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Over the last two weeks or so I’ve spent quite some time at Hesperado. The blogger there, Erich, is an anti-jihadi who came to my attention via Auster’s whining. Erich criticizes Auster using methods similar to my own – paying close attention to his arguments and finding fault with his logic – and has also noticed how poorly Auster responds to criticism.

In my exchanges with Erich there is nothing terribly interesting or new to regulars here. Early on he informed me of his belief that:

support for Judaism and the Jews is a non-negotiable virtue

and I spent several thousand keystrokes arguing that if he could set this belief aside he might better understand “PC MC” – his shorthand for politically correct multiculturalism.

My comments started in A thick skull and a thin skin and continued in Addendum to the Prospectus: A mechanism for appropriate ostracism.

Despite these efforts Erich appears unmoved. He has however allowed me to make my argument and has even responded with some substance. This is of course far more than I would get in any forum controlled by commissars Auster or Jobling and their Urge to Purge.

Suicide vs. Competition

In Auster vs. Sailer Dennis Mangan and guests discuss Sailer’s view that “WhiterPeople” compete for status and Auster’s criticism of that idea.

Auster writes (my emphasis):

The West’s suicide process could not have happened as a result of just one “bad” element in our society, say, the liberal elites. No, all the leading elements of our society, all the significant factions of the West, including elements normally thought of as very conservative, such as the Catholic Church and evangelicals, have signed on to an idea, the belief in non-discrimination, that spells the doom of the West, since it leads people to support, or to refuse to oppose, policies leading to the Third-Worldization and Islamization of the West.

In today’s Britain, as I realized to my shock after the July 2005 bombing, tolerance–unconditioned tolerance–is the guiding principle of society, the touchstone that is constantly appealed to on every issue. It was tolerance that led the British to allow millions of Third-World people including Muslims into Britain, and it was tolerance that has led the Brits to allow the Muslims including terror supporters free rein of their Island, and it’s tolerance that keeps the British from reacting against the enemies in their midst. The main reason for the surrender of Britain to Islamization is tolerance.

I did not say that Sailer is a bigot against Jews. I said that he is a bigot against Israel and Jewish neocons.

Now, many people today consider someone who is a bigot against Israel to be an anti-Semite by definition. I’ve argued at length why I think that’s incorrect. Namely, anti-Semitism is such a damning word that I don’t think a person should be called that unless he has specifically expressed bigotry toward the Jewish people as the Jewish people. For example, though I’ve condemned Patrick Buchanan for his bigotry against Israel. I’ve never called him an anti-Semite, for the simple reason that in my view he has never attacked Jews as Jews. Now I think it’s entirely possible that in his inner thoughts Buchanan really is driven by an animus against Jews as Jews. But the fact is that he has never expressed such an animus outwardly. He has never attacked Jews as Jews. Never. And I insist that when it comes to such a damning word as anti-Semitism, there must be an actual expression, not a merely likelihood about what a person may be thinking.

Auster often characterizes challenges to his ideas as attacks, so his hairsplitting about what he thinks does or doesn’t constitute anti-jewish racism or what precisely he has said about Buchanan or Sailer is pathetic. The important point is that Auster attacked these men for what he perceives to be their attacks on jewish interests. He uses “anti-semite” and phrases like “bigot against israel” for the same reason that so many of his supposedly non-discriminatory “liberal elites” do. Because they can and do discriminate jews as jews, as they do in unabashedly placing jews as jews on a pedestal above everyone else.

In discussing his idea that non-discrimination spells the doom of the West Auster is willing to discriminate Whites, Christians, third worlders, and muslims as Whites, Christians, third worlders, and muslims – and even to attack them. He is not interested in delving into where the multi-culti politically correct “liberalism” pushing “non-discrimination” comes from, how this ideology came to dominate in the West, or whose interests it serves. Good thing. It involves lots of jews.

The “non-discrimination” and “unconditioned tolerance” Auster claims to see is the opposite of reality. Non-discrimination is the sales pitch. It serves to mislead many good-hearted fair-minded people into misunderstanding what is happening. Even in Mangan’s thread everyone seems to accept it as the explanation. But as Auster well knows, “liberal” “non-discrimination” never ends up that way. For many liberals, and especially the non-Whites, anti-White and pro-non-White discrimination is what it’s all about.

The West’s media, academy, and laws are discriminatory. It is easy enough to see. What has changed in the last 150 years and especially over the last 60 is that the discrimination has been inverted. A healthy and normal preference for everything White and Christian has been transformed into a preference for everything non-White and non-Christian. This is so abnormal and unhealthy that in a single human lifetime Whites are being reduced from the dominant majority to a despised minority in every country we previously controlled. The kicker is, according to Auster, that it’s all our fault. We’re “suiciding” because conservatives “support, or refuse to oppose” their enemies.

Unlike Auster I do not characterize the inversion of discrimination as “suicide”. Nor do I pillory those who “refuse to oppose”. Nobody wants to lose their job, be shunned by their community, or be sent to prison, but this is what is in store for anyone who opposes anti-White discrimination in any substantial way. Men like Henry Cabot Lodge, Madison Grant, Henry Ford, William Dudley Pelley, Charles Lindbergh, Francis Parker Yockey, Gerald L.K. Smith, and Carleton Putnam (to name just a few) saw where things were heading. They described and opposed this future more clearly than the media permits to be said out loud now that we are here and living with it.

The inversion began in earnest with the emancipation of jews in the wake of the French revolution. This is when the idea that White Christian Europeans shouldn’t discriminate themselves from jews took root and when dissent from this position came to be pathologized as “anti-semitism”. Thereafter the attack against healthy and normal European racial discrimination was generalized into a pathologization of “racism” and eventually mutated into a variety of “anti-discrimination” movements opposing “sexism”, “xenophobism”, “homophobism”, and “islamophobism”. What began as an ostensibly well-intentioned assertion of equality always ended as naked aggression against what Auster euphemizes as “the majority” (White, male, heterosexual Christians) coupled with the defense and celebration of all that is alien and deviant. This phenomena, this racial-culture war, has been fueled financially and intellectually by a preposterous disproportion of jews, to achieve goals that have been in their collective self-interest and against the interests of “the majority”.

