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Charles Lindbergh Speaks on a United European Race

Charles Lindbergh Speaks on a United European Race

Charles Lindbergh, 13 Oct 1939:

Our bond with Europe is a bond of race and not of political ideology. It is the European race we must preserve, political progress will follow. Racial strength is vital, politics a luxury. If the White race is ever seriously threatened, it may then be time for us to take our part in its protection, to fight side by side with the English, French and Germans, but not with one against the other for our mutual destruction.

Puttin da Muhfugging Bullit Throo da Muhfugging Boozeye

Women Ready For SHTF

Youtube hosts a broad selection of gun-related videos. The titilating sub-genre sandwiched in the middle of the video above is probably among the more popular. In fact, the gun video genre as a whole represents just the tip of an enormously popular and vibrant American gun subculture. The Constitution-reading, law-abiding portion of this subculture is also overwhelmingly White. Even so, it’s hard to find videos like this on YouTube. This video doesn’t just titilate. It expresses a pro-White political position.

The black man is alarmed because he sees that, when the Schumer Hits The Fan, Whites will not only be well armed but better prepared. The contrasting sights and sounds – vulgar threat, bonny poise – stir deep, primal emotions. The women shooters don’t have to say a word. Any White man with a properly functioning limbic system gets this message. As disgust and tingle pass, there is anger. White women shouldn’t need to take up arms. Something is wrong in a society where they see such a need. Racial pride wells up, however, with the recognition that we do prepare well to face challenges, in whatever form they come.

Where we are weak is identity, which compounds our difficulty in properly identifying threats to us. Whites don’t have a problem hitting the bullseye. Whites have a problem deciding which bullseye to hit. Ultimately, this is because Whites have a problem thinking clearly about who “we” is.

The 1960s-era Wally Butterworth voice-over at the end adds historic context. What has gone wrong started going wrong a long time ago. The Butterworth commentary is a reminder that for decades now the struggle for cultural and political power in the US, for it’s identity, hasn’t primarily been with blacks, but with jews. Neither he nor Rockwell tried to fool themselves or others into thinking that someday blacks would run America. Like George Lincoln Rockwell, Butterworth rightly made a point of calling upon Christian Whites to defend the country they had built. Today it is only more obvious that the assault is on White interests as a race, not constrained by borders or creed.

Matthew Heimbach on RT

‘Caucasians under attack!’ – student organizes white defense group

A brief interview with Matthew Heimbach, founder of the Towson White Student Union, a topic I discussed as part of two tWn podcasts in September – Guilt and Pride and especially Discrimination and Exclusion.

Heimbach is intelligent and articulate. He provides reasonable, sensible answers to the kinds of questions most often posed by disingenuous anti-Whites:

What’s a White interest?

What qualifies as a White person?

Who’s allowed in your group?

You don’t consider jewish people White?

How have you personally been discriminated against?

Do you consider yourself to be a White nationalist?

The judaized media – owned, operated and policed as it is by jews and useful idiot others whose overriding concern is what’s best for jews – doesn’t usually ask such probing questions of non-Whites advocating what they believe is best for their people’s particularist interests. They also don’t usually provide any opportunity for Whites to answer such questions.

The most important issue broached in the interview – rarely if ever addressed in the judaized media – is the confusion whether jews are White. As Heimbach quite correctly notes, they aren’t. While I don’t think Heimbach’s answer was wrong, it could have been made more directly.

The difference between Whites and jews is most obvious exactly in how we’re regarded when attempting to discuss and organize in pursuit of our interests. The current political and academic environment is characterized by a deeply dishonest but ever more obvious racial double-standard. Here are frequent, emotional expressions of concern for the best interests of non-Whites, first and foremost jews, coupled with a relentless pathologization and demonization of Whites, past and present, in parts and as a whole. The foundation of this anti-White regime is a long-standing jewish narrative damning Whites as congenital oppressors while sanctifying jews (and, more recently, various other “minorities”) as our eternal and entirely blameless victims.

In other words, even in terms of judeo-liberal identity politics itself, jews aren’t White. According to the jewish narrative Whites are the people who aren’t supposed to notice this disparity, aren’t suppposed to have an identity, and aren’t supposed to organize to pursue the interests we aren’t supposed to have.

George Lincoln Rockwell – Vote White

George Lincoln Rockwell – Vote White

In the United States of America there is only one group, only one, with the courage and the guts to face up to the fact that this battle is racial – it has nothing to do with politics, or economy, free enterprise, taxes – it is a question if this country going to be dominated and run by the White Christian people who built it, or is it going to be run and dominated by a bunch of beatnik scum, negroes, jews, communists, aliens and no good people who are trying to take it away from us and tell us that we mustn’t even talk about this because it’s hate. Well I don’t see anything hateful about defending your home and country and family from aliens who are invading and taking it away from you. And that’s what they’re doing.

