The Tautology of Jewing

Andrew Anglin has been reviewing the jewing revealed by Vicky Ward’s recent book abouth the Kushner crime family, highlighting the many previously unpublicized details and adding many relevant points of his own. It’s a great read.

How did such criminality, infiltrating and manipulating the very highest levels of government, avoid the scrutiny and criticism of the so-called Fourth Estate for so long? To paraphrase how I once described the similar situation around Jeffrey Epstein: All you need to know to understand why the jewsmedia, which supposedly hates hates hates Trump, has never made a big deal out of Trump’s connection to the Kushner crime family is that it’s the jewsmedia and the Kushners are jews.

Why is this criminality coming to light now? The jews are ruthless and their conspiracy is tribal, and this gives them tremendous power. But they aren’t omnipotent. They can’t keep everything supressed forever.

The Kushner jewing was well known and tolerated as such for years by the inner party jews and their tools in Jew York Shitty and Jew Jersey. What’s remarkable is how long it has taken the story to come out even after the agents of this sordid criminal jewing were ensconced in the White House. The national jewsmedia has spent the past three years screeching as if Russians and White nationalists were pulling Donald Trump’s strings. This is not because they are crazy, but because they’ve known all along the real string-pullers are jews.

To understand the slow disclosure and systematic distortion of this or any other kind of jew-related corruption you must understand the jewsmedia follows an unwritten code. The jewing they can’t hide, they spin. What they can’t spin, they White-wash. What they can’t White-wash, they simply grit their teeth and minimize. While the result is often a combination of these tactics, at this point there’s not much left for them to do with the Kushners but minimize.

Presumably the Mueller investigation has uncovered some of the campaign-related “Russian” jewing, so some of the truth about the “foreign influence” is coming out anyway. We must keep in mind that however damning the information about the Kushners that the jewsmedia finally discloses, it will be a limited hangout. Any connections implicating the larger ethnic network and totally jewed culture which birthed and fostered the Kushners will be downplayed, to the extent they’re revealed at all.

Ward’s book, for example, seems calculated to keeps the blast radius limited to the Kushners. The recent interview Ward did with Virginia Heffernan shows how it’s done. During the discussion jewing comes up directly only once, while discussing Jared Kushner’s mysterious acceptance into Harvard despite his mediocre rank in grade school. Heffernan, ever the good goy, knowingly brings up the fact that it was an exclusive jews-first/jews-only grade school, but only to praise it for supposedly being forthcoming about Kushner’s poor performance. After 50 minutes of even more superficial chit chat you’re left with the impression that what’s bad about Kushner, what shapes and drives his “vaguely zionist” worldview, is that he’s in bed with “the Saudis”.

Based on what Anglin has written, as far as Ward’s book covers jewing at all it seems to be trying to portray the Kushners as renegades, at odds with their tribe. From Karl Marx to George Soros this is one of the more common lines of apologia when jews get called out for doing something wrong. They’re not really jews, you see, or not good jews anyway. But you’re still an “anti-semite” for noticing.

This point I made about Weinstein applies far more generally than even the more jew-wise goyim realize. It applies in this case too. So it’s worth repeating:

Weinstein was able to carry on for as long as he did exactly because he is a member of a larger criminal tribe, whose methods he shared, and whose mutual protection he still enjoys. Indeed, across time and space Weinstein’s tribe has operated Weinstein-wise, as an ethnic gang – a widely-dispersed, obsessively-organized, now skulking, now screeching, genetically-related mafia. But in comparison to any other form of ethnic gangsterism jewing is far more insidious, more virulent, more chronic. Unlike others, the jews have repeatedly infiltrated and manipulated hosts so completely that they’ve repeatedly managed to privilege themselves and legalize their gangsterism.

Controlling the narrative, the perceptions, the thinking, the morality of their host has been integral to jewing. Properly understood, jewing is part pretense, part practice; part denial, part celebration; part carrot, part stick; part hidden, part in-your-fucking-face-and-whattaya-gonna-do-about-it-goyim. Jewing is parasitism so “successful” that none dare call it parasitism.

Suits and ties and jewsmedia fluff pieces may have gotten the Kushners this far, but under any scrutiny their minds and mores come across as so alien, so jewy, that they cannot be White-washed, they cannot be passed off as White. The fate and fortune of the Kushners has had nothing to do with “White privilege”. It has everything to do with jewing. That’s the crux of the scandal. Their identity as jews explains their motives, it explains their methods, and it explains the lack of scrutiny on them thus far. It will also dictate how the jewsmedia treats the story around them from this point on.

