively I can respect. Your reply is nationalist-presenting at best, with a bit of divide and conquer thrown in. So we’re done.

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