An Interview with Robert Stark

I spoke with Robert Stark on The Stark Truth Wednesday and Thursday evening this week. The first segment should stream on Voice of Reason Broadcast Network at 8PM ET Friday. The second segment will stream sometime next week. I’ll link the program archive pages here when they appear, which is usually a few days after a show streams.

The topics Robert and I touched on included A Personal Disclosure, Iowa’s Critics, Roth and Weiss on What’s Best for The Jews, and Gamer Excuses “The Jews”, Blames “Whitey”.

Robert was curious about the suicide meme but as I began to describe it we ran out of time. Robert invited me back to wrap up and we ended up spending another hour discussing the suicide meme and the counter-jihad (see White Nationalism and the Counter-Jihad and Where Jihad and Counterjihad Agree).

The last time I did an interview was in November 2008 with Dietrich and Mishko. Back then Voice of Reason was just those two pioneers and their two-hour show once a week. Since then VoR has grown to nearly a dozen hosts and programs – all focused on history, politics, culture, and current events from a pro-White point of view. What they produce is a breath of fresh air compared to the degenerate, relentlessly anti-White propaganda issued by the thoroughly judaized “mainstream” media.

My thanks to Robert Stark for inviting me on, and to Mike Conner, who toils hard behind to scenes to make VoR work.

UPDATE, 23 Jan 2012: The Stark Truth: Interview with Tanstaafl, Part 1 (mp3).

UPDATE, 31 Jan 2012: The Stark Truth: Interview with Tanstaafl, Part 2 (mp3).

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  1. Wow, great inspiring interview (2008). Looking forward to to the latest. I liked hearing you and one of the hosts talk about feeling “shame” at being duped, particularly by supporting Bush and not questioning neocon paradigms. At Thanksgiving dinner this year, as I was trying to school the table on the bullshit they’re fed daily, my sister loudly reminded me of several emails I sent her warning about “Islamo-fascism” and other retarded stuff I had parroted off Jonah Goldberg and Jay Nordlinger back in 2004 – embarrassing. Felt like putting a gun in my mouth.

  2. I mentioned your personal disclosure in a Comment at Majority Rights not long ago (I mistakenly called it personal revelation – poor memory). My purpose was to use you to demonstrate an alternative to subterfuge, given a family fact that could be seen as acceptable by some. I saw your way, self- and family-affirmation, as a better way than deception.

  3. Felt like putting a gun in my mouth.

    Scott, you’re justified (and it’s healthier) to direct the greater part of your anger at the liars who misled you than to take all the blame on yourself. Blaming ourselves for a wrong someone else has perpetrated against us is what people who peddle the suicide meme intend us to do. At the very least they don’t care what happens to us, because they’re more concerned about protecting the perpetrators.

  4. Apologies for the compression quality issues on my audio. Mike recommended a skype config change for the second segment that hopefully cleared up that issue.

  5. O/T

    A reminder about the immigration restriction petition in the UK. Please vote! No to 70 million.

    Its a very mild proposition, so mild that in theory no one could disagree with. It only needs 100,000 signatures to be debated in parliament and has gone well past that now but the more signatures, the louder the message.

  6. Adler and Block: Mossad Assassination of Obama and the “Anti-Semite Smear” Campaign in America
    by willyloman

    by Scott Creighton

    A publisher in Atlanta, Andrew Adler of the Atlanta Jewish Times, recently wrote an opinion piece in his paper (What Would You Do?) which proposed the Israeli assassination of a seated U.S. president in order to defend Israel from nuclear weapons that Iran does not currently have and is not currently developing (according to the NIEs of 2007 and 2010)

    Adler’s Jan. 13th 2012 article puts his 3,500 or so readers in the unenviable position of Israel’s Prime Minister facing what he seems to think is the inevitable destruction of Israel at the hands of the Syrians, Hezbollah, and Iran and asked them “What Would They Do?”: strike Hezbollah (killing civilians), strike Syria (killing civilians), or have Mossad agents already in the U.S. kill the president of the United States because he backed off a provocative missile defense drill, Austere Challenge 12,with Israel off Iran’s coastline?

  7. “… relentlessly anti-white propaganda …”
    Should white people have more common sense and survival instinct? Should white people do 3 things?
    1) Have larger families.
    2) Do not watch teleYiddism.
    3) Push back against anti-white brainwashing in every way possible.
    Hunter Wallace’s two-out-of-three hypothesis is:
    You can have blacks, freedom and equality, and civilization, but you must choose two out of three.
    Rap Law of the Jungle:
    Niggas gonna nig.