The reality, contrary to Auster, is that the “unconditioned tolerance” of the “leading elements of our society” defines thoughts like mine as “hate” which is not tolerated at all. Yes, the rationale is claimed to be “non-discrimination”. No, that is not the real motivation. This is trivially demonstrated by the behavior of both Auster and “leading elements of our society” in discriminating jews as jews, distinguishing them and exempting them from criticism while at the same time discriminating, criticizing, and even subordinating Whites as Whites in myriad ways.

It seems to me that Auster opposes liberalism because he sees it is driving Whites to extinction, and he judges the continued existence of a generally pro-jew White majority to be in the interest of jews. This explains his race-realist, tribe-denying obtuseness as well as his hypocrisy, smearing, and thought-criminalizing whenever he’s challenged on it. In pursuing his interests he feels free to reason about anything, including calling on others to ignore or stifle their own interests, and discriminates anyone he pleases, as demonstrated by his blog full of musings about “the majority” as “the majority”, black savages as black savages, and muslims as muslims. He opposes the “Third-Worldization and Islamization of the West”. He wants “the majority” to do this and do that, but especially to save ourselves so we can continue to protect jews from blacks and muslims. He calls for pro-Whites like myself who discriminate our interests from those of jews, criticize jews, and oppose the judaization of the West to be shunned and silenced. He does not call for such treatment for even the most anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Western “liberals”.

Even if there is a discussion of a legitimate topic, the low-lifes and anti-Semites will show up and ruin it.

Besides imagining himself as the arbiter of legitimacy Auster sounds just like Ian “Urge to Purge” Jobling. Again my reality differs. Just about every news item or blog thread I read is incomplete or dishonest, written and guarded by pro-jews whose goal in life seems to be suppressing any mention of jewish influence, even when that influence is plain to see and the bullying pro-jew bouncers only make it plainer.

The notion that I go around calling people racists is an off-the-wall lie.

An off the wall lie? He did this in the very thread in which he denies it. Of course it wouldn’t suit Auster’s interests to admit that in common “liberal” usage, including his own, “anti-semite” is just a more specific form of the “racist” smear. Thinking about that special phrase and the special damning power Auster is well aware it carries only calls attention to how perfectly acceptable it is to discriminate jews as jews in placing their concerns above everyone else’s. Contrasting this with the ineffectiveness and even negative reaction to “anti-White” (“you racist!”) is also telling. The prevailing regime is definitely not “non-discrimination”, and Auster definitely does not hesitate to smear.

Recognizing that jews and Whites have separate interests and speaking openly about it drives Auster to distraction more than any other subject. It puts the lie to his “non-discrimination” and “suicide” rhetoric and contradicts his pro-“white”, pro-Christian, pro-West pose. It reveals him for the pro-jew pro-israel ruthless commissar he is. He cannot tolerate any recognition of the White-jewish fault line, and a discussion of “WhiterPeople” status competition comes dangerously close. Such talk might lead more Whites to recognize the race-based jewish aggression against us. So instead Auster tries to distract and deflect, selling a combination of guilt-tripping, lies, and threats: “Bad majority, so stupid you’re suiciding yourself by not discriminating and remaining silent – oh and the low-lifes who discriminate jews and say they have something to do with this must be silenced”.

I see through Auster’s nonsense, but some of the semi-aware people at Mangan’s seem willing to buy it. This includes Mangan himself, who closed his comments with effusive praise for Auster, and Hesperado, who made many incisive points before attributing Auster’s belligerence, obfuscation, and logical inconsistencies to his being thick-skulled and thin-skinned. He sure is. The path to suicide-competition enlightenment is to try and understand why.

Original image.

UPDATE 21 Nov 2008: Today in Why I fight (other conservatives) Auster reiterates his belief that “non-discrimination is the crux of liberalism and its destructiveness, and thus opposing non-discrimination is the only effective way to oppose liberalism.” He quotes a reader quoting himself getting “right down into the marrow of the problem” (my emphasis):

But WHY do they want to destroy it? What is BAD about reality that makes them want to destroy it? For my answer I return to the traditionalist analysis that I have advanced in various formulations: the rejection of God, the transcendent, the higher, the notion of an inherent structure in existence. Once the higher or the sense of being part of a larger whole is rejected, then the world is reduced to selves and their desires, with nothing above them, no “holarchy” (to use Arthur Koestler’s term) of which they are a part. Therefore all selves and their respective desires are equal, therefore any distinction between selves is a horrible attack on the worth of the “less equal” or excluded self and must be banned.

However, as I’m thinking about this, I don’t know that the non-discrimination and the destruction can be separated. Since the structure of the world consists of distinct things, each of which has its internal order or structure (even an alternative hair salon has its internal order), to ban discrimination is to destroy each individual thing and its order. Non-discrimination is destruction, perhaps the most efficient and thorough-going destruction ever known to man.

This to the applause of a fastidiously manicured peanut gallery who just love his clarity and directness.

I realize I repeat myself, but doesn’t it get more to the crux and marrow of the WHY of “liberalism” to acknowledge that when Europeans first began to reject God during the Enlightenment that jews were the particular minority group who really got them thinking along the lines that eventually became “anti-racism” and “non-discrimination”, that jews themselves are openly proud to have since done so much in this regard to help other groups benefit as they themselves have, and that jews also happen to be the only particular group that even anti-“liberals” like Auster dictate we absolutely must not discriminate from ourselves?

Doesn’t that question, however distasteful jews and philo-semitic gentiles might find it, get closer to the WHY Auster will only dance around? For a more clear and direct view of “liberalism” I suggest Whites consult Kevin MacDonald. Why We Write would be a good place to start.

The Urge to Purge

There is a blog dedicated to documenting Charles Johnson’s purge of commenters at Little Green Footballs.

The post titled Levi from Queens and the Great Discarded Lizard Chainsaw Massacre of 2008 – Case Study #24 – LGF BANNED AND BLOCKED concerns the banning of several “racists” and “fascists” who dared to speak in favor of “race realists” Lawrence Auster and Ian Jobling.

I left a comment that compared Charles to Auster, noting that they disagree on ethnic European nationalism, but agree on jewish nationalism (it’s good), muslim nationalism (it’s bad), and silencing anyone who vexes them.

