Bernie Sanders on Jewing

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wrote an op-ed for Jewish Currents on what jewing means to him.

Speaking for jews, to jews, Sanders jewsplains why jews are anti-White, how unlike Whites jews have a “right of self-determination”, how they serve their own interests by preaching “solidarity” and “equality” while demonizing and attacking Whites, and how this is all also a “conspiracy theory”. He then points out how jews have been doing this for centuries, screeching about “oppression” and “persecution” long before any other non-White/anti-White parasites showed up.

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  1. BIGOTRY: Ben Shapiro’s Editor Claims ‘Jew-Hatred is Inherent in the European DNA’

    This is the predominant view among jews, and an utterly plain and common way of expressing it. Listen to any jew try to jewsplain anything and you find the same basic attitude: Whites are the enemies of jews, and the root of the hostility is literally genetic. More often jews will only go so far as to imply that Whites are born psychopaths, as Sanders does, but that’s just another characteristically jewy way of expressing this same attitude.

  2. For the TFeed?

    Colin Flaherty – Nov. 8, 2019 – Pregnant white mom uses AR-15 to take down a fella during home invasion

    @36:32 on, SanFran DA race – Weather Underground parents, adoptive and bio., of the newly-elected Chesa Boudin.
    Great M.A. Hoffman “Revelation of the Method” @41:26 in the text read by C.F. from an old article by Edward J. Renehan at

    “Publication of Ayers’s ‘Fugitive Days’, a book that celebrated among other things the Weather Underground’s bombing of the Pentagon, coincided directly with the September 11th tragedies. Ironically the New York Times had run a glowing profile of Ayers and Dohrn (a puff for the book) on [the morning of 911]. The piece featured a colour photo of the affluent, middle-aged couple holding hands beside a headline that read ‘No regrets for a love of explosives’. Half way down the column, Ayers: ‘I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough’.”

    Pentagon…. September 11thcoincided…….. Ironically…. bombs


    “…we are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners…” — Dr. Oscar Levy, Preface to The World Significance of the Russian Revolution, by W. Pitt-Rivers, 1920.

  3. “Pregnant white mom uses AR-15 to take down a fella during home invasion”

    That’s the type of woman to marry !

  4. “the same basic attitude: Whites are the enemies of jews, and the root of the hostility is literally genetic.”

    They have been teaching this in yeshiva and temple for centuries. Edom (all peoples of the Roman Empire, basically all of Europe) are the eternal enemies of jus, in perpetuity. They still rail against Yavan (Greek Empire), that was 23 centuries ago. They nurture and feed the seed of grievance until it’s a massive tree.

  5. As U.S. election nears, both parties use fears of anti-semitism to woo Jewish voters – U.S. News –

    Ads released by the Democratic Jewish groups play on the threats of white nationalism to draw in Jewish votes while Republicans focus on breaking ties with Israel

    Nobody cares about jew votes. They care about jew media and money. They care about the pain jews regularly inflict upon anyone who vexes them.

    The current regime is anti-White because it is so jewed. It increasingly openly acts upon the premise that jews are not White, but the opposite of White. Its core “fear” is that jews might someday somewhere somehow be treated as if they were White.

  6. @Fred “What’s the deal with Cantwell?”

    That whole podcast is really long, over 3 hours. But if you listen to the entire thing, he finally admits to talking to the feds so he could get out of charges stemming from the shit that went down at Charlottesville. He also admitted to doxxing some of his customers, which is a pretty shitty thing to do, imo. He spends the first half of that podcast arguing with his guest, Hunter Wallace, and defending Trump like “Zion Don the house MIGA” is gonna save the white race. GTFO here with that shit, Cantwell.

    I also disagree with his opinions on Anglin and The Daily Stormer. I mean, his logic is that since Weev’s mom is part Jewish that Anglin is a shill and shouldn’t let him run his website. That’s like saying we shouldn’t come to age-of-treason and support Tan because he married a Jew. Cantwell just comes across as an all-around shitty person and a bad guy.

    BTW, if you have time, go check out the “Megathread” at the daily stormer (maybe you’ve already read it?) . Anglin put TRS on blast with those two articles he wrote a couple of months back. That’s why Cantwell did this podcast to begin with. Basically, Anglin wants Enoch to address why they associate with Cantwell knowing he openly snitches to the feds.

  7. “ED Noor: From now on, whenever you hear the story of Esther and the very evil Haman whose ears are symbolically eaten each Purim for his alleged horrible intentions towards the poor Jews, remember the Iranian King above, Cyrus the Great, who SAVED the Jews and was revered by them. Somehow HE is forgotten in their gory victimization memoirs and historical festivals. In Iran, however, October the 29 is deemed Cyrus the Great day! If you take away nothing else from this article, remember CYRUS the GREAT and use him as a weapon to point out the selectiveness of the Jewish memory when it comes to victimization. Just for fun, btw, take a gander, a real look at the soul of the man in the picture below ~ the Don of the Khazarian Mafia. Then look at the face of Mohammad Khatami and ask yourself which man is the happier human being.” –
    TAKEAWAY: No matter what is done for jews, it’s not enough.

  8. mailing from Chabad Jew organization, April 2019:

    “all Jewish holidays can be summed up in 3 short sentences. They tried to kill us. They failed. Let’s eat! ….In a time of rising anti-Semitic and anti-Israel voices, these themes aren’t just about our history. They are a key to our continued existence as a people, the key to our future.”

    and how about some delicious synchronicity:

    as Haxo type this, he’s listening to (((Philip Glass)))’s minimalist opera Ikhnaton. A tribute to the shabbatz goy Pharoah who let the Mosaic proto-Jews get hold of Egypt. Then followed the One God edict, followed by 7 plagues. Finally, having had enough, the Egyptians rose up, killed the traitor, and kicked out the Jews. All this then twisted up and fictionalized in the Jews’ Book of Exodus into a “flight from persecution”. Sound familiar? It should.

  9. “all Jewish holidays can be summed up in 3 short sentences. They tried to kill us. They failed. Let’s eat!

