Sailer Forgets

Last year Sailer was writing about jewish influence on immigration. See here and here. He may have written more, and more recently. I don’t know, I’ve lost interest in keeping up with him since he moved in with Ron Unz.

Now Sailer has amnesia. He wonders, Why did we do this to ourselves?

The best excuse is that American elites did this to America in a fit of absentmindedness.

But, there is also — and in this case perhaps more significant — the massive dereliction of duty by elites. The more the evidence piles up that they ought to apologize to us, the more they will make it dogma, punishing expressions of skepticism with social, career, and legal penalties, that this was a Great Idea.

He realizes there’s an us and a them. He doesn’t want to think about that. Instead he’s thinking about excuses. I think the more evidence piles up that all the jews’ “Great Ideas” are poison, the more the jew-excusers insist that we’re poisoning ourselves.

3 thoughts on “Sailer Forgets”

  1. When Sailer says Why did we do this to ourselves? I don’t really believe he thinks that ‘we’ did it, he’s inviting an answer in the comments. It”s protective camoflage.

  2. Yeah it’s not clear to me that he’s being dishonest yet, he’s playing games as usual, walking you up to a certain point, not going any further, but allowing people to explain the answer in the comments as long as they’re not too blunt.

    I guess it’s a donation thing mainly, but if he stated the problem openly it also would turn certain types of people off.

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