Then Ian Jobling dropped by. He linked an ostensibly pro-“white” manifesto in which he writes:

Carrying on the dismal tradition of American white supremacism, most pro-whites today believe our current racial dispossession is due to Jewish influence on the West, if not actual Jewish conspiracies against whites. However, these tired lies conceal the real dynamics of white dispossession, which has been inflicted by white Gentiles on themselves. While it is true that Jews have been inclined towards highly liberal—that is, leukophobic—beliefs, nevertheless more than 90 percent of white racial liberals are Gentiles. Moreover, that Jewish leukophobia could thrive in America suggests that it was a mere extension of something in our national character. For these reasons, the pro-white movement repudiates anti-Semitism and will resolutely oppose the obsession with Jews that poisons and discredits our cause.

Jobling unequivocally blames Whites and absolves jews for any animosity between us. His is a pro-jewish manifesto cloaking itself in “white”. It is cut from the same cloth as Auster’s blame-for-the-“majority” protection-for-the-“minority” double-talk:

In my view, the Jewish neoconservatives advance an _ideological_ vision of America, and oppose any notion of a _substantive_ American nation, precisely because they fear that they would not be seen as 100 percent full citizens in it. To this degree, they are still functioning as a self-conscious minority trying to weaken an “oppressive” majority. And the majority, by yielding to the minority’s demands, does indeed weaken itself and even puts itself on the path to extinction.

My solution to this dilemma is that the majority must re-discover itself _as_ the majority, and see the minority _as_ the minority. This doesn’t mean exclusion, persecution, or loss of rights of the minority.

With “allies” like Jobling and Auster Whites don’t need enemies.

UPDATE 24 Oct 2008: Thanks to Guessedworker I see Jobling has answered, after a fashion. In Anti-Semites Stink Up Another Discussion Thread he writes:

I left a comment linking to my blog post on the incident and explaining why I’m not a fascist, hoping I might get a decent discussion of race realism going with the moderates who traffic the site. However, it was not to be: I was immediately set upon by a couple of professional anti-Semites named tanstaafl, who runs the blog Age of Treason, and Greg Polden.

Jobling either doesn’t care or is counting on the LGF BANNED thread disappearing, because anyone who’s interested can read for themselves who said what and who set upon who.

Jobling adds very little to what’s already been said. All he presents here is essentially point-and-sputter. He seems to be hoping LGF BANNED will delete the offending thread now that he has declared it “stinked up”. His modus operandus is just like Auster’s. What a coincidence.

I will continue to purge my comment queue of all dire ruminations sent in by tanstaafl and his like.

The urge to purge is strong in this one. I consider myself forewarned and thus will only waste time responding here.

The most substantial thing he wrote was in a comment:

Tanstaafl is referring to the fact that moderates like Johnson support Israel, but neither Islamic fundamentalism nor white nationalism. Since all that tanstaafl can see in politics is conflicts between different ethnic interests, or nationalisms, Johnson’s attitude seems completely nonsensical to him and can only be explained as a result of Jewish brainwashing.

However, once you go outside this absurdly narrow view of human motivations and realize that people’s political views are motivated by many different factors, then Johnson’s views make sense, even if you think they are mistaken. What matters most to moderates like Johnson is democratic, Western values. Since they think Israel exemplifies these values, they are pro-Israel. Since they think neither Islamic fundamentalism nor white nationalism are democratic ideologies, moderates are against them. Nationalism really has nothing to do with this preference; values explain them.

Bottom line: A person’s political outlook is rooted in many different factors, such as political ideology, ethnicity, class, and so forth. If you take a simplistic view of human motivations, the world makes no sense to you and leads you to make an ass of yourself in public.

I’m glad to see I got my point across. Yes, I think ethnic/racial interests are important. More important than class or political ideology. Jews are a perfect example. Despite their class, politics, country of residence, or how much Jobling denies being able to notice – jews just can’t seem to set aside their ethnocentrism.

I am simplistic. I say flat out that I’m pro-White. Jobling and Auster are more complicated, but in a deceptive way. They present themselves as pro-“white”, as “race realists”. But they refuse to distinguish between Whites and jews. And they attack Whites who do distinguish, but not jews.

Going on about “democratic, Western values” while calling for political opponents to be silenced is a good way to make an ass of yourself. If Johnson and Jobling think the jewish ethnostate represents “democratic, Western values” then why do they oppose White ethnostates? If jews do not differ from Whites “in any important respect” then I should be able to move to israel and collect welfare, right? What’s that? My mother has to be jewish? I don’t object. But to demonstrate his consistent values Charles Johnson should either denounce zionists as racists, or he should support White ethno-nationalism like he supports zionism. The latter is especially sensible if he cares for “the West”.

I’ve been deleting a lot of pro-MacDonald comments because their authors show no sign of having read the Lieberman article and are thus incapable of expressing an informed opinion. Anti-Semites show their typical dogmatism by leaping to the defense of MacDonald before they even know what the argument against him is.

Jobling seem to realize at some level that the urge to purge is not right. Thus he tries to transfer responsibility for the problem to those expressing the opinions he wishes to suppress. He makes repeated appeals to psychology…say doctor, heal thyself.

I didn’t mention MacDonald until Jobling did. I agree with and respect much of what MacDonald has written, but what I think and write doesn’t hinge on the truth or falseness of MacDonald’s positions.

Yes, trying to convince the Age of Treason types to take a reasonable view of this issue is like trying to teach a monkey table manners. All you’ll get for your pains is faeces thrown at you.

I’ve taken pains to understand Jobling’s arguments and to use his own logic and phraseology in answering and critcizing him. He can call that feces if he likes.

Criticized by Auster

This is a continuation of Criticizing Auster. Previously the focus was on how Auster filters and distorts criticism against him. This addresses some of the vitriol Auster has aimed at me.

On 16 August, responding to one of his paranoid correspondents who was complaining about another, Auster tacks this complaint on the end of his criticism of Sailer mentioned in the previous post:

If you read various right-wing websites, and I’m not talking about explicitly white-nationalist sites, but sites that might be called generically paleocon, you will regularly see this kind of thing. And notice that even Gates of Vienna allowed the anti-Semite (“Jews are my enemy”) Tanstaafl to make anti-Semitic attacks on me.

