Jewy Anti-White Conversations Disguised as Something Else

Last night I finally pushed through and finished listening to an item I had put on TFeed in mid-February: This conversation (between two jews) will change how you understand misogyny. Several times over the past months I had stopped listening, in disgust, after only a few minutes. It is that bad. I can’t even recall why I thought it was worth putting on my feed in the first place, other than the general notion of listening in on enemy conversations.

Ezra Klein and Kate Manne talk for two hours and 15 minutes. They spend the first 50-60 minutes beating around the bush – speaking in platitudes and generalities, and in feminized academic jargon so thick that it’s hardly possible to see any point to what they’re saying. What makes it worse, especially in this first part, is how all the while they’re heaping praise on each other for their supposed bold insight and explication.

I want this hour of my life back, and I apologize for subjecting other listeners to it. If you haven’t listened yet you can skip it and lose nothing.

In the second hour the two jews loosen up and speak more plainly. At this point it becomes clear that what they are really talking about, and the cause for their mutual admiration, is not about sex or gender but about race. They share a loathing and resentment not toward men in general, but specifically toward White men for being White.

The last 15 minutes are the best. Having revealed the subtext of Manne’s book and this discussion as an extension of the broader long-running Freud/Authoritarian Personality shtick – to psychopathologize White men, to convince us to further lower our defenses – the two jews finally feel comfortable enough to confide that the driving force, their central concern, has everything to do with their jewness and their congenital anxiety about soap and lampshades.

By the by we learn Klein’s debate with tribemate Sam Harris still dogs him. That conversation was shorter and more worth listening to on the whole. Two anti-White jews, dissimulating as “white guys”, debating what take on race is best for the jews. Harris plays the “race realist”, Klein the anti-“racist”. As with Klein’s conversation with Manne, the crucial fact that both participants are jews, and hyperconscious of it, doesn’t come out until after an elaborate song and dance.

Klein’s toxic jewing first came to my attention ten years ago, during the Journolist scandal.

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    The New York Times is talking about the international pressure on Japan to give up its isolationist tendencies and view of racial homogeneity as positive.
    Here they are trying to promote a Japanese Olympian of mixed race as a symbol of what japan needs to embrace if they are going to survive in the modern world. They also don’t like Japan’s policy against dual citizenship.
    This is happening while that fat piece of shit mike pompeo is talking about the need for the world to accept the American ideals of democracy, liberty and diversity. So I guess diversity has expanded from a domestic policy to a global policy that will be enforced through sanctions and military threats.

  2. Some notes from a conversation with Greg Cochran:

    – Jewish high iq probably also accidentally selected for ‘depression’ genes, anxiety, etc.

    – Jews were already leftwing, Moldbug is wrong (he really doesn’t like Moldbug!), look at role in Russian empire or Europe

    – Jews think of whites as their ‘ancient foe’ but don’t think that of Chinese

    – USS Liberty was absolutely a purposeful Israeli attack on US ship, only case he knows of repeated day-time ‘accidental’ attacks. Article in Chicago Tribune of retired army guys who saw classified info, and they said they heard transmissions from Israeli airforce being told to attack US ships. They wanted to kill everyone so there’d be no witnesses. Then later lied to say it was an ‘accident’ despite it happening over and over again. 6th Fleet was going to be scrambled, but McNamara ordered not to cuz LBJ ordered not to, because he didn’t want to piss off “the Jews”. What was the purpose of the attack on the Liberty? To pretend it was Egypt attacking and get US on Israel’s side. Likely some general didn’t realize in fog of war how easily Israel was winning and lost his nerve and ordered it, as well as good opportunity to cement American support and finish off residual “Arab” lobby in USG.

    – Nixon supporting Israel in ’73 was to get Jewish support for Cold War and tie their support to Vietnam war, etc. You don’t need all the Jews, but you need ‘some of them’.

    – White subordination to Jews, can change, it changed over past 100 years, it can change again. Israel will likely ‘push its luck’ and p.o. Trump, see below.

  3. So I guess diversity has expanded from a domestic policy to a global policy that will be enforced through sanctions and military threats.

    Doesn’t seem to apply to China, India or Africa. Will China be the new golem ?

    Only seems to apply to advanced nations that could block global hegemony of a megalomaniac group.

  4. don’t have the patience to listen to Jews Jew’ing for this length of time. Ezra Klein’s hardLeft Jewsite, incidentally, is substantially funded by the mainland chicoms.

    the Chinks, IOTW, will not be a golem. Both Chinese and Ashkenazic Jews are Asiatic, high-IQ, savage collectivists and on precisely the same anti-White, anti-Western Civ wavelength. Essentially, the Jews intend to use and are using masses of invasive ethnics – Blacks, Browns, Muslims, AND Yellows – to liquidate the Whites and their nations. This done, Stage II will – probably via a global terror-famine – exterminate most of the no-longer useful POC and leave a Tribal paradise ruled by Jews and administered by their Chink soulmates.

