A Parasite’s Dream


Donald J. Trump: “Congress now has 6 months to legalize DACA (something the Obama Administration was unable to do). If they can’t, I will revisit this issue!”

Donald J. Trump: “For all of those (DACA) that are concerned about your status during the 6 month period, you have nothing to worry about – No action!”

Reagan, Thatcher, Schwartzenegger. Now Trump. More demonized by the jewsmedia, because his supporters are White. More supported by Whites, because dog whistling. The most “White supremacist” administration ever, more kikeservative than any before.

Like cuckoos, non-Whites screech. And like mindless reed warblers, Whites follow their cuckoo-loving misleader, because he makes the cuckoos cry. This is parasitism, no paradox.

MAGA meets DACA – same horseshit, different anti-White/pro-jew kikeservative. The White nightmare is a jew construct. Save DACA: We U.S. Jews won’t let Trump end the American dream:

Like generations of immigrants before, including millions of Jewish parents and grandparents, the parents of these kids have made enormous sacrifices, not for themselves, but in the hope that their children would have a chance at a real future.

. . .

This moment should feel scary, disturbing and eerily familiar to all Jewish Americans.

. . .

HIAS is the global Jewish organization that protects refugees. We stand for a world in which refugees find welcome, safety and freedom. Guided by our Jewish values and history, we bring more than 135 years of expertise to our work with refugees. But our work is just one piece of the larger culture of equality and welcome we strive to create together with our supporters in the American Jewish community. Threats to the DACA program are not only threats to immigrants, but to justice, fairness and the longstanding values of our country.

This country’s history of accepting refugees and immigrants has offered generations of Jewish Americans the opportunity to recognize our full human potential and become part of the fabric of America.

If jews actually believed their lies they’d be filling the jew state with these “immigrants” and “refugees” – instead they treat the wretched refuse like bioweapons, and deliberately aim them at the Whitest parts of dar-al-goyim.

Setting the usual lies aside, this jew state jewsmedia sandnigger self-righteously jewsplains how it is his tribemate’s duty to subvert governments and borders in dar-al-goyim, because that’s what’s best for the jews. Miller the DACA-killer: Trump aide a disgrace to Jews, and to our common roots:

Stephen Miller’s family came from my dad’s village, in Belarus. Immigration is why Steve and I are both alive; now it’s his job to help kill the program protecting young immigrants to the U.S.

. . .

Helping to kill DACA and curb immigration are why Steve is a disgrace to the memory of that town, to the memory of what the Nazis did there to the people who couldn’t escape and immigrate to the United States.

Because once upon a time, before World War II, a Republican president and a Republican Senate and a Republican House of Representatives made a law that choked off immigration. One of their main targets was the immigration of Jews from Eastern Europe, from places like Antopol.

Meanwhile, behind the “neo-nazi”/”White supremacist” curtain, the kikeservative-in-chief’s jews are jewing. Josh Caplan: “REUTERS: Jared Kushner set up secret back channel to help Dick Durbin (D-IL) lobby White House officials in favor of DACA amnesty”. Trump’s DACA decision followed months of meetings involving senior Democrat:

Durbin, in an interview with Reuters, described Kushner as a conduit to his father-in-law, President Donald Trump, and open to the idea of doing something to help the 800,000 Dreamers brought illegally to the United States as children.

How Trump DACA deal with Democrats could work:

But Trump may have stumbled upon a realization this week: If the Republican Party is now a cult of personality, and his base is going to like him whatever he does because of who he is, the most plausible path to increased popularity is doing substantive things that Democrats want.

The cuckoo cries out in pain, trusting the warblers will imagine this makes even the blackest suppository some kind of white pill. Trump, like other White misleaders, is no bird brain. He is where he is because he sided with the jews.

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  1. Drain off resources from the deserving and squander them on the destructive.
    What better way to wreck your enemy ((( since they have always failed in direct confrontations))) ?

  2. Dreamers, schemers and True Believers – is the time approaching when they will meet their White Resisters?

    the parents of these kids have made enormous sacrifices, not for themselves, but in the hope that their children would have a chance at a real future.

