Bernie Sanders on Jewing

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wrote an op-ed for Jewish Currents on what jewing means to him.

Speaking for jews, to jews, Sanders jewsplains why jews are anti-White, how unlike Whites jews have a “right of self-determination”, how they serve their own interests by preaching “solidarity” and “equality” while demonizing and attacking Whites, and how this is all also a “conspiracy theory”. He then points out how jews have been doing this for centuries, screeching about “oppression” and “persecution” long before any other non-White/anti-White parasites showed up.

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  1. BIGOTRY: Ben Shapiro’s Editor Claims ‘Jew-Hatred is Inherent in the European DNA’

    This is the predominant view among jews, and an utterly plain and common way of expressing it. Listen to any jew try to jewsplain anything and you find the same basic attitude: Whites are the enemies of jews, and the root of the hostility is literally genetic. More often jews will only go so far as to imply that Whites are born psychopaths, as Sanders does, but that’s just another characteristically jewy way of expressing this same attitude.

  2. For the TFeed?

    Colin Flaherty – Nov. 8, 2019 – Pregnant white mom uses AR-15 to take down a fella during home invasion

    @36:32 on, SanFran DA race – Weather Underground parents, adoptive and bio., of the newly-elected Chesa Boudin.
    Great M.A. Hoffman “Revelation of the Method” @41:26 in the text read by C.F. from an old article by Edward J. Renehan at

    “Publication of Ayers’s ‘Fugitive Days’, a book that celebrated among other things the Weather Underground’s bombing of the Pentagon, coincided directly with the September 11th tragedies. Ironically the New York Times had run a glowing profile of Ayers and Dohrn (a puff for the book) on [the morning of 911]. The piece featured a colour photo of the affluent, middle-aged couple holding hands beside a headline that read ‘No regrets for a love of explosives’. Half way down the column, Ayers: ‘I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough’.”

    Pentagon…. September 11thcoincided…….. Ironically…. bombs


    “…we are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners…” — Dr. Oscar Levy, Preface to The World Significance of the Russian Revolution, by W. Pitt-Rivers, 1920.

  3. “Pregnant white mom uses AR-15 to take down a fella during home invasion”

    That’s the type of woman to marry !

  4. “the same basic attitude: Whites are the enemies of jews, and the root of the hostility is literally genetic.”

    They have been teaching this in yeshiva and temple for centuries. Edom (all peoples of the Roman Empire, basically all of Europe) are the eternal enemies of jus, in perpetuity. They still rail against Yavan (Greek Empire), that was 23 centuries ago. They nurture and feed the seed of grievance until it’s a massive tree.

  5. As U.S. election nears, both parties use fears of anti-semitism to woo Jewish voters – U.S. News –

    Ads released by the Democratic Jewish groups play on the threats of white nationalism to draw in Jewish votes while Republicans focus on breaking ties with Israel

    Nobody cares about jew votes. They care about jew media and money. They care about the pain jews regularly inflict upon anyone who vexes them.

    The current regime is anti-White because it is so jewed. It increasingly openly acts upon the premise that jews are not White, but the opposite of White. Its core “fear” is that jews might someday somewhere somehow be treated as if they were White.

  6. @Fred “What’s the deal with Cantwell?”

    That whole podcast is really long, over 3 hours. But if you listen to the entire thing, he finally admits to talking to the feds so he could get out of charges stemming from the shit that went down at Charlottesville. He also admitted to doxxing some of his customers, which is a pretty shitty thing to do, imo. He spends the first half of that podcast arguing with his guest, Hunter Wallace, and defending Trump like “Zion Don the house MIGA” is gonna save the white race. GTFO here with that shit, Cantwell.

    I also disagree with his opinions on Anglin and The Daily Stormer. I mean, his logic is that since Weev’s mom is part Jewish that Anglin is a shill and shouldn’t let him run his website. That’s like saying we shouldn’t come to age-of-treason and support Tan because he married a Jew. Cantwell just comes across as an all-around shitty person and a bad guy.