    Uh, 71 AD , 79 AD, 115 AD….They came close to being exterminated. Took them about a 1000 yrs to recover.

  10. “TAKEAWAY: No matter what is done for jews, it’s not enough”

    That’s an absolute maxim.
    Never to be forgotten !

    (They are the black hole of ingratitude.)

  11. Strike & Mike with E Michael Jones – Inevitable clash between religiosity & racialism

    Augustus Invictus x James Mason – After decades of hiding, Mason is doing the radio rounds. (I’ll try to dig up the Pat Little interview with Mason too later)

    Hunter Wallace. & Alex Linder – 3 part debate – 7 year old podcast rehashing the same issues in dissident politics, very worthwhile listen for the less informed millennial/zoomers looking for a quick catch up.

  12. @The Goyz of Summer

    Good link, re Trunews.
    I’m amazed that the program is still up on YouTube, we’ll see how long that lasts.

  13. More TruNews, they detail the allegations being leveled in sworn testimony by Qatari royal fixer Alan Bender that Jared Kushner and his wife are on the payroll of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, with Doha paying a $1.4 billion laundered bailout to cover piling debts on 666 Fifth Avenue.

  14. Doha paying a $1.4 billion laundered bailout to cover piling debts on 666 Fifth Avenue.

    “The )ews bribe the burgermeister with 10000 marks and they extort 50000 marks from the people” Martin Luther

    Same methods, centuries old.

    Collectively working to infuse themselves in critical power positions then start bleeding the victim.

    I’m sure the same story could be told a 1000 times from a 1000 different places.

    (They have a long history of being merciless taxfarmers.)

  15. Soooo … Alex Linder holds a rally in an attempt to prevent further violence against Whites in Knoxville and his motives are questioned by christians. I want those milktoast as neighbors because they will never intercede to prevent the murder of Whites but will pick up a wallet and return it? Jewsus will grant power to the weak ? How christian? Denying that Whites are a genetically definable reality like e.. shitpile jones?

  16. Christianity has numerous fatal flaws in it’s doctrines.
    Yet, people let feeble speculations override reality.
    So, the gullible herd is misdirected by the cunning few.
    Herd instincts, Human Nature :/

  17. Listened to the pat on the back, good fellowship, we agree on most things discussion between Erik Striker and two other people a while ago. Does anybody think that the creep, looking like some kind of parasitic worm is eating his face, pushing the open religion of eternal souls for nigger gang rapists has contact with people who might know of policies being pushed in d.c.? If he did, then it sure would be a strange coincidence how the jews just ensured that they were given racial status and would no longer need to claim religious status for legal protection and he was stating Whites should claim religious status for protection. What is that I hear, “you are free to practice your religion but that doesn’t grant you some kind of legal armor and we can impugn you constantly as a group by using the straw men of our making and their actions”.

  18. I remember having read about a Roman emperor having called out the fun boys for turning into sadistic murderers in Alexandria and the emperor’s decree being kept in a British museum, thus its content not open for dispute. Then I read about (((fraud))) being the cause of christian family morals collapsing. If this happened thousands of years ago and fraud was just playing from a script would that make him a just a gatekeeper. If so could jeeboo be a mythical gatekeeper? Don’t notice b.c goy it’s all evil. Like nobody was promoting sexual liberation before fraud. Just now directed to discussion amongst orthodox jeebooists and read this, “ It is always dangerous to draw too precise parallels between one historical period and another”. In the first place you shouldn’t look but if for one reason or another you see it, for jeeboo’s sake don’t draw any conclusions about the glaringly obvious facts that would lead you to a morality based on your interests. They don’t waste time

  19. Dreher:

    MacIntyre says that the Enlightenment project cut Western man off from his roots in tradition, but failed to produce a binding morality based on Reason alone. Plus, the Enlightenment extolled the autonomous individual. Consequently, we live in a culture of moral chaos and fragmentation, in which many questions are simply impossible to settle.

    . . .

    Well, what is the Good? How can you tell good from bad? How does your community makes decisions on right from wrong? How do you? Our culture has become so overwhelmingly individualist that we inevitably end up worshiping the Self.

    Who inflicted this “Enlightenment project”, which “extolled the autonomous individual”, upon “Western man”?

    Claudius knew:

    they are persons who foment (=incite, propagate) a universal (=ubiquitous, found everywhere) disease (=pestilence, plague)

  20. Since (((they))) have the ability to hijack and pollute any system they come in contact with, can you name a system that is immune to their influence and corruption ?

  21. Can you name the doctor that was giving Hitler his ‘special vitamin injections’ daily, the ones that totally changed Hitler’s personality and wrecked his health?

    How about the Luftwaffe field marshal who kept impeding production by his continuous demands for change, the one who viciously did everything to ruin Willy Messerschmitt?

    IMO, (((THEY))) can and do ruin anything.

  22. They destroyed the NSDAP because they couldn’t corrupt it. They didn’t need to corrupt the Enlightenment because they created it.

  23. The point of exterminating the Jews is that it is the only guaranteed, fool-proof method of protecting against further Jewish subversion. Once the Jews are gone, and hence no longer able to cause further racial havoc, I see no reason why certain elements of the Enlightenment couldn’t be applied to statecraft.

    “Sorry, White man, you can’t have nice things. Because Jews.”

    Well then, what is the point of exterminating the Jews?

  24. Disappointed with PotP – November 24, 2019 – Epi.511 – Jews Call Out Other Jews For Being Jews (Part of the Problem)
    – first, the captioned content only appears around 1h 5m and second, host’s effing and blinding a la Jared pottymouth Howe doesn’t disguise the fact that PotP host delivered a near content-free offering whereas at least Howe can produce something that’s 10% original while the rest of his aggregating efforts are generally worth the opportunity cost to the listener (as well as his own which he constantly proclaims). No idea if he is still orbiting the rightly castigated Cantwell but of Howe’s recent stuff these imo had listen-worthy content

    5 -17 December (discontinuous), direct mp3 links:

    c.f. the more mainstream Brit/conspira-tard focused content (UK emphasis but global issues without naming globalists): AGW fakery, WCED ‘Our Common Future’ 1987, people’s assemblies, use of Delphi Technique, loans for retrofitting homes to attain the carbon-free nirvana (standard usurer/collateral heists envisaged) etc etc. Icke without the ki*e…?
    Mark Windows [really?!] / Windows on the World

    WotW – Dec 1 , 2019 – State Actors – Lying For A Living

    WotW – Dec 11, 2019 – The Man Who Saw The Future

    WotW – Dec 15, 2019 – Academia And The Hive Mind

  25. “They didn’t need to corrupt the Enlightenment because they created it.”