This is a good example of Auster failing to cite what he distorts. I described the Gates of Vienna thread to which he refers in What We Cannot Do.

The administrators and many of the commenters at GoV are openly philo-semitic. But that’s not good enough. Auster expects them to exclude from posting anyone he denounces. For the moment the exchange he characterizes as “anti-semitic attacks” remains intact at What We Can Do. The relevant portions are reproduced here.

Tanstaafl said…

It’s easy to get Auster to make his own “vermin analogies”. All you have to do is examine liberalism a little more deeply than he does.

How did the suicidal dogma of non-discrimination become the ruling value of society after WWII? Where did what Erich calls “the politically correct multi-culturalist (PC MC) paradigm” come from? What does it have to do with cultural marxism? What does that have to do with marxism? How did neo-liberals convince Westerners that the most heinous sins imaginable are racism, sexism, homophobism, and islamophobism? How did they convince us that the older, more traditional sins of materialism, promiscuity, and fraud (among many others) are now values to be celebrated?

More important: why?

Isn’t it odd that in our own homelands the White Christian Western man is the fattest, most politically correct target? Is it because we’re so powerful that we just don’t care, or because we don’t have the power to stop it?

The West’s weakness doesn’t come from neo-liberalism alone. Neo-conservativism also harms us. Neo-cons think it proper to squander the lives of our predominantly White Christian military men by sending them to every corner of the world to keep it safe for plutocracy and to prevent a second holocaust. Not necessarily in that order. Meanwhile they smear as xenophobes any Westerners who want our own streets and borders policed.

The threat is not only from islam. The West has been invaded by the third world. Our neo-lib and neo-con leaders argue and point fingers. They disagree about who to bomb next. But they agree on the third world invasion of the West. They all welcome it, and they side with the invaders. To stop the invasion we Westerners must first and foremost remove from power and prosecute those who have betrayed us. That done we can address our external threats. Otherwise the West will decompose. Either path will be bloody.

Lawrence Auster said…

Tanstaafl writes:

“To stop the [Third World invasion of the West] we Westerners must first and foremost remove from power and prosecute those who have betrayed us. That done we can address our external threats. Otherwise the West will decompose. Either path will be bloody.”

Just so that people can understand where Tanstaafl is coming from, with his calls for the “bloody” prosecution of internal enemies, he wrote a few months ago at his Age of Treason website:

“Jews are not the only enemy, and not all Jews are enemies. I’m not going to sugar coat what I have to say any more than that…. I’m not being coy. I’ve just realized and said flat out Jews are my enemy.”

I commented on the above and had more quotes from Tanstaafl in my article, “I am attacked for not being an anti-Semite.”

The “enemy” statement Auster loves to quote appears in Committing PC’s Most Mortal Sin. It explains exactly where I’m coming from. Many of the neocon Whites at GoV might also come to understand this if and when they ever question the philo-semitic/anti-White double standard that permeates our society and is found even amongst anti-jihadis, traditionalists, and conservatives who purport to defend the West.

I responded to Auster’s insinuations:

Tanstaafl said…

By all means, anyone concerned about the survival of the West who wonders why philo-semitism is good and required but philo-Whitism is seen as silly or racist should look into where I’m coming from and why. In particular you should research and try to understand for yourself the answers to the questions I posed above.

I am pro-White. Auster calls himself an anti-liberal, a traditionalist, but I argue he is, above all other concerns, pro-jew. My criticism of him is not that he doesn’t share my values. My criticism is how he disguises his values and where they conflict with mine. It is most obvious in his fathomless hypocrisy concerning liberalism.

If you suspect that political correctness and multi-culturalism has something to do with the West’s problems you might want to understand where Auster is coming from. You might want to question, as I do, why one half of the West’s jewish/White alliance is considered above reproach while the other half is politically incorrect to defend.

Auster was also criticized for other reasons by other commenters. He quickly retreated to the safety of his tightly-controlled echo chamber and began complaining about GoV – mainly on the grounds that comments he considered lies and attacks on him were not deleted.

In a GoV thread responding to these criticisms, You’re a Bunch of Complete Cranks, I wrote:

Tanstaafl said…

Auster writes:

(There were also anti-Semitic comments about me from another member of the group, the anti-Semite Tanstaafl, though I’ve just read those comments for the first time during my re-reading.)

I wrote that Auster is first and foremost pro-jew. I provided links in support of that claim. The audacity of me.

Auster’s response is exactly analogous to calling a person an islamophobe (ie. they have a mental problem) for recognizing those who are pro-muslim.

Racism, sexism, homophobism, and islamophobism follow logically from the same basis as anti-semitism, which predates them all. Pathologizing the natural need to distinguish between self and other has spawned an entire hate ideology.

Non-jewish White Western men are the most politically correct group to distinguish and attack. How did this happen? Why? Whatever muslims are doing to the West, they didn’t create the PC that provided them access and continues to protect them.

In following other links from this GoV thread I found Auster’s The GoV campaign of personal destruction continues, where he once again fails to cite what he distorts:

A reader writes:

There is not much I can add in your support that others have not already said. But I have removed Gates of Vienna from my blogroll. I am sad to feel the need to do so, because the site started well, has published worthwhile stuff, and I expect it will continue to from time to time. But this latest flap has convinced me it has attracted too many flaming nutters to be good for the anti-Islamist cause. GoV isn’t as depraved as LGF, but appears like it might be headed that way.

As for Tanstaafl, who is now a regular commenter at GoV, today out of curiosity I went to see his blog Age of Treason. Tanstaafl is back to bashing you, as you undoubtedly know. I skimmed a few of his recent postings. The man is truly demented. He’s perhaps been driven around the bend by political correctness and anti-white racism, but for heaven’s sake, we can’t let our opponents ruin our minds. To have any chance of eventually prevailing, we’ve got to keep a sense of proportion and self-discipline.

But Tanstaafl is mild compared to many of his commenters; I felt ill reading them. Possibly I have been naive; I honestly thought old-fashioned anti-Semitic, worldwide-Jewish-conspiracy crackpots were out of business. They are probably less numerous and outspoken than they used to be, but Tanstaafl sure knows how to draw them out of hiding.

It’s discouraging that there are people who are ostensibly on my side of the political spectrum that I want to dissociate myself from, but it can’t be helped.