    So if they’ve made enormous sacrifices, why haven’t those sacrifices borne fruit in their country of origin? Can the huddled masses only fulfil their dreams in (((raycis’))) White lands? LET US IN, YOU EVIL WHITE FASCISTS/IMPERIALISTS/NAZIS/RACISTS!!!

    . . . and news from across the Pond:


    Tomatoes arrayed against the might of the Establishment:


    German politican to refugees: “Germany is yours, inshallah!”


    (warning: viewing may cause psychological damage, plus elevated blood pressure).

  3. Everything that ((( they ))) promote, is the opposite of meritocracy. A distopicracy, where everything harmful is encouraged and subsidized.

  4. Will the Chinese hold out? Or are they already controlled by Sino-mischlings whom we do not have the savvy to recognize?

    It’ll be interesting (vicariously, because I’ll be dead) to see if they use pro-gay in China, or something different.

  5. No, the Chinese will not hold out.

    They will be as pliable as putty in the hands of ((( manipulators ))). The Chinese addiction to vice (gambling, bribery, drugs, prostitution etc.) will be a breach in every wall. The Chinese will make excellent slaves, hard working and submissive to authority.

  6. A Jewish ‘Dreamer’ is scared, but refuses to despair | Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

    “I don’t think it aligns with our values, with Jewish values and the Jewish community,” he said of a policy that would essentially strip a generation of people raised here of official recognition.

    Typical jew theatrics. The jews screech about “White supremacism” while setting the agenda, dictating toxic values and policy for dar-al-goyim which are aligned exactly opposite of their walled-off DNA-defined jew state. Meanwhile, the kikeservative-in-chief, the supposed “White supremacist”, is already on record siding 100% with the jews on both fronts.

  7. A Jewish #DACA Journey | HuffPost

    This is the story of the biblical Jacob. Isaac and Rebecca’s son. Abraham and Sarah’s grandson.

    Our forefather who had a tumultous childhood. He had a mother who blurred the lines of morality—and the law of the land—to make sure he would receive a blessing, a future, worthy of his humanity. He was a child who became a man and fled for his own safety, slept with his head on a rock, dreamed with God, and then, ultimately, became Israel.

    His story is my story and your story, generally, and, particularly and quite literally, very likely someone from each our families at some point in the family tree.

    But I worry that as we slowly wake up, as the Dreamers among us are abruptly woken up, the words that barreled out of Jacob’s mouth—God was in this place—don’t so easily roll off their lips.

    The journey now has a timeline. An end date. Which produces a clarion call.

    Each of us has the capacity to open the heavens and let God in—to be the ladder filled with angels, and the angels themselves. Let’s remember that in the same way that Jacob struggled and wrestled, wholeheartedly, and deserved the chance to become Israel, so many Dreamers among us ought receive that same opportunity to transcend whatever the other-imposed definition, and become, simply, American.

    An interloping rabbi jewplains how the original jew narrative relates to the jew-imposed definitions of family and American.

  8. The Chinese have not suffered any race-replacement recently, they have recently race-replaced others.

    But who knows how this may play out? Disdain all who offer opinions.

    The Chinese are who the Jews might be forced ultimately to call upon for their ultimate survival. I would predict to sad effect. But disdain all who offer opinions.

  9. Sinister design covered by a cloak of virtue.
    It always fools the goy.

    When the fox preaches, watch your hens.

  10. Universal Basic Income:

    Pay non-Whites to lay around consuming (((products))) while breeding continuously, placing a crushing burden on Whites.

  11. Bloomberg article is a deluge of words to wear down the reader. A chain of fractional truths with a sum of zero truth.
    What ever happened to “overpopulated Japan”, ” zpg: zero population growth”?

    They direct the reader in the false direction that population growth is good, when it most often means a lower standard of living. A truth they avoid like leoprosy.

  12. Like China, I wonder if Japan will hold out–or rather, hold out enough that they have to create some pretext for the whole rest of the world attacking them again. They are doing huge work to drop birth rates in Japan, among them Judaizing marriage and divorce policy. And lots of young people are interested in robo-sex, homo-sex, etc., and are being subsidized by older generations.