The same problem happened in Germany, and one man was able to rise up and unite his people as White people. He said the White people are a master race. That’s what Adolf Hitler preached and I believe it. And I think most White Christians in America who have any sense realize that’s true. The jews have been telling us that Adolf Hitler was a monster and he murdered alot of people, and so forth. I learned that that’s alot of garbage. Just like they say the people of Alabama, stormtroopers, and beating negroes, and villains, and heels, and so forth, that’s not true. The same people that lie about Alabama, lie about Germany. In short, Germany was the Mississippi and Alabama of Europe. And they got me and millions of other White Christians like me to go out and try to destroy it. And I think we made a mistake, ladies and gentlemen, I think we should have destroyed atheistic, soviet, race-mixing communism. Which is what Hitler was trying to do.

We didn’t however and now we have it all over us. Grinding[[?]] all over us and destroying us and boasting they’re going to bury us. Well I say to you, it’s just the other way around, we’re going to bury communism. And I believe that only a leader and only a group that’s willing to face up to the whole truth, not part of it, but all of it, is going to be able to bury communism. To do it we need the strength of the enormous masses of the people of America. Not right-wingers, such as voted for Goldwater. We need the White Christian masses. The only group in the country with the courage and the guts to go after these masses is the American Nazi party.

No matter what they call us, no matter what they say about us, we believe in the people – in the ordinary taxi drivers, the construction workers, the ordinary little guys that built this country. We believe that if we go to them with a pitch based on the truth, on the facts about race, on the facts about communism, and tell them the truth as we know it, and don’t try to hide it or disguise it any, we believe we can win political power because those little fellas will go into the ballot boxes and the ballot booths where nobody can see what they’re doing and no matter how much they may be terrorized outside, in that sacred American ballot box they’ll vote for a White man. They did it for Wallace, I believe they’ll do it for me in Virginia. I believe they’ll do it for me or any other leader with the courage to stand up and fight as a White man in this country.

So far, ladies and gentlemen, look at the leaders we’ve had. We’ve had some very great ones. I would have gladly given my life following Douglas MacArthur. And I offered to fight and do anything for Joe McCarthy. And yet not one of these men ever once had the nerve to stand up and say, “I am a White man and I’m gonna fight as a White man.” Even George Wallace today is still saying racism is evil. And I believe that if we keep saying this, for the benefit of the jews, so they won’t call us hate-mongers and racists, we’re going to get whipped.

I believe that time is too short. Time is desperate[[?]]. It is time to stand up and tell the whole truth, and to fight for it. To organize not as conservatives, not as republicans, not as democrats, not as liberals, not as northerners, not as southerners, not as Protestants, or religious or anti-religious, or anything else but as White men. Stand up with all our hearts and souls and unite. For the blacks vote black, the jews vote jewish. Ladies and gentleman, let’s let the White man vote White. Let’s let the White man support the White cause.

If you believe in and understand what I’ve been preaching, please, won’t you support, won’t you enable these young men who go out and risk their lives in the streets fighting communists? Won’t you support them? Keep them alive. Help them pay the bail the way the communists and the jews support their communist jew scum, to get them out of jail, I’ve got alot of men in jail right now, won’t you please support them? Listen to the group leader who has presented this film and give them all the help you can. It will be deeply appreciated by me and every other White American, every White Christian, in this country. I thank you very much and I hope to see you all personally some time.

According to Metapedia:

He ran unsuccessfully for governor of Virginia in 1965 as an independent, polling 5,730 votes, or 1.02 percent of the total vote.

Jewish Political Ads in Post-White America

Sarah Silverman | Let My People Vote 2012 – Get Nana A Gun – YouTube

Hey black people, old people, poor people, and students…

(Barack Obama Ad) Samuel L Jackson: Wake The F*ck Up – YouTube

Samuel L. Jackson’s profanity-laced pro-Obama ad, NYPOST.com, 27 Sept 2012:

Jackson partnered with the Jewish Council for Research and Education, a liberal super PAC funded largely by billionaire George Soros’ 25-year-old son, Alexander, to film the humorous, four-minute spot to be featured on YouTube.

The Jewish pro-Obama super PAC also funded Sarah Silverman’s provocative YouTube video where she makes a tongue-in-cheek offer of “free lesbian sex” to casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to stop him from donating to Romney’s campaign.

As White political influence wanes, so do civility and decorum. Likewise, as the political influence of jews and their allies waxes, so do vulgarity and profanity.