    That just doesn’t make sense, to me.
    So much of the Enlightenment runs contrary to jewish interests.

  26. Jews created the Enlightenment in the same sense that niggers created the pyramids. In other words, they didn’t. But at least we can pretend, right?

  27. “So much of the Enlightenment runs contrary to jewish interests.”

    Fred, the only example you’ve cited is equality before the law, which was a concession to jews, contrary to White interests. That slippery slope led directly to where we are now, with jews and other non-Whites afforded special protections under the law, with Whites presumed guilty and inferior.

    “But at least we can pretend, right?”

    CC, you pretend The Enlightenment was created by Whites despite the increasingly obvious harm it has caused us, and that the most obsessively organized group on earth, whom The Enlightenment benefited, had no role in making it happen.

  28. Conversations With History: Yuri Slezkine is an older interview from when The Jewish Century was first published.

    Slezkine’s thesis is considered controversial because he acknowledges that modernity (i.e. The Enlightenment) “placed [jews] at the top, or at least in key positions, in the modern world”, wildly over-represented in business, finance, media, education, law, medicine, entertainment. Slezkine acknowledges the obvious while constructing a narrative to excuse it. The jews just happened to be in the right place at the right time, you see. It’s not parasitism, it’s “provision of services”.

  29. This 19 December TFeed entry concerning Spinoza (whom jews nowadays feel secure enough to once again own), was just as telling about the jew identity and psychology (seeing themselves as victims of wrong-thinking goyim) which motivated their Enlightenment project (to make goyim thinking good for the jews again).

    Goldstein begins with a coy dissimulation – “I’m not a jewish thinker or a woman thinker, just a thinker” – but quickly drops the mask as she warms to the subject. At one point she asserts that analytical philosophy (an outgrowth of the Enlightenment) is the opposite of orthodox judaism, then just a few sentences later posits that she’s so well suited for such philosophy because she’s descended from 12 generations of rabbis, which she credits for her facility for pilpul, i.e. causistry.

    Like most other secular jews, she’s playing the same game of alt-jewing Spinoza played. “I’m not a jew, I’m the opposite! *laughs while jewsplaining how much she loved/hated her jews-only/jews-first education* Thus I am uniquely qualified to tell everyone else what to think!”

    Cohencidentally, Goldstein is married to Stephen Pinker, author of Enlightenment Now, and the subtitle of Goldstein’s book, Betraying Spinoza, is The Renegade Jew Who Gave Us Modernity. A fine example of The Tribe provisioning services for the goyim, services that just happen to totally enable jewing.

  30. In agreeance with captainchaos

    Any society with JEWS in it …is inherently foul, corrupted, and poisoned..

    Thinking otherwise is fucking pathetic and cowardly

    At this point…i seriously would rather die…than endure more…of this disgusting, blatant Kikery…..

    But yeah…. The Super Bowl.


    Merry CHRISTmas everyone.

  31. “Fred, the only example you’ve cited is equality before the law, ”

    I thought I cited the major principle of the Enlightenment being, breaking the tyranny of The Church and biblical absolute authority? That being the overwhelming principle of the Enlightenment. Second to that, question all authority not based on observations of nature, Natural Philosophy i.e. science.
    I did mention equality before the law , as stopping the privileges of the nobility, as a subordinate point. Anyway, that was my intention.

  32. “I thought I cited the major principle of the Enlightenment being, breaking the tyranny of The Church and biblical absolute authority? That being the overwhelming principle of the Enlightenment.”

    What you call the main principle of the Enlightenment I see instead as its cause. The previous jew project, Christianity, had started to fail. This required jewry to shift gears and concoct a replacement, a new jew-serving narrative to justify their special status and continued presence among Europeans, just as the old jew-serving narrative had.

    As I previously put it:

    It marks that point in time when the jews, who had already for centuries more or less freely colonized and fed upon Europeans, with the special protection of an aristocracy already thoroughly jewed in mind if not in body, were compelled to change tactics by changing circumstances. It is telling that this change was triggered by a revolution in communication and exploration. As a consequence Europeans were freer to challenge the jew narrative on history and morality. The goyim were beginning to think and plan for themselves, and some were beginning to ask, who are these shysters among us, what’s their game?

    Jewry’s adaptation was radical. They directed the uprising against the aristocracy whom had for so long enabled their jewing. They decoupled the justification for their special privileges and protections from their book and Christianity, and shifted it instead into an abstract secular form, as a set of jew-serving principles – freedom, equality, brotherhood.

    If the main principle of the Enlightenment had been to break the tyranny of the old jew-serving narrative, consciously recognized as such, then Whites would also have rejected what was in effect just a new jew-serving narrative. The problem is that Whites are relatively unconscious, thus continue to internalize jew-serving narratives so completely that we mistake them for our own.

  33. “Whites would also have rejected what was in effect just a new jew-serving narrative.”

    I don’t understand how a dispassionate analysis of nature and the structure of reality is in any form ‘jew-serving’ ?

    Are we looking at the same ‘Enlghtenment’?
    Maybe my conception of its meaning doesn’t fit with current conventions.

    By your strict standards, nothing will be satisfactory unless it first and foremost points to jewish malefaction as a guiding principle?

  34. I don’t understand how a dispassionate analysis of nature and the structure of reality is in any form ‘jew-serving’ ?

    . . .

    By your strict standards, nothing will be satisfactory unless it first and foremost points to jewish malefaction as a guiding principle?

    They aren’t my standards. Robert Conquest’s Three Laws of Politics are a well-known (stupidly dejewed) version of the principle.

