The Pocahontacaust: Jewsmedia Affirms One Drop Rule, Genetic Basis of Race

Race is a social construct, the jewsmedia regularly screeches. The lie is revealed by controversies like this. Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Results: She’s Native American: Sen. Elizabeth Warren has taken the extraordinary step of releasing DNA test results that provide “strong evidence” that she has Native American ancestry, the Boston Globe reports. The possible Democratic […]


.@Zac_Petkanas says on Fox News a 10-year-old girl with Down Syndrome was separated from her mother at the border. Corey Lewandowski responds: "Womp womp." — Jon Passantino (@passantino) June 19, 2018 It was “WAH WAH”. As in “BOO HOO”. A fitting reaction to a ridiculous sob story. Perhaps too measured, considering the chutzpathic aggression […]

The Jew Normal, Screeching and Warmongering

Report: Anti-Semitism mainstreamed and normalized: “If in previous years we saw different types of anti-Semitism – anti-Semitism of the far-Right, anti-Semitism of the far-Left, and an anti-Semitism masked as anti-Israel – now it has transformed more openly into classic anti-Semitism. There has been an increase in open, unashamed and explicit hatred directed against Jews. The […]