    BTW, if you have time, go check out the “Megathread” at the daily stormer (maybe you’ve already read it?) . Anglin put TRS on blast with those two articles he wrote a couple of months back. That’s why Cantwell did this podcast to begin with. Basically, Anglin wants Enoch to address why they associate with Cantwell knowing he openly snitches to the feds.

  7. “ED Noor: From now on, whenever you hear the story of Esther and the very evil Haman whose ears are symbolically eaten each Purim for his alleged horrible intentions towards the poor Jews, remember the Iranian King above, Cyrus the Great, who SAVED the Jews and was revered by them. Somehow HE is forgotten in their gory victimization memoirs and historical festivals. In Iran, however, October the 29 is deemed Cyrus the Great day! If you take away nothing else from this article, remember CYRUS the GREAT and use him as a weapon to point out the selectiveness of the Jewish memory when it comes to victimization. Just for fun, btw, take a gander, a real look at the soul of the man in the picture below ~ the Don of the Khazarian Mafia. Then look at the face of Mohammad Khatami and ask yourself which man is the happier human being.” –
    TAKEAWAY: No matter what is done for jews, it’s not enough.

  8. mailing from Chabad Jew organization, April 2019:

    “all Jewish holidays can be summed up in 3 short sentences. They tried to kill us. They failed. Let’s eat! ….In a time of rising anti-Semitic and anti-Israel voices, these themes aren’t just about our history. They are a key to our continued existence as a people, the key to our future.”

    and how about some delicious synchronicity:

    as Haxo type this, he’s listening to (((Philip Glass)))’s minimalist opera Ikhnaton. A tribute to the shabbatz goy Pharoah who let the Mosaic proto-Jews get hold of Egypt. Then followed the One God edict, followed by 7 plagues. Finally, having had enough, the Egyptians rose up, killed the traitor, and kicked out the Jews. All this then twisted up and fictionalized in the Jews’ Book of Exodus into a “flight from persecution”. Sound familiar? It should.

  9. “all Jewish holidays can be summed up in 3 short sentences. They tried to kill us. They failed. Let’s eat!

    Uh, 71 AD , 79 AD, 115 AD….They came close to being exterminated. Took them about a 1000 yrs to recover.

  10. “TAKEAWAY: No matter what is done for jews, it’s not enough”

    That’s an absolute maxim.
    Never to be forgotten !

    (They are the black hole of ingratitude.)

  11. Strike & Mike with E Michael Jones – Inevitable clash between religiosity & racialism

    Augustus Invictus x James Mason – After decades of hiding, Mason is doing the radio rounds. (I’ll try to dig up the Pat Little interview with Mason too later)

    Hunter Wallace. & Alex Linder – 3 part debate – 7 year old podcast rehashing the same issues in dissident politics, very worthwhile listen for the less informed millennial/zoomers looking for a quick catch up.

  12. @The Goyz of Summer

    Good link, re Trunews.
    I’m amazed that the program is still up on YouTube, we’ll see how long that lasts.

  13. More TruNews, they detail the allegations being leveled in sworn testimony by Qatari royal fixer Alan Bender that Jared Kushner and his wife are on the payroll of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with Doha paying a $1.4 billion laundered bailout to cover piling debts on 666 Fifth Avenue.

  14. Doha paying a $1.4 billion laundered bailout to cover piling debts on 666 Fifth Avenue.

    “The )ews bribe the burgermeister with 10000 marks and they extort 50000 marks from the people” Martin Luther

    Same methods, centuries old.

    Collectively working to infuse themselves in critical power positions then start bleeding the victim.

    I’m sure the same story could be told a 1000 times from a 1000 different places.

    (They have a long history of being merciless taxfarmers.)

  15. Soooo … Alex Linder holds a rally in an attempt to prevent further violence against Whites in Knoxville and his motives are questioned by christians. I want those milktoast as neighbors because they will never intercede to prevent the murder of Whites but will pick up a wallet and return it? Jewsus will grant power to the weak ? How christian? Denying that Whites are a genetically definable reality like e.. shitpile jones?

  16. Christianity has numerous fatal flaws in it’s doctrines.
    Yet, people let feeble speculations override reality.
    So, the gullible herd is misdirected by the cunning few.
    Herd instincts, Human Nature :/

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