    …but those are still Japanese people being subsidized. America has been sending African and Hispanic soldiers to WW2 bases and encouraging them to rape little girls (and reproduce with women when they can manage it) for over seventy years, and still Japan is largely Japanese. To crack them open, I wonder if they will have to use a different kind of immigration that Japanese can more easily be tricked into accepting. Maybe Pacific islanders, Thai, Taiwanese, Tibetans, victims of some dramatic event in China…something that could change them just enough over a few decades to get them (the new and improved “them”) to begin accepting the kind of new population that will destroy the culture and work ethic, and detroitify the whole place.

    Really impressive how Japan has held out since the WW2 rape programs began. Look at Germany–sure, it got a far more brutal dungeon, but that isn’t justification for now. If Japan just develops secret tech in time, it might be able to hold off what’s coming for it.

  13. McFeels: “Good morning to everyone except people blackpilled by media gaslighting https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-immigration/trump-open-to-dreamers-relief-legislation-without-wall-funding-aide-idUSKCN1BN1QN

    Trump has been backing off all his popular slogans, betraying his White supporters, since he was selected. “Trump is Hitler, favors Whites” is the jewsmedia lie. “Trump disavows his White supporters, favors non-Whites” is closer to reality. Hissing at “black pills” is like hissing at “anti-semitism”. Searching for “white pills” is related, similar to searching for “good jews”. All symptoms of gaslighting.

    Reality is awful. The jewing is off the charts. Distorting perception of reality has always been an essential part of jewing, something the jews put a tremendous amount of energy into. And they get results.

    Gaslighting has two sides, the manipulator and manipulated, who for whatever reason tolerates being manipulated. The gaslighting ends when you confront reality, when you properly perceive the jews for what they are. Enemies. Fully conscious and obsessively organized as such. Then what you see, and feel, is hostility. Then you understand Trump long ago chose his side. He’s for himself. And beyond that, he’s with them.

  14. Yes, the same weapons the jews have used against caucasoid ethnies work on mongoloids too. The idea that Whites are uniquely vulnerable to jewing is perverse, an inversion of normal ethnocentrism. No group is as ethnocentric as jews, and by psychopathologizing their host’s weaker ethnocentrism they eventually turn it inside out, making it semitically correct to see the host as the only group with agency, and thus responsible for everything.

    The main difference is communication technology. The Europeans of the past were largely ignorant of the nature of jewing and its scope across time and space, and thus mostly misperceived their jew problems as acute and disconnected. The Asians, though still relatively isolated by language, don’t suffer that handicap.

  15. And parasites alone could be behind the altright’s hysterical concern with ‘purity spiralling.’ Left to their own devices no-one else would worry about an excess of pro-Whiteness or antisemitism.

  16. Donald J. Trump: “Does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military? Really!…..”
    Donald J. Trump: “…They have been in our country for many years through no fault of their own – brought in by parents at young age. Plus BIG border security”
    Donald J. Trump: “The WALL, which is already under construction in the form of new renovation of old and existing fences and walls, will continue to be built.”

    You knew he was a snake when you voted him in. Getting tired of all this winning yet?

  17. “You knew he was a snake when you voted him in. Getting tired of all this winning yet?”

    What was the alternative, living hell?

  18. Tfw Trump was the accelerationist… the positive to this cucking. This will piss off his entire White base which gives us a yuge pool to recruit from.

  19. That’s an unpleasant pleasant thought, Chris, because they’re ready for that every time. Every time they win, people say, “The plus is, at least people will see that they’re winning.” We’re literally living in oversized cubicles, being tax farmed for our entire lives, surrounded by prisoner-guards, and people think the revolution is going to start any day now. Maybe if Germany had gotten its jets online before Stalin started to move…but now they have access to all inventions through international patent controls, without the illusion of independent nation-states slowing them down.

    If this planet were a medieval village, outsiders would’ve already burned us to save the rest of the province.

  20. Maybe if Germany had gotten its jets online

    In retrospect, in light of the Manhattan project, only a broader overthrow of the jews (in the USA primarily) could have prevented that war and its outcome. The jew physicists wrote their infamous letter urging FDR to develop the bomb in August 1939. No doubt they had been discussing amongst themselves how to incinerate the uppity Germans since 1933.