Hang in there.

LA replies:

“They are probably less numerous and outspoken than they used to be,”

To the contrary, serious anti-Semites are more numerous and outspoken than they used to be. I didn’t even think there was any serious anti-Semitism in this country to speak of until around 1999-2000, when I started becoming aware of it; then, after the 9/11 attack, it really took off.

In any case, the anti-Semite Tanstaafl is now an accepted member of GoV’s Auster anti-fan club. I’ve become GoV’s Goldstein, the source of all evils. Tanstaafl has made openly anti-Semitic statements at GoV, including calling for the “bloody … prosecution” of America’s internal enemies, which elsewhere he makes plain are the Jews. No one there has objected. He has also, at GoV, attacked me as a person of Jewish background. Then when called an anti-Semite (by me), he lies and says he’s only concerned about people who are more “pro-jew” than they are pro-white.

So I am “demented” and many of my commenters are worse. This is just a small sample of how a “campaign of personal destruction” is waged. Ironically, Auster and his friends do this, and excuse themselves for doing so, because they assume this is what I’m doing to him and the jewish people he values and defends more than anything else.

Auster’s words above, presented alongside the words to which he is responding and with links to the original context, demonstrates exactly what I have claimed: that he is first and foremost pro-jew. This priority determines how he interprets criticism. It provides the basis for his own criticism of others. Nothing else matters as much. Not truth, not free expression, not “the majority” (his euphemism for Whites) or their interests.

Accompanying this bias are a paranoia and intellectual dishonesty that run so deep that they enable him to imagine and attribute to me thoughts I do not hold and have never expressed. His emotion so overwhelms his reason that he resorts to the very dishonesty and smearing tactics he decries. His constant complaints about being attacked and his egotistic “source of all evils” rhetoric are pathetic.

Among the many snide little smears that can be found amongst the results returned by that google link was this little brain fart in “Conservatives” who embrace moral liberationism:

Terry Morris writes:

” … the anti-Semite Tanstaafl (who has written, “I’ve just realized and said flat out Jews are my enemy,” and who has become an accepted, chummy member of the GoV discussions, where he has pursued his argument that my real aim is to achieve Jewish ascendancy over the white race),…”

Wait!, is Tanstaafl right? Is your real aim to achieve Jewish ascendancy over the white race, over me, a member of the white race???

Only a vile Auster sycophant cannot see it, right?


In the West jews have already achieved ascendancy. In politics and the media the interests of jews trump all others. They certainly trump the interests of Whites. That is why it is de rigueur for our presidential candidates to visit the wailing wall and pledge to protect the people of israel and its border, even as they support open borders and the influx of hostile and disproportionately non-white immigrants to the West. That is why our disproportionately White soldiers are sent overseas to keep the world safe for disproportionately jewish plutocrats. That is why the media is full of anti-Christian and anti-White sentiment and at the same time obsessed with ferreting out anti-semitism.

Auster and most of his sycophants certainly can see this philo-semitic/anti-White double standard clearly enough. They just don’t want to discuss it. They prefer instead to mock and blow whatever smoke they can, hoping that smears and insults and shunning will accomplish what they cannot accomplish in direct confrontation with those who would discuss such things.

LA replies:

If you click on the linked word “accepted,” above, you’ll see where Conservative Swede apologizes to Tanstaafl for having called him a nutcase. The reason Swede called him a nutcase was to dissociate himself from Tanstaafl, since I had humorously joined them together when I pointed out the ironic contrasts between their respective cases against me.

I wrote:

Conservative Swede claims that I’m a phony defender of the West, because I really just care about asserting traditionalist Christianity and putting down secular liberalism.

Meanwhile, the anti-Semite Tanstaafl claims that I’m a phony defender of the West, because I really just care about defending the Jews and putting down whites.

To which Swede replied:

As usually instead of engaging in discussion you lower yourself into attacking the character of your interlocutors. The fact that an anti-Semitic nutcase appeared in this thread does not make my argument less valid.

A little later Swede felt he had been unfair to Tanstaafl and wrote:

I would also like to say that I’m sorry for having referred to Tanstaafl above as a “nutcase.” That was unfair and uncalled for, the unfortunate result of hasty writing.

Swede doesn’t apologize for having called Tanstaafl “anti-Semitic,” but he does very politely apologize to him, thus showing that he considers him a welcome participant in the discussion.

Note also Swede’s classic, off-the-planet mischaracterization of what I said about him. I summed up his argument against me in this way: “that I’m a phony defender of the West, because I really just care about asserting traditionalist Christianity and putting down secular liberalism.” Yet Swede describes this accurate and objective summary of his own argument as “attacking the character of your interlocutors.”

And that catches in a nutshell the level of the GoV anti-Auster lynch mob. I make logical, legitimate statements (in this case merely describing my opponent’s position), and in return they say that I’m attacking their character, smearing them, and so on.

And that catches in a nutshell the level of Auster’s hypocrisy. To use his own standard… at GoV I merely described his position as pro-jew, provided examples and argument to back that assertion up, and he responded by attacking my character, smearing me, and so on.

Before and since he has also made all manner of absurd misrepresentations – that I accuse him of not being an anti-semite or being a fifth columnist, and here of being a phony defender of the West and putting down Whites. At least he finally mentioned and got one criticism partly right: that he “really just care(s) about defending the Jews”. By the hyperbole in which he wraps it however he seems to be denying it is true.

Auster’s “lynch mob” discussion continues with comments from someone who claims to have read the GoV “thread that degenerated into base anti-Semitism” and the “kooky fools over at Age of Treason” and how this shows “how large elements of the conservative movement have acquiesced to liberalism”. For all of Age of Treason’s flaws I don’t regret not having someone that weak-minded comment here. I also don’t envy Auster’s ignoble task of managing a growing blacklist and meticulously editing and posting comments that so blatantly regurgitate his own propaganda. But it does seem to satisfy him.

Criticizing Auster

Lawrence Auster writes in Responding to criticisms of VFR and myself:

Among the reality-turned-on-its head lies that are repeatedly told about me are the charges that I only allow people who agree with me to post comments at VFR; that I am unable to reply to criticisms and refuse to do so; and that I exclude commenters who question me and my ideas.