  5. When it comes to purposed madness, anything they can do – we can do better!

    PS: I saw in a chat that (allegedly) a ~2011 Univ. Colorado paper asserts remote viewing worked for predicting general stock market trends over a short forecast period. I do wonder if there’s something in this because I’ve never been convinced there are so many Billionaires of that ilk based purely on ethnic networking and “high IQ”.
    Power of Positive Thinking and remote viewing, spatial or temporal, might come in handy especially on a distributed basis. “Any port in a storm”.

  6. I agree with Haxo about the Jews and Chinese. I know if I was a Japanese or Iranian leader I would start nuclear Armageddon to keep them out of my nation. At least it will be a quick resolution. Jan Lamprect has a theory about how the white method of waging short high intensity wars is not the way of Asians and Jews. They wage long deceptive low intensity wars that whites can’t fathom because it isn’t in our genes. He compares the Jewish method to serial killers in the way that they trick and manipulate their prey.

  7. I’ve never been convinced there are so many Billionaires of that ilk based purely on ethnic networking…

    Don’t underestimate the power of codified nepotism and dual morality.

  8. I know if I was a Japanese or Iranian leader I would start nuclear Armageddon to keep them out of my nation.

    You’re making a hypothetical projection.
    Jews are very secure and prosperous in Iran, have been for centuries.
    Jews owned and ran Shanghai, prior to WWII.
    Jews are much of the Japanese porn and prostitution business.
    They are more prevasive than you realise.

  9. What I got from the hearing is that shitting on whites is understood to be righteous and Jews can’t be questioned as the most victimized group. All the other groups are free to battle for their interests.

  10. That hearing was just as stacked and phoney as ((( tom lantos))) hearing ” the Iraqi soldiers were pulling babies out of incubators and throwing them on the floor”.
    Total fraud !
    Same (((players))) !

    (((They ))) are realizing they don’t have enough corporate, money and thug power to silence WN, so now they want the power of the gov to crush WN.

    Notice, nadler looks just like abe foxman, only thinner ?

  11. I see what she did there. She needed to broaden the definition of mysogeny because Jews couldn’t create opposing fronts for their fight set-up between men and women without a larger group since not many men outright hate women. By defining it more broadly they get more people involved. There is that ugly revolutionary spiritual once again.

  12. The Fascinating Story of Indo-Europeans & Those Who Seek To Destroy It is scheduled for 4/15 on TFeed. Thanks Chris.

    Also, this interview with Patrick Little was excellent. Little provides a compelling critique and strategy against the jew money power. Also, Fighting the new far right is an enemy conversation, and enraging as such, but provides a clear view of the enemy’s relentless and uncompromising anti-White attitude. The dominant voice is of course the jewy-sounding jewy-looking rootless cosmopolitan Ruth Wodak.

  13. What these two jews did is dissemble about “misogyny” as a cover for their anti-White jewing.

  14. NOT a single White person to represent WN in nadler’s committee hearings. The perfect illustration of )ewish “fairness”.

  15. Ramzpaul did an epic clip on the hearing. I had to watch it three times it was so good.
    Honk honk!

  16. Tan, is there a possibility of a conversation between you and Frame Game?
    Would be a classic interview.

  17. Manne did her shtick for Politico last week. It’s the Sexism, Stupid:

    So far, at least in politics, it’s proving to be the Year of the White Guy.

    Two white male presidential candidates—Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders—have led the Democratic field from the start, and two others—Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg—have basked in glowing coverage. Meanwhile, experienced female rivals—Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren—haven’t generated nearly the same media buzz, or led any recent polls.

    What’s going on here? The evidence is mounting that these patterns are the work of sexism and misogyny—albeit often unconscious, unwitting and the result of implicit bias.

    . . .

    Many voters may implicitly regard the presidency as men’s birthright, something to which they are entitled. That could go doubly for white men—witness Cory Booker’s lackluster polling and fundraising numbers (given the case for thinking of Barack Obama as a uniquely charismatic figure, and something of an anomaly). So a woman might be at a particular disadvantage when running for the presidency as compared with her white male counterparts. And men, at least white men, may gain an illicit boost from running against women.

    This confirms what I pointed out about Manne’s conversation with Klein. The sexual framing is nothing more than a mask for a racial critique. What’s more, the candidates Manne paints as too White all share the same anti-White attitude. What distinguishes them is their positions on other subjects, like who will be better for the jews.

    What’s going on here? As White social and political power wanes, the jewsmedia must increasingly justify its hostility toward Whites by promoting the idea that nature itself is stacked against non-Whites. Mannes “misogyny” psycho-babble is merely a retooling of anti-“racism”: “Biological differences have no biological basis, stupid goyim, that’s why White men must be put down.”

  18. Today, June 8, is the 52nd anniversary of the day the USS Liberty committed an act of war against Innocent Little Israel, by colliding with & destroying Israel’s cannon shells, torpedo, & rockets.

    To add insult to injury, USS Navy life rafts intercepted & collided with Israeli machine fire:
    — [ ]

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