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Parasitism Elicits Instinctive Disgust

atypical_appearanceSix common types of disgust that protect us from disease revealed for the first time:

Disgust has long been recognised as an emotion which evolved to help our ancestors avoid infection, but now researchers have been able to show the human disgust system is likely to be structured around the people, practices and objects that pose disease risk.

This is the first time researchers have used the perspective of disease to break the emotion of disgust into its component parts, and identify six common categories triggering disgust – the others being skin conditions such as having lesions or boils, food that is rotting or has gone off and having an atypical appearance.

Disgust triggered by an atypical appearance? OYYYY VEEEEYYYYYY.

The results confirm the ‘parasite avoidance theory’, in which disgust evolved in animals, encouraging them to adopt behaviours to reduce the risk of infection. This behaviour is replicated in humans where disgust signals us to act in specific ways, which minimise the risk of catching diseases.

Professor Val Curtis, senior author at LSHTM said: “Although we knew the emotion of disgust was good for us, here we’ve been able to build on that, showing that disgust is structured, recognising and responding to infection threats to protect us.

“This type of disease avoidance behaviour is increasingly evident in animals, and so leads us to believe it is evolutionarily very ancient.

From the paper, The structure and function of pathogen disgust:

It is unlikely to be a coincidence that many of the stimuli that elicit the emotion of disgust in humans are also implicated in the transmission of infectious disease [1–3]. Human excreta, for example, are both a major source of pathogenic viruses, bacteria and helminths and an important elicitor of disgust.

Scatology is a major theme of jew comedy, making a mockery of normal, disease-resistant behavior.

Even if only subconscious, wariness and resistance to pathology and parasites is the biological default. This is not to say that subversion of this norm, a shift in revulsion, cannot be engineered – especially if a hyper-conscious parasite controls the mass media and broadcasts a toxic narrative relentlessly psychopathologizing healthy behavior and celebrating pathological behavior.

Yet instincts persist. Disgust is the common response when Whites hear Barbara Spectre boldly jewsplain how her tribe’s White-obliterating agenda must succeed, or “Europe will not survive”. Jonah Goldberg promotes the same political AIDS, toward the same end, by less in-your-face means. Whereas Spectre misidentifies the disease as cure, excusing her tribe by crediting them, Goldberg misdiagnoses the immune response as “suicide”, excusing his tribe by de-jewing the story.

Live Stream with Norvin Hobbs

(((White genocide)))I’ll be joining Norvin at 8PM PT tonight, the 29th of April. As he put it in his invitation we’ll, “talk about how jews are ultimately to blame for the problems Our people have and debunk this whole we can’t blame the jews for everything argument, take questions for the chat maybe talk about some of these Alt-jews”.

discussing Alt-jewIing with TANSTAAFL

Sailer Forgets

Last year Sailer was writing about jewish influence on immigration. See here and here. He may have written more, and more recently. I don’t know, I’ve lost interest in keeping up with him since he moved in with Ron Unz.

Now Sailer has amnesia. He wonders, Why did we do this to ourselves?

The best excuse is that American elites did this to America in a fit of absentmindedness.

But, there is also — and in this case perhaps more significant — the massive dereliction of duty by elites. The more the evidence piles up that they ought to apologize to us, the more they will make it dogma, punishing expressions of skepticism with social, career, and legal penalties, that this was a Great Idea.

He realizes there’s an us and a them. He doesn’t want to think about that. Instead he’s thinking about excuses. I think the more evidence piles up that all the jews’ “Great Ideas” are poison, the more the jew-excusers insist that we’re poisoning ourselves.


Chechar’s Crusade

On Carolyn and Tan is Chechar’s latest effort to explain why I suck. It amounts to the fact that I don’t share his position, that Whites suck:

In other words, Tan leaves Christianity off the hook. Only Jews are to be blamed. He has never replied to my very iterated argument that here in what used to be called New Spain the Inquisition, already familiar with the Jewish tricks at the Iberian Peninsula, persecuted the crypto-Jews; that New Spain was the first Judenfrei state in the continent, and that even sans Jews the Spaniards and the Creoles managed to blunder on a continental scale to the point of destroying their gene pool with Amerinds and the imported Negroes.

Hardly the Jews can be blamed for what happened here or even at the Iberian Peninsula. It was clearly a case of white suicide sans Jews.