My criticism is that Auster filters the comments he posts at VFR and sometimes distorts the arguments of those he argues with. His ability to distort is greatly aided by his willingness to filter.

Among the 20-odd links he provides as examples of his forthrightness in facing critics is a response to one of my criticisms of him that I was not previously aware of:

Does the First Law of Majority-Minority Relations apply to the Jews? [The anti-Semite Tanstaafl (before I realized how serious an anti-Semite he was), asked me at another blog why I don’t apply the First Law to the Jews, and I reply.]

This item is a good example of Auster’s willingness to filter and distort. His example does not quote the criticism it answers and does not link the discussion which spawned it.

Unfortunately for him about a month after he wrote this I described the same argument as part of a more general critique titled Auster and Anti-Anti-Semitism. It contained Auster’s original explanation of why his “First Law” (of Majority-Minority Relations in Liberal Society, AKA MMRILS) does not apply to jews. The differences are highlighted below:

I just came upon this exchange and want to reply to the points made by Tanstaafl (which frankly sounds like a neo-Nazi moniker, but which, I’m informed, is an acronym for the libertarian slogan “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.”).

Tanstaafl is just wrong to say that the First Law of Majority-Minority Relations in Liberal Society is about Jews and that I’m covering that up. The First Law is about conspicuously different minorities who are perceived as minorities, and who are perceived as dysfunctional, unassimilable, alien or hostile. Since Jews are not generally seen these ways, except by anti-Semites, the First Law does not apply to Jews, though some aspects of it may apply some of the time.

When I say this, I am not covering up denying the fact that there is a Jewish problem because, since that is something I often talk about. But I believe in the need to talk about it rationally. The Jewish problem—not the Jewish problem of the Jew haters, but the real Jewish problem—consists in the fact that Jews are a distinct people who because of their energy and talents tend to become dominant in culturally influential areas of society. This leads to the problem that a small minority group begins to become the definer of cultural standards for the majority. For the most part, this is not due to any Jewish racial agenda or conspiracy, as Kevin McDonald MacDonald would have it, rather it is just built into the fact of Jewish distinctiveness combined with Jewish talents. But even though the situation is not anyone’s fault, it is not a healthy situation. The way the problem can be resolved, as I’ve said many times, is by the majority recovering and maintaining its majority identity, functions, and authority, and thus requiring minorities to conform to the majority’s standards.

It used to be this way in America. A classic example is the Golden Age of Hollywood. The movie industry was largely a Jewish creation, yet the Jews of Hollywood loved the majority culture and elevated its ideals. For example, the beautiful MGM movies of the late ’30 and early ’40s that were set in England and were imbued with an English atmosphere (so that it’s hard to believe the movies were made in Los Angeles), were the brain child of Louis B. Mayer, head of MGM. Contrast that with today, when many of the Jews of Hollywood, such as Steven Spielberg, are self-consciously alienated from the majority culture and seek to tear it down. An example is “Saving Private Ryan,” in which the elderly Ryan, re-visiting Normandy in his old age, is bizarrely portrayed as a broken down figure overwhelmed with guilt. That’s the way alienated leftist Jews want to portray the Christian majority.

What is the solution? There is no quick solution, but there is a solution. The majority needs to rediscover itself and start acting like the majority again and start setting the standards for America. Once a new elite was in place setting different and better standards than what from those we have now, the viciously anti-American movies that are now standard fare in Hollywood would cease being made. Jews who persisted in alienation toward or simply a lack of identification with the majority culture would still be able to express themselves in a minority cultural setting, but their minority views would not be considered legitimate or authoritative for the society as a whole. The basic principle is that people who do not identity with a society do not have the right to speak for that society. I am not talking about legal restrictions, but about the restrictions that a healthy majority culture would naturally impose.

In short, the Jewish problem can be solved, and Jews can function, as they have in the past, as a minority that has a certain distinctiveness and yet conforms itself to the standards and allegiances of the majority culture.

It is not the same with, say, Muslims. Muslims cannot be conformed to our culture. The relationship between Muslims and our culture is of an entirely different order from the relationship between Jews and our culture. Jews are assimilable. Muslims are not only not assimilable, but are commanded by their god to subject our society to Islamic law. The fact that that a major non-Western group is unassimilable intrinsically incompatable with and dangerous to our culture is not acceptable to cannot be acknowledged by the liberal consciousness, which must cover it up. And thus we arrive at the First Law because it would disprove the liberal belief in the equality and fundamental sameness of all human beings. Therefore the liberals must conceal the truth about Islam–the more unassimilable and hostile Muslims are, the more they must be praised and celebrated. We saw this happen immediately after the 9/11 attack, when, even as Muslims all over the world were cheering the wound inflicted by devout Muslim jihadists on our country, Muslims began to receive vastly more bouquets from our government than they ever had before. It was a perfect example of the First Law in action. The First Law applies to dysfunctional and unassimilable groups, it does not apply to functional and assimilable groups.

Far from being dysfunctional outsiders whose failures must be covered up, Jews are successful insiders. However, as indicated above, this does not mean that the Jews, with their distinctiveness, their activism, and their frequent leftism, do not represent a challenge to our culture. They do. And it goes without saying that this fact is denied by the liberal culture, since liberalism must deny any group differences that matter (not to mention that there is a particular need to defend the Jews from anti-Semitism). So there is inevitably some overlap here with the First Law. But because the Jews are highly successful and productive insiders rather than obviously incompetent or incompatible outsiders, the socialistic dynamic conveyed by the First Law–the more alien a group is, the more it is celebrated, the more undeserving a group is, the more it is given–does not apply to them.

To Thus to try to make the First Law be about the Jews—and especially, in Tanstaafl’s treatment, be primarily about the Jews—would hopelessly confuses the issue and ruin the First Law as an analytical tool. It is but another illustration of how anti-Semites, because they see all issues through the filter of the Jewish issue, cannot see any issue truly. Their lunatic obsesssion obsession with Jews as the source of all evil makes them intellectual cripples who are incapable of defending the civilization they supposedly want to defend.

The red and overstruck text was included in what Auster originally posted at John Savage’s blog (which is no longer available). The green text was added in the “revised and expanded version” Auster posted to his own blog on the same day.