  8. “Adler and Block: Mossad Assassination of Obama and the “Anti-Semite Smear” Campaign in America”

    Paul better start swaying a lot when he’s public.

  9. You can have blacks, freedom and equality, and civilization, but you must choose two out of three

    You can have a judaized media and its anti-White brainwashing or you can have civilization. Pick one.

  10. The ONE thing that they will try to push you off of is this. Anti-Whites, of any sort, are pushing GENOCIDE in every White country and ONLY in White countries. This charge cannot be answered because it’s true, it’s brazen, it’s out in the open.

  11. You presented well Tan, though I’ll have to listen again uninterrupted and maybe take some notes.

    Thanks for explaining meme. It’s a very true concept, something that is exactly what the MSM transmits with the effect of infecting White minds, individually and collectively. It’s a topic that needs exploration, as in, the memes of the Judeo-American media. One would be “conspiracy theorists”, thus disabling the questioning of MSM conclusions as “conspiracy theories”. Yet there’s no doubt that the MSM itself is one big conspiracy, played openly. How quickly did the Journolist “scandal” (never really scandalised anyone other than patriots) go down the memory hole.

    Or media ownership, no this is not a conspiracy but a reflection of market forces. Yet, Iowa is too White which is not a reflection of anything at all other than racism.

    Stark makes a good point that what is described as “conspiracy” is actually an agenda. All people, all groups have agendas. But when pointing out Jewish dominance of market sectors, important ones that serve national interest like the media, this is called “conspiracy theorist” behaviour. If one refers to the Australian govt having a “White Australia” policy then that is racist, a conspiracy to exclude others and undermine natives. At the same time, should a Jew promote Israel in one their many diaspora groups channeling funding and social resources to a national goal that is rooted in race, the Jewish race, this is normal and good, nothing wrong with that agenda.

    Another subject brought up which deserves development or focus is the “it’s the Joooos” smokescreen. Of course it’s not *all* the Jews. Memes have done their work and much of the West has a type of mental infection and paralysis.

    It appears the USA doesn’t have a strong Greens party, or at least your system doesn’t allow for hung parliaments like ours in the Commonwealth do. In Oz, the Greens have power in that the left wing press is their mouthpiece and the press is only of two type: leftwing or neocon.

    Greens are very much anti-nationalist. They want no nation states, and use other national forces to undermine governing nations. This is why the Greens promote the Palestinians. It is to undermine Israel, not because Israel is Jewish but because Israel is one of the last true nations in the dictionary definition: one built on race and ethnicity.

    So, the left cannot be truly said to be anti-semitic. They are anti-nation and pro universal one world government out of the UN. All their policies push to this one goal of a global tier of govts with a new ruling govt, similar to that of the EU, ruling over all. The left pushes for nations to sign up to UN human rights obligations which will supercede national laws. I won’t go on but you get the point.

    The BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) is a Greens movement to challenge economically Israel and bring them into line, much like the anti-Apertheid boycotts and protests. But, already in Oz the Greens have collapsed on BDS after a monumental fightback by the Jewish community – both left and right! it is important to emphasise – effectively crushing it.

    I should write a post on this but it’s enough to point out that Jewish instigators of anti-Apartheid protests were the first to rally their fellow Jews against the BDS, calling it “anti-Semitic”. Jews within the Greens argued with their fellow Greens and had the policy put down.

  12. Hmmm, sorry to go on at length but the point is that the left is anti-nation and is only “anti-semitic” in that context and the right is anti-nation in their being pro global free market absolutism.

    Both sides seek the destruction of nation in pursuit of wealth and power. The left may crush Israel should the left get their world govt but that is of little relevance to us who have had our nations already removed from us. No one mainstream has spoken out for us and called those who oppose us “anti-White”, and coalesced action groups to protest nor written to govt departments to investigate this or that person as an “anti-White”. In that sense, yes we have been failed and our elites have attempted to suicide us.

    But, since WWII in particular media thought infection has been going on at a pace with these memes, so much so that Churchill today is a racist and bigot though the greatest champion the Jews ever had and is a great man for it.

    Anyway, a very thought provocative interview. Thank you.

