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Celebrating Insane Alienated Anti-Heroes

Catcher In The Rye author shaped the popular culture he came to shun – Times Online:

For a man who spent half his life as a recluse, J. D. Salinger left an extraordinary, indelible imprint on popular culture. His influence transcended his literary fame and shaped future directions in film, television, music, and theatre as well as popularising the term “to screw up”.

Salinger’s classic is frequently cited as proof that culture cannot be held responsible for acts perpetrated by the people who consume it.

Really? That’s not at all what they say about The Turner Diaries or The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

J. D. Salinger: Author of The Catcher in the Rye | Times Online Obituary:

J. D. Salinger shot to worldwide fame with his novel The Catcher in the Rye, which appeared in 1951. With its disenchanted adolescent anti-hero, perpetually at war with adulthood, especially as embodied in his own parents, it seemed to encapsulate the mood of an entire generation. Perhaps more remarkably it simultaneously exercised a considerable effect on that generation’s behaviour.

Its protagonist Holden Caulfield instantly became the symbol of teenage alienation in America and his influence spread rapidly across the Atlantic. Not merely, as is so often the case, for his own generation, but for those that followed, the character of Caulfield continued to stand for the seeming impossibility for the younger generation of communicating in any meaningful way not only with their parents but also with the friends and associates of those parents. When the Sixties opened, with teenage rebellion in Western society taking on a different hue and, under the influence of rock’n’roll, sexual emancipation and drugs, having apparently a different set of preoccupations, the gospel of Catcher in the Rye remained as potent as ever.

Jerome David Salinger was born in New York in 1919, the son of a kosher cheese salesman of Polish ancestry, and his wife, who was a convert to Judaism.

Here is an example why distrust of even partial jews is justified. Their racial confusion can express itself in highly destructive forms. Yet Salinger’s refusal to bask in the media’s adulation seems to confound and bemuse them, though they seem to know more than they let on about why. Perhaps what drove Salinger to become a recluse was shame and disgust at the negative impact of his novel, and perhaps that sprang from his non-jewish side.

Why did J D Salinger spend the last 60 years hiding in a shed writing love notes to teenage girls? | Mail Online:

Born in New York on January 1, 1919, J.D. (Jerome David) Salinger’s early life gave little hint of what he would become, although there were several factors that affected him deeply.

One was the shock of believing he was Jewish and then discovering that he was only half-Jewish – his mother was, in fact, a Catholic.

More scarring still, however, were his experiences in World War II, in which he saw numerous comrades killed around him.

He landed on Utah Beach on D-Day and fought all the way to Paris. There, he met Ernest Hemingway who encouraged his writing.

Still in Europe when the war ended, he was sent to Germany to interrogate Nazis.

There, he fell in love with a girl called Sylvie – later believed to be a former Nazi official – whom he married and, after eight months, divorced.

He later described her as ‘an evil woman who bewitched me’.

Salinger went back to his life of seclusion in the hidden cabin, around which he now owned 450 acres. Dressed in a blue boiler suit, he wrote every day, although not for publication – a possible treasure trove of up to ten novels are believed to lie in his locked safe.

I get the distinct impression these later writings would be hated by the same people who love Catcher. Ironically, in today’s anything-goes, sexually-liberated environment smears of a sexual nature are a typical treatment for heretics. “Nothing to see here! Don’t pay any attention to what this pervert has to say!” Tellingly, Salinger didn’t hole up in Manhattan, Palm Beach, or the Hollywood hills where he could have much more freely slaked his supposed tastes sheltered alongside other celebrated perverts.

How alienating it is to witness the media today looking back and celebrating the impact of Salinger’s novel, even as they ridicule the author and his own reaction. But then they celebrate everything destructive about the White/jewish “culture war”. Caulfield’s alienation makes sense to them, it’s laudable even, while the alienation engendered by themselves they paint as malevolent “ignorance” and “hate”.

It is for good reasons that Francis Parker Yockey described jews as Culture-distorters and the bearers of Culture-disease. In a culture free of jewish influence novels such as Catcher in the Rye would be disparaged, not celebrated.

The Importance of Growth to an Increasingly Jewish Plutocracy

I ran into an interesting statement in the February issue of Wired that neatly captures the essence of the plutocracy’s current dilemma. The statement came from Peter Thiel – “billionaire”, “staunch libertarian”, and “VC philanthropist” – in Utopian Pessimist Calls on Radical Tech to Save Economy:

Wired: What happens if we don’t get the growth everyone expects?