For an intellectual who so often picks apart the arguments of others Auster exhibits a curious inability to squarely face my argument here. Contrast either version of what he wrote above with the text below that he was responding to. Savage’s post was an attempt to collect Auster’s various slightly different statements of MMRILS. Auster wrote (his emphasis):

As I look over your collection, it’s clear to me that there is but one Law, and it’s simply this: that the more difficult or dangerous a minority or non-Western group actually is, the more favorably it is treated. This increasingly undeserved favorable treatment of an increasingly troublesome or misbehaving minority or non-Western group can take numerous forms, including celebrating the group, giving the group greater rights and privileges, covering up the group’s crimes and dysfunctions, attacking the group’s critics as racists, and blaming the group’s bad behavior on white racism.

To which I first responded:

And the corollary: Jews are the most favorably treated minority of all, therefore they are the most difficult and dangerous.

Or shall we just label such an observation anti-semitic and discard it?

After that John Savage disagreed that jews are most favored, and I provided some arguments to support my claim. I think it’s fair to say that weeks later when Auster finally offered the dual-response above both versions were dishonest. Allow me now to summarize his rambling non-answer and editorialize with some helpful remarks.

Auster’s not covering anything up (especially not that I never claimed he was). MMRILS does not apply to jews because only anti-semites would say it does (however it does apply to all other unassimilable, alien, hostile minorities). There is sorta kinda a jewish problem but it’s not what irrational jew haters think it is (remember, this is not a cover up). It’s just that jews are really energetic and talented and they just tend to dominate the culture (ie. the most favored minority thing just happened). If only “the majority” would regrow their backbone jews would stop dominating (and would stop prosecuting jew haters). Jewish movie moguls used to love “the majority” but nowadays they don’t (sounds hostile to me, and what about the jewish media influence beyond Hollywood?). Muslims are different (for example they don’t control the West’s media). They are protected because liberals like to cover things up (unlike Auster). The First Law is about overtly aggressive groups like muslims, it is not about covertly aggressive groups like jews (and remember, we’re not covering anything up). To make this argument that my First Law applies to jews you must be a lunatic intellectual cripple (and probably not a jew).

Almost a month after he wrote this drivel I came upon it at Savage’s and wrote Auster and Anti-Anti-Semitism, to document and continue the debate.

Shortly afterward Auster responded with I am attacked for not being an anti-Semite. He does not link back to Does the First Law of Majority-Minority Relations apply to the Jews? though he does mention how and why he answered:

The question Tanstaafl had posed to me about the First Law was a serious and legitimate one, and when I came upon the discussion at Savage’s site, I answered it seriously. At the same time, I saw that Tanstaafl was an anti-Semite, and I indicated as such. Not that it took any great insight. Someone who calls Jews “the most dangerous” minority has already made himself pretty clear.

Auster isn’t being clear at all. Is the question a serious and legitimate one, or is it not worth answering because he perceives some moral failing in the asker?

He also isn’t fair. “Dangerous” is his own word, and it comes from applying his own Law. Neither one of his non-answers to that point are serious. They amount to deflection. He transforms a point about his own logic using his own words into insinuations about me personally. Auster’s first non-answer certainly sounded like he agreed jews were a minority hostile to the majority before his non-sequitur that this is invalid because it is anti-semitism. Auster’s second non-answer left out the majority-minority relations entirely. In both cases the focus ended up solely on the person questioning him. It included the application of delightful names like “neo-nazi”, “jew hater”, “intellectual cripple”, “lower lifeform”. And of course any objection to such empty ad hominem could only be considered “whining”.

Perhaps Auster didn’t provide a link to his first non-answer because he didn’t want to call attention to his own confused rationale, or for anyone to notice its subtle differences from the one I quoted. Or maybe he’s just forgetful.

It appeared to me from the first that Auster’s fixation on my pseudonym was odd. It seemed he was trying to avoid discussing the corollary I proposed to his First Law. That was before I even knew he had discussed it. Now in retrospect I can see Auster was either pretending he didn’t know what TANSTAAFL stood for when he wrote his second non-answer, or he went to the trouble to go back and modify his first non-answer so he wouldn’t look too paranoid.

– – –

John Savage and I disagreed again more recently about the most favored status of jews. I wrote about it in Who’s on Top? I always knew the ADL considered such talk, true or not, to be a sure sign of irrational jew hatred – now I also understand that even “radical” “anti-liberal” “traditionalists” like Auster feel the same way.

Here are some previous criticisms of Auster that may interest visitors:

What We Cannot Do. Wherein Auster tells the anti-jihadis at Gates of Vienna what not to say, who not to associate with, etc.

We’re White, We’re Indigenous, Get Used to It. Auster provided a non-answer titled Am I an orthographical fifth columnist? that didn’t link what he was not answering.

Irony Thy Name is Auster. Luke O’Farrell is in jail for his anti-jewish opinions. This is certainly not evidence of any privileged jewish status. Hollywood will make a movie about Sheppard and Whittle just as soon as “the majority” convinces the media to conform to Western standards and report the story. Auster will discuss it some day too. The world is just so full of Austerian irony he can’t possibly comment on all of it.

UPDATE 4 Aug 2008: The example cited above of how Auster responds to criticism by smearing his critic goes a bit deeper than I realized. It contains a link to a restatement of his First Law from 2002 where he provides his own corollary:

That last point leads us to the first corrolary of Auster’s First Law of Majority/Minority Relations in Liberal Society: The more egregiously any non-Western or non-white group behaves, the more evil whites are made to appear for noticing and drawing rational conclusions about that group’s bad behavior.

Emphasis added.

Auster has not only provided a Law that serves as a useful tool for analyzing liberalism. By going beyond a rational argument or even flat denial that jews are a hostile minority and claiming instead that the person who poses such a thesis is evil Auster has done quite the opposite of hopelessly confusing the issue or ruining his tool’s value. He has demonstrated its power. Thank you Mr. Auster.

UPDATE 9 Aug 2008: More criticism of Auster, triggered by his attack on Vanishing American, can be found in the thread following this post from February 2008.

