A Brief History of Virulence

This coronavirus pandemic needs to be kept in perspective. The tribe in particular has a virulent need to jewsplain.

Why Trump’s ‘foreign virus’ speech is as dangerous as coronavirus itself, by Aviya Kushner, The Forward, 12 March 2020:

“This is the most aggressive and comprehensive effort to confront a foreign virus in modern history,” Trump said.

Let’s unpack that.

Foreign. Virus.

The idea that outsiders or foreigners are both dangerous — and dangerous to health — is straight out of the Nazi playbook.

“A key part of Nazi ideology was to define the enemy and those who posed a threat to the so-called ‘Aryan race,’” the Holocaust Museum states on its website. “Nazi propaganda was essential in promoting the myth of the “national community” and identifying who should be excluded. Jews were considered the main enemy.”

. . .

Of course, the strategy of blaming someone else—namely, the “outsider” in a society—for a pandemic is at least as old as the Middle Ages, when Jews were blamed for the Black Death.

“In 1348 there appeared in Europe a devastating plague which is reported to have killed off ultimately twenty-five million people,” Fordham University’s Jewish History sourcebook explains. “By the fall of that year the rumor was current that these deaths were due to an international conspiracy of Jewry to poison Christendom.”

After the Black Plague ended, the idea of tarring the “foreigner” for widespread death persisted. In his chilling article “Immigration, Ethnicity, and the Pandemic,” Dr. Alan Kraut traces how immigrants were historically blamed for pandemics.

“In the 1830s, impoverished Irish immigrants were stigmatized as the bearers of cholera,” Kraut writes. “At the end of the 19th century, tuberculosis was dubbed the “Jewish disease” or the “tailor’s disease.”

The “Jewish disease” doesn’t sound so different from the “foreign virus.”

. . .

At times, Trump’s speech sounded like a paean to the economy, peppered with comments on a virus. Despite Trump’s ample praise, stock futures dropped precipitously after he spoke about banning people and goods.

That, too, is something Jewish history knows about — economic crisis is also often pinned on outsiders. When the economy shudders, there will again be a need to blame someone, preferably someone foreign, someone who is not part of the “family,” as Trump put it.

Given these statements by world “leaders,” it’s no surprise that racism and xenophobia are on the rise, and that anti-Semitism related to the coronavirus is already spreading.

. . .

It may be hard to pay attention to language at a time like this, with infections and deaths increasing, and travel bans going up everywhere. But history suggests that the term “foreign virus” and its hateful implications may be as dangerous — and perhaps more dangerous — than the coronavirus itself.

Scapegoating is a jew word for a characteristically jewy behavior. It’s what the jews’ kapparot ritual is about. It’s what this Forward article is about. It is a ritualistic recounting of the historic narrative whereby jews shift the blame for their virulent jewing onto their hosts. It is offered as justification to do so again now.

As was the case with Jeffrey Epstein, articles like this reveal what jews are thinking, even if most won’t say it out loud. They are all concerned that their tribe might get blamed, even the ones who are pushing a totally de-jewed narrative shifting blame onto someone else. The Forward article lays out the why and the how.

Every jew knows that the current regime’s virulently anti-White agenda to psychopathologize “racism” and “xenophobia”, to tear down White defenses, comes directly from the jews. They know the “New World Order” is a jew world order. They know that whenever Whites think about what’s good for ourselves, that’s not good for jews. They say as much not just here, but whenever they try to jewsplain their attacks on Whites.

To see why they feel justified doing this you can simply unpack the historical jew complaint and apply it to themselves. They see non-jews as goyim. Goyim is their word for foreigners, outsiders, non-jews, the opposite of jews. They are scandalized that the goyim would ever reciprocate and see jews likewise. The goyim who are doing what’s best for goyim are failing to do what’s best for jews. No need to unpack this, to a jew such a thing is just unthinkably evil.

You may have heard that the jew cries out in pain as he strikes you. Maybe that saying makes you chuckle. You may not fully appreciate what it means. Why does the jew cry out? It is because he knows he’s striking you. He knows you don’t like the harm he’s causing you. He knows you might also come to know these things. He’s worried you will retaliate. He sees your getting angry as the real problem. He knows his crying out confuses you. He wants you to mistake him for a fellow victim, the real victim, and blame someone else, even yourself.

Most of the time this trick works. Historically speaking, pandemics and pyramid scheme collapses are rare, and goyim uprisings rarer still. Through it all, and everything in between, the jews screech that “anti-semitism” is a virus, that it is the goyim who are diseased.

