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Discussing Trayvon/Zimmerman with Carolyn Yeager

Prayer, Anger and Protests Greet Verdict in Florida Case, NYTimes.com:

Lawmakers, members of the clergy and demonstrators who assembled in parks and squares on a hot July day described the verdict by the six-person jury as evidence of a persistent racism that afflicts the nation five years after it elected its first African-American president.

“Trayvon Benjamin Martin is dead because he and other black boys and men like him are seen not as a person but a problem,” the Rev. Dr. Raphael G. Warnock, the senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, told a congregation once led by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. Warnock noted that the verdict came less than a month after the Supreme Court voted 5 to 4 to void a provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. “The last few weeks have been pivotal to the consciousness of black America,” he said in an interview after services. “Black men have been stigmatized.”

To the extent blacks have been stigmatized it is due to their own misbehavior and despite the best efforts of the jewsmedia, which has excused and even glorified them for decades.

I’ll join Carolyn tonight to discuss this in the second hour of the Heretics Hour, which starts at 9PM ET at the White network.

UPDATE: Racial Politics in the Aftermath of the Zimmerman Verdict (mp3).

Mandela and Friends

Government Denies Mandela Is “Vegetative”, AP/ABC News:

Nelson Mandela is in critical but stable condition, the South African government said Friday, while a close friend said the anti-apartheid leader was conscious and responsive earlier this week.

BBC News was a bit more forthcoming about the “close friend”, Denis Goldberg, identifying him as “a fellow anti-apartheid campaigner who was imprisoned for 22 years”.

More on Goldberg from Wikipedia:

Denis Theodore Goldberg grew up in Cape Town and studied for a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Cape Town. As member of the South African Communist Party, an organisation which was suppressed by the apartheid regime which came to power in 1948, he joined other leading white members in forming the Congress of Democrats, of which he became leader. This in turn allied itself with the African National Congress and other ‘non-racial’ congresses in the Congress Alliance. He was detained in 1960 and spent four months in prison without trial.

When the underground armed wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe was founded in 1961, Goldberg became a technical officer. In 1963 he was arrested at the Rivonia headquarters of their army. He was sentenced in 1964 at the end of the famous Rivonia Trial to four terms of life imprisonment. He was the only white member of Umkhonto we Sizwe to be arrested and sentenced in the Rivonia Trial to life imprisonment.

Goldberg described the issue of being white and involved with the armed struggle as follows: “Being black and involved (in the struggle) meant you had support of many people and it meant you got to be part of a community. Being white and involved meant being isolated.”

More on Goldberg from South African History Online:

A Leading member of Congress of Democrats and political activist who was sentenced with Mandela and others to life imprisonment at the Rivonia Treason Trial. After his release he went into exile in London and returned to SA in 2002 to become a Member of Parliament, Special Adviser to Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry 2002-2006.

Denis Theodore Goldberg, an engineer by training, was born on 11 April 1933 in Cape Town, Cape Province (now Western Cape). He married Esme Bodenstein, who was born in Johannesburg, on 9 April 1954.

Bodenstein was also a political activist. She was subjected to solitary confinement under the 90 Day Detention Law in 1963 after Goldberg had been arrested and had escaped and been recaptured.

Goldberg was tried from June 1963 to October 1964 in the Pretoria Supreme Court along with Nelson Mandela, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu and others in the Rivonia Trial. Goldberg was charged under the Sabotage and Suppression of Communism Acts for ‘campaigning to overthrow the Government by violent revolution and for assisting an armed invasion of the country by foreign troops’. The charge sheet contained 193 acts of sabotage allegedly carried out by persons recruited by the accused in their capacity as members of the High Command of uMkhonto we Sizwe.

When Mandela dies there will be more violence. As with past violence, it will be justified and excused by an extension of the jewish narrative, which paints Whites as stupid, crazy, evil oppressors, while painting non-Whites as noble victims and heroes. Guess whose side the jews are on?

Rob Eshman, writing at Jewish Journal, describes the jewish perspective in Nelson Mandela/Moses:

Mandela learned Afrikaans. The reason, he told biographer Anthony Sampson, was so he could convert his captors, his torturers, his oppressors, to his cause — the cause of freedom.

Think of Moses living among the Egyptians, eventually being able to speak to Pharaoh.

In fact, Mandela was as close to the biblical Moses as we’ll see in our lifetime.

It is a well-known and well-promoted fact that this Moses carried on his struggle side-by-side with Jews. The e-mails zinging about trumpeting Mandela’s Jewish connections are as ubiquitous and self-congratulatory as those listing Jewish Nobel Prize winners. But the facts speak for themselves. It was a liberal Jew, Lazar Sidelsky, who took an interest in a young Mandela, gave him his first job as a law clerk and, in Mandela’s words, became his “first white friend.”

Anti-apartheid activist Arthur Goldreich pretended to own the farm near Johannesburg where the fugitive Mandela hid. Nadine Gordimer helped write Mandela’s speech at his Rivonia Trial, at which Mandela’s co-defendant, Denis Goldberg, was also sentenced to life in prison. Mandela’s defense attorneys were Jewish (then again, so was the state prosecutor). The list goes on.

“I found Jews to be more broadminded than most whites on issues of race and politics,” Mandela once wrote, “perhaps because they themselves have historically been victims of prejudice.”

In other words, the Jews who supported Mandela fought out of the same sense of empathy that animated him. Because you were slaves in Egypt turns out not to be just a line we say at Passover.

Was it more impressive that Jews, who could have lives of white privilege in apartheid South Africa, aligned themselves with Mandela, or that Mandela, who suffered deeply at the hands of the Afrikaners, sought to empathize with them? Either way, the same powerful force was at work.

Mandela as Moses – the role of the jewish narrative in justifying violence against Whites couldn’t be more explicit.

Note the importance of the dual nature of jewish identity, passing simultaneously as “white” and “victims”. The cognitive dissonance created by such a pose serves to mask, somewhat, the reality of jews seeing themselves as having common cause with non-Whites, joining with them to do violence against Whites, and celebrating the results.

No Separation, No Peace

The whole purpose of throwing a self-righteous, self-conscious tantrum is to divert attention away from something even more disturbing than the tantrum.

In this case blacks are painfully aware they are their own worst enemy. They realize how violent and uncivilized they are. Most want to live in a nice, clean, peaceful White neighborhood. They want more welfare, not less. They want blonde, blue-eyed baby-mommas.

For this intolerable reality someone must pay, and it’s not themselves.

Blacks, as a group, say: No justice, no peace. What they’re implying is that if they don’t get what they want they will cause trouble for the rest of us.

Our notions of justice are so different that they cannot be reconciled.

The Month Formerly Known as February

The title comes from the text of Counter-Currents Publishing’s Black History Month Resources.

In the news, the first black president has announced his determination to secure the votes of the 5% of his people who didn’t vote for him the last time around – Obama Announces 2012 Launch Of “African-Americans For Obama”:

Today, we’re announcing the 2012 launch of African Americans for Obama.

There’s no better time than African American History Month to consider the tremendous progress we’ve made through the sacrifice of so many—or a better time to commit to meeting the very real challenges we face right now.

There’s also no better time to enjoy this classic clip of Morgan Freeman explaining that he doesn’t want a Black History Month, with Mike Wallace explaining that jews aren’t White.

The photo captures an important moment in recent black history: Looterman’s triumph over “racism” in the wake of Hurrican Katrina.