    My view of the Enlightenment is a product of “a dispassionate analysis of the nature and structure of reality” with regard to jewing. Any group or project that isn’t explicitly conscious of and set against infiltration, manipulation, and exploitation by jews will eventually become jew-serving.

    I don’t think we have a common conception of the Enlightenment.

    My argument is that the Enlightenment has all along been a jew-led, jew-serving psyop. I concede that it was triggered by White men waking to the jew problem, but instead of seeing the true nature of reality (the centuries of jewing you concede they were rebelling against) they instead settled for reasoning about abstract principles, and thus just got jewed once again.

    You take as a premise that the Enlightenment was entirely a European construct, but you’ve also argued that the jews hijack everything, no matter what the goyim do. My arguments make no sense to you because you regard any sign of jewing as Not-The-Enlightenment, and take my argument as the opposite of your own, as if I’m saying the Enlightenment is nothing but jewing. I understand why. I’m not sure what else I can say to help you understand.

  35. Here’s a simple question: did Jewish power increase or decrease with the Enlightenment? It increased. The Rothschild family came to power in Germany towards the end of it. That alone is proof that the Enlightenment benefited Jews. It doesn’t really matter if it was created by them or hijacked by them, the results speak for themselves.

  36. “I’m not sure what else I can say to help you understand.”

    Yes, let it rest. Maybe I’ll have some star shell moment of understanding.

  37. Is today another “Enlightment”? Will the jewish power increase or decrease? While (((their))) crimes are being uncovered, new ones are being created. Destruction of the White European continues.

  38. A) Oops… cat’s outta the bag agin!

    The idiots don’t seem to have grasped the fact that they now live in a world of covert recordings and worldwide instant communications. Among those who have and who have leverage in the media, witness their increased wailing about ‘hate’ incidents (self-inflicted?) and growing ‘antisemitism’ in order to play the victim card. Will it continue to work and for how long?

    B) The blind seer on the blasted heath, Charles Giuliani at Renegade Broadcasting, says (first hour) that blood rhesus-neg is the marker of Jews; that the line is traced thru the mother because though she can be impregnated by a non-Jew (rhesus-pos), the body of a rhesus-neg mother will reject a rhesus-pos foetus and so presumably only 100% Jewish (or rhesus-neg on both sides) will result in a foetus being carried to term.
    So (further) presumably a mamzer can only be someone who’s the product of a Jewish (rhesus-neg) father and a Gentile (rhesus-pos) mother….?

    If I got him right:

    First, on an anecdotal level, this theory doesn’t seem to reflect the many numbers of people I’ve known as Jews whose mother presented as obviously Jewish but not the father;

    Second, a quick glance thru Mourant’s Genetics of the Jews (1978 blood group studies) doesn’t make such an assertion;

    Third, on revisiting the episode page I note the comments have bloomed and I am gratified to see that my hazy memory of Kyle Hunt having said in a show a few years back that he is rhesus-neg is confirmed by him….

    Total crap or… total crap?

    NB: he’s all over the place contradicting himself and going off topic. One digression is his discovery that his eye problem is familial and indicates a probable origin in the genetics of those who populated the Spanish Pyrenees – not just Basques but many he posits as… Jews….

  39. posis1959: Rh-neg mothers can have RH-pos babies if it’s the mother’s first pregnancy. After that, she’ll produce antibodies that attack RH-pos babies.

  40. Thanks for posting that podcast, Tan.

    That Bret Weinstein is quite the subversive jew, huh?! The “intellectual dark web” is just another way for jews to control the opposition. Funny that Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro would be part of that group. A bunch of jews and a couple shabbos sitting around having conversions that aren’t based in reality. A few years back, before discovering this website, I would not have been able to figure that out. Thanks, Tan.

  41. The most telling part was when Bret “tribalism for mine not for thine” Weinstein jewsplained how he was sympathetic to Black Lives Matter until he found out they had taken a stand against his tribe’s ethnostate. When confronted with this indirect blowback from his own tribe’s anti-White narrative Weinstein’s reaction was the same as the rest of his tribe:

    Jewish groups have been most upset about its use of the words “genocide” and “apartheid” to describe Israel’s actions against the Palestinians, describing the terms as “offensive and odious.” Some progressive, social-justice-oriented organizations have condemned the statements in part; others have condemned the movement in full. … In the wake of what should have been a powerful moment, black activists have found themselves at odds with the one group that may have been most ready to support them as allies.

    But this is also a conflict of history. Jews and blacks in America have long danced around one another, at times feeling solidarity and at others, opposition. Both groups have developed a self-understanding rooted in a history of oppression and struggle, often in solidarity with others in need. Their clash on Israel may be a testament to how much U.S. views have changed on this issue, or how much Israel’s self-vision has changed since 1948. But it’s also a sign of how thoroughly elements of these groups have become alienated from one another—hoping for justice, but hearing different things when they try to speak its language.

    This is jews screeching about blacks acting like jews. More to the point the jews are offended that blacks, aping jew attacks on Whites, are treating jews as if they are White. This clash of jew narratives is part of what I’ve called Intersectional Jewing. The Unorthodox jewfest with Bari “expert on anti-semitism” Weiss lamely danced around this same clash.