The jewing at the core of the story, the key to understanding it, is exactly what the jewsmedia will try hardest to minimize. Paradoxically, minimizing the criminal jewing will involve maximizing the OYYYY VEEEEYYYYYY jewing. Assuming the story gets mainstream traction, and a critical mass of goyim knowing starts to take form, articles will appear preemptively screeching that the Kushner kerfluffle is a terrible shanda fur die goyim.

No doubt some of this screeching will go so far as to imply that the jewsmedia is “anti-semitic”. We know Trump, who never says a word in defense of his White supporters, is totally comfortable championing jews as a collective. If and when necessary he will likely try to defend his criminal in-laws the same way.

I can hear him now. “THE ANTI-SEMITIC LYING MEDIA ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE IS TRYING TO SMEAR MY BRILLIANT SON-IN-LAW, HIS WONDERFUL FAMILY, AND THE STUPENDOUS JEWISH PEOPLE!!1!” Playing right along, the jewsmedia will just screech ever louder that Trump is “anti-semitic”, peddling age-old “tropes” and “canards” that have dogged the jews for millennia, wherever they wander.

This is the tautology of jewing. “Anti-semitism” everywhere, on the tip of everyone’s tongue, yet according to the jewsmedia jewing has nothing to do with it. If they can get away with this shtick even when the jewing is openly celebrated, why not under harsher light?

But then it may not even come to that. Take Epstein’s case for example. There was a cloak of secrecy around him and his network even before it was partially exposed and reburied. Epstein has been back in court over the past several months, and though he is directly connected to Trump, and the jewsmedia hates hates hates Trump, the self-professed speaking-truth-to-power types are all still mostly ignoring that story. At best they merely try to jewsplain it, providing lots of boring detail, glossing over the basic fact that Epstein’s network and the cover still afforded it is perfectly typically tribal.

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  1. Right after trump got elected and started folding the Jew Mickey Kaus was complaining on Twitter. He’s an Ann Coulter type who is really concerned with immigration. Someone tweeted at him asking why trump doesn’t just fire Kushner. He ominously replied that unfortunately trump wasn’t allowed to fire him. The Jew Maggie habberman even more ominously replied to Kaus “everything ok Mickey, you sure?” It was a message to shut up and an implied threat. I never see habberman pop up on anything but anti white type accounts so I was kind of surprised to see she was following the relatively obscure Kaus. It showed me that the Jews are watching everyone on Twitter from every angle. It was disturbing.

  2. In early 2014 Kaus, channeling Disraeli, told Coulter that the politics around immigration, and by implication politics generally, is all about race. This was on stage in front of a crowd at CPAC. Coulter nervously laughed it off. She urged the audience to vote republican (Trump wasn’t even on the scene yet) just one more time before making her infamous, disingenuous threat to “organize the death squads for the people who wrecked America”.

  3. Don’t want to spam your board tan but Australian senator Fraser Anning has been great on Twitter. He always posts pro white stuff but I’ve been noticing him talking about cracking down on usury as well. I bet he will be in the media crosshairs soon of ignoring him doesn’t work.

  4. On the same weekend a Black man throws a 5 year old White boy off the third floor balcony at the Mall of America, CBS releases an ad for their show ‘The Good Fight’ promoting and inciting violence against Richard Spencer and Whites.
    Our jew government is having hearings and House Resolutions and Bills against Whites. House Resolution 41, January 15, 2019. Senate Bill 894, March 27, 2019. House Judiciary Committee ‘Hate Crimes and the Rise of White Nationalism’, April 9, 2019.
    This is America today because the jews rule in America and they hate Whites.
    Imagine if a White guy throws a 5 year old Black kid off the third floor balcony. Instant hate speech, anti-semitism laws and criminalizing all forms of White advocacy. That’s what (((they))) want.

    This is crazy!

  5. It’s so hard to find quality commentary like this on the Jew stuff and broader White issues.

    In the spirit of your Tfeed sharing perhaps make a post inviting moderated suggestions on who’s worth reading or listening to?

  6. In part 4 of Kushner Inc. :

    … Anglin suggests that Trump never intended to win the 2016 election or believed he could.

    Trump has a three decade record of of opposition to invasion, where as a New York billionaire and celebrity such a stance never did him any favours. Trump always took a populist stance on the most critical question to Americans. He could have, at any time during the election when he was dominating them, thrown the election to one of those gay guys with some disqualifying comment. He never did.

    I don’t think that anyone intelligent would ever have advanced these nationalist policies without knowing the electorate would have embraced them.

  7. Nick, comments making such suggestions are welcome on any post, especially from regulars whose opinion I respect.

  8. Sorry to Tfeed bomb.
    But…. This is a solid show with Patrick Little. Little, Goes into the hidden jewish hand in wars and a book (i forget the title) proving this fact.
    Cromwell, to The French Revolution, Russian to Germany, showing parallels to what is happening to Whites in America and by extension Whites globally.

