Yockey on Culture and Race – Part 3


Feedback at the Daily Stormer:

Schlockey – This is mental masturbation. No solutions from this tanjewful.

Such thoughts have occurred to me and to a degree I concur. Philosophy is not my cup of tea. At times it seems to amount to name-checking and pretentious navel gazing. Analysis is reactionary, descriptive rather than proscriptive, more like a post-mortem or obituary than a manifesto. If nothing else however, Yockey provides a springboard for those who are curious to learn more about European history and the thoughts of prominent European thinkers.

In order to propose sensible solutions to a problem you must first identify and understand the problem. As I described when I started this discussion, the claim has been made that Yockey’s Imperium has done just that. I want to believe, but I am skeptical. I would like to understand Yockey’s understanding.

Unlike many other analysts, Yockey relatively clearly identifies the jews. He also quite correctly describes the jews and the nature of the jewish problem as parasitic. Unfortunately, as I begin to come to grips with in this installment, Yockey had an iconoclastic attitude about race. He regarded soul/spirit/culture above and before people/biology/genes/materialism.

I began this second series to focus on Yockey’s view of what he described as “vertical race”, which he associated with the 19th century and looked down upon, and “horizontal race”, which he associated with the 20th century and advocated in favor of. It occurs to me now however that he provides a worthwhile introduction and synopsis of his views in the very first pages of Imperium. At page 10 he describes the thesis of his book – problem and solution:

The great crisis of the West set in forcefully with the French Revolution and its consequent phenomena. Napoleon was the symbol of the transition of Culture into Civilization — Civilization, the life of the material, the external, of power, giant economies, armies, and fleets, of great numbers and colossal technics, over Culture, the inner life of religion, philosophy, arts, domination of the external life of politics and economics by strict form and symbolism, strict restraint of the beast-of-prey in man, feeling of cultural unity. It is the victory of Rationalism, Money and the great city over the traditions of religion and authority, of Intellect over Instinct.


We had seen all this in the previous high cultures as they approached their final life-phase. In each case the crisis had been resolved by the resurgence of the old forces of Religion and Authority, their victory over Rationalism and Money, and the final union of the nations into an Imperium.

Yockey’s vision tends toward dichotomies. Behind everything he anthropomorphizes opposing forces, names capitalized, distinct and at odds. With Culture, however, he waves his hands and describes the literally inorganic as organic:

The High Cultures belong at the peak of the organic hierarchy: plant, animal, man. They differ from the other organisms in that they are invisible, or in other words, they have no light-quality. In this they resemble the human soul. The body of a High Culture is made up of the population streams in its landscape. They furnish it with the material through which it actualizes its possibilities.

Since a Culture is organic, it has an individuality, and a soul. Thus it cannot be influenced in its


depths from any outside force whatever. It has a destiny, like all organisms. It has a period of gestation, and a birth-time. It has a growth, a maturity, fulfillment, a down-going, a death.

So, what crisis? Organisms live and die. If this is natural, where is the crisis? Skipping ahead to page 62 we get the impression that what disturbed Yockey was the sort of realization that disturbs many of us, even those who are less intelligent and knowledgable:

The proud Civilization which in 1900 was master of 18/2Oths of the earth’s surface, arrived at the point in 1945, after the suicidal Second World War, where it controlled no part whatever of the earth.

In 1900, the State-system of Europe reacted as a unit when the negative will of Asia thought, by the Boxer rebellion, to drive out the Imperialism of the West from China. Western armies from the leading States moved in, and smashed the revolt. Less than half a century later, extra-European armies are moving freely about Europe, armies containing Negroes, Mongols, Turkestani, Kirghizians, Americans, Armenians, colonials and Asiatics of all areas. How did this happen?

Quite obviously, through the inner division of the West. This division was not material — material cannot divide men if their minds agree. No, it was spiritual division that brought Europe into the dust. Half of Europe had a completely different attitude toward Life, a different valuation of Life, from the other half. The two attitudes were respectively the 19th century outlook, and the 20th century outlook.

Yockey here describes the What, not the How. The How, in a word, is jews. Jews were the masters of “the proud Civilization” even before what Yockey describes as a sudden change in control. Control did not actually change – it simply became clear that Whites were not in control.