  42. The “Never Again” motto was introduced during the Frank Cohen, agent -provocateur/Skokie Psy-Op on America to introduce the “Holocaust”, – a term oft used to describe WW II which had employed firebombing civilian populations, all cities with 50 thousand or more people in Germany; and Tokyo, and the two Japanese cities with the largest Christian populations [per Eustace Mullins] atom-bombed; “Holocaust” was henceforth expropriated to be the brand name for all jewish suffering during WW II. That Psy-Op was media driven and lasted about a year spanning the presentation of a 4 consecutive day TV Mini Series titled “Holocaust” which catapulted a new jewish actress to stardom, in April 1978 and the announcement, about a year later, that President Carter had appointed a Commission charged with arranging for the construction of a Holocaust Museum in Washington D. C. on 1.8 acres of prime government owned land in that city plus an initial 4 hundred million 1979 dollars provided to do it.
    But, what did Never Again really mean? The Tanstaafl blog comment about the Enlightenment ended with mention of the Fable of the Ducks and the Hens, ending with the observation of jewry doing the same pattern “over and over again”. Did it mean that they were not going to kicked out an more? Never Again. By 1978 the 1965 de-facto anti-European-country-immigrant Law was in place, and the steep upward curve of immigration,
    massive importation of what would be 80-90% specifically non-White/European-races from anywhere in the Third World such bodies could be enticed or pushed to migrate to the USA, was soon to be deployed. To introduce that motto in a highly planned lengthy Psy-Op on
    America endows it with significance especially as it is not in-frequently echoed through the jewcontrolled mass media. Could it be that the new paradigm is the elimination of the host people [all European host people] through the Kalergi-Plan originally the vision for a United Europe under jewish rule; a vision where jews must try to be racially pure while through the agency of massive importation of Sub-Saharan African peoples, the European races would within a few generations be transformed into a new race resembling the brown hoi polloi that Kalergi envisioned were the masses of ancient Egypt. Devoid of any racial identity likely to be problematic. Jewry had already set in motion the Never-Again strategy which had a target date of 2050, revealed in an August 2008 U.S. Census Bureau press release indicating that the date by which White Americans would be a minority in America was moved forward from 2050 to 2043. The notice did not attribute the anticipated White-minoritization to massive non-White immigration but to the low birth rate of White Americans; yet in 2008 the annual legal immigrant numbers were over one million and augmented at least every two years; plus additionally augmented with [per Ann Coulter’s research] on average at least one million ILLEGALs annually since the mid-1980’s
    The ADL has put out a notice, I saw online, warning about White people pushing the notion of the Kalergi Plan. Is it the recipe for jewry’s Never-Again motto?
    I would add, as a perhaps minor point of info, I heard it asserted without details on a Galway based Irish radio program that the Irish are expected to become a minority in their own land by 2040 as a result of the massive importation of non Irish and not even European peoples; with sub-Saharan migrants being most preferred. Ireland is ruled by crypto jews and it’s Prime Minister is by chance a homosexual crypto-half-Indian Jew, whose surname is among the many listed as belonging to Bene Israel Bombay jews -ending in ‘kar’. Sutherland is or was the Irish representative at the EU and could not be more eager to surrender Irish sovereignity [sp] to whomever it is that rules the EU. And the Irish are like Americans, like deer frozen in the glare of headlights facing disaster for their race their nation their future.
    The animated video of the Hens and the Ducks is attaached to the end of Mark Farrell’s video documentary: “The Holocaust Unveiled” which is in

  43. @ Chris

    If you want another source of the current events in the disaster called Africa , loving life channel on YouTube provides lots of info.

  44. ” European races would within a few generations be transformed into a new race resembling the brown hoi polloi that Kalergi envisioned”

    Eved canaani…

    (The plan far predates Kalergi, by millenniums.)

  45. *Never Again* seems to have been popularized by the JDL a decade before Skokie and not in relation to the holo, but about Jews in the USA never having to concern themselves with the concerns of others. In the late 1960s the holo hadn’t yet happened, you see.

    (And always good to see Frank Joseph called out)

    This tendency is also in accord with earlier modes of usage where it was also the motto of Jewish terrorists in the Warsaw Ghetto of the Third Reich who would not allow others the option of separating from them, but did not yet know of the holo myth they would become a part of; and was also a repeating phrase in a commercial song popular among anti-‘gentiles’ in the 1920s (but I forget which).

    In sentiment, *Never Again* is an eternal element of the traditional Jewish parasitic religion/culture/political strategy of always seeking control over other, and justifying the control over others by assuming victim status. *Never Again* is the message of all their tall tales and holy days.

    “Never again will we be vulnerable to counter attack” is the full sentence and hoped for paradise.

  46. In sentiment, *Never Again* is an eternal element of the traditional Jewish parasitic religion/culture/political strategy of always seeking control over other, and justifying the control over others by assuming victim status. *Never Again* is the message of all their tall tales and holy days.

    “Never again will we be vulnerable to counter attack” is the full sentence and hoped for paradise.

    Well put.

  47. Smash that early life section on Wikipedia…

    “Melanie Phillips was born in Hammersmith, the daughter of Mabel (née Cohen) and Alfred Phillips.[4] Her family is Jewish.”

    Whatta subversive kunt that jew is… She should move to Israel.

    Kvetch kvetch kvetch. They never stop.

  48. Feelin’ whimsy.

    Masonic, Marrano(ic) or Moronic?

    NB: turn off the volume.
    Mystery Babylonian Satanism – Marrano hand gesture, 2011

    It would be good to have a plausible explanation of the meaning/source of the fingrers symbolism. That apart, there’s a hidden hand or two in the slideshow and a lion’s claw or more.

    Tabletop footsie:

  49. Pervert Presidential Candidate Buttigieg Promises $1 Billion to Jews to “Fight Anti-Semitism”:

    ADDRESSING anti-Semitism must begin, first and foremost with a president who is committed to opposing bigotry and hate in all its forms and who will forcefully condemn anti-Semitism wherever and whenever it arises. We currently have the opposite — a president who has refused to condemn white nationalists, brought individuals holding anti-Semitic views into his administration, and unapologetically employed anti-Semitic tropes himself.

    Kike world. Buttigieg wants to be the new kikeservative-in-chief, thus he attacks the current kikeservative-in-chief for not serving the jews well enough, accusing him of not being anti-White or pro-jew enough.

    The current regime is anti-White because it is pro-jew. These are two sides of the same shekel. As the Joyce piece Nick links above details, until recently these two imperatives (and especially the link between them) were deliberately disguised. In the Trump era, especially post-Charlottesville, that has changed. Nowadays proclamations deploring “White this or that” and “anti-semitism”, explicitly stating and linking the two imperatives, are made from the highest levels of government on an increasingly regular basis.