Thiel: If it doesn’t happen, people will go bankrupt in retirement. There are systemic consequences, too. If we don’t have enough growth, we will see a powerful shift away from capitalism. There are good things and bad things about capitalism, but inequality becomes completely intolerable to society when everything’s static.

“The economy”, such as it is today, is essentially a pyramid scheme. Its “health” hinges entirely on growth. More people, more consumption, more loans, more interest, and more profits, especially for those on top. The plutocrats fear that if the growth ever stops, or even pauses for any length of time, the jig is up.

Is Thiel, like so many other “philanthropist” plutocrats, jewish?

He’s hated for supporting NumbersUSA and has written a book criticizing multiculturalism, two things rather untypical of jews.

With friends like these … Tom Hodgkinson on the politics of the people behind Facebook, 14 January 2008:

But Thiel is more than just a clever and avaricious capitalist. He is a futurist philosopher and neocon activist. A philosophy graduate from Stanford, in 1998 he co-wrote a book called The Diversity Myth, which is a detailed attack on liberalism and the multiculturalist ideology that dominated Stanford. He claimed that the “multiculture” led to a lessening of individual freedoms. While a student at Stanford, Thiel founded a rightwing journal, still up and running, called The Stanford Review – motto: Fiat Lux (“Let there be light”). Thiel is a member of TheVanguard.Org, an internet-based neoconservative pressure group that was set up to attack, a liberal pressure group that works on the web. Thiel calls himself “way libertarian”.

Thiel says that PayPal was motivated by this belief: that you can find value not in real manufactured objects, but in the relations between human beings. PayPal was a way of moving money around the world with no restriction. Bloomberg Markets puts it like this: “For Thiel, PayPal was all about freedom: it would enable people to skirt currency controls and move money around the globe.”

Thiel is #377 on the 2009 Forbes 400, but he isn’t counted as jewish (“either personally or in their giving”) by Jacob Berkman in Jewish Philanthropy Navigates The Economy’s Rough Seas.

The authors of Jews On The Internet and The Jewish hand behind Internet come from polar opposite views on jewish influence, but they both agree Thiel is a jew.

George Soros, another plutocrat who definitely is a jew, was quoted in the news today offering his underling in the White House some public advice.

Davos Soros: Obama reform plan not tough enough – Times Online:

Mr Soros told delegates: “To tax the banks when they are doing everything they can to get out of a hole is the exact opposite of the policy you are trying to pursue…This development came too soon because the banks are not out of the woods.”

Mr Soros also said governments around the world needed to continue spending, even if they had sizeable budget deficits, to avoid the risk of a double dip recession.

What Soros is saying is: tax and indebt the masses, not the plutocrats.

Other bankers expressed concern over “stifling growth”.

As Hunter Wallace put it:

Democracy: the theory that you have as much power and influence as George Soros.

You could say the same about any plutocrat. But the power and influence of Thiel, Soros, David Gelbaum, and other jewish plutocrats is compounded by its tribally-networked nature. What comes through clearly in the Berkman article is the “supremacism” with which jews view their collective power, and the unapologetically “racist” way in which they direct so much of their “philanthropy” to fellow jews. What should make this situation troubling for any White, rich or poor, is that jews do it under the aegis of a regime which favors and defends jews and jewish interests even as it directs fear and hatred toward Whites.

Where are the mainstream media’s fierce critics, the speakers of truth to power? Like the figureheads in our illegitimate government they’ll bash powerless White “teabaggers” with glee, but they’re afraid to question their jewish overlords.


Hunter Wallace, whose blog Occidental Dissent I regularly visit and comment at, recently created a new blog called Antisemitica whose byline is “Reasoned Analysis of the Jewish Question”. Visitors who sympathize with the topics and attitudes discussed at this blog can find a much greater and steadier source at either of these blogs.

At Antisemitica Hunter has been especially successful at eliciting responses from prominent opinion-shaping jews. I enjoyed the recent critique of James Howard Kunstler, who I recently wrote about in Who Thinks Thinking is Unthinkable and Why. Hunter wrote Kunstler and Whites, then he answered Kunstler’s dismissive response in Kunstler on Antisemitica. I left comments on both posts.