Yockey refers to his solution as “The Idea”:

The first step in action is thus the liquidation of the spiritual division of Europe. There is only one basis on which this can be done; there is only one Future, the organic Future. The only changes that can be brought about in a Culture are those which its life-stage necessitates. The 20th century outlook is synonymous with the Future of the West, the perpetuation of the 19th century outlook means the continuation of the domination of the West by Culture-distorters and barbarians. The task of the present work is the presentation of all the fundamentals of the


20th century outlook necessary as the framework for comprehending and thorough action. First is the Idea — not an ideal which can be summed up in a catchword, or one which can be explained to an alien, but a living, breathing, wordless feeling, which already exists in all Westerners, articulate in a very few, inchoate in most. This Idea, in its wordless grandeur, its irresistible imperative, must be felt, and thus only men of the West can assimilate it. The alien will understand it as little as he has always understood Western creations and Western codes. In his victory parade in Moscow in 1945, the barbarian exhibited his Western captive slaves to the jeering crowds of his cities, and made them drag their national flags behind them in the dust. If any Westerner thinks that the barbarian makes nice distinctions between the former nations of the West, he is incapable of understanding the feelings of populations outside a High Culture toward that Culture. Tomorrow the captive slaves offered up to the annihilation-instincts of the Moscow mobs may be drawn from Paris, London, Madrid, as well as from Berlin. A continuation of the spiritual division of the West makes this not only possible but absolutely inevitable. Both the outer forces are working for the continued division of the West; within they are helped by the least worthy elements in Europe. This is addressed however to the only people that matter — the Westerners who can feel the Imperative of the Future working within them.

Our action-task is dictated for us by the fact that the soil of our Civilization is occupied by the outsider.

Yockey’s warning was prophetic. Today every major city of the West has a majority non-White population. Never mind jeers, the remaining Whites are robbed, raped and murdered.

The Idea, or at least a comparable ideal, has since been summed up in the catchword we know as The 14 Words:

We Must Secure The Existence Of Our PEOPLE And A Future For White Children

Unlike Yockey, David Lane and contemporary White nationalists have emphasized the importance of the PEOPLE over ideology.

Image source: Culture Jamming Street Artist COMBO Stages Topless Spectacle in Paris.

15 thoughts on “Yockey on Culture and Race – Part 3”

  1. I left that comment. I understand what you’re saying. However most of this Yockey topic, the majority of Whites who are the target audience of waking up, this will fly over their head. I must admit it at times happens to me. I find myself thinking, this is fine and dandy information but what the hell are we going to do to solve the jew problem?

    The only solution is marching every jew off a cliff, hit reset and move forward.
    The masses cannot even handle that truth. So this Yockey is fine to talk about but it will not move this awakening forward. If Im wrong so be it.

    We are in this situation now. Looking to the past and seeing who warned us only makes it worse. Nobody listened then. So how do we make them listen now? Intellectualizing it I don’t think will help with the masses. Some yes but the majority, I don’t think so.

    So, what can we do to get people to a solution that does not scare them away? Expulsion didn’t work , Israel didn’t work. So its either marching them off a cliff or locking them up castrating and wait… Until then all this mental masturbating will solve nothing. Sorry if this makes no sense typing on my phone is not easy.

  2. The majority of any subject flies over the heads of the majority. Yockey was unconcerned about this. My desire is to make what Yockey regarded as the problem (Culture-crisis) and solution (the Idea, Imperium) more accessible to more heads – including my own.

    It is not so much the heretofore insoluability of the jewish problem that I find frustrating, or even the widespread denial that there is a jewish problem. What concerns me most is the chronic underestimation and misunderstanding of the jewish problem amongst those (including Yockey) who putatively understand that there is one.

    You listen to, or at least read what I do. Why shouldn’t others? Can you explain how my work interferes with your agenda?

  3. I have heard all your podcast minus the Phagen series, to be honest I had no interest in it. I do point people to your podcast. They are concise and informative. Yet, I feel the only drawback and criticism I have is they lack solutions.

    With all that you have written and put to audio what is your solution? Say hypothetically you had the chance fix the jew problem how and what would you do? I laid out what I feel needs to be done in my above comment. Nothing else has worked, 2,000 years and here we are.

    Your exposure is good I just think the analyzing how you do without a solution, we just don’t have time for it.

    These borders are open, Whites are dying a slow death much like Egypt, Rome, Greece, dark ages etc. Its the same MO, a Jew MO. Blacks have been unleashed upon us with absolutely no repercussions, just like the above nations in their downward fall to destruction.

