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Four Jews, One Opinion on Israel


Bill Maher, Jane Harman, Jamie Weinstein and Charles Krauthammer agree. Somebody has to be at fault, and it can’t possibly be the Israelis.

“Liberal” Maher faults “the rest of the world” and even the “Palestinian civilians who are dying”. He describes the Israelis as “the victim of the soft bigotry of high expectations”. Their enemies, in contrast, he expects to just get over being expelled.

“Conservative” Krauthammer understands how these sneaky Palestinians think, playing up their weakness and exaggerating their suffering, counting on the “near-total historical ignorance and reflexive sympathy” of others. Krauthammer, after all, is one of the foremost experts in such matters.

“Liberal” Harman is a dimmer Maher. She agrees with Krauthammer. She advocates secure borders for Israelis, because she wishes them to have peace. She advocates exactly the opposite for Americans, no doubt because she doesn’t wish for us to have peace.

“Conservative” Weinstein is a dimmer Krauthammer. He too knows how these Palestinians think. All he thinks anyone needs to know is that they’re anti-jew. Never mind why.

Weaponizing the Jewish Narrative

Charles Krauthammer on Fox News Channel, Krauthammer: Israel ‘will strike’ Iran to ‘prevent a second holocaust’:

Unless something intervenes,” Krauthammer replied. “I cannot imagine the Israelis are going to allow Iran to go nuclear and to hold the Damocles sword over 6 million Jews all over again. Israel was established to prevent a second Holocaust, not to invite one.

Elliott Abrams in The Weekly Standard, Blaming the Jews—Again:

If you were an anti-Semite dedicated to spreading your hatred of Jews, what charges exactly would you make in 21st century America?

You would avoid the blood libel—too medieval to write of sacrificing Christian children to make Passover matzo. That kind of stuff circulates in Arab lands or Pakistan, but won’t sell in suburban America. And the “Christ-killer” material is also dated, what with Vatican II, Evangelical support for Israel, and the like.

There are two charges you would make. First, the rich Jews control our government. Second, those Jews are trying to push America into war so your sons will have to fight for Israel.

Following a long-established pattern, Krauthammer agitates for “something” to intervene on behalf of “6 million jews” to prevent a “holocaust”, while Abrams aids the effort by projecting his own jew-specific hate onto anyone who objects, blaming them for objecting.

Krauthammer is arguing that Iranians have to die for Israel. Abrams is arguing that Americans have to die for Israel.