Beyond this, HW’s new blog regularly provides brilliant insights into exactly the kind of White/jew faultlines that have drawn my attention for the past two years. HW offers pro-White views and explanations that have been excluded from mainstream discourse even as unapologetically pro-jew views and explanations have become more common. I’ll excerpt and comment on a few points I found of particular interest.

The Jews and Obamacare:

In a racially homogeneous country, an Iceland or Finland, I think such a system could work. In America, it will become just another mechanism for wealth redistribution from Whites to non-Whites. The “47 million uninsured” are disproportionately blacks and Hispanics. I don’t want to see scarce resources drained away from the White community and wasted on people who nurse racial and ethnic grievances against us. I oppose the bill for that reason.

With that in mind, I wasn’t surprised at all to learn this morning that “Jewish groups have been at the forefront of lobbying the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives for health care reform, framing their support within the Talmudic mandate of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.” In other words, Jews as Jews are lobbying the government for wealth redistribution from Whites to non-Whites. The Jewish community is the vanguard of the interests pushing for this destructive piece of legislation.

I haven’t heard a peep of this from conservatives, libertarians, or race realists.

The only peep I think we’re likely to hear is the unthinking accusation that the whole problem is unthinking “jew-hate”.

Why Jews Hate Palin:

Ultimately, Jews hate Sarah Palin for the same reason White conservatives adore her. They hate her for the same reason John McCain picked her as his running mate. She is the goddess of implicit Whiteness. Palin appeals to the demographic that American Jews have alway considered their traditional enemy: rural and suburban White Christians from the Southern and Western states.

She is one of them. If Palin was ever elected president, she could unite this demographic and represent their small town values at the highest level of the American government. Jews would feel threatened by “hope and change” of this sort. Dire warnings about the “new anti-Semitism” would be issued by Jewish organizations. Emigration to Israel would be contemplated. Jews would feel even more alienated from America than they already do now.

Fear and loathing of White Americans, “leukophobia” or “anti-Whitism,” is normal, acceptable, and mainstream in the Jewish community. It is a form of racial prejudice like any other. It is also a driving force behind Jewish support for Barack Obama. What better way to drive a stake through the heart of White America than to elect a mulatto as President of the United States?

I noted this jewish fear and loathing in The Election is Over, written directly in the wake of the 2008 election. Only now, more than a year later, are famously hyper-sensitive, hyper-critical, and hyper-opinionated jews frankly discussing the issue. Of course a major portion of that discussion consists of denial that the issue is real, or that it’s worth discussing.

Swastikas and Hate Crimes:

Trivial property crimes against Jews routinely get national press coverage. Violent crimes against Whites are buried in local newspapers. This is one the small daily reminders of Jewish privilege.

In the comments to If Hasan Were White I noted how while everyone in the media and government was telling everyone not to jump to conclusions about Hasan’s motives a shooting near an LA synagogue inspired an instant and publically announced assumption that the cause was “anti-semitism”. Nobody in media or government criticizes jews for words or actions that go beyond what is pathologized as “hate” or “racism” in Whites. To even call attention to these White/jew double standards is considered “anti-semitism”.

Israel and Jewish Privilege:

Jewish privilege is real. White privilege is non-existent. Just recently, Switzerland was widely condemned around the world for its ban on the construction of minarets. The rejection of this bill in Israel [that would force the Israeli Lands Administration to allocate land equally between Arabs and Jews] (and dozens like it over the years) hasn’t set off a similar backlash in the United States. It is understood that Israel has a right to remain a Jewish state whereas the right of Switzerland to remain a White Christian nation is highly controversial.

White/jew double standards are palpable. See my related posts Whose Country Is This Anyway? and Switzerland Minus Minarets.

Neocons are Anti-Semites:

This is a great example of what Kevin MacDonald calls Jewish self deception. The charge happens to be true. Jews look at Sarah Palin and they see the most white bread conservative leader since Pat Buchanan. They see the implicit whiteness in the metastasizing Tea Party crowds.

Their cultural antennae has a visceral negative emotional reaction. It goes far beyond public policy disagreements. Their gut instinct tells them crowds of angry White people are “bad for the Jews.”

When White Americans respond to negro and Hispanic chauvinists in this way, Jews decry it as “racism.” In a sense, they are right. It is racial prejudice at work; an emotional short cut that bypasses reason.

