The Jew Card

Over the past few years the anti-White/pro-jew regime has been increasingly frank in expressing its sympathy for jews and antipathy for Whites. Mainstream political discourse turned a corner somewhere between Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” speech in 2016 and Facebook’s decision to specifically ban pro-White speech in 2019. So in less than three years the regime’s anti-White attitude has gone from better left unsaid to matter of course, now quickly being codified into law. And at every turn the best interests of jews as a collective are cited as justification for each statement or act taken against Whites.

It isn’t the words nationalism or supremacy which make “White nationalism” and “White supremacy” shibboleths. It’s the word White. And that’s entirely due to jewing.

A small signpost in the anti-White zeitgeist flew by less than a year ago. When the jewsmedia screeched that Darren Beattie, a minor figure in the kikeservative-in-chief’s White House, was too White, Beattie immediately lost his job. Now Beattie’s back, and there’s a telling twist in the story.

When Beattie was first fired, or quit, there was to my knowledge no denouncement from him or his conservative colleagues about the explicitly anti-White nature of the jewsmedia attack. One pitiful objection used the same line of argument as “Wagner’s music” above, claiming that The Menchken Club is not a White thing but a jew thing, or at least an alt-jew thing, founded and led by Paul Gottfried.

Since then the jewsmedia attacked Steve King in the same way, and he had the temerity to coyly wonder out loud what it was all about. King was immediately denounced by the entire regime, “left” and “right”, and even lamely joined them in officially condemning any form of White this or White that. King started out pretending he didn’t understand the jewy nature of this anti-White zeitgeist. He quickly changed his tune and let it slip that he actually did understand, and sided with the “innocent jews”, against Whites.

Beattie may be confused and create confusion in others because he’s some kind of mischling or crypto-jew. That’s a feature, not a bug. The Mencken Club, and alt-jewing generally, plays up and feeds upon such confusion. The alt-jew stands athwart mainline jewing shouting, “NOT THAT IT SHOULD MATTER!” Though insisting jews are “white” remains a popular delusion, when push comes to shove the difference between Whites and jews is getting harder to deny. Increasingly even in popular semitically correct political discourse jews are not merely distinguished from Whites, the two groups are regarded as utter political opposites.

The cognitive dissonance results from a clash of jew narratives. Putting “Whites are racist” together with “jews are white” logically produces “jews are racist”. But then that’s “anti-semitism”, which totally trumps the “racism”. You can try to pretend you don’t understand what “combating racism and anti-semitism” means. But those are the marching orders of the anti-White/pro-jew regime, and even its dimmer bulbs get the gist, that jews are good and Whites are evil. The most reasonable conclusion is that jew narratives are just lies, part of what even ordinary people recognize as “fake news”. The intent behind those lies is to create racial confusion, because jews are not White, they’re anti-White.

Confusion on this elementary point prevails throughout the portion of dar al goyim that kikeservatives and alt-jews call judeo-Christian civilization. Here in Jewmerica the anti-White/pro-jew regime is most blatant, operating under a two-party system which makes its mechanics more transparent. One party is more overtly anti-White, the other more overtly pro-jew. Thus the partisans on one side imagine that the other side is too pro-White, and the other side responds by imagining that their accusers are too anti-jew.

A perfect illustration of this totally jewed blatantly anti-White political environment occurred earlier this month, when Ilhan Omar called Stephen Miller a White nationalist. From the get go the jewsmedia has promoted this reality-inverting con, screeching as if Trump and his administration are too White. Even before Darren Beattie was sacked the mask had already slipped.

Though the jewsmedia has sometimes recognized Miller’s influence, they’ve never harped on it, much less made his racial identity the basis for their attack, as they have with King, Bannon, and Gorka. Why? The same reason they’ve given President Kushner a pass – because Miller is a jew.

It you prefer to hear it jewsplained, Eric Levitz did a perfectly toxic job. Half of it is right in the title: “If You Are Defending Stephen Miller, You Are an Ally of Anti-Semitism”. The other half was in the original title: “Ilhan Omar Is Right: Stephen Miller Is a White Nationalist”. This is the jew normal. They regard Whites as their enemy. The animus is racial. Thus they see any jew they imagine might be aiding and abetting Whites as a traitor to their tribe.