    It doesn’t interfere to my agenda, our agenda appears to be the same, exposing these jews and all the evil and murder they have unleashed on the world.

    I guess you can call it frustration in this “movement” with the lack of a party to stand behind or someone stepping from behind the keyboard.

    Exposure is good, but how many dates, facts, others who exposed or talked about our problem or the problems Jew inflicts on Gentiles.etc can we analyze before we have analyzed ourselves extinct before taking any action?

    Hopefully this makes sense? I feel time is running out, we need to act before we are at the complete mercy of the borders floods and the WMD the Jew has unleashed upon us. They in no way will treat us how we have them.

  4. I’m doing what I do. Whatever keeps you from marching the jews off a cliff, it isn’t me.

  5. Be that as it may, you still provide no solutions and that is a direct reason why nothing is being done, so yes you are a part of the reason why cliff marching does not occur.

  6. Now that you’re onto esoteric nationalism and racial spirit I dare you digest Evola for us next.

    My familiarity with Yockey is slight but I sense he was kindred of sorts with mystics of the era like Ouspensky, Jung, Gurdjieff, and so on, a visionary quality that has diminished or been pushed into the shadows in our more scientifically and culturally materialist age.

    Being a kneejerk physicalist myself I find it absurd to remove human agency from causality and situate that force not in biology but, as Yockey seems to, an immaterial essence or substance that exists and operates independently of intentional human action. Interestingly, this arrangement somewhat resembles many leftoid beliefs commonly propagated through critical race theory (i.e. Whites automatically subjugate other races, consciously and otherwise, and thus are evil, even when doing good acts; nonwhites would attain to the White standard of cultural achievement only if helped to do so sufficiently by concerned and good Whites). Also, because it treats culture as a manifestly real yet nonphysical thing it also has the marxist smack of an objectified and mechanically predetermed history, the fatalism of which again robs each individual of their rational and executive power and drives them toward an inescapable, usually post-historical end, perfected, utopian, unchanging, and eternally devoid of human choice. The worst aspect in all that for me is the sense that the glaring anthropocentrism of both marxoid thought and what I’ve gathered of Yockey’s metaphors is that it shrinks the cosmic down to the merely terrestrial even though Yockey (if not Marx) rejects materialism in favor of simply another universal essence or condition of being. But again, that’s all on a quick read. Perhaps I’ll chime in later after a closer review.

    In any event, keep banging out the lecture-quality programs. I’d also like to hear more confabs between you and other mostly-sane parties, like your previous jaw session with Majority Rights. Drs. Duke and MacDonald would probably be tickled pink if you called too.

  7. Near as I can tell the site’s purpose is as a broadcast point for what its proprietor has learned about the mentalities of the European peoples’ racial competitors, particularly that motley crew called the jews. Insofar as knowledge is power and the jew is the most canny and pernicious antiwhite, I’d say the site’s spotlight on jewish and “liberal” (i.e. latent communist) attitudes provides an essential civic service.

  8. Chris, I’m not interfering even indirectly with your stated goal, much less directly. Your insistence on asserting otherwise causes me to question your sincerity and judgment.

  9. Northside,

    I’d also like to hear more confabs between you and other mostly-sane parties, like your previous jaw session with Majority Rights. Drs. Duke and MacDonald would probably be tickled pink if you called too.

    For more along the lines of Majority Rights Radio: Guessedworker speaks with Tanstaafl, here’s my list of Interviews and Conversations with Others.

    Among those I recommend:

    Assessing Auster (with Kevin MacDonald and Carolyn Yeager)
    Talking with Tom Metzger (and Carolyn Yeager)
    Talking with Kyle Hunt

  10. Northside,

    I find it absurd to remove human agency from causality and situate that force not in biology but, as Yockey seems to, an immaterial essence or substance that exists and operates independently of intentional human action.

    Agreed and well said.

  11. Yockey, in typical form, dichotomizes and thus polarizes (p12):

    Destiny-thinking is the type of thought which understands the living, and it is the only kind which does. The other method of human thought is that of Causality. This method is inwardly compulsory in dealing with inorganic problems of technics, mechanics, engineering, systematic natural philosophy. It finds the limits of its efficacy there, however, and is grotesque when applied to Life. It would tell us that youth is the cause of maturity, maturity of old age, that the bud is the cause of the full-blown flower, the caterpillar the cause of the butterfly.