As I’ve explained before, I’m not inclined to make lengthy or frequent responses to Chechar because he mainly craves attention and doesn’t really offer any new or useful ideas. His belief that Whites suck is already the dominant belief amongst Whites, and it’s doing Whites great harm. To put it bluntly, I don’t believe Chechar offers honest criticism of Whites, much less my positions.

As I noted in my conversation with Carolyn on White pathology, many Whites go back through history searching for answers. What I find most bizarre are the ones who go back out of a desire to “prove” that the answer is not the jews. Chechar is one example of this. Another that comes to mind is Ian Jobling.

Chechar argues that I blame the jews entirely as a way of excusing Whites entirely, that I have identified attempts to excuse jews by blaming Whites (the suicide meme), therefore I must be trying to accomplish the opposite. Basically Chechar likes the suicide meme, thus he dislikes my pointing it out and arguing against it.

Chechar’s argument for White suicide is based on a tautological rationale that can hardly even be called an argument. He cites two inter-related phenomena, the history of Christianity and Spain, exactly because in his mind Whites are entirely responsible for them. Therefore, not the jews. QED.

Chechar’s just-so argument is not simply wrong, it’s wrong in an ironic and telling way. Chechar misinterprets and downplays the influence of jews on both Christianity and Spain, and jewish crypsis more generally. Briefly put, he agrees with the jewish narrative – that Christians persecuted jews, therefore Europeans are responsible for Christianity. The reasoning is based, first of all, on the false notion that jews, once “converted”, turn into Europeans. Second, it requires a willful misreading of the persecution, calling attention to the exception, the jews who were most obvious, to distract from the rule, the jews who were more or less successful in infiltrating and manipulating Christianity without much notice.

Any model of reality which is true, not to mention constructed from a point of view in favor of Whites, must account for the jews, and especially jewish crypsis – their deliberate deceptions about who they are and what they’re up to. Jewish crypsis, if nothing else, is evidence of jewish hostility toward Whites. According to the jewish narrative, Whites are to blame for it. According to Chechar the jews don’t even matter. In my view, people who argue as Chechar does are either knaves or fools. Throughout history the jews have cultivated and exploited exactly this kind of behavior in their hosts, preaching blindness and ignorance while they condemn and cavort however they please.

In his conclusion Chechar quotes approvingly the following comment:

it’s hard to blame the parasite when the host has developed a symbiotic relationship with it. Still I just think focusing on the Jews is a waste of time, people get emotional and discussions are seldom productive.

It’s hard to see this as anything but an excuse for jewish parasitism. If White/jew relations were symbiotic there wouldn’t be anything to get emotional about. But jews and their sympathizers do get emotional, using that and other excuses to prevent and derail such discussions. From a parasite’s point of view discussions about parasitism can’t be good for the parasites. From a White point of view that’s exactly why Whites should discuss it, not shut up.


Thinking About How to Excuse the Jews

Or, How Lawrence Auster’s Vile Sycophants Carry On His Poisonous Legacy.

(Start reading here if that makes no sense to you.)

The Thinking Housewife, Laura Wood, recommends to her readers an explanation Why Jews and Blacks Are Not the Enemy:

I’M sure many of you have begun to enjoy the incisive and pithy observations of Robert S. Oculus III in The White Book. Do you feel as if you’ve read this book before? That’s the way good books are. They draw forth and organize half-formed thoughts. They are mental cleaning services (the ultimate housewifely compliment), dusting, clearing away cobwebs, mopping floors, and putting everything back in order, maybe in a way they were never in order before.

Wood is actually praising Oculus’ book’s most obvious flaw. True to Auster style, what she calls clarity and order is to my mind muddled and contradictory.

The most important thing to understand about this book is that it only takes on a semblance of favoring Whites. The portion quoted here actually comes across as more of an indictment and restraining order against Whites. Except to dismiss them, it has little to do with blacks. In contrast, Oculous spends the first 26 pages describing how “The War on White People” relates to several subsets of jews, most of whom he sees as “at worst neutral” or even potential allies. On page 14, in a section titled “THE REAL ENEMY”, he describes the people in control – the media, political, corporate and financial elite – as “lily white”. He admits a few jews are involved, but only “in spite of their jewishness”.

