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Talking with Henrik Palmgren


The title of the Red Ice Radio podcast sums up our discussion very well: Tanstaafl – Race, Biology & Modus Operandi of Jewish Extremists – Hour 1.

Some relevant context is provided via the links in the bottom half of the RIR page. See these as well:

The Racial Roots of Europeans – Part 1 and William Pierce’s Who We Are: a Series of Articles on the History of the White Race.

The Country Club Thing describes Revilo Oliver’s take on Claudius’ letter of warning to the jews of Alexandria, dated 41 AD.

The inequality of human races : Gobineau, Arthur, comte de, 1816-1882, Internet Archive.

The Ugly Nationalist Politics of Human Origins, The Daily Beast, 12 September 2015.

French far-right leader to face trial for inciting racial hatred, Yahoo News, 22 Sep 2015.

German politician Gregor Gysi calls native Germans “Nazis” and their extinction “fortunate”, YouTube.

The real meaning of Jaws is the “JPost” article I referred to, it’s actually from The Jewish Chronicle.

A White Guide to the Jewish Narrative, What’s Flipping Yid Lids Today: The Coultercaust, and A Personal Disclosure.

UPDATE 4 April 2016: Talking with Henrik Palmgren, Hour 2.

Talking with Bill Rhyes


I’ll be live with Bill Rhyes this Thursday night, 2 July 2015, at 8pm ET (7pm CT) on his program, The Might is Right Power Hour. You can listen and call-in via TalkShoe. Chat via http://mightisright.net/. The mp3 download will be linked here when it becomes available.

We plan to discuss A Personal Disclosure, my role and focus, the White network, White suicide vs genocide, The 14 Words, Breivik, Roof, and more. Join us.

UPDATE 02 July 2015: Bill and I spoke for a bit over 3 hours. Here’s the mp3.

Catching up with Kyle Hunt


I last spoke with Kyle Hunt in late 2013. I’ll be joining him again live on the Solar Storm at Renegade Broadcasting tomorrow (Sunday, May 24th) at 9PM ET.

Check out Kyle’s documentary Hellstorm and follow @RadioRenegades.

UPDATE 25 May 2015: The Solar Storm: Tanstaafl (5-24-15) at Renegade Broadcasting. It was a wide-ranging 2.5 hour long conversation. A few of the items we discussed:

The Culture of Critique in France: A review of Anne Kling’s books on Jewish influence in France, Part 1

Bahar Mustafa: As a white man, I’m surprised more women aren’t tweeting the hashtag #KillAllWhiteMen

Obama Stresses Support for Israel, but Refuses to ‘Paper Over’ Discord

Understanding Kostenki 14 (Markina Gora) concerns the murky topic of European racial roots. My best understanding is in a comment:

So to summarize, the two most recent ancestral populations of modern Europeans (=WHG+EEF+ANE) are: Old Europeans (=WHG+EEF, with EEF increasing southward), who were invaded by Aryans (=WHG+ANE, in a 3-1 ratio) about 5Kya. Kostenki 14 (=WHG+EEF+ANE) is dated to 37Kya, thus his apparently “modern” composition is difficult to explain. There are the anomaly/error possibilities Cochran suggests, or Lazaridis is wrong.

Cochran may not say it, but I will. Contemporary scientists very deliberately avoid connecting their work to anything that might validate the pre-DNA, pre-WWII race science understanding of Aryans. BECAUSE JEWS. If the scientists were finding genetic evidence that invalidated this prior understanding of Aryans they would say so, and the jewsmedia would crow about it. This political distortion compounds whatever confusion there is in deciphering and interpreting the evidence.

Majority Rights Radio: Guessedworker speaks with Tanstaafl


Earlier today I had the pleasure of speaking with Guessedworker from Majority Rights. Over the course of about one and three quarter hours GW and I discussed jewish influence, race, liberalism, Christianity, Lawrence Auster, Paul Weston, White nationalism, European and American relations, and the White network.


tWn Get-Together (with Carolyn Yeager, Paul Hickman and Ray Goodwin)

Join Carolyn Yeager and the rest of us tonight:

The Heretics’ Hour, Live, Monday, April 7th, 9-11 pm Eastern time (6-8 Pacific) on The White Network, “All-hosts April get-together”

“April is the cruelest month,” wrote T.S. Eliot (the one line I always remember). And we at The White Network may very well be cruel to our enemies when we gather for our 2nd group show of this year. Tanstaafl, Paul Hickman, Ray Goodwin and I will talk about moral legitimacy for Whites, the Ukraine situation, the Jonathan Pollard situation, and other aspects of the jewish problem. Don’t miss it.

UPDATE: mp3.


State of The White Network Tonight (with Carolyn Yeager, Hadding Scott and Paul Hickman)

Join Carolyn Yeager, Hadding Scott, Paul Hickman and I for one of our semi-regular round-table discussions on the Heretics’ Hour at the White network, live Monday at 9PM ET.

UPDATE: All-Hosts Get-Together (mp3)


Talking with Kyle Hunt

I’ll be live with Kyle this Monday evening at 8PM ET on The Blitzkrieg Broadcast at Renegade Broadcasting.

The program post is The Blitzkrieg Broadcast w/ Kyle Hunt 12-9-13 – you can tune in live via the player on the front page at Renegade Broadcasting.

Download here.


“White Pathology” on Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn

At 2PM ET this afternoon at the White network Carolyn Yeager and I will discuss Kevin MacDonald’s Recently in The Occidental Quarterly: Special Sections on White Pathology.

A related video I’ve run across is Psychology of White Self Hatred, which is introduced by the speaker, Hugh MacDonald, as: Group Polarization and the Fad of Ethnomasochism. The case is well stated, as far as it goes. My concern with any exposition of “White pathology” is that it sometimes amounts to nothing more than a review of symptoms, with causes left unexplored if not unmentioned.

Whites do not exist in a vacuum. We fail in refusing to acknowledge the role and import of the Other – among other things, the harm of the jewish narrative cannot be countered if it is not recognized.

UPDATE: On White Pathology, with Tanstaafl (Download)