    The Destiny-Idea is the central motive of organic thinking. If anyone thinks it is merely an invisible causality, he understands it not. The idea of Causality is the central motive of systematic, or inorganic thinking. The latter is scientific thinking.

    This is an example of Yockey’s hand-waving. Word games. He describes fact-based science and the causality of material organisms as “inorganic thinking”, whereas his naked assertion of the primacy of the invisible and intangible is “organic thinking”. He insisted on binarization to the point of absurdity.

  12. Yockey is obviously exalting telos (ultimate purpose or state) in his cosmology, constructing his envisioned universe such that an “organic” causal life force (existential source or basis of existence) operates unilaterally upon the mean, “inorganic” stuff of observable experience, which he debases. Here he flies the mystic’s flag though not because be proposes this supposition-rigged Transcendence in itself, but for believing instead in the real and inexorable power of his speculative conception. Especially if his profession of belief rests on obviously falsifisble arguments like the ones above.

    I think this raises a good point though. Now even though our modern biologists and geneticists can gin up experimentally modified critters in a laboratory, no one yet has managed to synthesize an organism from scratch. That is, we don’t know exactly what “life” is, as we commonly recognize and define it from our decidedly biological perspective, an ignorance demonstrated by our inability to manufacture it on demand as we would an automobile or supercollider. In this sense the feat of creating life is literally above us, beyond our reach, though we remain tantalized by the potential to master this perplexing condition of existence. So given that Yockey habitually rationalized the realness of his intuitions, it’s unsurprising that he’d give the generative primacy over the merely generated, and even assign these entities to qualitatively exclusive classes. In this way the uncertainty of science’s incomplete cognizance is cast aside by the surety of revealed (mystical, or simply imagineered) world-knowledge. Shazam, esoterica.

    Seems like every dualist is a closet monist simply awaiting the rewards of post-material living, so does Yockey identify a center in the amusingly sentiment-skewed asymmetry of his cosmos or otherwise unify his infinite dichotomies under an ultimate umbrella? Back to Yockey’s telos, my guess is that the courses of destiny also spread across his immaterial domain of causation.

  13. The crew at The Daily Stormer are not the brightest. I suppose they have their place (much as I want to dig into why I dislike the material there, as well as some of the personalities, I will restrain myself), but they will not reach the people you reach; by that I mean people with an IQ of, I don’t know, say 130 and above. Digging into questions in extreme detail is necessary for certain people to take action. I would not be dedicating much of my free time and some of my money to the promotion of White Nationalism if all I had heard upon examining the question was “Well the Jews are a bunch of Talmudic Marxists, and we need to kick them out!” It wouldn’t work on me because it would never even START me on the path to considering that there may be something of vital importance here. If one wants to get the brains, which so many of us White Nationalists care so much about, on our side, This is the kind of material which will do it. As Rockwell said, offer hog jowl to the laborer and caviar to the ambassador.

    Off topic: You may have made this point somewhere, but in case you have not, there is a very telling thing about Tim Wise, which shows his utter contempt for the goyim:

    “White Like Me”

    This is, of course, a play on the title of “Black Like Me,” a recounting of a journalist who pretended to be Black and hung out in The South for awhile. Now not only is Tim Wise, who on lecture circuits, on TV, in articles he writes, often does speak explicitly as a White, calling himself White, putting out this book with a title that might as well be “I’m only pretending to be White, I’m not one of you,” but he knows his audience is exactly the one that would be MOST familiar with the context of that title. But still, rather than keep his crypsis up, he just spits right in their face.

    But his contempt for the gentile masses has been earned. That book was a hit, and he has not been shunned by true believer liberals.

  14. Eustace Mullins about solutions to the Jewish problem ─ or lack thereof. History repeats itself, first as a tragedy, second as a farce. Admittedly, the farce we’re forced to participate in isn’t all that funny ─ for us, that is. The Jews loves it though. How could they not? After all, they wrote the manuscript, and now they’re laughing their heads off watching us commit collective suicide on stage. Our people will wake up all right, but only when it is too late. That’s part of the programme.

    “Thus the biological parasite has been a problem of man since the dawn of recorded history. Although humans have been aware of the physical discomfort and danger which animal parasites have always presented to him, they have consistently failed to recognize the specific danger of the Jewish parasite until it was too late.” (The Biological Jew, p. 14)


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