I think this view of the Tea Party phenomena is correct. There’s much, much more to be said about it. It strikes me as similar not only to the prismatic polarization Palin has provided, but Polanski as well. The pattern is this: White/jewish visceral disgust, followed by jewish/White instinctual reaction to that disgust, followed by largely jewish opinion-shaping aimed at obscuring the White/jew divide, often mixed with one-way blame on supposedly irrational “jew-hate” emanating from Whites.

I’ve read brief allusions to this supposed jewish self-deception, but I haven’t read MacDonald’s original argument. Can someone point out in which book it is made? Perhaps I misunderstand the idea.

Ironically, the idea that jews don’t know what they’re doing or why seems to me an unconscious attempt to downplay the significance of the obvious stereotypical jewish lack of scruples and utter contempt for the notion that lying or hypocrisy is something to be avoided or to be ashamed of, at least when it comes to serving their own personal or wider jewish interests. I see true self-deception in Whites, especially those who won’t judge jews, or judge them by softer standards than jews themselves see fit to judge non-jews by. We don’t have to make excuses for the harm jews cause us any more than jews feel the need to excuse what they deem to be harm caused by Whites. You never see them excusing “racists”, “haters”, “tea baggers”, “rethuglicans”, “neo-nazis” – which are all codewords for Whites – as self-deceivers. In jewish eyes any White who acts White is simply a threat. The enemy. For example, when accused of being anti-White Kunstler answered:

I’m not against white people… I’m just against white people who are against other people….

It’s one of the same responses I got from the anti-White “reality-based community”. Only those who see Whites as some kind of lesser beings have a problem with us saying “I’m not against non-White people… I’m just against non-White people who harm White people…” Jews don’t like that, and it’s not because they’re unaware or lie to themselves about their own outrageous, self-serving hypocrisy. They don’t like it because they are hyper-aware of their own group’s interests and don’t give a shit what anybody else thinks about that. It reflects a fundamental difference in mental function, not some innocent oversight.

On Antisemitica’s Kunstler thread I responded similarly to “David F” (David Frum?), who seemed eager to explain away Kunstler’s behavior as unconscious. “David F” dissembled, claiming Kunstler is “just writing about the underclass the way everyone in his social circles does”, without noting that it’s very visible, very outspoken jews like Kunstler, Frum, Horowitz, Brooks, etc. shaping and pruning and leading the way – pathologizing and excommunicating Whites who question the pro-jew/anti-White social circle norms.

Another illustration of what I’m getting at is faux-White jew Lawrence Auster, who strikes an explicitly pro-“white” pose and urges “the majority” to reassert our interests. Simultaneously he considers Whites who criticize jews to be worse than an evil enemy. To him we’re subhuman. He’s not lying to himself, he’s lying to everyone else. Auster is an extremely self- and group-aware pro-jewish chauvanist who simply lacks the honesty to plainly state his priorities, which are clear from his frequent and energetic attacks on “the anti-semites”. He absurdly maintains that the recognition of this fact itself represents irrational “jew-hate”. This has been pointed out to him and he has read the critiques, repeatedly, and he continues to maintain his position (see for example, Is Majority Rights cleaning up its act?, Anti-Semitism and the Jews–a collection, What the anti-Semites believe, An apostate anti-Semite, and The Darwinian anti-Semites’ self-contradiction). To paraphrase his co-tribalist Kunstler, Auster isn’t against “white” people… He’s just against White people who resent jewish interests being misrepresented as identical to “white” interests. Both men have stated their positions clearly and openly in response to being challenged.

Paul Gottfried on Neocons:

Gottfried bluntly says that Jews control the American Right. From their throne in Manhattan, Jewish neocons enjoy the privilege of being able to manipulate the status system (using their own ethnic interests as a litmus test) to determine who is “mainstream” and “respectable” and thus who can be granted entry into the national political conversation.

In the end, Gottfried sounds more like an apologist than a truth teller.

Gottfried is yet another faux-White, pale-conning jewish critic of “liberal” jews. In the end he blames Whites and his strongest vitriol is reserved “the anti-semites”. Neither he nor his friend Auster actually hold jews responsible for anything. In their minds the fault for all White/jew conflict lies entirely with Whites, whom they blame under cover of euphemisisms such as “the majority”, “WASPs”, “gentile whites”, etc. much like Kunstler blames “yeast people” and “cornpone nazis”. Pro-Whites can use whatever euphemisms or qualifiers we want in expressing negative opinions about jews, however precise, and for all their hair-splitting these brainy critics will unanimously identify and denounce that as “anti-semitism”. The exception is when the criticism comes from themselves, because that’s motivated by what they believe are the best interests of jews.