The excerpt Wood has selected begins:

Do you ever get sick of hearing Jews on TV blaming you for anti-Semitism? Do you ever get tired of seeing some black guy on TV blaming you for his people’s problems? You do?

Physician, heal thyself. If you blame the problems of the white race on “the blacks” or “the Jews”, you are doing the same thing they do: avoiding responsibility for your own problems. Just as the Jews and the blacks and every other racial group are responsible for their peoples’ failings, we must step up and take responsibility for our own.

What I’m sick of hearing, especially on the few forums which even permit somewhat open discussion of race or the jews, is how Whites are to blame. It’s the same refrain that can already be heard on every other forum. The idea that Whites are to blame isn’t new. It’s ubiquitous. And pointing at other people, even if you claim you’re White and are you’re pointing at other Whites, is not taking responsibility.

What’s somewhat novel is Oculus’s more or less direct admission that jews aren’t White and that blacks and jews have more in common with each other than they do with Whites.

His book captures the spirit of the forum Auster used to provide, and which Wood continues to provide. Their discussions of race, blacks, muslims, mestizos, “white guilt” and “liberalism”, and even occasionally the jews make them appear on the surface to be sympathetic to Whites. In the end, however, they excuse everyone else and assign all the blame to Whites. In this regard they’re no different than the “liberals” they’re always complaining about. What they provide here is yet another example.

Oculus continues:

The Jews are not the enemy. Jews don’t make us watch filthy movies or moronic TV shows. Jews don’t make us divorce our spouses or abort our children or contracept our future into non-existence. Jews don’t take the money out of our pockets and make us buy crap we don’t need. No, we do all those things with our own little powder-white paws – and then when it all blows up in our faces we point the finger at the Jews. As if we don’t have free will! As if our Lord and His every saint haven’t warned us of the wages of sin!

Friends, when I say we have to See the truth in order to survive I don’t just mean seeing the motes in the eyes of the dead-hearted schmucks that run this country. I don’t just mean seeing the truth about black and Jewish and liberal group behavior. I mean taking a hard, honest look in the mirror and admitting to what we See.

White, Christian America is rotten – and we let it rot. We let our standards slide. We abandoned our race, our culture, our creed, and our collective conscience. All the blacks and Jews in the world couldn’t have done this to us. We did it to ourselves.

His emphasis.

“The jews are not the enemy”, “we did it to ourselves”. This is the suicide meme. It’s all about blaming Whites, specifically to excuse the jews. It’s doubly sickening because it comes from dissimulators posing as brave truth-tellers who claim they’re advocating in favor of Whites.

It’s one thing to encourage your people to buck up and look within themselves for strength – especially in the face of some natural, inanimate adversity. It’s quite another to point directly at another group of people, competitors who are harming your people, and telling your people that those other people aren’t the enemy, that your people are harming themselves. The former advice is sound and constructive. The latter advice is deluded and destructive.

Faux-White poseurs like Auster and Wood speak in favor of “whites”, but only so long or far as it serves the interests of jews. When it comes to defending one or the other, they side with the jews. Oculus is more willing to plainly admit that jews and Whites are distinct. But he too sides with the jews over Whites. Ironically, this is clearest in the half-formed doublethink we’re looking at right here. First Oculus says the jews make Whites sick by wrongly blaming us for “anti-semitism”. Then he says “White, Christian America” is rotten, because Whites are to blame even for what the jews do.

Any White who accepts and imbibes this kind of demoralizing self-recrimination will certainly become sick and rotten if they aren’t already.

Oculus continues:

And that’s why hatred isn’t the way to go. If we hate the Other we hate the wrong people. If we hate ourselves we have no future.

And that’s why becoming a skinhead, a Klansman, or a Nazi hurts instead of helps. Ordinary, next-door-neighbor-type white people cannot relate to, and will not associate with, hateful people. Everyday white people can detect the sour smell of burning crosses and jackboot polish a mile away, and if they smell it on you any chance you might have had to open their eyes will disappear. How does that help white people? If you go the Jew-hating route, the black-hating route, your days of being taken seriously by other white people are at an end – and with them any good you might do for the cause of White survival.

I repeat: Hatred is not the answer. Hatred is negative and cannot serve as the basis for the revival of the white and Christian civilization we want. Only love, love of our own kind, can be a firm foundation for our cause.