This portion with specific examples is worth reiterating here:

Auster is an anti-anti-semite, someone whose pro-jewish bias goes beyond mere philo-semitism to aggressive bigotry. I hesitated to claim so, even after I first recognized something was not right, because I had not connected enough dots. I have since. Consider the following points:

He smears Ron Paul (who opposes the Israel Lobby and neocons) as “anti-American”, supposedly for criticizing US foreign policy and associating with the wrong people.

He smears Kevin MacDonald (who opposes the Israel Lobby and neocons) claiming he “hates Israel and sees it as the source of all problems in the world, along with Jewry generally” (a telltale exaggeration made by anti-anti-semites) ostensibly because MacDonald reasons about “jews qua jews”.

He smears Pat Buchanan (who opposes the Israel Lobby and neocons) as an anti-semite, ironically for “protesting too much” the smears of anti-anti-semites.

He notes approvingly the recommendation to “vote for the crook” rather than the pro-White pro-Christian David Duke (who opposes the Israel Lobby and neocons) “because it’s important”. Important why exactly? Oh right, because Duke criticizes jewish supremacism, though Auster is not forthright enough to mention that.

Meanwhile when Auster criticizes anti-White anti-Christian jews he euphemizes them as “liberals” and their policies as “liberalism”. Rarely does he note they are jews and he never dehumanizes them or calls for them to be ostracized as he regularly does with anyone he labels anti-semitic.

The man is driven by “what’s good for jews”. I don’t have a problem with that. What I have a problem with is the fact that he is dishonest about it. He denies it, disguises it, and overtly bases his arguments on “what’s good for Christians” or “what’s good for the majority”. What is clear on scrutiny is that the former priority always trumps either of the latter. I am sensitive to this and resent it not because I am anti-jew, but because I am pro-White.

UPDATE 11 August 2008: What do liberals want? provides an excellent example of Auster’s treatment of Ken Hechtman, an anti-White anti-Christian his own readers presume is a jew:

You’re beyond the left. You’re off in some fantasy land of your own.

his agenda is not to preserve our existing society, but to advance Muslim power and influence in Canada and America as step toward building One World

It may seem, as I said earlier, that Ken Hechtman’s views are so extreme that they cannot be seen as representative of even the usual (i.e. the radical) pro-large-scale immigration, pro-open-borders position, such as that of the people who supported the Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

You want to destroy Canada, the U.S. and Europe. You want to destroy everything the West and the Western peoples have been.

KH’s ideas are simply a formula to destroy everything that we are, and should be identified as such.

These leftists live in an unreal world and are hyper-alienated from anyone who doesn’t share their unreality.

Auster does not call Hechtman evil, accuse him of being driven by hatred, or claim he is insane. He does not smear him and does not recommend he be shunned or silenced. Instead he says:

I hope Mr. Hechtman doesn’t feel he’s being ganged up on here

Perhaps this is because Auster and Hechtman agree on what’s most important: anti-semitism. See In which circle of hell do the anti-Semites reside? from December 2007 where Auster claims anti-semites say “Jews are indeed the source of all evil and must be destroyed” and have “given over their whole being to the idee fixe that the Jews are the source of all evil” to which “Ken H.” (Hechtman?) responds by comparing anti-semites to Christians and other “true believers”. Auster is disturbed because this seems “an attempt by you to relativize anti-Semitism”. Once satisfied they are in agreement about “the monomania of the anti-semites” Auster never questions “Ken H.”‘s distain for Christians.

Auster describes anti-semites as

obsessively telling everyone they encounter that one small population group of human beings is the source of all evil in the world and must be eliminated

The ironic thing about this statement is how perfectly it describes himself and his anti-anti-semitic obsession with “anti-semites”. He meets no other enemy with as much fury, disgust, strident language, and moral indignation.

UPDATE 16 August 2008: Auster’s exchange with Hechtman continues on 13 August with Auster identifying the core crime:

What Mr. Hechtman seeks is to exclude from the political universe the very possibility of a country controlling it borders. He said that it is “no business” of the government of a country to say who enters that country. Meaning that in his view one of the very powers that defines a country as a country does not exist. That is not just a particular policy or law he is proposing. It is an all-controlling meta-principle. It is, in effect, a global constitution, which he, as global legislator, would impose on humanity if he could.

The all-controlling meta-principle Mr. Auster would impose on humanity if he could is to exclude from the political universe the very possibility of Whites pursuing their own interests independent of the interests of jews. He conflates these interests and attacks anyone who suggests they are distinct.

In addition to the several examples cited in the 9 August update above Auster has just provided another. In The bad demographic news–and an unrelated discussion of Steve Sailer he attacks Sailer for the sin of insufficient love of israel:

Sailer is not merely indifferent to Israel, and therefore indifferent to the possibility of its destruction. His professed indifference to Israel’s destruction is the way he expresses his profound hostility to Israel.

Read Sailer’s The Iranian War Machine first so you can truely appreciate Auster’s profoundly hostile (and paranoid) interpretation.

Sailer’s supposed indifference to israel’s destruction turns out to be criticism of “the apparent run-up to a war with Iran” in which “foreign policy commentary appears to be largely the obsession of men with the irrational team-loving emotional instincts of baseball fans”. In fleshing out this analogy he says the media’s “Iranian fear-mongering” is “as if bored New York sportswriters, following, say, a collapse by the large market Boston Red Sox, got into a frenzy over the long term threat to Yankee dominance posed by the small-market Kansas City Royals”, and makes the point that “it wouldn’t happen on the sports pages, because baseball fans know the numbers and the pundits would get laughed at by their own readers”.

Auster thinks countries should be able to control their own borders, but not their foreign policy. His all-controlling meta-principle drives him to condemn any discussion which does not give priority above all else to whatever he imagines the interests of israel to be. Not even liberal open borders fanatics, who according to Auster “want to destroy everything the West and the Western peoples have been”, are treated to the kind of personal invective he aims at Sailer. He believes Sailer is “a bigot against Israel” and thus it follows naturally from Auster’s own pro-israel bigotry that Sailer is “a human being devoid of moral sense, devoid of soul”.

In contrast Auster is very concerned to express that his much milder treatment of jewish liberal Hechtman is not in any way intended to be dehumanizing. That is clearly something he reserves for those who may otherwise consider themselves political or philosophical allies but who fail his pro-jewish litmus test.

UPDATE 19 August 2008: Continued at Criticized by Auster.