How can jews blame goyim for what jews do? How can jews pose as “white” while condemning nationalism for Whites and celebrating nationalism for jews? How can jews pose as powerless victims while dominating banking and media and politics and literally dictating what everyone else can say? I still sometimes wonder how these arguments of theirs fly. Then I realize they aren’t arguing about any of these things. They’re moralizing. They argue only about what’s best for the jews, they don’t argue about that premise. They mercilessly attack anyone who even questions it. That’s how jewing works. It really is that simple.

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  1. Similar recent examples of the strain of virulent jewing discussed in this post:

    Pandemic Panic a Breeding Ground for the Virus of Jew-Hatred
    An ancient virus unleashes a new pandemic of hate
    Coronavirus and the Virus of Antisemitism

    While jews who have some other plausible cover focus on pushing de-jewed narratives shamelessly assigning blame to China, or Trump, or anyone else but jews, these full-time professional in-your-face jews are pushing their age-old “goyim goyiming is the worst disease, worse than any mere pandemic” narrative.

  2. Even their preferred word for the sensibly anti-Jew, “virulent” is a reversal of all true meaning. Intended to describe a parasite’s threat to the host, Jews turn it into a label for the host’s potentially effective measures for self-defense against the parasite. Either that, or they’re saying we live in their space at their allowance. Or both.

  3. Jews are the primary culprits in bringing about an age in which international movement of hundreds of millions of people is considered normal and beneficial. In that sense they surely are at least partly to blame for the spread of the coronavirus globally.

  4. Virulence is a measure of the harm inflicted by a pathogen on its host.

    When jews screech that “anti-semitism” is a virus, or use the term “virulent anti-semitism”, it’s like a mugger throwing a tantrum about mugging in front of the person he just mugged. Portraying themselves as host and their host as pathogen is an obvious and outrageous inversion. But remarkably the jew shtick also hinges on shamelessly accepting the very same premises (that jews and non-jews are distinct and that the nature of the conflict between the two is biological) that they simultaneously condemn non-jews for supposedly imagining.

  5. Found this comment posted online:

    * Soros owns company where Coronavirus broke out
    * Israeli-linked Dr. Charles *Lieber* arrested for receiving payment and smuggling bio-material to Wuhan University,
    * Israel was “already working on vaccine”


    Here is a report from way back in 1998 that might shed some light on the growing suspicions that this coronavirus is a man-made bio-weapon.


    “Israel is Developing ‘Ethnic Bomb’ for Growing Biological Weapons Arsenal
    Mark Weber

    Israel is working on an “ethnically targeted” biological weapon that would kill or harm Arabs but not Jews, according to Israeli military and western intelligence sources cited in a front-page report in the London Sunday Times, November 15, 1998 (“Israel Planning ‘Ethnic’ Bomb as Saddam Caves In,” by Uzi Mahnaimi and Marie Colvin).”

    Notice that Iran (and China, of course) are the hardest hit nations so far. Consider the fact that the Israelis and their 5th column of neocons here inside the USA, have been trying to manipulate and/or false flag the US government into starting a war with Iran from as far back as at least the Reagan Administration, if not longer ago than that. They’ve thus far not been successful in goading the US into a direct military attack on Iran. Might this coronavirus pandemic be another way to attack Iran, while using the jewish control of most of the world’s news and entertainment media to shift the blame onto China?

    It also occurs to me that anyone who would deliberately create and then unleash any form of bio-weapon has to be a mentally insane, seriously stupid and unbelievably dangerous psychopath. As we see now, it is literally impossible to control or confine the spread of bio-weapons of this type and the global-wide consequences are going to cause catastrophically negative and extremely painful consequences for the entire world. This is even going to bite the jews in the butt – as we can see from the closing down of movie theaters, college and professional sporting leagues, and even Las Vegas is now closing down the jewish owned casinos, where these vampires love to suck the shekels out of the goyim who are dumb enough to visit them.

    On a recent episode of Fash the Nation – possibly FTN 294 or 296, I forget which – Jazzhands and James Allsup did a deep dive into the history of this jewish Dr. Charles Lieber, and this was a very revealing and highly incriminating discussion. If I had any lingering doubts that coronavirus could be traced back to Israel, I had those doubts erased by this FTN podcast. I’d put the odds at no less than 90%.

  6. The Coronavirus, and Why Humans Feel a Need to Moralize Epidemics, by Adam Gopnik, The Jew Yorker, 11 March 2020:

    The truth that there is a constant, unending, and unpredictable warfare between human and bug, which takes place in a state of moral indifference, at least on the bug’s side, is somehow profoundly counterintuitive. This war, of course, takes place not just between human and microbe but engages all life on earth, with each living thing in a constant state of unequal warfare with microscopic bugs of all kinds, parasites and bacteria and viruses.

    It’s biological. True. It’s warfare. True. But in this unending war, who is “human” and who is “bug”?