This is the point that kikeservatives and alt-jews try to dance around. Whites have a jew problem. It isn’t a new problem, and it isn’t up for debate. The jewsmedia reports on the problem all the time, they simply present it the other way around.

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  1. A response to guilt-by-association attacks:

    It is disappointing that a hit piece from CNN regarding my speaking engagement at the Mencken Club led some (not the president) in the White House to urge my resignation. (Out of principle, I opted to be fired instead.) It’s especially disappointing considering that the president himself has brilliantly exposed the foolishness of caving into such media hit pieces.

    Like the president, Gaetz is wise enough to ignore these pointless smears. I’d be inclined to ignore them too, as anyone I would want to work with is smart enough to see through them.

    The hostility is aimed at Whites, and it’s coming from jews. Beattie didn’t ignore these points, he flashed his jew card.

  2. This is the group I follow most closely on Twitter. Coulter, Vdare, Krikorian, Kaus, Beattie, Girdusky and a few more. I can’t figure out what their goal is for America. They are against identity politics for whites but they do point out the asymmetry of the media regarding race. I think their goal is total assimilation which is way worse than Balkanization.
    Some Jew asked Krikorian how he could be against migration when their grandparents boats were turned away before WW2. He replied in a foreign language that he was an American and he was concerned with his grandchildren not his grandparents. It was a very jewy exchange.

  3. Beattie also complains about the White House disavowing him and then does it to Spencer. I don’t think Spencer really rubs anyone the right way but I wouldn’t ever disavow his right to speak or my right to listen to his opinions. That is a pretty spineless move and why I can’t route for him.

  4. Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star vandalized again: ‘Putin’s Bitch’

    This was not the first time Trump’s star was defaced. In December it was vandalized twice in one day, with a man drawing a swastika over it. After the star was cleaned, the same man appeared to return and deface it once more. In July of last year, the star was destroyed by a man wielding a pickaxe.

    The more obsequiously Trump serves the jews, the more farcical the attempt to shift blame elsewhere.

  5. Biden makes Trump’s Charlottesville reaction jews the center of his campaign launch | The Times of Israel:

    Joe Biden launched his presidential campaign by accusing US President Donald Trump with failing to unreservedly condemn neo-Nazis whose march two years ago ended with deadly violence.

    The launch underscored the degree over which the battle for the Jewish vote has already figured in the campaign and, more broadly, how each party is endeavoring to attach the taint of anti-Semitism to the other party.

    . . .

    Biden spoke over footage of the marchers saying “Jews will not replace us.” He described them as “baring the fangs of racism, chanting the same anti-Semitism bile heard across Europe in the 1930s.”

    . . .

    But Biden’s opening gambit shows the degree to which Democrats plan to use Trump’s perceived jabs at Muslims, Hispanics, blacks, the disabled as well as Jews as a 2020 issue. Biden, even before he announced, was leading in the polls, and other candidates in the race have not hesitated to call Trump a racist.

    Republicans want to reverse that dynamic. Trump and members of Congress have been eager to focus on statements perceived as anti-Semitic by a freshman Democrat, Rep. Ilhan Omar, and sharp criticisms of Israel by some Democratic presidential candidates, particularly Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is breathing down Biden’s neck in the polls. Republicans say that the party has not done enough to censure Omar and Trump has called Democrats “anti-Jewish.”

    Excellent illustration of the anti-White/pro-jew regime in action. One party more overtly anti-White, the other more overtly pro-jew.


    This isn’t to defend trump but just something I’ve noticed about (((our democracy))). In this video trump calls Fox News about the border and he sounds incoherent. I noticed it also when he was talking about the alleged synagogue shooter and when he bombed Syria. At about 1:15 he starts talking about how when people start getting tough on policing the border, “they” start arresting them. I guess he’s talking about the group of older white guys that were made to stop patrolling the border. I wonder why the commander of the US military wouldn’t have control over the FBI or DHS. Either way trumps presidency was a really good lesson for me about democracy. Especially what will happen in a multi racial democracy.

  7. I’ve noticed about (((our democracy)))

    We are not a DEMOCRACY, our government is a constitutional republic.
    Our founders considered democracy one of the worst forms of government.

    This misconception shows how pervasive the (( media )) brainwashing is.
    Our national intelligence has been lowered to the level of a third world nation.