We must learn to love ourselves as a people before we can make any progress. When Jewish poet Leonard Cohen says “Love’s the only engine of survival” he’s not just making the words rhyme. Hatred solves nothing, builds nothing, grows nothing good. Only love can create, construct, and grow. Only by instilling love of our own kind, rather than hatred of others, are we going to win this war.

If we are to win the War on White People, we have to awaken the everyday white person to the truth and convince them to make common cause with other whites. We have to teach them to love white people.

The solution to the black question, the Jewish question, is not hatred, and it most certainly is not persecution or violence. We will examine the answers to these questions later in this book.

Though I have never met him, I believe I have more than enough reason to hate Oculus.

The notion that “hate” is wrong and counter-productive is the very essense of “liberalism”. What he has to say about love and hate is worse than worthless. It is perfectly normal and healthy to hate anything that harms what you love. His previous admonition that Whites should blame ourselves conflicts with this new admonition to love ourselves. He doesn’t describe what the jewish question is before declaring what the answer to it isn’t.

He implies there is something wrong with certain Whites who love Whites – who put the interests of Whites like themselves first. He says other Whites don’t and shouldn’t want to associate with them. In this he expresses his own failure to identify with Whites, confessing that he instead identifies more with “liberal” jews like Leonard Cohen.

When Oculus says Whites who blame jews won’t be taken seriously by other Whites he’s only repeating a mantra long propounded by jews. Jews have ruthlessly sought and acquired power over media and academia, and they have ruthlessly used that power to propagandize ideas like this to their advantage. The consequences for Whites have been disastrous. Someone who truly loves Whites would be more concerned to address things like this than to blather about love and hate.

“Never mind the jews Whitey. You’re the real problem Whitey.” Why should Whites take this seriously? In effect he’s arguing against Whites, in defense of the jews, and he’s doing so in the same duplicitous ways that the jews usually argue.

Even if he weren’t doing this, I wouldn’t be able to take him seriously because of this:

But if “the Jews” and “the blacks” aren’t the Enemy, then who is?

It’s easier to define them by what they are not. The real Enemy is not the blacks, the Jews, the communists, the bankers, the Rockefeller family, the Ford Foundation, the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Gray Aliens, or any of those other false targets set up to distract us. Members of the groups can be found among the ranks of the Enemy, true, but you must never forget that the real enemy is the power elite behind the black radicals, behind those Jews who hate and fear whites and Christians, behind the communists, behind the bankers, the Rockefeller family, the Ford Foundation, the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, and – for all we know — behind the Gray Aliens.

The real Enemy in the War on White People is the Devil himself, and the cabal of atheistic, materialist cultural Marxists given power by him to manipulate the global economy, the political systems of the world, and the news and entertainment media in order to bend reality to fit his infernal will.

His emphasis.

If Oculus were interested in telling the truth he would have titled his book “It’s the Debil”, which in this case is just another way of saying, “It’s Not the Jews, It’s Anybody but the Jews”.

I’ve only taken my critique this far to demonstrate the lengths some people will go to excuse the jews. I see no value in any further analysis of this drivel.


John Derbyshire and The Suicide Thing

Mangan’s Importing problems links John “the jew thing” Derbyshire’s Radio Derb Transcript, highlighting this rhetorical question:

Why on earth are we planning to import more such problems for ourselves?

It neatly captures Derbyshire’s muddled “conservative” view. He asserts “we” are doing this to “ourselves”, but can’t explain why. Earlier in the podcast he notes:

There is an expression in statecraft that I think we got from Cardinal Richelieu. At any rate, it’s always stated in French: raison d’État, “reason of state.”

The idea is that those charged with running a country have the overriding duty to see that the country goes on existing, even if this means doing things contrary to the country’s stated principles or religion. You get a similar flavor from the American maxim that “the Constitution is not a suicide pact.” Statesmen should never, never be in the business of aiding and abetting national suicide.

How does raison d’État figure into suicide? It doesn’t. The word for statesmen aiding and abetting the destruction of a nation is genocide. If democracy is the idea that George Soros has the same political power as Joe Sixpack, then the suicide meme is the idea that George Soros and Joe Sixpack are both trying to kill themselves. Both ideas are ridiculous, but you’d never know it from the sober, serious respect they get from intellectuals.