    When bad things happen to good people, we seek a cause; when bad things happen to everyone, we seek a reason, and it had better be a very good reason, on a par with the pain that it inflicts.

    The most famous of these efforts, of course, attaches to the first great recorded plague of modern times, the black plague of the fourteenth century, which produced unimaginable devastation throughout Europe. It was carried by rats, or by infected fleas that travelled on rats, but at the time it seemed utterly mysterious: people would sicken and die in the most horrible ways, and anyone who approached them would, too. The rot had to be rising from within. It was a judgment from God, or, perhaps, a poison from the Jews; modern European anti-Semitism, including mass killings of Jews, is often thought to date from the plague years.

    Indeed. “European anti-semitism” is “the most famous of these efforts” to divide “us” into good and bad. There’s the moralizing. The jews say “anti-semitism” is like a plague, a biological war where the jews are good, the “humans”, and the goyim are rotten, the “bugs”. This is the essential premise of the jew narrative, not just in this one case, not just now in the middle of a global pandemic, but in countless articles and books and movies, published by jews, every day, year after year.

    Again and again, in the history of illness, we find the same desire to attach a moral to a microbe. Even as late as the nineteenth century, when scientific medicine was just beyond the toddler stage, the idea that a “miasma” was responsible for cholera was widespread among even educated people, and with it came a moralizing: the poor and the immigrants died because they were always in sickness, or brought it with them, or kept it inside them.

    Again and again, through all of history, jews just keep repeating this same moralizing: “It’s evil for you goyim to think in terms of us versus them!” “It’s evil for you goyim to treat us jews like outsiders!” “It’s evil for you goyim to wonder what is harming you and try to stop it, you have to stop that because it harms us jews!” “You evil goyim, especially you White goyim, you worry about outsiders and moralize too much!”

    And of course this chutzpathic moralizing is the very crux of a jewsmedia article shifting blame to the goyim for mindlessly, lamely trying to ape jews. By writing an article like this, structured in this way, Gopnik is in a characteristically jewy way jewsplaining why his tribe writes articles like this and why they structure them this way. The jews are constantly moralizing. And when they say “human” they’re thinking “jews”.

  7. agartha brooks:

    a modest proposal: when/if we make it thru this, all elites whove been responsible for open borders, offshoring, mass immigration, selling out to foreigners, wasting money on pointless wars & other bs, leaving us unprepared/vulnerable to crisis, should be put on trial for treason

    Sounds sensible to me. Unfortunately, it rarely happens. It didn’t even happen during the great goyim uprising of 1933. And then the opposite happened in 1946.

    The parasite has always been out in front, defining anti-parasitic sentiments as the real crisis. The jews have constantly and consistently informed their goyim hosts that we are responsible, whatever happens. They say it right in the middle of a global pandemic their own malevolent and manipulative migrating and mixing agenda has created. A few goyim here and there try to imagine what they’d like to happen after the latest crisis of jewing has passed, while a gaggle of jews are on their soapboxes brazenly informing everyone how to think and how to talk and how to reorganize their lives to better suit the jews. Just like all the rest of the time.

  8. Razib Khan is freaking out. Both of these links come from his twitstream.

    Blood group A at greater risk from COVID-19 (maybe), and lower for O:

    It looks like from their data that A individuals were:

    1) more likely to get infected
    2) more likely to have severe responses

    The individual difference is modest. You aren’t invulnerable if you are O.

    COVID-19 Host Genetics Initiative:

    A community effort to identify genetic variants associated with COVID-19 susceptibility and severity

    If there are racial differences in coronavirus susceptibility, as there are with other pathogens, this effort could reveal them. But it’s not clear that they’ll look for group differences or report any they might find. The About page says they’re only looking for genetic explanations for “differences in disease severity between individuals”.

    Earlier today Khan noticed China Xinhua News taking a page out of the jew playbook. “Racism is not the right tool to cover your own incompetence”. Non-Whites accusing Whites of “racism”, now that’s a tool, a weapon really, proven to work.

    Khan’s response was to play dumb:

    we need to talk about how foreign powers/entities “weaponize” american culture wars. china is doing it now, but @ajplus, owned by qatar, perfected it. both reactionary fascistic states that take “woke” daggers and start chucking them our way. know the hand that throws it…

    i hate the term ‘weaponize’. but china lecturing usa about racism or qatar about women’s rights is like a propaganda army of the nazi state lecturing 1940s america about segregation. segregation was real and an injustice. but come on, nazis!!!

    Blame China! Blame Qatar! Blame Nazis! Anybody but the jews who actually created the weapon and use it every day.