    One side note. In going to Stark’s site to check for your interview I see that he has interviewed that whore Sofia. As discussed with my co-blogger on this subject, the Alt-Right itself is sick. It tolerates degeneracy though, to be sure, the Alt-Right has manners. Nary a swear word shall touch their lips but any and all sort of moral turpitude is aok so long as it’s reactionary.

    The only solution for White people politically is fascism. The only national solution for any people is and always will be in “the family” and the family rooted in territory which it owns, farms and manages.

    The Alt-Right can waffle on as much as it likes, with all sort of deviant faux philosophiers accommodated and encouraged but it does not serve White people because the Alt-Right is merely reactionary. It is not based in, nor find its meaning in, the family – the White family.

  13. Sorry, one other point. Fascism is not what our present system is. Corporatism is not fascism. What we have is an oligopoly. The only mainstream counter to the oligopoly is leftism which, as I say, also opposes nationalism.

    Fascism correctly understood is nation built on race which is an extension of family. There are many forms of fascism but all essentially are rooted in the family unit and by extension race.

    When people call this or that person or system fascist today, they merely utilise it as an abuse in the “you Nazi!” mould. Fascism is an abuse word that is not understood.

  14. I liked your takedown of Bardamu and opposing the “gamer” websites on the grounds of building a strong family.

  15. Part II of my interview with Robert Stark streams tonight (Friday) at 8PM ET.

    If you have the time, stay tuned for Mike Conner and Matt Parrot’s The Friday Show, which comes on right afterward. It’s similar to Dietrich and Mishko’s old This Week in Disorganized America – two pro-White friends discussing this week’s news.

  16. Technical mishap. It was replayed after The Friday Show. The mp3 should be up Monday, like last week.

    My audio quality was still poor. Sorry about that.

  17. Great interview, Tan – you were on point. Stark grew on me by the end of the two interviews. Seems like a cool and certainly a courageous guy.

    Good attack on what may be called the “devil ex machina” memes to explain away our “suicide” — e.g. the birth control pill and rising standard of living to account for lack of fecundity. While such exogenous factors may explain relatively short term trends, you can’t extrapolate such trends linearly (for, as you say, as long as borders are controlled, the more fecund will eventually cycle into power, and moreover, fecundity can always be subsidized: pure libertarianism is a bankrupt philosophy).

    Stark was almost certainly wrong about the jewish birthrate, as you rightly pointed out. I’ve heard the good argument (Svigor?) that they have a great “strategy”, where the religious remain homogenous and breed copiously, while the intermarried (and relative sterile) jews spread at the margins.

    I’m interested in the baneful phenomenon of “growth” capitalism you mentioned (vs. other forms of capitalism, since the only part of capitalism that is sacrosanct should be a generous freedom of transactions between free parties, which we of course don’t have with all the taxation and regulation). If, as seems clear, the best the West can hope for after the 2008 debacle is a stagflation of the type that has beset Japan for decades (except Japan is homogenous and intelligent, vs. the growing dystopia here) then it would be great if more people understand the difference when things come crashing down (this is why I also think obsession with islam is dangerous, because as the trends forecaster Gerald Celente has been warning for years, when the economy fails they will take an ignorant public to war to centralize their power further). Fractional reserve banking, for example, does not seem necessary to me, and seems the root of much evil.

    One argument against the suicide meme that I thought of while listening was that, even if someone is killing himself (say from a drug addiction), anyone whose interests are served by preventing him from changing his ways must be looked on with the greatest suspicion, and those who disallow thinking in terms of interests are enemies. The jews have flourished as this “suicide” has progressed. That cannot be overlooked.

    Great story about your father and football. Awareness is a big deal. I too can’t watch the Super Bowl anymore, seeing it for what it is: a glorification of violent blacks who would be threats to rape and kill us without the slightest compunction were they not obscenely wealthy through our patronage. I won’t get into the disgusting “America fuck yeah!” element, as when the military oversees the introductions and such.

    Again, thanks for this interview. It truly is a bracing experience to hear someone who says what he means, means what he says, speaks knowledgeably, calmly, earnestly, without pretention and snark, with the goal of educating and not manipulating. Kudos.

  18. Thanks Scott. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    The point I was trying to make about “growth” capitalism is that reality imposes limits. More important, “growth” has consequences – very negative consequences for Whites collectively. Genocidal levels of immigration into our homelands are rationalized by a supposed need for population growth, which in turn is supposedly required to fuel economic growth.

    I didn’t get to make the point in my conversation with Robert, but the fact that some people profit from the genocide doesn’t mean it isn’t genocide.

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