The Jews and NBC:

In the Jewish Journal, a recent article explicitly discusses Jewish control of NBC. White Nationalists have claimed for years that “Jews control the media” and use it to brainwash the White masses in anti-racist mores.

An excellent example of how jewish media influence allows jews to have their cake and eat it too, discussing the jewish power brokers behind the scenes at NBC amongst themselves while the mainstream discussion focuses almost exclusively on the roles and personalities of the pampered hired help who work out front. Jewish media influence is usually painted, both by jews and those currying favor with jews, as a ridiculous “canard” motivated by “jew-hate”. One typical and true canard they respond with is that “[insert non-jew here] isn’t jewish!” Another is that jews argue all the time. Of course as the Jewish Journal admits in its reportage intended for fellow jews, at NBC it’s a “whole bunch of jews” doing the arguing. And of course it’s jewish influence that keeps such frank discussions of jewish influence from being printed on the front page of the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

A Personal Disclosure

I have generally avoided discussing details of my personal life on this blog. I don’t wish to change that, but there is something I feel obligated to divulge.

My wife’s father was an ashkenazi jew. He died when she was young but was by all accounts a loving, intelligent, and productive man who was not involved in stereotypically jewish politics or activism. My wife was not raised as a jew, though she is of course genetically 1/2 ashkenazi, and thus our children are, on average, genetically 1/4 ashkenazi.

I have not previously written of this for several reasons.

When I first started blogging in 2005 it seemed no more relevant to what I was thinking and writing than any other detail of my personal life. At that time I had no explicit racial awareness. I knew little about jews and considered them “white”. People who thought otherwise seemed insane to me.

In 2007, with a deepening understanding of globalization and immigration, and especially neo-conservative hypocrisy (Sailer’s “invade the world, invite the world”), I began to violate PC in earnest. I became racially aware. I realized then that my wife and children’s jewish heritage was relevant, though at that time I saw it only as a potential shield from smears of “anti-semitism”. I did not use it then for the same reason I have never resorted to “some of my best friends are…” defenses. Such tactics are a distraction, ultimately a waste of time and energy.

Since 2007 I have come to appreciate the biological and psychological differences between Whites and jews, as well as the history of jewish aggression and malfeasance against Whites. What I had seen as a shield turned into an achilles heel. I cared less about offending jews and more about offending fellow Whites. My self-regard shifted from confidence to unease.

I love my family. What I want stands. I can’t roll back time and make this revelation sooner, but I can at least be forthright about it from here on.

A Christmas Story

On 16 December 2009 Garrison Keillor wrote a brief editorial titled Nonbelievers, please leave Christmas alone, the thrust of which was “Christmas is a Christian holiday – if you’re not in the club, then buzz off”. What really caused a stir was:

Unitarians listen to the Inner Voice and so they have no creed that they all stand up and recite in unison, and that’s their perfect right, but it is wrong, wrong, wrong to rewrite “Silent Night.” If you don’t believe Jesus was God, OK, go write your own damn “Silent Night” and leave ours alone. This is spiritual piracy and cultural elitism, and we Christians have stood for it long enough. And all those lousy holiday songs by Jewish guys that trash up the malls every year, Rudolph and the chestnuts and the rest of that dreck. Did one of our guys write “Grab your loafers, come along if you wanna, and we’ll blow that shofar for Rosh Hashanah”? No, we didn’t.

Oh my. “Dreck”, for those who don’t know, is yiddish slang for shit.

The reaction from self-identified jews was unhinged. It follows a template including some or all of the following elements: denying Keillor’s claim, condemning him for it, acknowledging its truth, and saying nastier things about Christians. I’ll cite a few good examples. Here for instance is a response attached to the original editorial:

I am astounded Mr. Keillor that It has taken you most of your life to realize the depravity of the non-believers. Where I live in Silicon Valley, every ethnicity can be found on my block. Probably half are not Christian, yet most have Christmas trees. Lets send these non-believers to Auschwitz where they and the Jews can learn the true meaning of Christ. The Jews. Oh the Jews . They have contaminated Christmas by writing music and making movies about it. They have ruined it by inventing running a toy train under the Christmas tree and hosting a parade in New York. They have dared to stand up to the WASP tradition of segregation and hate.They actually claim that Jesus was one of them. Mr. Keillor enjoy your Christmas, Jew-less with Mel Gibson. You may be the last true Christians.