  21. How about anew button to dailystormer’s Iceland address, since the at and al domains are dead.
    Thanks. :)

  22. Donald J. Trump: “Loser terrorists must be dealt with in a much tougher manner.The internet is their main recruitment tool which we must cut off & use better!”

    And the jews define “terrorism”.

  23. It’d be interesting if they had Trump be the public face behind a more formal internet censorship–it would explain why they criticized him so heavily for having “white supremacist internet supporters” in the beginning. When everyone who criticized Trump suddenly praises him for shutting down what remains of the internet, pseudo-radicals will think “Well, I suppose Trump’s fighting the Muslims,” and normal citizens will think, “Everyone agrees; it’s a no-brainer!”

  24. “Maybe if Germany had gotten its jets online”

    Germany had plenty of me262 jets, over 1400.
    They were misapplied as ‘blitz bombers’, which made them sitting ducks for allied fighters, as they didn’t have dive brakes which necessitaded low speed runs, making them easy targets.

  25. Thought:

    These damn dindus are terrorizing and traumatizing our police, resulting in mean police, just as a tormented dog turns vicious.
    Additionally, police are under heavy pressure to arrest whites, to ballance out the black/white crime stats. We will pay a big penalty for fool liberalism, in more ways than we realize.

  26. OT

    Have now completed a transcript. Also updated the intro.


    John Friend and Carolyn Yeager discuss the recent Greg Johnson vs Andrew Anglin “debate” where the “Holocaust” and Revisionism were some of the topics discussed.

    John and Carolyn then take Kevin MacDonald and Greggy to the woodshed for their failure to man-up and confront the fraudulent nature of the “holocaust industry” that the jews have placed, like a millstone, around the necks of Whites.

    The Revisionists have systematically and conclusively proven that the “Holocaust” is the “hoax of the 20th century”. What stands in the way of this becoming general public knowledge is organized jewry’s stranglehold over our governments and media, etc.

    Between this proven hoax and the public’s lack of awareness stand two prominent members of the White movement, who for reasons explored by Carolyn and John, make excuses for evading this fact, or worst, pretend with word play that it still “happened”.

    As Carolyn and John discuss, the fraudulent “Holocaust” is central to organized jewry’s strategy of guilt tripping Whites to prevent them into moving towards White nationalism by linking it negatively to racial awareness, that then leads to “Nazism” and the inevitable “gassing of six million innocent jews”.

    As such, it is essential that the White movement comes to grips with exposing the Holohoax for what it is, so that this massive psychological weapon, roadblock, can be neutralized.

    Meanwhile the jews continue on with their genocidal plans to destroy the White race — KATANA

  27. “Should the Jews Leave Europe?”

    Unlike White flight, which reflects real harm to Whites, parasite flight is like the “holocaust” in that it is imaginary and is used to justify the harm to Whites. The jew doesn’t merely see Whites as Other – the parasite oyveys and screechs as if it’s being oppressed while dictating that the host must do more to serve it.

  28. Goldberg wraps up with: “Jews are collateral in all this. When civilizations collapse, jews die.”

    I should probably flesh out what I mean by The Clash of Goyim, but you can see it here in this conversation. The jew mind operates on two connected premises: That nothing matters more than what’s best for the jews, and that jews are just innocent agentless victims of the Other, especially Whites, whose wants and needs and lives don’t matter.

  29. “Three jews talk how “the west” doesnt exist and no problem minorities exist in these countries..”

    The slander and insults never end.

    “How stupid are you goy, I spit in your face from dawn to dusk, how much will you take ?”

  30. “jews are just innocent agentless victims of the Other, ”

    “It was true in my imagination, so it was true.” Herman Rosenblat

  31. @Nick Dean
    10 September 2017 at 3:28 pm

    “The Chinese are who the Jews might be forced ultimately to call upon for their ultimate survival.”

    They gone done it once before in (near) living memory, they’ll do it again…



    I don’t recall your exploring the Transgender-Agenda© specifically as such, but the deprecation of “binary” reality is a typically shifty (((phenomenon))) and now I see its origin (no confirmation bias at play if you inspect these sources!)