  50. “What you call the main principle of the Enlightenment I see instead as its cause. The previous jew project, Christianity, had started to fail. This required jewry to shift gears and concoct a replacement, a new jew-serving narrative to justify their special status and continued presence among Europeans, just as the old jew-serving narrative had.”
    A National Vangaurd article about the original christians destroying science paraphrased, “understanding pagan science is wicked because it encourages speculation about the world we live in not the spiritual world of our fairy god tart”. Science is destroyed. Present situation, your identity is evil don’t live in this world, live in the imagine dreams of the future utopia. Nuclear reactors are evil. Genetics is evil. Anthropology is real.
    Looks to be the same script to me. Have seen your thoughts on morals rephrased with faith. Have seen more articles linking jewings rise to the evil Amalek Adolf, don’t look for anything prior to that bad goy.

  51. Sanders’ “jew outreach” jew jewsplains how anti-Whiteness springs naturally and directly from jew identity.

    Bloomberg, flanked by campaign signs with a jew star dotting the i in Mike, brags that his jewing is more down-low than Sanders’ jewing.

  52. Every day is Holocaust Day.

    In a similar vein to that Sanders jew condemning Trump for being a White nationalist, Ilhan Omar voted 2019’s antisemite of the year. It’s real in their minds.

    Ilhan Omar today:

    On International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we mourn the lives of 6 million Jews who were systematically murdered.

    Today and every day, we must redouble our efforts to confront anti-Semitism and all forms of religious discrimination and say #NeverAgain.

  53. Rep. Dan Crenshaw:

    #NeverForget the Holocaust and the lessons learned from this atrocity. Tonight we passed the Never Forget Education Act to make sure we don’t. Why is this necessary? Watch:×1280/FrYl12M5PNUQR7ma.mp4

    “We have to learn what identity politics does to a society, when one group is blamed for all of the problems of another group.”

    Scapegoating is the jew term for a jew tactic, blame-shifting. Blaming the goyim for jewing…is jewing.


    Boiler Room – Jan. 22 , 2020 – Epi.265

    “Mark Anderson of joins the Boiler Room for a discussion on the rebranding strategy of the Trilateral Commission, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and a US southern border update.”

    Internet-ID, here we come.

  55. “Democracy”, as Ezra Pound once put it, means “a country run by jews”.

    The French writer Céline wrote the same thing in 1937 : “La démocratie partout et toujours, n’est jamais que le paravent de la dictature juive” (Democracy is always and above all nothing but the veil of the Jewish Dictatorship).

    “639 out of 643 MPs sign up to IHRA definition of antisemitism”

    The same resolution was voted in Paris last month. They say it’s only a resolution and doesn’t mean anything, even though it will influence the decisions of the courts.

    There are 577 members of parliament in France.
    According to the parliament’s website:
    269 of them were present
    expressed votes: 226
    For the resolution: 154 votes
    Against the resolution: 72 votes

    The vote results were even worse in London, but at least, British MPs have to be present. They can not go fishing while the vote is taking place.

    In France, a new Jewish law is to be adopted this month to increase the censorship against “hate on social networks” (meaning any criticism of Jewish power and its globohomo agenda). It will be interesting to see if the new law is effective. It’s supposed to be similar to the German Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz (27 letters!).

  56. “27 letters!”

    The literal translation to English is: “Morefilthykikediktatforyougoyznowgrabyourankleslulz.”

  57. I made it 11 minutes into that Tysky Sour episode with Ash Sarkar before I couldn’t take listening to her whiny, bitchy voice anymore. Reading the comments on the YouTube video was quite entertaining, tho.

  58. Hunter Walker:

    A man was just dragged out of the Trump press conference while shouting at Don Jr. that Trump’s rhetoric is “killing Jews.” He was sitting next to me before getting up and had said his name was Elon Glickman and he was here with the Forward.×1280/E-qSreZaL2vpSQPZ.mp4

    What this jew actually screeched, at a room full of jew-firsters: “YOU ARE KILLING JEWS! ALL OF YOU! ALL OF YOU IN HERE ARE KILLING JEWS!”

    Elon Glickman:

    They can drag me out but I’ll never stop fighting for Jewish people. @donaldjtrumpJr spreads antisemitic conspiracy theories that are killing American Jews. He & @GOP can’t hide their antisemitism behind support for Israel.

    Jews are rising up to fight white nationalists.

    Longer video with the whole screech, IfNotNow:

    .@donaldjtrumpjr spreads antisemitic conspiracy theories that inspire the murder of Jews. He gave an interview to the news site that called impeachment a “Jew Coup.” His father’s presidency has seen a rise in antisemitic hate crimes. #JewsAgainstWhiteNationalism are speaking out×720/oVKP-DZl3I3dnyWe.mp4

  59. ‘Emasculated pissant’ Devin Nunes scorched by talk radio host for media threats:

    “The most important thing that the president has done, of all the things that he’s done that are very important – but, he’s finally outed the media. The media in this town has been corrupt – and it took somebody like Trump to finally bring them out of their shell to where, now, they’ll just openly go out.”

    Indeed, in the Trump era the jew-led war on Whites has become more overt than ever.

    “They’ll tweet about it late at night. They get drunk, they send drunk tweets out. And, they’re vicious to him and Republicans. And, I continue to try to get our Republicans to wake up in the Capitol,” he added. “We should not be talking to the mainstream media. They are assassins. They are working for the other team.”

    This is the lie. Both mainstream political “teams” are advancing the same jewy agenda. Both teams and their jewsmedia organs are anti-White and pro-jew. Simply put, the “left” is more explicitly anti-White and the “right” more explicitly pro-jew. The jewsmedia jews on both sides of this sick fraud aren’t shy about expressing themselves. Sure, alot of jews are still doing the “fellow white” shtick, but it’s mainly the goyim pundits pretending they don’t know what’s going on, who occasionally slip up somehow and get viciously abused by a swarm of screeching jews.

  60. Mike Bloomberg: Anti-Semitism is a problem on the right and the left. Here’s how I’d combat it from day one:

    Anti-Semitism is the original conspiracy theory.

    A world in which a president traffics in conspiracy theories is a world in which Jews are not safe.

    . . .

    I will do everything in my power to put an end to all forms of discrimination.

    I will label hate crimes as “domestic terrorism” — and charge perpetrators accordingly.