This self-righteous fellow equates criticizing shitty Christmas songs written by jews to putting them in a concentration camp. He gets so lost in his sarcasm that he reveals an acceptance of a broadened version of Keillor’s beef – that “the jews” righteously ruined Christmas, their hostility justified by “the WASP tradition of segregation and hate”.

More reader comments were published as separate items. For example, Keillor has wrong villain for Chrismas’ ills:

Yesterday, perhaps at roughly the same moment you were putting the finishing touches on “Non-believers, please leave Christmas alone” (Dec. 16), I was swallowing back bile while watching the Christmas songs for which you and I share equal antipathy being etched into the psyche my 2-year-old Jewish daughter. The frustration and sorrow that you feel about the trite-making of Christmas is, to borrow a phrase from your (likewise appropriated) Yiddish-Minnesota phrasebook, bubkes compared with a Jew’s sufferance of the Santa Claus tube-feeding to which we are subjected each year. You see, we have a little history that colors our feelings. I’ll leave it there.

That you included even the mere mention of Jews in your diatribe, you might imagine upon further reflection, is beyond infuriating. As an outsider to your traditions and holidays, I frankly agree with many of your conclusions, but you missed the point: the hijacking of Christmas is purely the result of capitalism and the free market economy. The fact that a bunch of Jews wrote your Christmas songs is solely a function thereof. I needn’t lecture you on the confluence of commerce and artisanship, but suffice it to say, it is a two-way street. In other words, y’all bought the songs that we sold. You buy it, you break it.

The long reach of your words is based upon the popularity you enjoy among the intellectual elite. Just take another look at the numbers at the listenership of the public radio stations that carry your program, then re-read the opinion piece in question. If self-sabotage is your aim, my compliments. If not, you may consider apologies to: Jews, pinch-faced drones (those who strive to understand and forward the human condition), Harvard alumni and the sorry suckers who work too hard to make Christmas perfect. Admittedly a mixed bag — your targets are either too elite for you or not elite enough.

I think it’s fair to summarize the sentiment here as: “No lowly Christian is fit to compare their sufferance to that of a jew. Yes, we wrote (and profit from) these shitty songs, but even mere disapproval of this infuriates us. Blame economics. Purely. Repent sinner, or feel our retribution.”

Another response is notable for its superbly compact hypocrisy and falsehood. Jews aren’t the ones who secularized Christmas:

We can barely get our children excused from school on the Jewish High Holidays, and Mr. Keillor whines about Jews who wrote songs inspired by Christmas.

The author inverts reality, claiming her imagined concerns are concrete and Keillor’s concrete concerns are imagined.

Lots of people have noted how and why jews have helped secularize Christmas. I’ll provide some examples of that in a moment. What I’d like to see is some evidence of jews anywhere in the US not being excused from school on their high holidays. In the midst of the greatest ripoff in history, which absolutely, positively had to be dealt with immediately, or else, congress somehow found the time to observe a jewish high holiday. Beyond that, the full force and weight of the US government stands ready to defend jews and their jewish children against any discrimination, whether by race or religion. The media isn’t at all shy about reporting anti-jewish “hate” within minutes of the mere hint of it being detected. Call it whining, but Christians, despite the supposed protection offered to religion, are treated to a different, lower standard than jews, and not only in schools. The assault goes on 24/7/365. Here’s a small sample I’ve gathered over the past few months.

Even if it were restricted to the words and deeds of Larry David, Bill Maher, Tim Wise, or Bonnie Erbe alone this list could be much longer. Garrison Keillor is a weak and lonely voice in a media brimming with jews whose fame and fortune aren’t at all threatened by their nasty attacks on Christians. For his crime Keillor will likely apologize and/or lose his soapbox. No such punishment awaits David, Maher, Wise, Erbe, or the hundreds of others guilty of saying far more hostile things than, say, shitty Christian music has ruined jewish holidays.

The point is that Keillor has a point. If anything, his complaint was too narrow. Similar defenses of Christianity – made by prominent voices in mainstream media – are increasingly timid and rare. The problem with Keillor’s complaint is not that it is inaccurate or attacks “the jews” – it’s that he implied one aspect of a tiny subset of jewish influence is bad. For that, under our thoroughly judaized regime, any man will be villified. This is especially true for anyone with a prominent voice.