    Terms for Gender Diversity in Classical Jewish Texts
    by Rabbi Elliot Kukla, 2006

    Zachar: Th is term is derived from the word for a pointy sword and refers to a phallus. It is
    usually translated as “male” in English.

    Nekevah: Th is term is derived from the word for a crevice and probably refers to a vaginal
    opening. It is usually translated as “female” in English.

    Androgynos: A person who has both “male” and “female” sexual characteristics. 149 references in Mishna and Talmud (1st-8th Centuries CE); 350 in classical midrash and Jewish law codes (2nd -16th Centuries CE).

    Tumtum: A person whose sexual characteristics are indeterminate or obscured. 181 references in Mishna and Talmud; 335 in classical midrash and Jewish law codes.

    Ay’lonit: A person who is identifi ed as “female” at birth but develops “male” characteristics
    at puberty and is infertile. 80 references in Mishna and Talmud; 40 in classical midrash and
    Jewish law codes.

    Saris: A person who is identifi ed as “male” at birth but develops “female” characteristics as
    puberty and/or is lacking a penis. A saris can be “naturally” a saris (saris hamah), or become
    one through human intervention (saris adam). 156 references in mishna and Talmud; 379 in
    classical midrash and Jewish law codes.

    Criticism of organzied Jewish collective insanity is obligatory for the preservation of world peace. It’s also beneficial for Jews, though they will not appreciate it.

  32. We don’t have the group intelligence to survive, and we don’t have the tools that might, in a half generation, build up such intelligence. We can’t fix pedagogy without awareness, yet we can’t fix awareness without pedagogy. I think the relevant saying is “tap or snap.”

  33. “We don’t have the group intelligence to survive,”

    I think we do. We just need antidotes for all the poisons we’ve been given

  34. “in light of the Manhattan project, only a broader overthrow of the jews (in the USA primarily) could have prevented that war and its outcome”

    You might reconsider this.
    The US didn’t have a nuclear weapon in 42,43,44 or the first half of 45. Germany surrendered may 8-45, 70 days later, the US detonated its first nuclear weapon. In those 70 days, many things happened, most significant was the surrender of U- 234 and its cargo. Look deeply into details of the U- 234 and many things start making sense.

    I don’t believe the Manhattan Project developed anything. It was a copy project, trying to emulate the achievements going on in Germany. That’s why there were so many German speaking scientists , technical translators of stolen/copied German documents. The US didn’t have the fissionable material (ie 80 gold lined cylinders from U- 234) or technical know- how to detonate a fission device.

    Just too much of a cohencidence, Germany surrenders , 70 days pass, then ‘Bang’.

  35. We do, Fred, we do. When I try to get an antidote near an Aryan who has been poisoned, I have a high percentage chance that they’ll scream and attack me. I don’t think it’s possible to get them ready without a media, and I don’t think it’s possible to retake our printing and television and internet tech without numbers who’ve been given the antidote, thus the existential quandary.

    After watching even “daily stormer” get shut down for daring to almost have an audience, do you think building awareness through truth can work? Maybe I’m just cynical after having met too many people who will never change…?

  36. The nub of Gerstenfeld’s ravings comes near the end:

    The Noahide Laws

    In the Torah, God tells not only the Jews but also humanity in general that they should not live according to the laws of nature. Judaism totally rejects the “animal in man” and attempts to suppress it. Among the 613 commandments given to the Jews, there are seven which Judaism considers binding for all humanity. Non-Jews are expected to practice these Noahide laws at the very least: they prohibit idolatry, the vain use of God’s name, murder, sexual transgressions, theft, and eating the flesh of live animals, and require all people to establish courts of law to govern themselves. Two of these commandments are relevant to man’s relation with nature: not eating the flesh of live animals, and the recognition of God and the prohibition of idolatry. The latter forbids revering nature or any part of it as sacred.

    These Noahide laws are Judaism’s central message to the world. A world which would study these laws and adhere to them would be a much more moral place than the one we live in today. Judaism is not a universal religion in the sense that it has to take a position on everything which happens in the world. Anybody familiar with the strategic aspects of propagating ideas knows that it is counterproductive to focus on secondary issues: the human mind can retain only a limited number of messages.