  9. A typical jewsmedia report from about a month ago, Mystery parties seek secrecy in Jeffrey Epstein-related suit – POLITICO:

    “If the identities of non-parties are not adequately protected, the release of the Summary Judgment Materials in this case would likely cause severe and irreparable harm to a wide variety of non-parties

    The breadth and depth of Epstein’s criminality has been and still is being actively suppressed. Trump’s association with Epstein is already known, yet the jewsmedia has yet to hammer on it, despite the fact that it “would likely cause severe and irreparable harm” to Trump. Why? Because it would also potentially harm jewing.

  10. Ann Coulter – All The President’s Bloodsucking Relatives – “In a speech to hundreds of New York bankers and businessmen on Dec. 16, 2016, Jared admitted that Trump was “easy to hate from afar.” But not to worry, he said, Trump wouldn’t be keeping his campaign promises — especially on immigration.” –

  11. 6 Jewish takeaways from the Mueller report – Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency combed through the report in search of Jewish links and tidbits. Here is what we found, including the story of an unusual [specifically jewy] gift that Jared Kushner received from the head of a Russian government-owned bank, the president talking about how he missed [Roy Cohn] a former lawyer who was Jewish and how the transition team tried to influence a U.N. Security Council resolution on Israeli settlements.

    Like Kushner and Epstein, Cohn is yet another sleazy association of Trump’s that the jewsmedia could harp on but doesn’t because it’s a specifically jewy association.

    No surprise, a significant portion of what the jewsmedia misreports as “Russian” is in reality just jewing.

  12. The Moral Case For Israel Annexing The West Bank—And Beyond:

    Israel has the moral right to annex all of the West Bank, for a plethora of reasons. Israel’s right to exist is non-negotiable and it has a right to unilaterally apply Israeli law over its nation-state.

    Jewish exceptionalism and the exceptionalist nature of Jewish civilization require an unconditional space for the continued evolution of their civilization. What’s good for Jewish civilization is good for humanity at large. Jewish civilization is an international treasure trove that must be protected.

    The author, Jason D. Hill, appears to be a tragic mulatto jewniversity jew. He also wrote Beyond Blood Identities:

    Beyond Blood Identities uncovers the social psychology of those who hold strong blood identities. In this highly original work, Jason D. Hill argues that strong racial, ethnic and national identities, which he refers to as ‘tribal identities,’ function according to a separatist logic that does irreparable damage to our moral lives. Drawing on scholarship in philosophy, sociology, and cultural anthropology, Hill contends that strong tribalism is a form of pathology.

    The Federalist article is either Hill trying to jew at 11, or trolling them to expose their willingness to jew at 11. Not sure it matters. I went to check Hill’s Twitter account, and as with Luke Ford, discovered only 4 random echo chamberites follow him.

  13. I don’t think the writer has any real power but from what I can tell the federalist types help form republican policy. I expect this to be pretty close to whatever the republican position ends up being.
    That Israel is owed financial reparations and a war with Iran.

  14. Trump Not Happy About Don McGahn | Law & Crime:

    Harvard Law Professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz once described Cohn this way: “Roy Cohn was the quintessential fixer. It wasn’t what he knew; it was who he knew. He knew everybody. He knew every judge; he knew every justice. He knew everybody who had any influence on the judiciary, and you hired him to get access.”

    The jews know Cohn was totally plugged into the sleazy network of Jew York jewing, as Dershowitz is today.

    Trump advising the public to watch out for note-takers is, in a way, just more praise of Cohn and more criticism of McGahn. The resurrection of Cohn in the public discourse began recently with criticism of Attorney General William Barr, who was likened to Cohn and seen as a Trump henchman.

    Trump invoked Cohn by name. The jewsmedia has been going out of its way to avoid the topic.

  15. More a state of exasperation than of accusation, but: here is a sample of what passes in UK for White identitarian commentary:

    “…The National Socialists knew that Jesus was not a Jew and they knew that the Bible had become corrupted through the Jews, but they do not appear to have understood how this could have happened.

    The Jews of today are not the lawful descendants of the Israelites, they are the illegitimate mixed race offspring of Canaanites and Judahites with a later infusion of Khazar blood.

    This can easily be verified just by using Wikipedia as it is well documented, but most people have failed to realise the implications of this….”

    So there we have once more the thesis that today’s Jews are somehow not identifiable with the loathsome creatures of the Old Testament (including the wholesome Israelites, presumably) who were supposedly given to disregarding their prophets’ admonitions, and that impliedly contemporary Whites are the true Israelites (of beloved memory). But again, no current genetics source cited to gainsay even (my favourite) rudimentary quote from the hemo. studies published by Mourant in 1978 in “Genetics of the Jews”.

