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An Interview with Robert Stark

I spoke with Robert Stark on The Stark Truth Wednesday and Thursday evening this week. The first segment should stream on Voice of Reason Broadcast Network at 8PM ET Friday. The second segment will stream sometime next week. I’ll link the program archive pages here when they appear, which is usually a few days after a show streams.

The topics Robert and I touched on included A Personal Disclosure, Iowa’s Critics, Roth and Weiss on What’s Best for The Jews, and Gamer Excuses “The Jews”, Blames “Whitey”.

Robert was curious about the suicide meme but as I began to describe it we ran out of time. Robert invited me back to wrap up and we ended up spending another hour discussing the suicide meme and the counter-jihad (see White Nationalism and the Counter-Jihad and Where Jihad and Counterjihad Agree).

The last time I did an interview was in November 2008 with Dietrich and Mishko. Back then Voice of Reason was just those two pioneers and their two-hour show once a week. Since then VoR has grown to nearly a dozen hosts and programs – all focused on history, politics, culture, and current events from a pro-White point of view. What they produce is a breath of fresh air compared to the degenerate, relentlessly anti-White propaganda issued by the thoroughly judaized “mainstream” media.

My thanks to Robert Stark for inviting me on, and to Mike Conner, who toils hard behind to scenes to make VoR work.

UPDATE, 23 Jan 2012: The Stark Truth: Interview with Tanstaafl, Part 1 (mp3).

UPDATE, 31 Jan 2012: The Stark Truth: Interview with Tanstaafl, Part 2 (mp3).

David Duke Interview

For many Whites, even those who are beginning to awaken to the increasingly hostile conditions around us, the name David Duke rings a giant Pavlovian bell. In “polite” discourse allusions to Duke function as a variant of Reductio ad Hitlerum, often accompanied by snide insinuations about pointy hoods, lynching, and – underneath it all – “anti-semitism”.

Whether or not you believe David Duke is mentally or morally defective, if you’ve never heard him speak for himself then please consider this invitation to judge for yourself. Listen to The Nationalist Report: Interview with David Duke, with Mishko Novosel and Mike Conner at Voice of Reason Broadcast Network.

I take special interest in a point Duke makes early on about what happens when someone finally comes to recognize and throw off a lifetime of anti-White guilt-tripping. For myself, part of that process resulted from reading and hearing the thoughts of certain purported madmen, Duke among them, and realizing that their positions are perfectly rational and reasonable. In this interview, which Duke describes as unlike any other he’s given in a long time, he expresses one rational and reasonable thought after another.

AoT on VoR (with Dietrich and Mishko)

Earlier this evening I joined Dietrich and Mishko on their weekly Voice of Reason internet broadcast. Dietrich likes my essays and wanted to know what drives me.

In three years of writing I’ve never discussed what my thinking was when I started blogging or how that thinking changed. Tonight I enjoyed having the opportunity to explain.

Thanks to Dietrich and Mishko. Despite the shameful confessions it was a pleasure speaking with them.