    The jew has an irrepressible instinct to command non-jews to serve jews, coupled with an inborn ease with the weasel words jewsplaining why. Whenever jews say “God” just substitute “the jews” and what they’re saying makes more sense.

  37. “These Noahide laws are Judaism’s central message to the world. A world which would study these laws and adhere to them would be a much more moral place than the one we live in today.”

    HAHAHAHAHA … …. sure, because all the goy would be dead!

    They depend on gentiles not understanding rabbinic rendering of Noahide laws.
    ( in reality there are 70 Noahide laws, each of the 7 have a tenfold expansion)
    The rabbinic interpretation is so strict that all of us would be condemned to death.

    “The jew has an irrepressible instinct to command non-jews to serve jews, ”

    Of course, the goy only has an animal soul. The animal soul only has four functions, to eat, to sleep, to reproduce and serve the jew.

    “Whenever jews say “God” just substitute “the jews” and what they’re saying makes more sense.”

    Again, you have inferred correctly. Every Jew’s soul is imbued with a portion of god’s soul, making collective judaism coincident with the soul of god.

  38. “Anybody familiar with the strategic aspects of propagating ideas knows that it is counterproductive to focus on secondary issues: the human mind can retain only a limited number of messages.”

    — That’s helpful actually to a White Nationalism that somehow constantly finds itself mired in a swamp of secondary issues. We should pressure our biggest voices to focus on the essential racial issue and not be drawn into secondary, tertiary, even metaphysical quicksands. And where they cannot do that, promote above them new voices who can simply speak for us.

  39. Back before the altright consumed White Nationalism, when the Mantra was working magic and Kyle Hunt was breaking thru with the White Man March, there was a phrase floating around, “You’re either pro-White, or pro White genocide. Decide.” That’s great for people outside our movement.

    To those within who insist on introducing unnecessary, unhelpful, diluting and divisive other issues, we might say, “You’re either JUST pro-White or pro White genocide.” And we would be quite reasonably justified in doing so.

  40. @Nicjk
    Or as Linder puts it,
    You’re either on TeamJew or TeamWhite
    Which basically says the same thing but calls out the ones against us more explicitly

  41. What hasn’t been tried and failed ten times already? Tribes? Monarchies? Religions? Wars? Devotion? Purification? Democracy? Communication and reason and evidence?

    Are today’s internet warriors the intellectual superiors of every author and agitator since 2,400 years ago, all of whom failed, and all of whom only provided ammunition for the war machine that has literally risen from a small corner of the Middle East to engulf the planet?

    Have our people somehow reversed 2,400 years of progressively effective conditioning? Human husbandry has been refining a more and more docile host species for 24 centuries. How beautiful it sounds that, at the darkest hour, we might suddenly wake up, due to the maturing internet or some other tidbit of this age, and completely beat the odds.

    That sounds more like a Hollywood ending than a rational one. I can see the point of encouraging moderns to believe progress actually comes from darkness.

  42. “What hasn’t been tried and failed ten times already?”

    High Arka, you’re outlook is too dismal.
    It took civilization 10,000 years to fly, then 70 years from fabric wings to lunar landing. Our cause will fly, even higher.

  43. Trump: Southern border wall is going to be see-through | TheHill:

    “The wall is happening. In fact, you probably saw, you know, we have a wall up there now, and re-renovating it already. It’s being made pristine, perfect, just as good as new, though we may go a little higher than that, but that’s OK. And we are building samples of a new wall. You know, it has to be a see-through wall,” Trump said.

    “If you can’t [see] through it, you don’t know who’s on the other side. Let’s say we build a pre-cast concrete wall and now we have people on the other side,” he continued. “It’s going to stop drugs. It’s going to stop a lot of bad things.”

    Reagan 2.0, the fupgrade. Ham 1.0 didn’t base his campaign on disingenuous promises to restrict immigration, so he never had to so dramatically pretend he wasn’t breaking them.