  9. “There’s No Boogeyman He Can Attack”: Angry at Kushner, Trump Awakens to the COVID-19 Danger:

    Sources say a principal target of his anger is Jared Kushner. “I have never heard so many people inside the White House openly discuss how pissed Trump is at Jared,” the former West Wing official said.

    Sources told me Trump is regretting that Kushner swooped into the coronavirus response last week. Kushner, according to sources, encouraged Trump to treat the emergency as a P.R. problem when Fauci and others were calling for aggressive action. “This was Jared saying the world needs me to solve another problem,” a former White House official said. One source briefed on the internal conversations told me that Kushner advised Trump not to call a national emergency during his Oval Office address on March 11 because “it would tank the markets.” The markets cratered anyway, and Trump announced the national emergency on Friday.

    It’s easy to see the kikeservative-in-chief very publicly blaming Kushner and firing him over this, especially since that’s what he’s already done with so many of his other top advisors. The jewsmedia could also easily try to goad him into it with just a few snarky quips about President Kushner.

    But then that would involve the kikeservative-in-chief and the jewsmedia scapegoating a jew. And that’s the opposite of how scapegoating actually works.

  10. Here’s an excellent example of a totally de-jewed version of the same strain of virulent jewing discussed above.

    Trump calling the Covid-19 coronavirus the “Chinese virus” is dangerous:

    Trump is stoking xenophobia in a time of worldwide crisis

    Though Trump and his allies are certainly wrong that calling the coronavirus “the Chinese virus” is simply following longstanding naming conventions, it is very much in keeping with a history of disease drawing out a fear of foreigners. (And let’s remember Trump has his own much more recent history of accusing immigrants of bringing infectious diseases into the country.

    “The language of disease has always been linked to our discourse around immigration,” Natalia Molina, a professor of history and American studies at the University of Southern California, told Vox’s Sean Illing. “I think it’s pretty clear that our fears about immigrants and outsiders have always been bolstered by fears about disease and contamination.”

    The moral: Non-Whites good, Whites bad. It’s the same screech, the same moralizing, it’s just missing the explicit made-by-jews label the jewsmedia for jews attaches to it.

  11. Turmoil in the (((echo chamber))). The (((anti-Trump left))) blames Trump. The (((anti-anti-Trump right))) blames China.

    China Is Trolling the World and Avoiding Blame:

    The political scientist Andrew Michta has drawn controversy and accusations of racism for stating what any measured overview of the evidence makes clear. “The question about assigning agency and blame is pretty straightforward to answer,” he writes in The American Interest. The Chinese state, he says, is culpable.

    But is this a time for blame? Yes, it is. Accounting for responsibility when a disaster happens—particularly one likely to devastate entire countries, leaving thousands dead—is not beside the point, particularly as Chinese officials move to take advantage of the crisis and launch a disinformation campaign claiming that the U.S. Army introduced the virus.

    Well before the new coronavirus spread across American cities, the Chinese regime was already rather creatively trolling U.S. publications, expelling American journalists, and “weaponizing wokeness” over anything it perceived as critical of China’s role in mishandling the epidemic. To hear Chinese spokespeople use the language of racism and prejudice is somewhat surreal, considering this is a regime that has put more than 1 million Muslims and ethnic minorities in “reeducation” camps.

    Of course, Americans will have to be vigilant against scapegoating Asians in general or the Chinese people in particular. With one of the highest infection rates and death tolls, Chinese citizens have suffered enough. The Chinese leadership, however, is another matter. A government is not a race. It’s a regime—and easily one of the worst and most brutal in our lifetime. Criticizing authoritarian regimes for what they do outside their own borders and to their own people is simply calling things as they are. To do otherwise is to forgo analysis and accuracy in the name of assuaging a regime that deserves no such consideration.

    On the one side the idea is that “racism” and “xenophobia”, i.e. White people being White, is the most dangerous disease. The original, complete version of this moralizing comes from jews, who say goyim are diseased, infected with the “virus of anti-semitism”.

    On the other side the idea is that this all has nothing to do with “racism”. They’re trying hard to ignore the increasingly explicit attack on Whites, ramping up in the middle of a global pandemic, as well as the increasingly blatant fact that the attack originates from jews openly proclaiming themselves as such. Instead the Trump-backing jews and their Trumptard kikeservatives blame…China.

    Asians screeching in the jewy “language of racism and prejudice” is creating cognitive dissonance. The jews on all sides are chafing at these uppity yellow goyim using their proprietary anti-White weapon.

    The resolution emerging now, the synthesis of this totally jewed anti-White/pro-jew regime’s bagelian dialetic, is that China and Trump are both blameworthy, but vigilance is still required to ensure that none of the goyim get too authoritariany or scapegoaty.

