The Burden of Jewing, Part 2 – “Conversion”

In Part 1 we examined “messianism”, in Part 2 we’ll discuss “conversion”. As with “messianism”, “conversion” means something different to jews than it does to non-jews. What’s more, jews actively promote this difference in understanding, and use it to their advantage. To put it bluntly, jew “conversion” is a form of identity fraud – a […]

The Open Celebration of Jews and their Jewing

Department of State: “Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism. The Trump Administration opposes it unequivocally and we will fight it relentlessly.” — @SecPompeo #AIPAC2019…×720/qWliTD_aL20vED9K.mp4 The jews, their jews-only state, and their vassal jews-first states – these are distinctions without a difference. Pelosi on Dual Loyalty Accusations: ‘To Be Anti-Semitic is to Be Anti-American’: “This month, the full […]