  44. “promises to restrict immigration”

    Once they are elected, I think they are told the facts of life. Mass immigration is essential to the debt driven economy. Without floods of migrants the economy stalls and collapses under the debt load. The economy is structured in such a manner that it needs ever increasing demand. Without the drug, the junkie goes into life threatening withdrawl, same with our economy

  45. That implies Ashkenazi Trump didn’t already know the “facts.” He could instantly remove the debt burden by building a wall, deporting all illegals, exposing the Jewish occupation of “our” government, halting the prison state’s use of taxation to coerce all workers into supporting lazy bastards, not attacking or occupying places to help Israel, et cetera. Very quickly–as long as he’s been in office, now–America would be running huge budget surpluses, be much cleaner and less violent, et cetera. With a clean military and economy, we might even be able to handle China and/or the EU after the Jews threw them at us in response to our de-Weimarization.

    It’s this willingness to forgive people while they hurt you that makes your perspective more cynical than mine. Trump lied to your face and is sending men with guns to make you pay to clear land for Israeli condo towers and to feed even non “citizen” mestizas to pump out children to replace your descendants or potential descendants, and when confronted by such a vile attack, you’re willing to admit that maybe it wasn’t his fault and he was “influenced” to hurt you? That’s an awful way to rationalize your abuser’s behavior.

  46. I’m not justifying or excusing Trump, I’m simply inferring the rationale that has been used on them to continue the current trend. Everything you state is solid common sense, but the economic convulsions it would cause are beyond the abilities of our rulers. To this point, the trend has been self-sustaining, so they’ll continue with it. This cannibalization of our race will continue until it can’t support the current structure.

  47. Here’s an interesting concept.

    I was watching a vid on BPD (borderline personality disorder) and one of the concepts they introduced was DARVO ( deny and reverse victim order ). I sure think that would apply to a ((( group ))) we are familiar with. To think of these ((( ppl ))) wi BPD and almost always using DARVO as a tool to manipulate us. We might get a lot of tools by drawing from the work of psychologists who have explored the twisted behavior of ppl wi BPD.

  48. See also: http://age-of-treason.com/2015/02/17/gaslighting/

    Inversion, shifting blame onto non-jews, what Freud called projection, is the hallmark of jew psychology, the lynchpin of all their psychologizing.

    As they well know the secret of their success is their shameless supremacism, their hyper-awareness of a collective us with collective interests, and their ruthless manipulation and exploitation of them, the hapless subhuman goyim, who they see as existing only to serve them.

    What Whites perceive as hypocrisy or fraud when we see jews psychopathologizing and demonizing supremacism, in someone else, is simply them expressing themselves. They reveal their mindset indirectly, ironically, by dissociating it from themselves, transferring it to the despised them, and shitting on Whites for desiring to do even a shallow subset of what jews actually do.

    This is playing out explicitly through Trump, with jews pointing at jews blatantly jewing and deploring it as “White supremacy”. And most Whites are so painfully confused that they oppose or support Trump because they misperceive the jews, and worse, trust the jews, and thus mistakenly take jew screeching at face value.

  49. AJ+: “Ever wondered who’s financially funding white nationalists’ hate? We expose who they are and how they’re doing it: https://t.co/cnDB5tHMqS

    Ever wondered why the alt-jewsmedia, like “Al Jazeera”, is anti-White and pro-jew, just like the jewsmedia?

  50. “shitting on Whites for desiring to do even a shallow subset of what jews actually do.”

    That’s the gospel truth !

  51. “their shameless supremacism, their hyper-awareness of a collective us with collective interests”

    Supercharged with religious fervor, centuries old institutions, ancestral tradition, close kinship and a revered priest class devoted to all of this. An amazingly potent combination !

  52. ” when they finally eat the last of us.”

    The eternal optimist. You have to stop gulping the happy pills.

  53. “shitting on Whites for desiring to do even a shallow subset of what jews actually do.”

    Deny your enemy all strategic/tactical advantages available, simple battle planning.

  54. Trump’s N.F.L. Critique a Calculated Attempt to Shore Up His Base:

    “It’s not a coincidence that the same week he did the DACA deal that he just flooded Twitter with a bunch of red meat for the base,” Mr. Conant added. “I think his fundamental problem is he needs to figure out ways to grow his base, and his instinct is instead to double down on what he’s already got. Whenever he tacks to the middle, his numbers tick up. But he just can’t bring himself to move beyond his base.”