  12. Yang and Anti-Defamation League CEO: Avoid coronavirus racism:

    As the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic threatens to tax our public health systems, takes a toll on the economy and upends nearly every aspect of our lives, there’s a serious risk that the compounding public anxiety around the virus could lead to the spread of another serious contagion: the scapegoating and blaming of Asian, Jewish and other minorities for this public health crisis.

    In fact, the blame game already has started . . .

    While, fortunately, none of this has yet to enter the mainstream in a significant way, there’s now a serious risk that this kind of hateful rhetoric and outright scapegoating of minorities will take on a life of its own. We know from history that at times of real crisis in society, the voices of reason and logic can be drowned out by those who wish to spread hatred or sow discord. Rarely has there been a more opportune moment to seize on fear and spread hate.

    The ADL has been attacking Whites for being too White for more than a century. They began openly policing the internet before there was any pandemic to use as a pretext. The real crisis for jews and their tools is that their constant jewsmedia-amplified screeching might get “drowned out”, the “serious risk” is the goyim thinking or saying or doing anything that the jews don’t like.

    We need to stop the demonization of minorities, call out scapegoating for what it is and come together as one nation indivisible so we can beat this together.

    We share a common history here: Both Chinese and Jewish immigrants experienced xenophobia in the 19th and early 20th centuries as large-scale immigration to these shores fueled Sinophobia and a range of antisemitic reactions.

    . . .

    While we deal with this national emergency, civic leaders and people in positions of authority should refer to this virus by its clinical and factual name. It is likewise important for all Americans to come together and stand against the anti-Asian and anti-Jewish blame game that’s playing out in some corners of society.

    Scapegoating is something we never should tolerate, especially not now. We can and will come through this crisis but only if we work together.

    While our top scientists, medical professionals, first responders and policymakers continue to develop and implement plans and rules to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, let’s do our part as a people and as a country to prevent hate and bigotry from becoming a side effect of the virus.

    Non-Whites united against Whites, led by jews. Scapegoating, and all the slimy sick psychoanalytic rhetoric they wrap around it, is a jew construct.

  13. Gooks will apparently eat literally anything not inclusive of rocks and dirt. If anyone has a better theory of how the coronavirus got passed from animals to humans I’d love to hear it.

  14. How Social Distancing Could Lead to a Spike in White Nationalism – Rolling Stone:

    Anti-extremism experts also pointed out that in addition to anti-Asian sentiment, anti-Semitic sentiment has also been widespread in the midst of the pandemic. Much of the rhetoric has focused on either conspiracy theories about COVID-19’s origin centering on Jewish philanthropist George Soros, or Jewish communities where the virus took root, such as in New Rochelle, New York.

    “This is a time where vulnerable communities are going to continue to be targeted, and we need to be looking closely at how the administration is responding,” said Madihha Ahussain, special counsel for anti-Muslim bigotry at Muslim Advocates.

    Virulent anti-White jewsmedia. Same screech, different day.

  15. I believe during Nixon’s “opening of China” Kissinger promised the Chinese a prominent seat at the NWO table if they allowed the tribe to run the show. In exchange, the Chinese obtained the USA’s factories + Australia & New Zealand. The Chinese seemed to have played them – accepting all the goodies, then refusing to cuck to jewish global supremacy; hence Bill Kristol’s tweet that the US military goyim needed to sacrifice themselves in a war with Beijing. They are a similar people the jews and Chinese: high in ethnocentricity, completely lacking in empathy, market minorities outside of their nests, cunning. Let them fight for the jewing gold medal.

  16. On Social Media, Racist Responses To Coronavirus Can Have Their Own Contagion, NPR, 2 Feb 2020:

    FULLILOVE: I’m really worried about the wildfire way in which things become viral. And with social media, I think we have more of a danger of a kind of a social contagion as a result of this.

    FOLKENFLIK: How prevalent does that reaction seem to be?

    GODOY: David, we are still monitoring the situation. Just like we track the disease, we are tracking the reaction to it.

    FOLKENFLIK: OK. So to prevent the actual spread of viruses, we’re told to cough into our sleeves. We’re told to wash our hands a lot. What can we do to stop a backlash from building against Asians and Asian Americans?

    An early example of virulent jewy moralizing portraying asians as the humans who need to be protected from diseased Whites.

  17. Feds: White supremacists’ planned to weaponize virus:

    Federal investigators appeared to be monitoring the white nationalists’ communications on Telegram, an encrypted messaging app that has become popular with neo-Nazis. In the conversations, the white supremacists suggested targeting law enforcement agents and “nonwhite” people with attacks designed to infect them with the coronavirus.

    “Violent extremists continue to make bioterrorism a popular topic among themselves,” reads the intelligence brief written by the Federal Protective Service, which covered the week of Feb. 17-24. “White Racially Motivated Violent Extremists have recently commented on the coronavirus stating that it is an ‘OBLIGATION’ to spread it should any of them contract the virus.”