    I will launch a national, coordinated effort, led by the FBI director and Department of Justice, to crack down on violent extremists.

  61. Another campaign video in which Sanders very clearly states his pride in being a pro-jew jew, and that this is precisely why he feels justified in being anti-White. As he says toward the end of the video:

    If there is any people on earth who understands the danger of racism and White nationalism it is certainly the jewish people.

    Whether or not they voice it as clearly as Sanders, every major political figure in the current anti-White/pro-jew regime agrees with the premise: Whites and jews are political opposites.

  62. Tan: “Another campaign video in which Sanders very clearly states his pride in being a pro-jew jew”

    In that video posted by Sanders, an emotional jewess says:

    You know, they were chanting in Charlottesville: “jews will not replace us!”
    And then having a jew literally replace them would be like — that would be so satisfying!

    They want us dead and they are proud to say so, posing all the while as teary-eyed victims. Does Bernie think that kind of campaign video will earn him many White people’s votes?

    “”jews will not replace us”” is almost as bland a message as “White lives matter”.
    But it is enough to make the jews feel murderous: “Oh yes, we will replace you!”
    And we will keep crying out in pain as we replace you.

    Bernie: “If there is any people on earth who understands the danger of racism and White nationalism”

    He was saying that on October 28, 2019, at the j-Street “National Conference”, in front of an audience of jewish nationalists. Those people support Israel as a racial jewish state, and they support race replacement for White people in jewish-led countries.

    The j-Street organization present themselves as gentler Zionists. They think there is no pressing need to get rid of all the Palestinian population right now. Even if Israel does get rid of all the Palestinians, it’s better for the image of the jews to maintain a semblance of jewish opposition to that plan.

    But in my view, the worst jewish crime is not the destruction of the Palestinians, it is the deliberate ongoing destruction of the White race. So, for all their pro-Palestinian playacting, j-Street remains a criminal organization, just like AIPAC, the ADL, the media and all the rest.

  63. The primary is a fight over Jewish identity:

    It’s the billionaire vs. the socialist, the moderate vs. the leftist. But Sanders and Bloomberg don’t only have radically different plans for the future; they embody two irreconcilable stories about the past, two wings of a Jewish house divided against itself.

    . . .

    The Bernie-Bloomberg choice is nothing short of a choice between two versions of American Judaism — but it’s the future of America that will be decided.

    . . .

    [Bloomberg] stands first and foremost for the proposition that America has been good to the Jews, and the Jews have been good for America.

    . . .

    If Bloomberg’s is a Jewishness mired in success, Bernie’s is a restless Judaism, prodding, critiquing, and agitating for a better world. It has its eyes open to injustice, and its arms linked in solidarity with others, often less fortunate. It’s a Jewishness focused on universal values, rather than particular ones.

    . . .

    Sanders has found a deep well of support among a resurgent anti-Zionist Jewish left, who see in him the embodiment of their own Tikkun Olam-oriented Jewishness.

    . . .

    In other words, Sanders and Bloomberg don’t represent just two competing models of Jewish history, but two models of Jewish identity, and thus, two models for a Jewish American future. The Bloomberg future is one where support for Israel remains at the center of the agenda, and where the great and the good, or just the very wealthy and well connected of the Jewish community continue to plot its course from Upper East Side parlor meetings and Jerusalem rooftops. It will be underwritten by checks cashed with the conviction that Jews are both mighty and imperiled and must use their might to make themselves less imperiled. It is more of the same, only much more of it.

    . . .

    Sanders is a real paradigm shifter, and in his hoarse call for reordering there are echoes of the Jewish audacity to not only fix the world, but reimagine what it might still become.

    . . .

    It’s a big decision. But it’s not just the future of the Jews at stake. Bloomberg and Sanders are competing to become president of the United States; Jews stand ready to define the politics of the most powerful nation on earth; we’re not in the shtetl anymore.

    This is the same old “Two jews, three opinions about what’s best for the jews” shtick. The usual narrative portraying jews as weak and divided against each other falls flat in the face of the reality they’re gloating about here: toxic jews flexing their power, disagreeing only about how to jew everyone else.

  64. Just two months ago The Jew York Times was disingenuously asking, Why Is the Democratic Primary So White? At the time TOO WHITE was the ubiquitous jewsmedia-for-the-goyim narrative. Then BLOOMBERG showed up.

    Now the primary is boiling down to two jews, both loudly proclaiming the importance of their jewness, and both attacking Donald “king of the jews” Trump for supposedly not being anti-White or pro-jew enough. Today the new disingenuous question is, Could Bloomberg Buy the Nomination?, and the broader jewsmedia-for-the-goyim narrative is shifting to OYYYY VEEEEYYYYYY.

  65. We Arab Americans and Muslims are voting for Bernie. Because he’s Jewish:

    Nominating the old Jewish guy comes naturally to us voters in the Arab Disneyland of Dearborn, Michigan – and people like us across America

    Me and my cousin against Whites.

    Sanders vs. Bloomberg scenario is like a Jewish joke turned ominously real:

    Two Jewish finalists in the Democratic race is a source of pride for U.S. Jews – as well as a reason for grave concern

    The joke is on Whites, jews hardest hit.

  66. Which Presidential Jew Is the One for You?

    The two men represent two fundamental aspects of the Jewish psyche

    . . .

    Sanders and Bloomberg are not forcing us into a choice between the two, but rather reminding us of the importance of each. Both men want to help repair the world, but through dramatically different courses of action — and so our choice between their candidacies tells us which of those two approaches is more in concert with our own worldview.

    . . .

    Again, the two Jewish candidates stand for different mindsets toward Israel among American Jews. Our community agrees on the need for peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians, but there is growing discord about how to get there. Bloomberg and Sanders speak effectively for the two main schools of thought on these matters among American Jews.

    . . .

    Finally, Sanders and Bloomberg represent versions of how we see ourselves as part of American society. We are outsiders here, as we have been in every country in which we have lived outside of our homeland.

    . . .