  8. White and jew, utter opposites.

    Too few people have that level of understanding.
    If they did, we wouldn’t be in this dystopian mess.

  9. Fred W
    I understand the truth of what you said and meant the term derisively. If one circuit court from Hawaii or California can rule that the citizens of Kentucky have to be deprived of constitutional rights or protections I can’t think of it as a representative republic. If courts can find gay rights, affirmative action rights or rights for illegal aliens in the constitution I can’t say it’s really representing anyone but oligarchs. There a term people use for rule by a small body of judges that I think fits but I can’t recall it now. It seems like almost every thing has rotted the country hasn’t been decided by representatives of citizens but unelected judges.

  10. @Chris
    Any system can be corrupted.
    We have a corrupt republic.
    I don’t think the founders could foresee how stupid their posterity would become, allowing illiterate ppl to vote, etc.

  11. Tanstaafl, speak to this if you would – The reality: In no universe could Trump be more operationally anti-White (most salient real-life evidence – the border finally being totally obliterated and general POTUS invitation for increased swamping of the US) while at the same time being off-the-hook Jew loving, promoting, worshiping and serving and utterly reckless in taking concrete measures to give Jews/Israel anything and everything it wants with ¨0¨ concern for any objection to same; non-abating touting of black/hispanic employment levels and general well-being with literally not ONE WORD spoken even implicitly about White interests or their ongoing destruction (suicide, drug-addiction/death-crisis, replacement, rabid media anti-White propaganda, etc., etc., etc.). Really, I might as well stop, because this is too easy, it can go on and on, like the ongoing censoring of any person or content that doesn´t conform to the neo-liberal (Jew) narrative. As Spencer says, we got the worst of both worlds in Trump – absolutely nothing of what he promised or was expected from him and at the same time the iron boot coming down on those who put him in power – which he gives not a single damn about. So what am I asking? How is he…THEREFORE…sold as the fiercest, most terrifying, death-dealing NAZI to have ever walked the planet (He´s literally Hitler), meaning he´s the greatest advocate of White Supremacy that any other POTUS has even come close to? I suppose the answer(s) could be obvious (mere media propaganda, etc.) but, for me, I can´t think of any other trope or narrative in this race-war that is more aggravating, flustering, frustrating, etc. Yea, this more than anything gets under my skin. It´s a real victory for the enemy I suppose. Perhaps that´s why it grates on me…I can´t deny what a vile victory it is.

  12. It is a testimony to the power of the mass media that it can present up as down and a large fraction of its audience will accept and even echo those views. Their Trump inversion is merely an extension of their older, broader World War II inversion, presenting Germans as evil and jews as good. This in turn is an extension of their even older, broader fraudulent narrative of European history, presenting Whites as evil and jews as good. It is all built directly upon the same foundation as Christianity, whereby the jew informs his audience that he is the teacher/master and the goyim/slaves must accept and even echo his views.

    The elaborate system of rewards for compliance and penalties for dissent are absolutely critical, encouraging even the less weak-minded who see through any part of this to go along to get along.

    What we learned from the national socialist example is that a revolt cannot begin until a critical mass of jew slaves perceives their situation as such, and cannot succeed as long as long as a critical mass of other jew slaves do not.

  13. DarrenJBeattie:

    We can win a war against Iran without firing a single shot:

    1) FORCE them to pass equivalent of 1965 immigration act
    2) use sanctions leverage, ensure any Iranian who objects is fired as “racist”
    3) wait a few decades and IRAN is OVER

    @MaxBoot @BillKristol @JRubinBlogger

    Jeff Giesea:

    There’s a serious side to this: Beattie recognizes that immigration policy and “multiculturalism” are forms of hybrid warfare. Wokeness, in fact, can be seen a legacy of Soviet subversion. Read @dkahanerules’s books.

    Thanks jews!

    It’s not Soviet subversion, it’s jew subversion. It’s international, and it’s racial. Beattie is sarcastically advising the most notorious foreign policy focused jews to use the same tactics against Iranians that domestic policy focused jews are using against Whites. He might as well advise the latter to use former’s tactics, lobbying for the US military to just bomb and shoot whichever domestic goyim vex them. It would be just as unfunny.

    These jews are all hyper-aware of each other and their different approaches to jewing. The joke, like the war, is on the goyim.

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