    “Violent extremists” = Using the internet while White.

  18. Israeli spies source up to 100,000 coronavirus tests in covert mission | World news | The Guardian:

    Israel’s secretive Mossad intelligence agency launched a covert international operation this week to fly in up to 100,000 coronavirus testing kits, although the effort may have been in vain as critical parts were reportedly missing.

    Domestic news outlets, citing government and health officials, reported that the secrecy of the operation was because the kits were acquired from at least two unnamed countries that do not have good diplomatic relations with Israel, meaning the government could not openly buy them.

    . . .

    Israel has mobilised its extensive security apparatus to tackle the virus, including having the military run hotels to isolate people who display only light symptoms. The Tel Aviv beachfront hotel the Dan Panorama will be the first to open and be staffed by the army.

    . . .

    The Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency has also been involved.

    . . .

    On Wednesday evening, it barred all tourists and visitors from entering the country.

    The jews in jewland are pulling out all the stops to protect themselves, doing things that the jews in goyland pull out all the stops to keep the goyim from even discussing.

    “Racism” and “xenophobia” are weaponized psychobabble, manufactured by jews for use against Whites.

  19. There is something very unique and “special” about the pinpoint semantics on this site…
    Nothing like it out there otherwise…

    Excellent work here.

  20. Lauder: National Guard must protect Jews from neo-Nazi coronavirus threat – The Jerusalem Post:

    When the National Guard is activated in New York to address the pandemic, some servicemembers should be placed in Jewish neighborhoods to prevent the purposeful infection of Jewish New Yorkers. Immediate action is needed to protect the vulnerable from antisemitic violence.

    Life-long full-time virulent jew: “You bugs must protect us humans from you bugs.”

  21. The FBI and Jewish Organizations Invent Anti-White Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory – National Justice:

    While China blames the US government for the coronavirus, Jewish organizations and the FBI are busy seeding paranoid hoaxes against their national enemy: politically active white men in America.

    The current regime is anti-White and pro-jew becaused it is supremely jewed. Shifting blame is the name of their game.

    Jewish people have been spreading coronavirus among themselves due to their poor hygiene, penchant for international travel, and refusal to follow prescriptions on social distancing. In New Jersey, Jews were arrested in two separate instances for hosting weddings in defiance of temporary laws against large social gatherings. One of the earliest reported contagion ground zeroes in America was a Shabbat dinner. Among the biggest hot spots are Kiryas Joel, New Rochelle, Williamsburg, and various other parts of the northeast with massive Jewish populations.

    As for the “intelligence community,” coronavirus is slated to go down as one of the biggest intelligence failures in American history. The Trump administration’s colossal waste of federal resources on the politically motivated hoaxes of “anti-Semitism and “white supremacy” means that the state had better and more accurate information about the latest 4Chan gags than the highly contagious virus.

    They blamed the Black Plague on rats and ticks and White goyim. This time around it’s China and Trump and White goyim.

  22. Derbyshire Police:

    Despite posts yesterday highlighting issues of people still visiting the #PeakDistrict despite government guidance, the message is still not getting through. @DerPolDroneUnit have been out at beauty spots across the county, and this footage was captured at #CurbarEdge last night. https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1243166574409809920/pu/vid/1280×720/iLtshOeNeLFR02gq.mp4



  23. “Violent extremists” = Using the internet while White.

    Lol…good stuff. Yours, Tan, or did you ¨take it¨? Yea…I´m going to take it.

  24. Glad to see that your’re keeping on top of the current virus story, Tan. As this lethal viral saga continues to unfold, (and as you are well aware), here are some basics for all to keep in mind. To wit: ever hostile Jewry, in their ‘best’, warped, talmudic tradition continue to muddy the intellectual waters in any way that they can. Normalizing the abnormal, and projecting their innate psychological sickness onto those whom they want to subvert and manipulate, is standard operating procedure. When metaphorically speaking of things viral, planting mind viruses in their “hosts” is their forte!

    The psychological warfare that Jews are waging against the White world is nothing less than the use of weaponized intellectual mind viruses, so to speak. Due to decades long Jewish domination of most major Western media, they have succeeded in deeply intellectually poisoning the vast majority of White people worldwide. Sadly (and most unfortunately), most of these afflicted people have no idea that they have become domesticated, and intellectually enslaved by this Jewish subversion. Whites have become an unwitting, virally, zombieized Golem of Jewry. Planting intellectual and ideological viruses amongst the “Goyim” is the real story here.