Derbyshire knows well enough that any White who opposes any aspect of the open borders regime, for whatever reason whatsoever, is pathologized as “racist”. Those who demonstrate any actual awareness of race are demonized as “nazi”. In either case such opposition is censured and marginalized. Dehumanized. Demoralized. Misled. Overpowered. It flows from the top down.

By chance I just recently re-read Derbyshire’s Be Nice, or We’ll Crush You, published by jewcy.com in 2007. It is part of a longer series in which Derbyshire tries to demonstrate, to a jewish audience, how well he understands the jews. His purpose, apparently, being to convince them that his attitudes about race do not make him any threat to jews. A large part of his posturing consisted of him sneering at and trying to distinguish himself from Kevin MacDonald:

Generally speaking—and I certainly include myself here—American conservatism is proud of its Jews, and glad to have them on board. Not that there aren’t some frictions, particularly on mass immigration, the mere contemplation of which just seems to make Jews swoon with ecstasy (American Jews, at any rate. Israeli Jews have a different opinion…). MacDonald gives over a whole chapter of The Culture of Critique to the Jewish-American passion for mass immigration.

Jewish Involvement in Shaping American Immigration Policy, 1881-1965: A Historical Review conveys the gist of the chapter Derbyshire refers to.

So why on earth would someone who knows what Derbyshire knows forget it and pretend “we” are doing this to “ourselves”? Based on Derbyshire’s own rationale, as he lays out in that jewcy.com article, it seems his primary concern is to maintain his status (such as it is) within a regime which he implicitly recognizes is dominated by jews and jewish interests.

Derbyshire’s coy use of “we” is self-implicating. He is part of the problem he complains so disingenuously about. He conflates the genocidal “we” who have power (with whom he identifies from the margins) with the broader “we” who have no power (and less knowledge than he does), both downplaying the crime and distributing responsibility for it.

It is no accident that the suicide meme finds purchase mainly in the “conservative” race-aware/jew-friendly millieu with whom Derbyshire remains somewhat popular. It cannot take hold in the anti-White mainstream where it is regarded as unthinkably “racist” to worry about what’s good or bad for Whites. Likewise, it flops in forums and minds where jews are recognized as adversaries rather than allies.

Earlier this week Moonbattery, a long-running blog that falls somewhere within the race-aware/jew-friendly sphere, posted Conan Audience Applauds Its Own Extinction, invoking Derbyshire but contemplating a less suicidal view:

It isn’t your imagination. Liberals really do want to eradicate the white race. John Derbyshire (who was canned from National Review by establishmentarian thought cop Rich Lowry for failing to toe the liberal line on racial issues) found confirmation by watching the knee-jerk libs comprising the audience of Conan O’Brien’s show.

See CONAN Monologue 06/13/13.

The audience no doubt consisted primarily of reasonably well-to-do white people.

Consider for just a moment the implications of a people so deranged in its dominate ideology that it would cheer its own eradication. But then, how else would you explain the policies imposed by the liberal ruling class except as a methodical program to completely wipe us out by destroying our traditions, our mode of government (limited, constitutional), our culture, our pride, our freedom, our morals, our faith, and even our biological kind?

What progressives are progressing toward is this: a world in which America and Americans no longer exist. They are the enemy at a far more profound level than even the Nazis or the imperial Japanese.

Contra Derbyshire, there is no delusion here that “we” are doing this to “ourselves”. There is explicit recognition that “the white race” is targeted. Still, there are several flaws.

The ruling class is as much or more pro-jew as it is anti-White. That ruling class applauds the eradication of Whites, not jews. They don’t pathologize or demonize jewish traditions, culture, pride, freedom, morals or faith, much less their biological kind.


The ruling class is “liberal” only in the sense that it is disproportionately jewish and their discourse, across the board, is pain-stakingly sensitive to “minority” (a proxy for jewish) sensibilities. To participate in the ruling class you must support the existence of jews as a people, separate and more equal than any other, everywhere in the world. You may not support the existence of Whites for any purpose other than as metaphorical whipping boys.

“Nazis” are the metric of immorality for this regime exactly because the rulers are jews.

Where some Whites begin to see the significance of race, many still wish to ignore the significance of the racial animus jews have for Whites. It is in these minds that the suicide meme finds fertile ground.

“Something bad is happening, but it’s not the jews, it can’t be the jews, my friends (especially the jews) will crucify me if I catch The Jew Thing. Therefore, it can only be us, we must be doing this to ourselves.”