    That is not how Mr. Trump sees it.

    In private, the president and his top aides freely admit that he is engaged in a culture war on behalf of his white, working-class base, a New York billionaire waging war against “politically correct” coastal elites on behalf of his supporters in the South and in the Midwest. He believes the war was foisted upon him by former President Barack Obama and other Democrats — and he is determined to win, current and former aides said.

    . . .

    “The issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race,” he said. “It is about respect for our Country, Flag and National Anthem. NFL must respect this!”

    It’s all about ending “White supremacism”, says the jewsmedia. Nothing to do with race, insists the “White supremacist” kikeservative-in-chief.

  55. The Ashkenazi chosen to manage and redirect European peoples has expertly used this media issue to ensure that European peoples pay more attention to professional sports, rather than less. Who would’ve thought a New York rentier and game-show host would do such a thing?

  56. DS’ .is domain got pulled, & its .onion.link is down as well. Typical tricks, Shlomo. But NAkALT – don’t blame Yair Netanyahu: he’s a total bro.


    “My thoughts are with all those observing Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish year”, says the kikeservative-in-chief.

  58. “DS’ .is domain got pulled, & its .onion.link is down as well”

    Anglin is too effective! We are seeing the limits of ‘free speech’, ‘free’ until we want to talk real politics. Is there any way to circumvent the censorship ?

  59. They are one, so they do not require communication. We are many, so we require communication. A weakness they will invariably exploit; which we can never overcome.

  60. Fred, I would love to be in some decent future world and be forced to say to you, “I was too cynical, I was wrong.” Up until that point, if being able to sort-of maintain a website satisfies you, then we’ve already won.

    I’ve spoken with late-stage cancer patients who think, “I’m a winner, I’m still here!” And they’re dead within some time period. Whether or not they won during that moment of triumphalism, or in a spiritual hereafter, real or feigned, is rather more of a philosophical question than a material one.

    Whites are less than 10% of the world’s population, and dropping. They’ve got other people claiming–and genuinely believing–that they created history and civilization, cheering extermination publicly, et cetera. This entire blog is like journaling terminal cancer. I appreciate it, but I can’t see it as a prelude to success, no matter how much people tell me it’s a story of triumph.

  61. Anglin managed to grab a Catalonia domain when they’re in a state of crisis and in conflict with the Spanish state. How long can that last? Well, there are still a lot more countries.

  62. “They are one, so they do not require communication. ”

    Oh, but they do. You seem to ascribe some sort of sci-fi teleconsciousness to these workers of trickery. Their methods of deceit don’t even measure up to an Apache scout. Their greatest advantage is goyish simplicity.

    Seems to me, you aren’t cynical, you shot pass that and rocketed into the blackhole of defeatism. Maybe you’re justified, in some way I don’t understand.

  63. Aside from Hollywood movies, I think Apache scouts sucked in the sense of actually being comparatively skilled scouts and trackers. I enjoy the myth, too, but grow melanin-disguised Europeoids in the same environment, same gear, same local knowledge, et cetera, and the Siberio-Mongoloid mythos would probably be gone. Special Forces membership by ethnicity might be a relevant modern example.

  64. Chuck Schumer Describes Immigration Negotiations at WH: Trump Said ‘OK, We Won’t Do The Wall’:

    Schumer said he told Trump that in order to regain some trust amongst Democrats, he would have to make concessions, with Schumer proposing health care and immigration as possibilities for wiggle room.

    “On Dreamers, he said, you know, that he understood that they didn’t come in through any fault of their own, that they’re good Americans, good kids,” Schumer recalled.

    “And then he said he wants the wall in return. And we said “No. No wall, Mr. President.’ And he tried that for about 15 minutes, but he’s not going to push me around verbally or any other way.”

    “And he finally said, “OK, we won’t do the wall. We’ll do some other kind of border security,” Schumer said.

    Caption for the OP image… The jew says, “No wall”, and the kikeservative-in-chief chuckles, “OK!”

  65. This is Schumer’s version of the meeting, it might not have an connection to reality, no more than the media’s naration of Charlottesville.

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