  25. How our environmental practices make pandemics like coronavirus more likely – Vox:

    Call it the paradigm of invasion: the idea that we’re being attacked by an onslaught of foreign pathogens that come from animals, and we’re just passive victims.

    But what if we, the humans, are the ones staging the onslaught? What if the real story of modern pandemics is not about how animals and their germs are invading our human realm but about how we’re invading theirs?

    What if “we” are the pathogen? That’s a toxic idea.

    This critique of “we, the humans” better fits the jews’ “anti-semitism”-as-a-virus narrative. The jews see themselves as passive victims, as the humans, and the goyim as the animals, the germ carriers. But the real story is that the jews are the ones invading the realms of the goyim, spewing poisonous reality-inverting narratives.

    Seeing the world in terms of us versus them and siding with your own kind over the alien other is normal, healthy, and adaptive. It helps your kind survive. This is exactly why the jewsmedia stages a relentless onslaught psychopathologizing such behavior in the goyim, particularly Whites.

  26. …particularly Whites.

    I´m not aware of any ¨psychopathologizing¨…of any other…than Whites.

  27. https://cmr.asm.org/ Hide this page from all. After reading the abstracts/summaries of the articles, the conclusion easily reached is open boarders is a disease and the jews pushing it are the pathogen. This article specifically, https://cmr.asm.org/content/28/2/465, has this passage, “The Middle East is a region encompassing most of western Asia and Egypt and contains 18 countries with various ethnic groups. It is one of the busiest politico-economic centers in the world, with many unique religious and cultural practices such as the annual Hajj along with a reliance on camels for food, medicine, business, and travel in both rural and urban areas. These distinct regional characteristics have provided favorable conditions for new and rapidly mutating viruses to emerge”. I have skimmed many of these and some cdc articles, they aren’t worried about covid-19 too much. They are worried about the Nipa virus in Malaysia. The cause for concern, human respiratory systems hosting multiple viruses and bacteria with a specific combination leading to one virus dominating the system and overwhelming it, is easily understood. The precautions needed are clear. One dim-witted entity stands in the way.

  28. The only “violent extremists” that exist these days are dysfunctional losers that get entrapped by the FBI; in other words, there aren’t any.

  29. Just wondering if droopy nachos can properly describe what might happen if the telomeres have broken down in a subject host of covid and why that doesn’t particularly worry the people who r worried about nipha? Hahahaha and some more hahahaha totally directed at the cheese ooinf and nothing else?

  30. Why are Jews vastly overrepresented in UK coronavirus deaths? | The Times of Israel:

    There are about 250,000 Jews in the United Kingdom. They account for only 0.3 percent of its population.

    But the coronavirus has killed 44 known Jewish victims so far — about 2.5% of the total UK tally.

    That means British Jews are overrepresented by a factor of eight in their country’s death toll from COVID-19.

    . . .

    “Among Jews, this disease doesn’t seem to be confined to the Haredi population. All sorts of Jews seem to have it,” Goldberg said.

    The mobility factor

    To Goldberg, a former community issues director at the Board of Deputies, “the one thing that the Jews who caught the coronavirus do have in common is that they belong to a group with a high level of mobility.”

    Bad news for jew apologists. Among other things, this coronavirus crisis affirms that it is indeed possible:

    + to discriminate jews from non-jews, and thus count jews
    + to recognize an overrepresentation of jews in some domain
    + to generalize about jews and their collective behaviors

    Of course, jews and their tools only do these things when they think it is good for jews.

    Are jews really overrepresented? Not when you consider how they are clustered where the outbreaks and jewsmedia scrutiny are most intense.

    They are screeching as if they are the biggest victims because that’s what they always do, even without a crisis to use as a pretext. At times like this it is all the more necessary because they fear the goyim might get a bit too concerned about their own interests. And it is more noticeable because the goyim actually are more concerned about their own interests.

    It is known that jews are more prone to certain diseases. Though it is not mentioned in this article, the main thing jews have in common is their genetics. The core of jewry is especially inbred, and even partial jews are genetically distinguishable from non-jews. Other jewsmedia reports have noted severe coronavirus manifestations within certain families, presumably due to their shared DNA. In that the jews’ toxic tribe is an extended family they have a similar potential biological vulnerability.

  31. Jewish organizations, leaders see relief in bill passed by Congress offering assistance to nonprofits – JNS.org:

    “It’s very significant, and it will benefit the Jewish community in many ways, and we’re very appreciative of the work that the Congress did,” JFNA president and CEO Eric Fingerhut told JNS.

    . . .

    The provision to allow nonprofits that receive Medicaid funds to receive loans was a “huge development for the Jewish community because all of our human-services agencies do receive Medicaid, as well as philanthropic support,” said Fingerhut.

    . . .