    Also while I can’t be bothered checking, I thought the Canaanites were the original inhabitants whose land was stolen with the assistance of Yahweh and may indeed have been non-Semites…?

    Clarification please, someone.

    Seemingly-White people sometimes surpass the stupidity even of other races.

    – that isn’t even the best report, since in a later version the idiot in question is reported as saying: “I was stroking a big male lion who was enjoying it and then a female came over and just bit into my arm. ….”

    In succinct form, the quintessence of the “liberal temperament”.

  16. @ Posis1959
    According to the Merneptah Stele, israel was wiped out before 1200 BC, “their seed is no more”. The “sea peoples” wrecked all the Levant and Eastern Med about 1200 BC ( except Egypt). The cities of the Levant were empty and abandoned. I think the Habiru Zagaze ( hebrews, jews) just moved in to those empty cities , ” God gave us this place”.

    As to ppl petting tigers, it just shows the power of mass media to put ppl in a world of illusion. A woman assigned to the US consulate in Delhi did same thing, surgeons could not reattach her arm, it was lost. She only survived because zookeepers rushed to drive the tiger back, he was pulling her through the bars.

    The (((media))) has made our ppl delusional.

  17. As to Jared, he doesn’t seem to be anything but a relay boy for his father Charles and others.
    Jared serves as a courier for instructions from above, a good boy.

  18. relay boy for his father Charles and others

    They’re a criminal gang. They know it. They act like it. The goyim in positions to thwart the criminal part understand the gang part well enough to avoid getting in the way of any of it.

  19. They’re a criminal gang.

    I would think, having over 500 years of forewarning, Whites would have taken countermeasures to that. Instead , they just lazily drift down river, headed for the waterfall.

  20. I love the two highlighted paragraphs in this article. A great analysis of their behavior. Saved to my hard drive it was.

    All is not lost though. Here is a strong glimmer of hope. A grand jury has or is being assembled (they don’t know) to hear facts regarding 9-11. Two half-hour presentations. Richard Gage is exuberant. The ultimate outcome? Netanyahu hanging from a noose.

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

  21. Captainchaos, while you are trying to deride mancinblack as effeminate for supporting me and MR, why don’t you instead question the wisdom of those who expect Whites to drop all concerns for every other antagonism to our system and attack the ‘pathogen’ ….markedly, it is not going to help us to separate and achieve autonomy from the pathogen if we do not also address our naive susceptibility to the pathogen or deliberate, traitorous introduction of it to our system that happens typically through vulnerabilities and entry by liberal/right wing thin or even pseudo warranted objectivism, also typically a reaction to the contradictory language games that YKW are playing in order to keep our people associated with the right, its rational blindness, mystification, confusion, short shrift of social accountability (viz. even to our people) and with it, disruption of our social systemic homeostasis? – obviously one of the chief aims of the pathogen is to break through systemic defense. Thus, it is obviously valid and important to look at our system and its vulnerabilities.

    In short, it is going to be hard to take-on an enemy full throttle while you’ve got people confused, thinking you’re doing wrong, or naively “clearly” thinking that you are wrong because they are abiding by right wing/liberal (their lefts are our liberalism, rupturing our unionization) language games, or outright stabbing us in the back because right wing pseudo objectivity serves to “excuse” why it is that they take the liberties or pay-offs afforded, and while we are getting destroyed in their abiding language games as “just a fact of nature” that they have no part in aiding and abetting.

    I’ve been looking at this problem since the early 90s, and started to bring it to a double entry with the YKW as the chief problems to our social systemic homeostasis in 2009 ..and have been cultivating it since.

    Now, regarding “pathological altruism” (the Taylor, MacDonald thing, circa, what? 2011? I never paid much attention to it) I only suggested that it may have been their naive attempt, even a misdirected attempt to look at our part, as it would likely be (misdirected), still caught up in right wing objectivism by its very means of “description and diagnosis”, but to suggest that I was part of misdirection and not taking the YKW seriously enough because I also believe it is necessary to address vulnerabilities and other antagonism (which will usually lead to their being organized to imposition upon us by YKW, true), and the fact that I recognize serious errors in Hitler’s philosophy and regime (misdirected and misdirecting headlong into disaster for Europeans, as his right wing premises would), are things that I, and Majorityrights, deserve credit for in service of European peoples, not harassment and denunciation.

    And isn’t it a perfect example, wouldn’t Trump’s vanity just have him lap-up objectivist flattery and have the YKW walk right into his system, knocking his daughter up, directing his campaign to undo the Iran Deal, get him elected, and move right into Oval Office meetings to set his administration’s agenda?

  22. DanielS can’t help it, he is autistic.

    PS. He and Mangina-in-black are gay lovers.

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