This line of thinking has a solipsistic and masochistic appeal. But it’s just another White guilt-trip. Reassuring because it is both simple and self-fulfilling.

Identifying the problem, for the White race, as suicide, insanity or “liberals” is a form of denial. The problem, for the White race, is the genocidal, judaized ruling class – which is only so genocidally anti-White because it is so thoroughly judaized.

Greg Johnson: Our Fault?

In Our Fault?, Greg Johnson groks the suicide meme:

Most of the time, the claim that white dispossession is “our fault” really means one thing: that it is not the fault of the organized Jewish community. The primary purpose of blaming whites is merely to avoid blaming Jews.

He takes the next logical step, addressing those who would defend Whites rather than blame them:

But once one knows understands one’s mistakes and learns how to avoid them in the future, there is no point in dwelling on the past. Our goal as White Nationalists should be to bear no further culpability for our ongoing genocide. And the way to do that is: (1) to understand the problem to its roots, (2) to reject all the causes of our predicament, and (3) to actively work for our race’s salvation. Until you do that, you remain part of the problem.

The cost attached to any such understanding is one of the many forces discouraging Whites from from accepting it. Far easier, at least for the time being, to continue in willful blindness, or even by pretending you can join the Other in their multicult paradise. The genocidal anti-White nature of the regime will make itself increasingly difficult for Whites to simply wish otherwise.


Buchanan on the Passing of the White Race

Plugging his new book, Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?, Pat Buchanan concludes his 17 October column, A.D. 2041 – end of white America?, with this:

Can Western civilization survive the passing of the European peoples whose ancestors created it and their replacement by Third World immigrants? Probably not, for the new arrivals seem uninterested in preserving the old culture they have found.

Those who hold the white race responsible for the mortal sins of mankind – slavery, racism, imperialism, genocide – may welcome its departure from history. Those who believe that the civilization that came out of Jerusalem, Athens, Rome and London to be the crowning achievement of mankind will mourn its passing.

Buchanan clearly sees the malevolent, external forces at work here – the “replacement by Third World immigrants” and “those who hold the White race responsible for the mortals sins of mankind”. He may as well drop the rhetorical tone and detached posture and clearly identify it as genocide. What we need are advocates, not mourners.

Of course he would be mocked and hated all the more for crying foul play. But that’s exactly the point. If it were suicide there wouldn’t be such venom and force directed against those who speak in favor of Whites. The hostility comes from those who discount our concerns or see them conflicting with their own. Many imagine their anti-”racism” only harms stupid/crazy/evil White “racists”, not themselves.

Joan Walsh’s review of Buchanan’s book provides a good example. Walsh ridicules Buchanan’s thesis as “silly, a crazy mashup of stereotypes and paranoia”, “he sees anti-white racism everywhere”. She makes it quite clear she doesn’t share his concerns:

The book mourns the decline not only of white Christian America, but of Europe, since we share a common white European heritage. But then he runs down the history of European wars and ethnic nationalism, which makes me wonder what constitutes a “European” heritage or identity, other than (some comparative shade of) white skin — and why it matters anyway, if Europeans fight so much.

Walsh claims to identify with Buchanan as a fellow political pundit, especially because they are fellow Irish Catholics, though she married out. Even in her criticism of Buchanan she clearly expresses a more sober concern for the well-being of jews than Whites:

In Buchanan’s dim view of civilization, it’s not only white Christian countries, or cultures, that are on the decline. “American Jews seem to be an endangered species,” he declares (a little comically, since he’s never been a particular friend of American Jews). In fact, the U.S. Jewish population is declining, in part because of intermarriage, and each younger generation getting progressively less observant in our overall less tribalist society. But Buchanan doesn’t mention any of that: he blames birth control and abortion, which is a form of karmic payback in his telling, since Jews tend to support reproductive rights. “How many of the 50 million abortions since 1973 were performed on Jewish girls or women?” Buchanan asks. “How many Jewish children were never conceived because of birth control?” It would be funny if it weren’t so creepy.

No, not funny at all. Walsh criticizes Buchanan for having and defending a European identity that she could share but does not value, and she does it while defending a jewish identity that she cannot share despite her own creepy “intermarriage”. Walsh isn’t suicidal. She just fancies herself on the other team.