In Garrison Keillor: ‘Lousy Holiday Songs By Jews Trash Up Malls’, Noel Sheppard describes the Keillor paragraph I quoted at the top as “rabid anti-Semitism”, provided a long list of well-known Christmas songs written by jews, and then called Keillor an “anti-Semitic (expletive deleted)”. There is no dispute about the contribution of jews. Keillor’s use of the words “trash” and “dreck” to describe that contribution is what triggers the typically hyperbolic reaction.

Andy Lewis, writing in the LA Times, titled his article published on 24 December 2009, Bob Dylan joins long list of Jewish musicians performing Christmas music. Apparently unaware that the idea is controversial he also provided a window into the jewish rationale for secularizing Christmas:

Diamond closed the album with a raucous performance of comedian Adam Sandler’s “The Chanukah Song,” which name-checks Jewish entertainers, including Kirk Douglas, Dinah Shore and “Star Trek’s” William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

“I thought I’d throw one in there for my people too, because we always feel a little left out around this time of year,” Diamond told the Telegraph in London recently. “Christmas music is amazingly evocative to people of all religions and cultures.”

Others also cite the universal aspects of the holiday season — and the role of music in it — as their justification for taking on the subject of Christmas.

I feel the Christmas holidays and the music are basically, for me, not religious,” Neil Sedaka, one of the most prolific and successful songwriters of the ’60s and ’70s, said from his home in L.A. recently. “I’m proud to be Jewish, but I don’t practice it. To me the holidays are about bringing friends and family together. I can remember vividly years ago listening to Bing Crosby’s ‘White Christmas’ and thinking that Christmas music should be played throughout the year because it’s so joyous.”

Sedaka’s 2008 double album, “Miracle of Christmas,” brought together one disc of original songs he’d written, with a second disc of traditional songs and carols that he’d put together for the QVC cable channel.

“I started out as a concert pianist at the Juilliard School,” Sedaka said, “and I’m a very studied musician. I think of the music first, and what it brings to the people emotionally.”

Barry Manilow too says that the power of music, more than the scriptural messages, has spurred him to record three collections of Christmas music over the years.

In An All-American Christmas, published on 22 December 2005, Harold Meyerson claims:

Irving Berlin invented the separation of church and song with “White Christmas.”

“White Christmas” was one of a dozen numbers that Berlin wrote for “Holiday Inn,” each song commemorating a specific holiday. One hesitates to impute anything so vulgar as a message to a Crosby-Fred Astaire musical, but the message of this musical is that we are all Americans and these are our holidays. Easter belongs to all of us, even if it is about little more than strolling down Fifth Avenue. Christmas belongs to all of us. The religious content of those holidays was fine for Christian believers, but the composer of “God Bless America” preferred to celebrate a common national identity, complete with common holidays that had nonsectarian meanings.

Berlin kept Christmas in the public square and, more than anyone before or since, sent it out over the public airwaves. But it was an American, not a Christian, Christmas. And by the crass index of number of recordings sold, and the not-so-crass index of number of spirits touched, Berlin’s nonsectarian holiday has been the predominant version of Christmas in this country for the past 60 years.

Now the Fox News demagogues want to impose a more sectarian Christmas on us, supplanting the distinctly American holiday we have celebrated lo these threescore years with a holiday that divides us along religious lines. Bill O’Reilly can blaspheme all he wants, but like millions of my countrymen, I take attacks on Irving Berlin’s America personally. If O’Reilly doesn’t like it here, why doesn’t he go back to where he came from?

Like Bonnie Erbe, Harold Meyerson has a powerful media amplifier he uses to vent his hostility towards Christians, especially White Christians. Here he lauds the recent imposition of a secularized Christmas while heaping fear and loathing on the original, secular Christmas. In Economy? What Economy?, published on 3 Sept 2008, Meyerson echoes Erbe:

this year’s GOP convention is almost shockingly — un-Americanly — white. Long term, this whiteness is a huge problem

Jews are constantly complaining about the problems they have with Christians and Whites in terms far more broad, far more hateful, and far more common than what Garrison Keillor wrote. As Edmund Connelly’s essay Daniel Jonah Goldhagen: Peddler of Hate makes clear, the problems extend far beyond shitty Christmas songs.

(The image above is from a pro-jewish rant at Garrison Keillor: ‘Lousy Holiday Songs By Jews Trash Up Malls’ at Thee Rant.)