    The dichotomy is obvious: We American Jews see ourselves as an ethnic group, with the outsider status that term suggests. Political and educational orthodoxy says we are not, that our successes in this country mean that term no longer applies. This brings us back to what Sanders and Bloomberg represent in us.

    Sanders is the ultimate political outsider, a status in which he has reveled throughout his career. He is never happier than when he is raging against the machine and marshalling the resources and energies of fellow outsiders to storm the gates of power. On the other hand, Bloomberg’s professional and political achievements have brought him inside those gates and led him to the conclusion that working for change within the system is more effective than agitating from without. The part of our self-regard as Jews that reminds us that we are outsiders identifies with Sanders; the part that reflects our successes helps us understand Bloomberg. As a people, we are both insiders and outsiders in U.S. society. Bloomberg and Sanders each represent one aspect of that whole.

    The purpose of this kind of double-talk is to confuse the goyim. The jew psyche is preoccupied with one question: “Is it good for jews?” That concern is and will continue to be the common theme of all the jewsmedia’s hand-wringing as this super-jewy freak show grinds on.

  67. We Rise As One: a Jewish campaign to defeat white nationalism in 2020:

    In 2020, Bend the Arc: Jewish Action is mobilizing Jews and allies across the country to rise up in solidarity and build a country that is truly for all of us.

    Together, we will defeat the white nationalist movement that seeks to destroy us all. We won’t let politicians who harm our communities expand their own wealth and power.

    Our futures are intertwined — we rise as one so we can thrive as many.

    Organized jewry cries out in pain as it declares war on Whites.

  68. Before they shut down the comments, I jumped in early on that “we rise as one” video and holy hell did they get hammered lol. The last I saw, the like to dislike ratio was about 50 likes to 8.1k dislikes. Love to see it.

    There’s this one too, Tan. New Anti-white Amazon show is getting btfo’d as well…jump in there and give em hell.

  69. Political Polls:

    #NewYork @SienaResearch Poll Among Jewish Voters:

    Bloomberg 28%
    Buttigieg 16%
    Biden 10%
    Warren 10%
    Klobuchar 9%
    Sanders 6%

    (Poll Conducted Feb 16-20)

    Two psyches, loljews. The most blatant jew divide is between the goyim nostalgic for the old-fashioned judeo-bolshevist, and the jews who instead prefer direct rule by the jewsmedia mogul.

  70. Sanders is more useful for continued political polarization than Bloomberg is. If the powers that be increasingly rhetorically characterize the political divide as being a choice between Bolshevism and Nazism it could hopefully become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Enough of the goyim must be forced to make the hard choice eventually.

  71. Bernie Sanders says he is proud to be Jewish — so why is he skipping the biggest celebration of Jewish pride?

    The clip is a manifestation of underdog Judaism, one rooted in powerlessness and victimhood — a Judaism of suffering, persecution and discrimination.

    In 110 seconds, viewers are shown clips of neo-Nazis chanting threats in Charlottesville, heaps of Jewish corpses in a concentration camp, the wrought-iron gates of Auschwitz and an ambulance at the scene of the infamous Monsey attack, when a man wielded a machete at Hasidic Jews on Hanukkah.

    What emerges is not a video about Jewish pride but about Bernie Sanders’ supposed commitment to fighting anti-Semitism and religious bigotry.

    Here, a paradox develops. While Sanders condemns anti-Semitism, he shows us that the only thing he is “proud” of is the Jewish experience of persecution. The Judaism he can accept is one that is helpless, indefensible and virtually powerless — a voiceless, crippled Judaism. A Judaism devoid of the State of Israel.

    It’s no paradox, just jewing as usual.

    JTA is referring to the Sanders campaign video I linked here. It has been deleted, but it’s still up on Facebook. The theme of that campaign video, and the earlier one, is to vilify Whites for being White, and to jewsplain how Sanders feels justified in doing so specifically because he is a jew jewing as jews always have.

    Like most jews, Sanders condemns White nationalism while supporting the foreign jew-first jews-only state on the other side of the planet. He hasn’t condemned The Open Celebration of Jews and their Jewing, he simply doesn’t want to participate right now. He understands the AIPAC spectacle – trumpeting jew power and featuring dozens of supposedly powerful goyim obsequiously praising their masters – creates cognitive dissonance when juxtaposed with the jews as powerless victims of Whites narrative Sanders prefers. The jews who orchestrate that spectacle are just beyond caring what the goyim think.

    Sanders personifies the past, more furtive face of revolutionary jewing and their long stealthy war on Whites. Bloomberg personifies the ascendent, more in-your-face jewing, with its overt proclamations and laws explicitly distinguishing jews from Whites and privileging jews over everyone else.

    Hitler described this shift in tactics a century ago:

    Now begins the great last revolution. In gaining political power the Jew casts off the few cloaks that he still wears. The democratic people’s Jew becomes the blood-Jew and tyrant over peoples. In a few years he tries to exterminate the national intelligentsia and by robbing the peoples of their natural intellectual leadership makes them ripe for the slave’s lot of permanent subjugation.

    The most frightful example is offered by Russia, where he killed or starved about thirty million people with positively fanatical savagery, in part amid inhuman tortures, in order to give a gang of Jewish journalists and stock exchange bandits domination over a great people.

  72. “That analysis about switching tactics is ominous. Hitler was prophetic all of those years ago.”

    I think you’ve hit on the essential characteristic that separates Hitler from contemporaries; he learned the truest history he could find, made known to himself his present era unvarnished by lies, observed prevailing trends mercilessly, and drew sensible conclusions. He was just a bit more serious about *every* part of the puzzle than other good guys.

    Like David Hemery with 400m hurdling, but rather more important.

  73. Now that Bloomberg has dropped out and thrown his support behind Biden the jewsmedia can shelve the old “struggle for the soul of the jewish people” narrative and return to the “too White” narrative they’re much more comfortable with.

  74. Matthew Gertz:

    This is vile. Last night Fox News ran a chyron branding Michael Bloomberg as Joe Biden’s “puppet master.” That’s a vicious anti-Semitic trope.

    Won’t somebody save the jews from the vicious Fox News kikeservatives?

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