    Most Jewish nonprofits will be eligible under EIDL, as the vast majority of them have fewer than 500 employees, according to Fingerhut. Those that do, such as a handful of Jewish health-care facilities, would be eligible for the funds that big businesses are set to receive.

    . . .

    “Just as the country doesn’t want [to lose] its major industries, so it does not want to lose its world-class nonprofit infrastructure and the Jewish community is at the front of that world-class status,” he told JNS.

    . . .

    While the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism declined to talk about the specifics of the bill, RAC director Rabbi Jonah Pesner told JTA, “We’re not separate. There will be Jewish people who get fired, Jewish small businesses who will go under, Jewish elderly, Jewish people with disabilities. This is about the Jewish community and about the other. There’s no dichotomy.”

    “All I care about is jewing, but we’re not separate, there’s no dichotomy between us jews and the goyim.”

    Tacking this bizarre screech on the end of an article published on a jew-eyes-only/jew-first site detailing a massive increase in government subsidization of jewing really captures the fraudulent essence of their being, relentlessly organizing to feed upon the goyim while posing as victims of the goyim.

  32. Noting the stark contrast between jew-run jewland and jew-run goyland, full-time toxic jewess Melanie Phillips describes how jews everywhere and always typically think and behave. For Israel, recognizing another enemy is second nature – JNS.org:

    Israel took a different approach from the start because it’s a very different kind of society. Unlike the pampered West, Israel permanently lives in a state of potential emergency and existential threat.

    From its experience of decades fending off attacks from physical enemies, Israel is geared to be proactive against threats to national security. Despite its famously dysfunctional politics, it doesn’t flinch from taking desperately difficult decisions in order to save lives—like shutting down much of its economy.

    More deeply still, Israel views every unnecessary death as a national tragedy. It would be unthinkable for Israel to do what Britain did at the start—flirt with the idea that it could sit out the threatened epidemic, until enough people had been infected to provide “herd immunity” protection, because those most likely to die in this process were “only” the old.

    In stark contrast, because the duty to protect the whole population is built into Israel’s DNA, the same military and security forces that fight a physical enemy have been deployed to battle COVID-19.

  33. Lecture: Israel’s Response to the Coronavirus Crisis and Rising Anti-Semitism – JNS.org:

    Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has also given rise to more anti-Semitism around the world and bigots are using the crisis to scapegoat Israel and the Jewish people. You will hear how these effort are manifesting and what is being done about it.

    Most importantly, you will learn how the Christian community can help stand up for the Jewish State and people during these challenging times.

    Amidst the cacophony of a worldwide crisis what jews fear most is that their own screeching might get drowned out. Thus they instinctively amplify production of the most characteristic and virulent form of their mental toxins, their messianism:

    It is worth repeating that “messianism” is particularist, it specifically concerns saving the jews. It is complemented by jew atrocity hoaxing, which specifically concerns generating sympathy for jews. Both are characteristic expressions of jew tribalism, and the frequency and intensity with which they manifest is an indirect measure of the strength of that tribalism.

  34. Antisemitism Is Thriving, and Coronavirus Will Fuel Its Growth | Jewish & Israel News Algemeiner.com:

    The troubling reality is that we are now confronted with a subculture of Jew-haters who can recruit new members into their ranks via the internet. The subculture was always present, even after the Holocaust, but their ability to transmit the virus of antisemitism into the larger American society was limited by a number of factors.

    Antisemitism was a tough sell to children whose parents and grandparents had fought to defeat the Nazis in World War II. A lot of people who may not have liked Jews too much hated Nazis more, and understood that it was necessary to keep obsessive Jew-haters out of the mainstream.

    Under these circumstances, dressing up in a white robe or donning the uniform of a neo-Nazi organization would put you so far outside the realm of polite society that most people wouldn’t do it, even if they hated Jews. Their bosses and their relatives would shun them.

    Anyone who was interested in participating in the American economy and raising a family had to think long and hard about coming out as a full-blown antisemite. They might have talked about Jews privately, but they kept their mouths shut in public.

    These days, the anonymity of the internet allows Jew-haters to spread their message and recruit new members into their movement without having to reveal their identity.

    . . .

    In the coming months and years, we will probably see the development of a vaccine and effective treatments to drive COVID-19 into the dustbin of history, where it will remain.

    Sadly, the virus of antisemitism has proven to be more resilient, making the need for a Jewish state ever more evident with each passing day.

    When their shameless save-the-jews propagandizing fails, and their attempts to silence and criminalize whatever vexes them also fail, then the chutzpathic mindset behind it all, driving it, lies naked. “The virus of antisemitism” is that peculiar sciency phrase jews use to express their unequivocal remorseless biological worldview, seeing themselves as human and the goyim as bugs.

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